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I had fallen asleep on my bed with a book propped against my legs. It was definitely not the best position to sleep in, but I hadn’t really planned on falling asleep. So when a loud knock sounded on my door, followed by several more, I jolted up and had to deal with the resulting pain in my neck and lower back. I tightened my sloppy left over bun, and ran my fingers under my eyes, impressed that there weren’t any traces of mascara or makeup on my face. I guess I vaguely remembered running a washcloth over my face.

            The knocking was persistent and I was beginning to get annoyed with whoever was on the other side of the door. I wasn’t awake enough for any of this yet.

            I flung the door open and saw Oliver with an expression on his face that I couldn’t read. He was flipping through a list of names that had scratches marked through every name written on the pages. He didn’t bother to look up before speaking.

            “I can’t believe that I can’t find a single person in my life is available for a few hours this afternoon. I can’t believe that I have to bring-“ He finally looked up and his lip curled up into an arrogant smirk.

            At first I was puzzled by the grin plastered across his face and then I remembered that I had just woken up. I hadn’t changed or even checked my appearance before opening the door. Quickly, I glanced down and was instantly mortified. Not only did I have on a pair of incredibly short pajama shorts, but my white shirt did little to conceal the black lace bra I had on from the previous night.

            “You really pay no attention to the way you dress around me do you.” Oliver said through his obnoxious grin, “If I didn’t know any better I would say you were trying to seduce me.”

            “But lucky for both of us, you do know better, and you know that’s not the case.” I smiled back. I was in a very good mood despite his comments. Maybe it was because I had actually remembered to shave the day before, so my legs were at least at their best if they were going to be on display.

            “You may as well come in and tell me your problems while I change. You can sit on the bed and I will go into the closet to get ready.”

            I turned and began walking to the closet door, but I quickly noted that I did not hear the shuffle of Oliver’s feet behind me. I looked back and his eyes snapped up to mine, as his cheeks turn red. Again, I was in such a good mood, I was actually a little more flattered than upset, but only a little.

            “Come on in, I really don’t bite that often.” I turned around and began walking, but when I heard him give a quiet sigh of relief, I couldn’t help myself, “Of course, if you want me to just go on to the closet so that you can finish staring at my arse, just let me know.”

            “Well, if you’re going to offer.” I could hear him laugh slightly behind me.

            He certainly got over that embarrassment quickly, and he was also surprisingly good at avoiding pillows that were chucked at his head, but I guess that was sort of part of his job.

            I closed my closet door most of the way so that I could have privacy. Not that there would have been much to see, there is no clear view in to my closet from the bed.

            As I peeled off each layer of my barely there outfit, I tossed it out of the closet and in to the hamper. As I began rattling through my hangers and tossing stuff out of my drawers I heard Oliver yell something. I realized I had forgotten to listen to what he was saying. Oops.

            “What?” I yelled out of the cracked door.

            “I said, you make it really hard to concentrate when I know there is a naked woman not to far from me!”

            “That’s a lie. You’re clearly concentrating on the fact that I’m naked.” I pulled on a long sleeved red shirt that complimented my black pleated skirt and wool tights nicely and then stepped out of the closet before adding, “ But I am glad you aren’t just obsessing over your injury. A little fantasizing is good for you and my ego.”

            I laughed when he quickly added, “I don’t see how there is anything wrong with your ego. I saw you in those pajamas early.”

            “Okay then, either tell me what has you in such a tizzy, or bugger off. I have a lot of work I could be doing.”

            “I was hoping to avoid this part of the conversation by distracting you with my charm and then seducing you. Can’t we just do that instead?”

            I just folded my arms and raised an eyebrow in response. He sighed and explained that today was his three-month appointment at St. Mungo’s to assess his progress. They had sent an owl this morning informing him that he would not be seen if he arrived alone. He was required to bring someone along with him to accompany him home if they had to give him any potions that made it unsafe for him to fly, floo, or otherwise transport himself.

            He continued by showing me the list he had made of every person he could think of that was nearby or not previously engaged, and explained that all of the scratched through names were because of the incredibly short notice and that no one was able to make it today. I wanted to tell him that it wasn’t short notice. He had received an owl reminder once a week for the past 3 weeks telling him the details of his appointment, but I figured this wasn’t the best time to remind him of that fact.

            “So I guess I need to ask a huge favor from you. Will you please come with me to my appointment? I promise I will be the best client you have ever had if you do.”

            “You already are one of the best one’s I’ve ever had. The Harpies were a handful. Of course I will go with you. I’m here to help you whenever I can.”

            “I’m going to hold you to that tonight.” Oliver smiled slyly at me, winking as he motioned towards the bed with a nod of his head.

            I rolled my eyes, “ You’ll really have to impress me before that happens.”

            “Challenge accepted.”

            We both laughed. It was nice to finally feel like I wasn’t parenting him. It was like we were actually flat mates and not just a public relations rep and her out of control client.


            We apparated to St. Mungo’s and I was relieved that the healer for his injury did not work as part of the emergency ward. There had been some black market deal that had resulted in about 70 people purchasing cheap cauldrons that boiled everything instantly and then began spitting the molten contents in every direction as soon as you lit the fire beneath it. There were people with burns and boils all over their bodies, not to mention scales, pig noses and hair down to their ankles that was still growing as results of the actual potion they had been trying to brew at the time. I overheard that it was a practical joke gone awry, but none of the people currently filing in looked like they thought it was funny.

