Do you know what a great time to think is?




Well, the answer would be when you happen to be roaming the corridors all alone during the afternoon.


And no, I am not a friendless loser.


But thanks for that comment it really helps me feel appreciated.


I have plenty of friend but they are all off doing other stuff. Okay so I have Astrid and she is off with guy number three of the week.


And it is only Wednesday.


I do not know if I should be proud or not.


Astrid goes through guys very quickly; just a good snog in the broomcloset and then it is done. If the guy is lucky there may be more than once.


It might end up lasting a week.


I think that is the longest time she has had a boyfriend…


I think she is with John David right now. John The-way-more-hot-this-year-than-last-year David from Hufflepuff. Astrid has already got him.


She works quickly to make sure no one gets her man first.


I wish I could get a guy as quickly, but at the same time, I do not really want to.


It’s like they always say: quick to come, quick to go.


Okay, so no one really mentions that but that is beside the point. It is true.


Since I am not really paying attention to where I am going because I am rambling in my head, I run into two of the worst people to run into while you are alone.


And they are not even Slytherins.


They are Hailey Haddaway and Georgette ‘Ettie’ Vane, otherwise known as the sluts of Gryffindor.


I am serious; Astrid actually got people to start calling them that.


It was so funny seeing their reactions when second years came up and called them sluts.


But I digress.


The truth is they are a couple of bitches. They believe they are better than everyone because they have blonde hair and big boobs. They also have about a .3 IQ.


Okay, so the last one was not true, Vane is actually pretty smart and she is not that bad when she is not around Haddaway.


Haddaway is the one people actually have to watch out for.


“Well, look who it is, little Frisbey,” Haddaway screeches. Well it is not that loud but it is so falsely high pitched and happy that it sounds like a screech.


If there is one thing that I know, it is that I need to get out of this corridor fast because I really do not want to listen to Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumb.


“What are you not going to say anything to us?” Vane asks in the same voice.


“Cat got your tongue?” Haddaway falsely simpers. “Where is your little friend? Getting the only action she can?”


“Shut up,” I mutter. I do not want them talking bad about Astrid.


“Do you have a problem? Oh wait of course you do,” Haddaway remarks with a sneer.


“I do not have a problem,” I state simply.


“Are you sure? I have never seen you with any guys, what are you, asexual?” Haddaway sneers. That seems to be her favorite facial expression when she is around me.


“Have you been watching me, because if so, you need to work on that because I am with guys like all the time,” I say while smirking. I just made her sound like a creep! And mimicked her, and made her sound like an idiot.


Not that it is hard because she is a creep and stupid.


“Of course you are freak,” Haddaway responds. “And I would get to bored if I watched you, you are really a bore.”


“At least I have a higher IQ then one,” I mutter again. I seem to mutter a lot around Haddaway and Vane.


“Shut your mouth!” Vane screeches. This time she actually screeches because she says it loudly.


My mouth immediately snaps shut.


Stupid commands.


“No one cares about you. Even your one friend, Clearwater, does not like you. You are of no importance at Hogwarts because guys do not like you,” Haddaway sneers.


I stare at her defiantly since I cannot talk.


Since they were talking so loudly not one of us heard another person join us in the corridor.


“Is something going on here?” the newest member of our little gathering asks.


I turn to face him and realize that it is Henry Michaels. Henry is mostly likely the best looking guy in my year besides Scorpius Malfoy, but Scorpius only has eyes for Rose.


Albus Potter is a close third though.


Henry has longish brown hair that is kind of wavy. He is absolutely gorgeous and he plays Quidditch so his muscles are perfect.


It is a good thing that I cannot open my mouth or I think I would be drooling.


This, for obvious reasons, would not be attractive.


“Of course not, just having a little talk,” Vane responds while smiling seductively at Henry.


Even though Henry is majorly attractive, he is not the type of guy for one time flings. He has had a few girlfriends, but the ladies of Hogwarts are in a craze because he is single right now and everyone wants to date him.


“Well what were you talking about?” Henry asks while smiling at all of us with his perfectly white teeth.


He should be a teeth model, who just a whole body model because he is just that gorgeous.


