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2nd May 1998 – Battle of Hogwarts.
“GEORGE WHATS HAPPENING!” I shriek at them tugging on his arms and stopping him from leaving through the door. 

“Nothing” George replied with a smile playing on his face. I could tell it was a fake one; they can’t fool me that easily. 

“Don’t lie!” I yell as they exit the living room and grab their coats making a move towards the door “Where’s mum and dad?” 

“They’re asleep” Fred said simply, not looking at me in the eye. 

By this point angry tears were spilling down my eyes. No one was telling me anything, not one! And I had just about had enough of all the lies spilling out of everyone’s mouths. 

“Stop it” I cry “What’s going on? If you don’t tell me I’ll just go ask Luna and Dean”

As though it was there queue Luna and dean both came rushing down the stairs in a mad dash.

“We’ve just got Neville’s message” Dean interrupted holding his coin into the air.  

I dash to my pockets and pull out my gallon that now had a nice message printed across the side sayingLighting has struck.

“What does it mean lightning has struck?” My mind whizzing as Dean, Luna and the twins rushed around getting their wands and other equipment needed “That means Harry doesn’t it!” I yell at them.

When Fred goes past me I grab his arm and pull him to face me “What’s going on!” I say quite forcefully but not caring in the slightest.

Fred runs a hand through his hair and a look was written on his face as though he wasn’t really sure what to say. Panicked he rambled on about them leaving quickly “Lets just go, Dean you can apparate right?” Dean nodded and Fred continued “Take Luna by side apparition. Me and George will leave first and then you two follow afterwards, got it?” 

“What about me?” I said quickly.

“Not you” George cut in before anyone could say anything else “Your not coming”

“Why not!” I beg them just about ready to get on my hands and knees and pray for them to take me with them “Wait, don’t tell me… it’s because I’m too bloody young isn’t it?” I joked knowing this was not a laughing matter.

“Yes it is!” George announced honestly turning to face me. 

“You’re allowing Luna to go and she’s the same age as me” I argue back my temper rising to maximum level, yet they both kept their ground and refused to let me come. 

“Yes but you’re our sister and we can’t protect you out there when spells are flying everywhere” 

“I’m perfectly capable of looking after myself thank-you very much; I don’t need you to look out for me”

Dean was looking down at his feet in an uncomftable way while Luna was staring of into space not a clue of what was going on. 

Both Fred and George were looking at each other with a thoughtful look in their eye, contemplating the choices that we have. They could allow me to go with them, it would save them from having them getting beaten up by me but also puts a threat to my life, or they refuse to take me and I beat them up and will definitely end up finding a way to follow them anyway. So either way they loose. 

They both gulp, clearly having made their decision. 

I’m sure those two have ways of communication with each other. 

“Fine. You can come with us, but if a battle does break out you are to stay away. Promise me” The seriousness in Fred’s eyes forced me to nod my head in agreement. At least I was allowed to go. 

“Let’s go before mum wakes up. Of course we’ll leave a note” George said levitating a piece of parchment in the air and settling it down on the cabinet. 

“Surly its best to wake them up” Everyone stares at me as though I’ve gone mad “What! I mean you won’t want mum and dad to wake up realising all of her children are missing from their beds”

“What and you think they’ll allow you to go? I think not” Fred muttered to me and opening the front door. 

Everything was happening to quickly. Only a few hours ago was I up in my room playing chess with Dean and kicking his ass every time, and now we’re of to go fight a battle at Hogwarts. 

It all happened about half an hour ago when I was in bed trying so desperately to sleep and I heard mum and dads footsteps make their way to their room that was next to mine. The next thing I know I hear Fred and George muttering outside my room whispering about being quite. I’d never heard their voice so scared, but yet excited.

Me, being the nosy person I am follow they’re voices outside my room and find them talking in low voices to one another just inside the living room talking about Hogwarts and Harry. 

That’s when they saw me leaning over the banister eagerly trying to listen in and a guilty smile broke out onto their face as thought they were trying to cover something up. 
“Hey Ginny” They both said, no longer trying to keep they’re voices low.

“What’s happening?” I must admit I said it quite calmly considering I knew that there was about to be a lie rolling of their tongues, or all in all they’d refuse to tell me 

“Go back to bed Ginny” 

“Not until you tell me what you were just talking about”

“We were just saying about potter watch” Fred lied; A lie that I could easily see through. 
“Hmm... and you have to come all the way downstairs just to talk about it. Why couldn’t you just say what you had to say in your rooms?” 

