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---Chapter 14 - Domino Effect---


“Okay, you got me out here so what is it that you wanted to talk to me about?”


I sighed and pushed my hair back from my face. “First, I want to apologise. I hate fighting with you, Edan.”


“I know,” he said with a small smile. “I hate it too. You’re my only sister, Keegs.”


“I know and,” I sighed heavily. “If you want to see her then I’ll come with you.”


Really?” Edan’s face instantly brightened up and although I love to see my brother smile, I resented the fact that it was because he wanted to see her. “You have no idea how much I appreciate this, Keegan.” There was a pause.” So what made you change your mind?”


“I don’t want to be selfish and keep you away,” I told him truthfully. “And I don’t want to fight with you about this.”


“Thank you,” he said again.


Maybe he was right… maybe seeing our mum one more time will finally put an end to all this resentment in me. Maybe it’ll make me normal…


Ha! As if…


“So was that why you woke me up in the middle of the night?” Edan smirked. “Nothing to do with the fact that you lost to Oliver again or that you punched him?”


I narrowed my eyes at the memory. “Okay well it had a bit to do with that. I just… I couldn’t sleep. I mean how are you friends with such a selfish idiotic reckless prat?”


“I know Oliver can get a bit crazy about Quidditch…”


“A bit?” I scoffed. More like a million times more crazy than the average human being!


But he’s a good guy, sis,” Edan told me. “You were friends once, surely, you must still see that person in him.”


“I did, I mean I might have,” I sighed. “But I don’t know anymore. I know he’s not evil or anything but… maybe we were just never meant to be friends.”


“Do you really believe that?”


“I don’t know.”


“Well I can’t tell you how you should feel but you should know that he cares a great deal about you,” Edan said softly to me. “He may have a slightly peculiar way of showing it but he does.”


I turned my gaze to the far wall, staring at nothing while so many thoughts and emotions whirled around in my head. There’s no wonder why I’m so loopy all of the time. I have so many contradicting emotions inside me.


“Otherwise, why would he come to me all the time to talk about you?”


I swivelled around to look at my brother, my mouth hanging open in surprise. “He does? Why? What does he say?”


“How annoying and insane you are,” Edan laughed, enjoying the scowl that now replaced my earlier one of confusion and shock.


“You’re a prat and Oliver’s a prat,” I frowned. “The whole world is out to get me, I know it is!”


“Oh, don’t be such a drama queen, sis,” Edan was still laughing as he patted me on the shoulder. “Anyway, you should go get some sleep. You’ll feel better tomorrow.”


I nodded and gave my brother a hug goodbye before I turned on my heels and walked back to the Ravenclaw Tower—in a much happier and lighter mood.


At least one good thing came out of this day. My brother.


I got my brother back.




The holidays were coming!


I was so blooming excited for the holidays!


I couldn’t wait to go home and see my dad. I couldn’t wait to sleep in my own bed and lounge around all day with not a care in the world.


It has been too long since I’ve felt that carefree. If it wasn’t school, it was Quidditch or boys or friends. But when I’m home, all I have to worry about is me and food and me.


Did I mention that?


Keegan Time!


Although there’s just one tiny hiccup, well it’s a big hiccup. It’s a mother-sized shape of a hiccup.


Edan wants to meet up with her this Christmas holiday.


Bollocks, right?


I know I agreed to it but that didn’t mean I was looking forward to it. Quite the opposite actually, I wanted to forget about the whole affair because as much as I want to reconcile things, I know I will never get over the fact that my own mother left me. It was never going to go away and it will always strain my relationship with her—no matter what she told me.


That’s life, you know? She can’t expect me to forgive her just like that.


Oh Merlin, and what about Dad? We can’t tell him. It would kill him if he found out we were going to meet up with her.


I slumped my shoulders and sighed.


See, I told you life was out to get me…


“Why the long face, Keegster?” Adam asked as he and Seamus took the seats opposite of me.