            Oliver was led to the back waiting room by a nurse who had to rush away to help deal with the commotion in the front, but not long after we were greeted by Healer McCoy, who Oliver had gotten to know on a very well since his accident. Healer McCoy, or Eric, as he insisted on being called, was a very handsome man, but in a clean cut way, not at all rugged like Oliver. Wait, why am I comparing him to Oliver. When did he become the basis for what I found attractive.

            Anyways, he apologized, but informed me that I would have to wait while he took Oliver back for several tests on his shoulder. I wished Oliver well and then settled down with the book that I had quickly stuffed in my bag before we left. I couldn’t help but hope that this appointment didn’t end poorly. Oliver was finally starting to get back to normal (or at least, from what I could tell based on what his friends and family had been telling me.)

            I began drifting slowly, after having pulled my jumper down over my hands and tucking my feet underneath me on the tiny waiting room couch. It was freezing. The fall air had definitely found its way in to this building. After and hour and a half my teeth were started to chatter, but I instantly forgot about the cold when Oliver slammed through the door and began pacing. He ran his hand through his hair and looked up at me. Not knowing what to say yet, he continued pacing, lightly pulling his hair. Occasionally he would stop, look up, and open his mouth to speak, but then resume pacing as the words were just not coming to him.

            Healer McCoy…er, Eric… came out finally, his breathing slightly ragged after having obviously run after his patient. That was another point for Oliver; he was clearly in better shape than Eric. Not that this was a contest for my interest. I seriously doubted either of them were even interested. No, wait, stop it! I needed to stop worrying about who liked whom or who was cuter. There was clearly something serious going on. Focus Adelynn.

            I looked to Oliver who still hadn’t found his words and then to Eric who had finally caught his breath enough to speak, but insisted that Oliver be the one to tell me, since I wasn’t technically his family. He did say he was glad I came because they had to give Oliver a pretty heavy dose of a numbing potion after the tests. His pain was triggered by all of the physical strain required to get a proper diagnosis of his shoulder, not that he would have ever told the healers. One of Eric’s assistants had caught Oliver wincing when he thought everyone had their backs turned.

            Eric had turned to head back in to his examining rooms or office or whatever was actually behind that swinging door. After much prodding I convinced Oliver to sit down on the couch. I hesitated, but finally decided to rest my hand on his shoulder for support. He looked at my hand, touched it gently for a moment and smiled before shaking his head. His sour expression returned quickly and I realized he was finally ready to tell me what had happened.

            “That McCoy bloke says that I need surgery. Have you ever heard of that!? All this magic, and they can’t even heal my bloody shoulder with out cutting me open!” Oliver put his head down into his hands and rubbed his eyes before continuing. “What’s worse is that he said any upper body physical activity could reverse my healing completely and surgery may not even help at that point. The surgery can’t be completed until my shoulder reaches a certain point in it’s own healing process, so I have to wait four bloody weeks before I can have it. I was told, and I quote, ‘Oliver, you can’t even pick up a broom for the next month, unless you want to risk never being able to pick one up again.”

            I gaped at him, and without thinking, pulled him in to a hug. Oliver rested his head on my shoulder and touched my back lightly with his hands. We stayed like this for several minutes while he collected his thoughts and I wrapped my head around what I had just been told. How would I feel if I was told I could potentially lose my dream forever? I knew the hug wasn’t all he needed right now, but it was the best thing I could think to offer.

            Finally we both pulled away and I asked him what he was going to do to keep himself preoccupied. He could tell that I was obviously thinking about all the progress my poor apartment had made in the cleanliness department, and he laughed.

            “I promised to be the best client you’ve ever had, didn’t I? Besides, I’m not even allowed to look at alcohol on the pain medication that I’m that they’ve forced my to take. Wince one time and I’m stuck drinking a potion that tastes worse than the some of that “food” that Gwen used to cook. I swear she was trying to kill me for quite some time before we actually broke up.” He laughed. “But back to your question. I’m going to head home for a week to spend time with my family, and then I suppose I’ll just lay around the flat bothering you and doing puzzles.”


            “Yeah, McCoy suggested I take up a hobby.”

            “Well, I’m not entirely sure what Eric had in mind, but I’ve got a perfect idea on a way to keep you busy.”

            “Eric, huh?” He wiggled his eyebrows and nudged me in the arm. I shook my head and laughed. “This idea doesn’t involve you and me in that bed like I suggested earlier does it?”

            “Sod off, Oliver.” I said, but we were both laughing now.

            “If not that, then I should probably be scared huh?”

            “Oh if you aren’t absolutely terrified of me now, you will be once you get back and see what I have in store for you.




            We used the floo network to get back to our flat because the Healers had suggest Oliver avoid apparating until after the surgery sue to all of the risks. I felt much closer to Oliver, and felt lucky to finally have a friend in the area after moving here so suddenly. I helped him pack and as soon as he had spoken the words and disappeared in to the floo network once again, I sent an Owl to his mum reminding her to force his pain relieving potions on him daily and also one to my best friend, asking her to come visit for a few weeks and help me out with a rather large project I was taking on.

            Oliver Wood wasn’t going to know what hit him.

Author's Note: I love seeing how many of you have read this story. Thank you so much!

What do you think Adelynn is planning for Oliver? Do you have any comments or questions? As of right now, this is only planned to be another 6 or so chapters, and number 5 is about half done.

I'll update this soon! Please leave a review and let me know what you're thinking!

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