“Just go to bed Ginny. This doesn’t concern you”

“What doesn’t concern me?” I push on and start walking down the stairs, daring them to continue. 

“It doesn’t matter” I could sense they’re frustration getting too much so I decided to take another strategy into telling me. There is no way I’m going back to bed knowing that Fred and George are up to something that concerns Hogwarts. 

Well then, I’ll have to raise my temper then won’t I

 “tell me now!” I cry, my own frustration getting to me.

In a panic they reach for their wands and cast a silencing charm stopping the echo of my scream from waking anyone up anytime soon. 

“Shut up Ginny, you’re going to get us caught in a minute” George bellowed through gritted teeth knowing it was now perfectly safe to raise your voice and I don’t think it was the most intelligent thing they’ve ever done, I mean they have a angry red-head that has just found out that they’re up to no good and they’ve practically given me permission to scream at them without waking anyone up. 


They make their way over to the front door preparing to leave,  go to grab for his arm. 



And now were making our way out of the door, not knowing anything or what were getting ourselves into.

Then there is Harry. Will he be there? Surly he is, judging by the message on the gallon it means he’s there. 

Excitement flooded through me at the thought of seeing him again. I felt like jumping up and down in joy and I could feel the distant beat of my heart thumping against my chest. 

This can’t be real. It just can’t be. 

We were walking around the bend away from the protective enchantments surrounding the house and the night chill was starting to get to me. I praised myself on not changing into pyjamas after being too tired to bother, because if I had I might have doubted coming with them. 

“I think this is far enough” George whispered (or was it Fred?). I could only just make out the towering silhouette above me from his wand light that was pointed directly in front of him “I’ll go first. Dean take Luna afterwards and then Fred and Ginny can go last” He said. 
We all nodded trying to process the information. 

Then within seconds there was a loud crack and the twin beside me had disappeared. Only a minute later did Dean follow with Luna holding onto his arm securely and then finally it was our turn. 

“Do you think he’s really there?” I whisper to him. I’ve never really been much into religion but I was praying desperately now. More than ever in my whole entire life. 

“Yeah I do” Fred said turning to me and giving me a small smile “We should go”

“Yeah we should…” My voice trailed off as I took a deep breath. 

“Are you ready?” 

“I think so. Thanks”

With that I gripped Fred’s arm waiting for the expected suffocation feeling of apparition.

In a flash I arrived standing next to Luna who was rubbing her arms from the night coldness, though summer it was quite freezing tonight. 

I however hardly felt the harsh cold hit me, I too much excited to care and my eagerness was pulling me over the edge of enthusiasm. It felt like only yesterday that I was in at Hogwarts with Neville and Hannah. 

Where had time gone?

We were just on the outskirts of Hogsmeade not wanting to set of any un-needed alarms. 

The street was pitch black and there was wispy smoke bellowing across the street. No wonder Luna was cold! Dementors obviously. No one moved a muscle incase a unexpected death-eater or Dementor came around the corner. 

I strained my neck to look around Fred and George who were both looking around the corner for any sign of danger.

I saw a peek of light issue from the little pub Hogshead where not so long ago me and Neville were holding a meeting about the DA. I had trouble believing that it was more than half a year ago that we held that meeting. 

“Be careful I’ve heard there are dementors patrolling at night” dean whispered in my ear and I nodded slowly already knowing that there were.

“Hang on; did I just see Lee go in there?” Fred urgently breathed under his breath tilting his head further around the corner “Bloody hell-”

“It is him as well” George finished amazed by what he’d just seen “Right we have no time to waste”
George beckoned us to follow as he started towards the little pub that now had one more broken window from the last time I’d seen it. If possible the pub looked rustier than ever with its rusted paint and the sign falling of its hinges. I gaped at how messed up the house had become. 

Fred opened the door with a creak without bothering to knock and we all hurried inside, frightened someone would catch us. 

There was a massive groan “What the blazing hell is this!” The bar owner shouted as he turned to see more people entering. His eyes widening and I’m sure he wanted to murder us all right here and then “Bloody Harry Potter returns and it seems he’s triggered inspiration from all of his fans to follow him. Next thing we’ll know is thousands of innocent people dead all because of my damn brother” He grumbled under his breath so quietly I had a hard time listening. 