Merlin knows how long I’ve been sitting in the library staring at my half scrawled parchment about Potions but I must have been scowling at it for some time since I barely heard Adam and Seamus come up to me.


“Nothing, just thinking about ways to kill Snape,” I replied, putting on a bright smile for the two of them.


“Ooh, can I help? I’ve got a whole list stashed away in my room!” Adam told me happily.


I looked to Seamus who nodded grimly in confirmation.


“Has anyone ever told you you’re a bit worrying?”


“All the time,” Adam waved it off. “But I’m one hundred percent as sane as a bumblebee.”


“I think that sentence alone disproves your theory, mate,” Seamus said with a roll of his eyes. He then took out a book and a scroll of parchment and began to take notes on whatever it was that he was reading.


“So has Oliver come and claimed his reward?”


I eyed him suspiciously. “What reward?”


“You, of course, my darling Keegan,” Adam winked at me. “You still owe him two days of your time, you know?”


“Well he hasn’t so much as smirked at me since the match so no, Adam, he has not,” I frowned, having thoroughly forgotten about that awful day and the awful bet that I had made with Wood even though it’s only been a few days. “And I am not a prize to be won.”


“Of course not,” Adam rolled his eyes. “But a bet’s a bet.”


“Well when he talks to me again, I’ll honour that but until then I’m going to live my life happily in peace without the prat,” I told him. “Besides why are you so adamant I become his slave, eh, Nicholson?”


Adam shrugged casually. “No reason. Just wondering.”


“I bet you’ve got an ulterior motive,” Seamus said, looking up from scribbling on his parchment. “I bet you have something planned.”


Adam crossed his arms over his chest. “I do not and frankly, I am quite offended by this accusation.” He grabbed his bag and got up from his seat in a dramatic huff. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have people to do.”


“Don’t you mean see?”


“That’s for me to know and for you to find out,” Adam winked cheekily before strutting on out of the library.


“That boy has some serious issues,” I murmured to Seamus, who nodded in response.


“Serious issues.”




Oliver Wood:


I watched my team fly the formation I had just explained to them with a smug smile settling on my face. They were good and I’d like to believe I had a great deal to do with that. I mean I didn’t spend a whole evening planning plays for nothing.


I’m Gryffindor’s captain! I’m Oliver bloody Wood!


And I’m going to win that House Cup no matter what…


“DOES HE HAVE TO LOOK SO DAMN SMUG?” Angelina’s voice carried over to me.








So what if Keegan hates me?


Keegan was an annoying, self-righteous and infuriating bint! She had no right to walk around these castle walls thinking she was better than me because at the end of the day, she knows it as well as I do that she would do anything for that House Cup trophy.


It’s not my fault that I took it to another level.


Of course I never meant any harm to come to Miranda but such was life. Such was the game of Quidditch. If Keegan couldn’t handle it then maybe she should quit!


Maybe she should just leave me the hell alone!


Maybe I should stop thinking about her…


Merlin knows, I’ve tried…


I wake up thinking about her.


I keep seeing her eyes and the anger in them has haunted me every day since and I couldn’t help the thudding pain that accompanied that memory. Keegan has always given me a hard time and we argued like cats and dogs but I have never seen such hatred and disappointment before. It had made me feel awful, like shit to be frank, but even so, I couldn’t bring myself to apologise to her. Maybe I was being stubborn and headstrong, as everyone liked to mention, but fuck’s sake, the girl wasn’t perfect either! Keegan forgets that I’ve known her since we were kids and she wasn’t Miss High and Mighty like everyone was led to believe. She’s just as difficult and reckless as I am!


I suppose that’s why I’ve been avoiding her. I didn’t want to fight with her anymore.


I really didn’t. But I know I will if she and I even so much as say ‘hi’ to the other.


Keegan Riddell was destined to be my downfall and I just can’t afford to be distracted by her.


I have more important things in my life to concentrate on.