“Just giving Rory a little advice,” Vane answers.


I would have responded if my mouth was working with me and not following the curse.


I hate this curse more and more each day.


“Is that true Rory?” Henry asks as he turns to me.


My eyes widen, since I cannot open my mouth.


“Yes it is. Do you not believe us?” Haddaway asks with her own seductive smile.


“I asked Rory a question, so she needs to answer,” Henry commands, yet he is not rude about it at all.


I hear a whisper from Haddaway saying to lie and say they were right.


“Yes they were,” I answer immediately.


Henry looks unconvinced but leaves it anyway.


“Okay, well we need to head off, busy schedule, you know,” Haddaway says while winking at Henry.


Haddaway and Vane leave the corridor, but Henry remains.


I smile at him a bit confused as to why he is still here and did not take up the obvious suggesting to go snog Haddaway or Vane.


Henry just smiles back.


“So umm thanks for helping me out of that conversation,” I say because I cannot handle awkward silences and there always seems to be one when I am with a boy that is not Al. I really need to get that fixed.


“Helping you? I thought you were just talking,” Henry smirks, thinking he is about to figure out what we were talking about.


Too bad for him, the curse is still there.


“We were, I just did not feel like talking to them at that moment,” I say while smiling sheepishly.


“Right… But you are alright with talking to me now?” He asks.


“Yeah, I guess,” I respond while nodding.


“I don’t think we have talked that much, why is that?” He asks.


“I guess we just run in different groups,” I say.


We do have different groups. Henry has all the popular people and I have Astrid and sometimes Rose and Al.


“I guess you are right but we have had classes together, so why did we not talk in those?” Henry questions.


“We were never paired together I guess.”


“Well I would love to get to know you sometime,” Henry starts, looking at me nervously, I just raise my eyebrows, “I hear a Hogs-“


But Henry is cut off from whatever he was about to say because someone comes running around the corner yelling, “RORY! RORY! RORY!”


I see that it is James Potter.


Why does he keep showing up in my life lately?


“Yes?” I ask him in an annoyed tone. I was obviously talking to someone else.


“Have you see Rose?” Potter questions.


“No. I only really see her in potions,” I answer.


I turn back to Henry about to ask him what he was saying, figuring Potter would leave, but I was mistaken.


“Well you have to have a guess,” Potter says more urgently.


“I really don’t know,” I say. “Why do you need to find her so much?”


There is a short pause while I look at Potter and then he says, “Because I want to prank her.”


“You want to prank your own cousin?”


Potter nods to my question.


“Why?” I ask incredulously.


“Just because I am bored, I guess. Why do you want to know so badly?” Potter asks while smirking.


I just raise my eyebrows and respond with, “I don’t.”


I am pretty sure I imagined Potter’s smirk faltering after I said that.


“Henry! Come here! You have to see this,” Ryan Adams, a Hufflepuff in my year, yells down the corridor.


Opps, I forgot about Henry.


I turn to him and smile.


He returns the smile and says, “I guess I will see you around Rory.”


Then Henry heads off down the corridor.


Potter coughs.


I turn back to him with raised eyebrows.


I seem to raise my eyebrows more when I am around Potter.


“Yes?” I ask.


“Nothing,” Potter responds with a smirk.


“Well then. I have to go do Defense Against the Dark Arts homework. So bye,” And hopefully not see you around I add in my head.


So I turn on my heel and head back down the corridor, hopefully to find Astrid and tell her about talking to Henry.



The next morning Astrid and I sit at our own little section of the Gryffindor table. Except we have a new addition, apparently John David was a good enough snog to keep around because he has joined us for our feast.


Or I should say my feast because I am the only one eating; the other two are swapping spit.


Or snogging, whichever you prefer.


Luckily it is a Friday, I have no idea how I could make it through any more days of this.


Plus there is a Quidditch game later on today and Astrid does not believe in having a boyfriend during the games because she like to gaze longingly at the player.


Past boyfriends of hers have gotten jealous because of that.


So Astrid made it a rule to not have a boyfriend during Quidditch games.


As I am eating some toast, Rose comes over and sits next to me.


Well this is awkward; I never sit next to people.