“Mr Dumbledore, me and my friends are extremely sorry for the intrusion on your sleep but you would most certainly be doing us a favour if you would help us get into Hogwarts” Luna said. 

Dumbledore? Did she say Dumbledore? A trigger of realization hit me and I instantly saw the resemblance of Albus Dumbledore in this man. What relation could he be? A cousin… perhaps a brother. 

Surly Harry would have known he had a brother, Dumbledore told Harry everything, right?

From the corner of my eye I saw the twins turn to face each other a look of amazement on their face and confusion. Then they both noticed Lee Jordan standing awkwardly in the background wondering when he should make them aware he was there. 


“LEE!” George called almost skipping with joy towards him and giving him a very manly hug with one arm around the shoulder “How’s you granddad mate?” They started a conversation catching up from the last time they met (which just so happened to be yesterday)

That’s when I saw Cho Chang in the corner standing in her ever so perfect posture, holding her perfectly straight wand in her hand giving Luna a perfect smile that any boy would fall for. Ugh! How I hate that vile women so much. I mean as much as I try I can’t find anything wrong with her, nothing! There’s not even a curly hair on her head that’s how straight perfect she damn well is! 

Why one earth, Harry, did you fall for that woman.

“So are you just going to stand there all day and catch up on the latest gossip or you going to get into Hogwarts, because I am certainly not standing here all night” the old bar man… no I mean Dumbledore said while drinking butterbeer from a very dirty mug.

“Can I go first, I just need to get a wand before anything happens and the sooner I go and look the better” Dean announced standing up from the stall he was just perched on.

I was still staring at Cho who had now taken an interest in the pictures that surrounded the room and I swear I just saw her roll her eyes at Dean! 

That little... ugh! 

“Whatever just hurry out of here”

“Thanks” Dean said eager to get out of their as well “Uh… where do I go” 

Dumbledore nodded his head towards the picture above the mantle piece and gave a little nod to it.

I hadn’t noticed the picture before now. Its beautiful golden frame seemed to be the cleanest thing in the room. She was holding a blue simple book and her hair was let down and drawn behind her ears. She was extremely pretty for a painting. 

The painting of the girl surprised us all when it opened up leading a passageway for us to climb into.

“It leads to that room of requirement of yours” He grumbled making his way up the stairs and back into the bar. 

Dean walked towards looking confused as ever “Am I meant to just climb thought there” 

Everyone nodded as he clambered up onto the mantel piece and through the opening with great difficulty.

“Wait can I come with you!” Luna jumped knowing it was her last chance to talk to him… in private at least. 

“Sure” He gave a small soft smile at her and held out a hand to help her climb. 

I also gave them both a small smile. They were perfect for one another.

Butterflies came swiftly to me as I realized we had to go through next. Would he be the other side of that tunnel? Just the thought of it made me swoon with happiness.

“Let’s go!” I said eagerly making my way over to the mantel piece. Jumping up onto it proved difficult as I didn’t want to break anything on their but I managed fine. 

Everyone else followed me; my heat by now was dangerously thumping threatening to pop out. Even my head was spinning out of control my thoughts only of Harry and his wellbeing. 

“Will Harry be there?” Cho asked with a slight hint of excitement filling the tunnel. 

Awkwardly everyone nodded sensing me stiffen. Fred gave a stifle of a laughter causing me to jam him into the wall. Bloody brothers!


“OW what was that for!” Fred’s laughter died down but the hint of amusement was still in his voice.


“You know what” I glared.


A uncomftable silence filled afterwards… perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to push him.

We walked for at least half an hour and everyone wondered whether we should just turn back or not doubting that there was anything at the end of it. 

Finally after what felt like hours of walking we arrived to an opening. Bright lights filled my eyes after it being so dark and damp. 

The room was crowded with people with almost every house (apart from slytherine) There were hundreds upon hundreds of hammocks around the room. It looked like a very high wave towering over us. What had Neville done- surly he hadn’t gotten everyone to sleep in her. I was amazed by it all and the courage it must have taken Neville to get everyone here. 

Then I noticed everyone crowded around three people who seemed to be the centre of attention. Neville was shouting something angrily at them as though they’d just said something offensive.

He was here, actually here in one piece. His jet black hair messy as ever, he’d grown over the year and as far as I could tell he had become a lot more… muscular, but still he was a skinny as ever making me wonder how much he’d eaten over the past year. 

That’s when he turned to me. It seemed to go in slow motion. His beautiful emerald eyes catching mine, I wanted to scream and shout and tell the whole that he was here; alive! 