“ALRIGHT I’M SICK OF LOOKING AT YOUR FACES, GO ON, GET CHANGED, TRAINING’S OVER!” I bellowed, shaking all thoughts of Keegan from my mind.


My team flew speedily towards the ground and quickly hurried into the changing rooms and out of the cold December air.


I was just packing away the balls when I felt two figures loom over me.


“What do you want, Fred? George?”


“Well,” Fred began. “We just wanted to know if you were okay.”


“Why wouldn’t I be?” I arched my eyebrow up at the two. “We are pretty much set to be in the House Cup finals.”


“Yeah but aside from that,” George waved that information aside. “How are you? How is Oliver?”


What the bloody hell were they on about?


I am fine.”


“Are you sure, mate?” George persisted. “Because you’ve been a bit tense since… well since Keegan punched you.”


I narrowed my eyes and frowned. “If you’re both here to tell me to apologise to her then you both can bugger off. I’m not going to.”


“No, no, of course not!” Fred quickly amended while promptly kicking his twin in the shin. “We were just worried about you, that’s all.”


“Well there’s nothing to worry about.”


“Okay let’s cut the crap, Oliver,” Fred sighed heavily before taking holding of my shoulders and shaking me roughly. “There! Feel better?”


I pushed the hair that had fallen over my eyes back from my face and glared darkly. “No. What the fuck was that!”


George threw his twin a look and rolled his eyes. “That was apparently Fred trying to make you see the truth.”


“And what may that be, huh?”


“Fuck’s sake, Ollie!” Fred cried out exasperatedly. “You’re in love with Keegan! You always have been and now you’re upset with yourself because you’ve disappointed her and now you think you’re not good enough for her and you hate her for making you feel this way!”


George and I both turned to stare incredulously at Fred. Despite the fact that all of the things he said were wrong, this was a special moment.


World, welcome to the once in a lifetime chance where Fred Weasley says something serious.


Not that any of that was true.


“That’s all bollocks,” I told him pointedly before turning away from them to put the balls back into the shed.


“Is it?” George countered as he came over to stand in front of me, hands on his hips.


“Yeah of course,” I answered gruffly. “I’m not in love with Keegan Riddell.”


“Okay so all those death glares you keep sending Dodgson’s way are because, what? You don’t like the way he’s dressed?” Fred asked me with a smug look.


I shrugged my shoulders nonchalantly. “I may not be in love with her but I still think she can do a whole lot better than Dodgson.”


“Okay so do something about it,” George said with a flourish of his hands. “You’ve won the bet now, use it. Break them up!”


“How? How am I supposed to do that? Keegan hates me!”


“We have our ways,” George winked.


“Just leave it to us,” Fred added, an impish smirk on his face.


That was an altogether terrifying statement. If there was one thing I’ve learned over the years, it was that the Weasley twins were not to be trusted. They had a knack for causing mischief wherever they went.


I just hoped for Keegan’s sake, they don’t overdo it.




I knew it!


By Friday morning, the Weasley twins had truly managed to come up with something so utterly ridiculous and I was already beginning to regret it.


“Oliver Wood, if I could hate you any more than I already do right now, I would,” she glared at me and the proximity of her face to mine made me altogether aware of how true those words were. I could practically feel the anger emanating from her body towards me.


“It’s not my fault!”


“You encouraged them!” she snapped. “Therefore, Wood, it is your fault.”


“I may have said they could help me,” I mumbled, avoiding her steely gaze. “But I honestly had no idea they would do this. Seriously, Keegan, do you really think I want to be attached to your for forty-eight sodding hours?”


“I don’t know,” she retorted. “Who knows what goes through your sick and twisted mind?”


I rolled my eyes heavenwards and decided to focus my irritation at the two lanky-arsed redheads standing before me, who had the nerve, I might add, to smile proudly at their handiwork.


“You two!”


“Hey, hey, Ollie, buddy, old pal,” Fred laughed lightly as his eyes darted from me to Keegan. “It’s the only way we know how to get you two to forgive each other.”


“I’ll kill him before I do such a thing,” Keegan muttered under her breath.


Great! I can’t believe I’m stuck with that for forty-eight hours!


“So explain again, what this thing does?” Miranda asked as she gingerly pulled at the silvery white strand that was now shackled to Keegan and me.


“It’s a magically charmed rope,” George explained. “It’s charmed to keep Keegan stuck to Oliver for the next two days, the only exceptions being if she’s in the Ravenclaw Tower, in class or you know, in the toilet.”


“Bloody hell,” Miranda whistled appreciatively causing Keegan to shoot her a dark scowl. “This is going to end up…” She trailed off.


“Amazingly!” Fred finished for her. “We both know those two just need a good snog, eh?”


“Oi! I’m sitting right here!” Keegan shouted. “And there will certainly be no snogging here whatsoever!”


“I don’t know, Keegs, you sure you can resist me for that long?” I winked at her, not being able to resist teasing her any longer.


“Oh, you have no idea how long I can resist you, Wood,” she turned her scowl towards me.


“We’ll see about that,” I chuckled, and Fred, George and Miranda all began laughing at the murderous look on Keegan’s face.


I can’t help it.


There’s something about Keegan that makes me itch to annoy her. I should be avoiding her considering that we were not good for each other’s state of mind but considering the predicament we currently find ourselves in, I might as well enjoy the perks of having an irate Keegan Riddell magically attached to my side.


“Okay folks, time for class,” Miranda informed us with a wink. “I’ll see you two later.” She grabbed Fred and George by the sleeves of their robes. “Come on, you two. Leave them.”


I looked to Keegan and she just sighed heavily, allowing me to take the lead and walk us out of the empty classroom that the Weasley twins had trapped us in earlier.


This was going to be a long two days.




...Keegan Riddell…


Life was truly ridiculous.


Somehow I have managed to allow myself to get tricked by two ginger-haired imbeciles and become attached to the one person in Hogwarts I really did not want to be around right now. It was like a bad soap opera.


If it weren’t for the fact that Oliver Wood and I were not meant to be friends and this little scheme of theirs was never going to work out.


At least he wasn’t happy about it either. Actually that’s the only comfort I can take from this whole ridiculous situation.


We walked in silence into the room, me trailing slightly behind him but not far considering any distance I tried to put between us, I felt a sharp zinging pain where the rope lay around my wrist.


He took a seat beside Adam and Elbie where normally he would be sitting in the row behind us and I begrudgingly sat next to him much to the confused stares from Lucy, Adam, Elbie and oh yeah, my boyfriend.


“Don’t even ask.”


“Ask? Ask what exactly?” Elbie said with a smirk on his face. “Ask why you’re sitting next to Oliver Wood, your sworn enemy? No, why would I ask that?”


“Elbie, shut the hell up,” I frowned at him before turning to take out my parchment and quill from my bag.


As I placed them on my desk, I noticed that the pairs of eyes haven’t ceased their staring, making me exhale loudly in frustration. Life, why do you hate me so?


“Keegan?” Justin had got up from his seat two rows ahead of me and came over to stand before us. “Um… I saved you a seat.”


“Well mate, she won’t be sitting with you today,” Oliver snapped.


“I’m sorry, Justin,” I said slowly while glaring at Oliver. Stupid prat. “I can’t. I have to… sit with him.”


“Oh,” he said, his mouth forming the ‘o’ shape far longer after he had already said it. He looked confused and upset. “It’s just I was hoping to spend some time with you. You haven’t really been yourself since… the match.”


“I’m sorry,” I apologised again, feeling just that tiny bit miffed that he couldn’t just leave me alone. Were you supposed to be this annoyed with your boyfriend for wanting to spend time with you? “I’ve just been busy.”


“Busy hanging out with Oliver apparently,” Elbie joked to Adam, who responded with a “in broom closets, I bet.”