My hands shaked as I made my way down the short ladder landing me too the floor, I’m surprised I managed it without falling of actually

 “Hey everyone.... miss u?” Fred and George said together winking at everyone as they past, ending the awkward silence that had appeared as soon as we’d entered.

Everyone cried out, glad to see the famous pranksters back at Hogwarts. Of course the twins being them pretended they were famous and started waving at everyone with a grand smile on their face. 

When I turned back to Harry he had his mouth wide open staring at none other than bloody Cho chang who was accompanied by Lee Jordan.

My face fell after witnessing it.

My blood boiled, but not at Harry at Cho and her flawlessness. Harry hadn’t gaped at me when I came in, did he still like her? Had he forgotten about me? I felt my eyes water but I wasn’t about to start crying like that, no, I wasn’t here to see Harry I was here for a battle. I had to constantly keep reminding myself that that was the reason, but it wasn’t. Of course I was here for Harry to fight with him; I didn’t come all this bloody way to have Cho Chang have him again! She had her chance and she blew it off. Some could argue that I had my chance, but I would disagree.

“So what’s the plan?” George said after he’d finished greeting his entire ‘Fans’ “I see the orders not here, they’ll probably be here in a minute then-”

“Stop it!” Harry rounded onto Neville “Why they all here, why did you call them here? This is mental-”

“Were going to fight, aren’t we?” Dean announced sounding a little disappointed that they might not get the chance to battle and taking out his DA gallon “It said Lighting’s has stuck, that means your back and it also means a battle’s breaking"

Ron turned to Harry and mumbled something. 

I’d completely forgotten that Ron and Hermione were here too!

 I completely blanked out as soon as he turned back to them, my head wasn’t in the battle. I was still staring at Cho Chang who was flashing her eyelashes at everyone in the room (or maybe I’m exaggerating) But damn I hate that women!

 Harry turned back to us and started rambling about a Ravenclaw diadem. My thoughts turned back to Horcrux’s, could it. Could it possible be another horcrux… it could help bring Voldermort down. Almost let it slip out allowed but forced myself to keep it shut. Wouldn’t want to destroy his plans now would I!

There was so much hope in his eyes that I sincerely prayed that someone could tell him what it was… anything. 

It was Luna who answered him though. 

“Well Rowena Ravenclaw used to have a diadem. Its quite pretty actually. You might more know it if I call it the lost diadem” Luna said smiling brightly glad she could contribute.  


Michael corner started making a un-need comment about it but was cut off by Harry who seemed eager and jumped to the question “How long ago was it lost?”

“Its been missing for years,long before any of was born or our parents for th matter" Cho answered him.

I sat back, not listening anymore ashamed that I couldn’t be of more help. I tried thinking of what possible the Ravenclaw diadem could be but nothing came to mind. I felt annoyed at myself for lack of information. 

It was only until Cho started speaking again did I come back to the present.

“I could show you what it looks like Harry. I can take you to the common room, we have a statue of Rowena wearing it” Cho said with a voice that sounded so flirty that I had to grip hard on my wand stopping myself from using it against her. 

Cho got to her feet when Harry agreed to go. 

I felt like I should do something. I couldn’t just stand there and let that… thing take Harry to her common room all alone and goodness knows what! I started thinking if there was a way I could go with him, but I couldn’t even tell you where the Ravenclaw common room was, let alone a password for it!
Luna! She was a Ravenclaw and as far as I know she has no sexual attraction to Harry what so ever!


I turned to Fred and George who both had the same cringing look on their face ready for my explosion. 

“NO!” I shouted causing everyone to flinch, I calmed down a bit before carrying on “Luna will take you Harry” 

I turned to Luna and started giving her warning glares. She better agree to this or I’m doomed!

“Yes please!” Luna bounced and with a little smirk on my face I saw Cho sit back down miserably with a sour frown on her face. It’s such a shame- not!

He left the room in such a dash that my heart sank when I realised I hadn’t told him what I came her to do.

Yes now I know the reason I came, it was so blatantly obvious now- now that he’s bloody gone.

Should I go after him? 

Nah he’s probably too caught up in his plan to even be thinking about me. 

A/N Another chapter up, and were at the battle! yay! 

*Quotes from page 469 from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
*Quotes from page 470 from Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows

It is all owned by JK rowling, not me… but I’m sure you all know that :P 


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