The two idiots laughed and Lucy, who had been quiet during this entire exchange, rolled her eyes. I knew she would have normally told the two to shut up but considering all that’s been happening with her, Seamus and Bletchley, and the fact that they haven’t been as keen to forgive her as the girls had, she wasn’t that comfortable with them anymore.


It was sad and I felt a pang inside my chest.


“I thought you hated Oliver,” Justin said in an accusing manner, pulling me back to reality as my eyes focused once again on his cute dimpled boyish face.


“I do…” I began to say.


“So why are you sitting with him then?”


“Oh for fuck’s sake!” Oliver let out exasperatedly. “Look mate, she doesn’t want to sit with you today so piss off.”


“I wasn’t talking to you!” Justin retorted angrily.


Oh bollocks! This was not good…


“Yeah but your incessant chatter is really beginning to piss me off,” Oliver growled, standing up and I swore he just puffed out his chest a bit. “Keegan is sitting here.”


“Keegan?” Justin probably realising he was no match for Oliver’s much larger frame backed down and looked at me.


I felt awful as I looked into his blue eyes. “I’m really sorry, Justin. I’ll explain later, I promise.”


He shook his head. “No need, I always knew you had a thing for Oliver but… but never mind. Bye Keegan.” With that, he walked away and back to sitting with his Hufflepuff friends.


“About flipping time!” I heard Adam mutter to Elbie who nodded in response.


Gits… I’ll deal with those two later!


I stared after Justin, my mind whirling with emotions that I couldn’t seem to grasp. I felt distressed and guilty and… relieved?


No, that’s not right. My relationship was basically on the verge of ending and I felt relieved?


“Look, you’re better off without him,” Oliver said softly to me.


I turned to stare icily at the prat. “Shut up. You know exactly what you did. You provoked him.” 


“Only because he’s a whiny little twat,” Oliver snapped, his eyes narrowing now, replacing the sincerity in them I saw and ignored earlier. “Seriously Keegs, what the hell did you see in him?”


“None of your fucking business, that’s what!”


“Awe and just when we thought you two were finally going to be friends,” Elbie pouted disappointedly.


“Elbie, you make one more unnecessary comment and so help me, I will make Miranda go cold turkey!” I growled.


Elbie looked unabashedly frightened and quickly made the motion of zipping up his lips and tossing it away much to the amusement of Adam, who was chortling loudly at his friend. And out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Lucy giggling to herself as well and there it was again that feeling of sadness.


She was sitting too far away. She should be here laughing with us.


I just don’t understand it. It was so obvious how desperately in love Seamus was with her, that she’d have to be as blind as Old Man Douggall at the Three Broomsticks to not see it. He watched her all the time, when she’s laughing with us, when she’s studying, when she’s with Bletchley, but no the stupid bint won’t even acknowledge this fact at all. Merlin knows Miranda, Penny and I have tried time and time again to knock some sense into the girl but every time we mention her breaking up with Bletchley, she mumbles something about us not understanding and looks away.


I just know there was something fishy going on. Lucy may be a spiteful little minx but she wasn’t that heartless that she could hurt Seamus like this or that stupid that she could stand Bletchley’s grubby little claws on her.


I wish I knew.


Defence Against the Dark Arts went by uneventfully, well considering the beginning of the class and the rest of it, it was very uneventful in comparison. Professor Lupin came and did his bit—you know the bit where he teaches us valuable lessons while looking utterly delicious—while Oliver sat there brooding and Adam and Elbie shooting us glances from time and time again.


As we were packing up our things, I saw Justin pause by the door and give me one last withering look before exiting. I should run after him and explain things to him but aside from the fact that I can’t without Oliver in tow, I didn’t want to. I didn’t know if I wanted to fix him and me.


“I need to finish a paper, if you don’t mind oh Master Wood, can we please go to the library?” I said dryly.


He looked amused at first then laughed. “Only if you keep calling me that for the rest of our time together.”


“As if.”


“All right then no,” Oliver shrugged while grinning smugly. “I think I want to go hang out in my common room now.”


Argh! I want to kill him!


I really do. I really want to poison him or smack a broomstick over his stupid thick skull.


“FINE!” I shoved him out of my way. “Come on, let’s go, Master Wood.”


His laughter rang out across the corridor as he allowed me to lead him towards the library.


We made it to the library in one piece and an hour or so later, I hated to admit this but… but Oliver was kind of okay company. He didn’t bother me while I wrote my paper, he didn’t so much as make one ridiculously asinine comment and he actually put his head down and worked on his own assignment as well.


It was kind of a surreal experience if I’m perfectly frank. Oliver and me sitting here like this. Just in silence.


I sneaked a fleeting look at Oliver and watched momentarily as he furrowed his brows together in concentration. The action made me want to giggle but I managed to stop myself just in time. Watching Oliver struggle with his paper was kind of endearing—you know if I didn’t hate him so much.


Because I still do. The git was still inside there somewhere.


But then there were these moments, of unawareness where Oliver looks so much like the boy I had known all those years ago and it tugged at my heartstrings, making me remember how much I had had it bad for him.



“Oliver!” I called out after him, running to catch up with my much taller and faster best friend.


He turned to look at me with a wide goofy grin on his face before sprinting off again. I couldn’t help but giggle as I ran after the boy.


It was late July and the sun felt like it was seeping into our very skin, warming us, making us sweat through our clothes, but neither of us cared. We were young and carefree and had just pulled the best prank ever on my little brother, Edan, and were now running away before our parents caught us.


I giggled to myself as I thought about Edan’s wide-eyed expression as his head expanded like a helium balloon and floated to the ceiling of his room.


Oliver stopped at the top of the hill and waited for me. His shaggy brown hair was matted to his face and his dad’s Puddlemere jersey lay baggy on his skinny frame.


“Come on, slowpoke!”


“Shut up, Oliver!” I shouted back. “You know I’m shorter than you and can’t run as fast.”


He laughed which made me laugh as well. I couldn’t help it. Oliver has always made me happy just by being happy himself. Although he made me angry sometimes because he was a stupid boy but our feuds usually ended within the day. The only instance where I stayed mad at him for longer than that was when we were five and he stole my toy broomstick. I thought I’d never forgive him ever again.


“Sometimes I forget you’re a girl and can’t do the things I do.”


“I can do everything you do!” I reminded him, narrowing my eyes haughtily.


He laughed again. “I know, Keegs. I was just kidding.”


“You better be!” I said, my lips twitching upwards. “I mean I was the one that thought up of the prank, wasn’t I?”


“Yes, yes, whatever,” Oliver rolled his eyes.


He quickly pulled me into a headlock and ruffled my hair good-naturedly. I struggled against his tight grasp but managed to eventually shove him off of me, my dark hair now a complete mess.


“Ooh Oliver Wood, my mum will be so angry you messed my hair up!” I told him, wagging my finger at him. “She did it up special today.”


“I know and she made you wear a dress,” Oliver said, making a face as he looked at my yellow polkadotted sundress. I looked down at it too and grimaced.


“I don’t like dresses.”


“You look funny.”


“You look funny!” I retorted which made Oliver laugh again, the sound disappearing into the breeze. He rolled his eyes again and I just smiled.


We fell into a comfortable silence as we both turned to look across the hilltop, just making out the row of cottage houses where my own house was at the very bottom of it. I turned to look at Oliver and studied his face. He had dark kind eyes and his cheeks were red from sprinting up the hill making him look wild. I knew all the girls at school had a crush on him and I felt a little bit proud that that I was the only girl he ever really talked to and I was the only girl he ever hugged aside from his mum.


I wanted to be the only girl he hugged forever… but that was stupid because we were just best friends.


“I don’t want to go back to school,” I said, breaking the silence.


“Yeah, me neither,” he told me. “But hey, at least we’ll be going to Hogwarts next year, right?”


“Yeah!” I exclaimed happily, remembering that soon I will be going to the greatest school that ever was created, the place where my parents met. Maybe I’ll meet my future husband there too and get over this silly crush. I hope he plays Quidditch though because if he doesn’t then I don’t know what I’d talk to him about otherwise.


“Hey Keegan?” he said looking over to me, his eyes suddenly serious. I nodded in response. “We’ll always be best friends, right?”


“Yeah of course!” I quickly reassured him. “Why do you ask?”


“I don’t know,” he shrugged as he looked away. “Just… you’re wearing dresses now. I mean you’re not going to stop talking to me and go be girly, are you?”


I couldn’t help but start guffawing at this concern of his. “Are you joking, Oliver? I’ll never be that girly!”


“Good,” he smiled in relief. “Because you’re my best friend and I love you.”


“I love you too.”



Was that person still inside him somewhere? I wondered as I continued shamelessly staring at Oliver. Edan believed he was but this year (these past few years actually) I’ve begun to lose hope.


I know I’ve been a bit of a drama queen whenever it came to him but it wasn’t my fault that he infuriated me so much. I was angry and hurt that he abandoned me as soon as we got to Hogwarts; I was angry that he never tried hard enough to get me back and more than ever, I was angry that he obviously never valued me as much as I had hoped he would.


I thought it had hurt when I was younger that we would never be more than best friends but it was a silly childhood crush that I quickly got over but it hurt more that maybe we were never destined to even be friends.


I sighed heavily and turned back to my paper, trying to focus on whether experimentation should be allowed with potions, when there was a loud ruckus as I heard Madame Pince shouting angrily at someone.


Adam came bounding down towards us with the old librarian hot in his heels.


“Keegan! Seamus… Lucy… Bletchley,” he panted, trying desperately to catch his breath.


My eyes widened and I looked at Oliver. He instantly caught on and the two of us ran after Adam, my mind in a state of panic.


What’s going on? Why does Adam look like that?


Oh bollocks, please don’t let me find one of my best friends dead on the ground or something equally as awful!


I wouldn’t mind if Bletchley was though… but still… no, no, bad Keegan, stop!


As we neared the corner, the sound of angry voices caused my heart to go into hyper drive and every horrible scenario played out in my head. I just hoped to the heavens that Seamus and Lucy were okay.


I braced myself but did not count on the sight before me. My mouth fell open in shock as I watched Seamus and Bletchley beating each other bloody while Lucy was sat in the corner crying, her eyes bloodshot. Elbie attempted to break it up but only got in the way and received a few stray punches as a result.


“SEAMUS!” I called, my heart lodged in my throat. He turned at the sound of my voice and I saw the full extent of his injuries: he had a busted up lip, blood trickled from a cut on his forehead and he was covered in angry red bruises. Bletchley chose this opportunity to punch him straight in the nose. “NO!”


I tried to run towards him but Oliver held me back. He instead gestured to Adam and Elbie and the three boys went forward. Elbie held on to Seamus, telling him ‘it’s not worth it’ and ‘think about the repercussions’ while Oliver and Adam began speaking loudly and heatedly with Bletchley, who said some choice swear words before stalking off. All noises however had blurred from my hearing and all I could do was look on, helpless, and wondering just what the hell had happened tonight.


I wanted to comfort Seamus. I wanted to hug my teddy bear. I wanted more than anything to be able to make it all okay but as soon as Elbie had calmed him down, it was as if the realisation of what had just occurred hit him. He looked down warily at his hands then he turned towards Lucy, who was still sobbing uncontrollably in the corner. The look in his eyes broke my heart; it was one of utter disappointment and regret.


And then he walked away. Elbie and Adam went after him, leaving Oliver and me alone in the empty corridor, the only sounds coming from my blonde broken friend.


This was not how I had envisioned seventh year to go.


Not at all.

A/N: Chapter 14 is here!! What do you guys think? Do you still hate me for being away for so long? I'm sorry again! As always, favourite lines?? and your opinions on the drama! 

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