That makes me sound like a loser, but it is true.


I always sit across from Astrid and occasionally her new boyfriend.


No one ever sits directly next to me at meals.


I just turn and stare at Rose.


She smiles brightly in response.


I raise my eyebrows.


She just keeps smiling and grabs some toast.


“Rose, what are you doing here? This is the Gryffindor table,” I ask.


Blunt is my middle name.


Who needs bushes to beat around in this world?


Not me, Rory Blunt Frisbey.


“I just came over to ask if you and Astrid are going to the Quidditch game,” Rose answers, not even bothering to mention my rudeness.


Astrid stops snogging John when she hears her name.


Or the mention of the Quidditch game; more than likely that one.


“Astrid is going but I’m not planning to,” I say.


“Rory likes to be anti-social sometimes,” Astrid pipes in from across the table.


I glare at her.


“Why aren’t you going to the game? I’m sure it will be fun!” Rose says, quite loudly if I am being honest.


Apparently other people thought so as well because Potter yells from a few seats down, “Rory! You have to go to the game!”


Damn command.


“I am going to the game,” I say immediately to Rose.


Great now I have to sit through an entire Quidditch game listening to Astrid go on and on about boys.


Rose looks at me oddly for a second, then shrugs and turns back to her food.


Right as Rose is about to grab more food she seems to realize the time.


“Oh my Merlin! We have to get to Potions now!” Rose yells.


I stand up with Rose and Astrid keeps snogging John.


Rose is about to yell at Astrid to hurry up but I say, “Don’t worry about it.”


Rose looks at me for a few minutes then seems to accept what I said.


We grab our books and head out of the Great Hall and down to the dungeons.


Rose and I walk to Potions in silence because Rose says that she finds small talk stupid.


As we head down the stairs to the dungeons we run into, who else, but Henry.




“Hey Rory! Rose!” Henry yells, running to catch up to us.


“Hey,” I respond.


“Hello Henry,” Rose says.


“So are you two ready for Potions?” Henry asks.


“Yes!” Rose answers enthusiastically.


“Rory?” Henry asks while smiling at me.


“I guess,” I say with a shrug.


“So are you going to the Quidditch game today, Henry?” Rose asks while looking at me with an unreadable expression.


“Yeah! I am super excited! Are you going Rory?” Henry asks.


I nod.


“That is cool, maybe we can sit together…” Henry says.


“Maybe,” I answer.


Rose elbows me in the ribs.


Ouch, that hurt woman!


By now we have arrived at the Potions classroom. Henry goes off to sit with his partner, Corner, and Rose and I head off to our desk.


“What is your problem Rory? Henry was obviously flirting with you!” Rose whispers to me.


Well it was not very obvious if I did not realize it.


I just shrug.


“Do you like my cousin?” Rose suddenly whispers.


“Al is pretty cool I gue-“ I begin to say before I am cut off.


“I mean James,” Rose says while rolling her eyes.


I just stare at her.


“I mean it is okay with me if you have a crush on James. So don’t feel like just because I am his cousin you can’t tell me, because you can. I can just tell that you fancy him.”


“I don’t fancy James,” I say to Rose before she can start rambling.


“If you say so…” Rose says.


She is obviously not convinced.


Before I can prove to her that I do not like Potter, Slughorn comes in and start teaching.


After Potions Astrid and I head off to the Quidditch Pitch for the game.


Astrid talks about all the guys who will be playing, since she can because she broke up with John.


I just nod occasionally.


Unfortunately, Vane and Haddaway show up out of nowhere.


If I did not know better I would think they are stalking me.


“Well look who it is, the two loser of Gryffindor,” Haddaway sneers.


“Are you following us?” Astrid asks them sarcastically.


Apparently sarcasm is too advanced to Haddaway because she yells, “No but I think you are stalking us!”


Astrid and I just stare at her with eyebrows raised.


I hear the clock go off that means that the Quidditch game is about to start.


I lose control of my body and start sprinting to the Quidditch Pitch, leaving Vane and Haddaway confused.


And Astrid most likely amused.


I run like a mad man and when I finally reach the stands, I am out of breath.


I pant my way over to Rose, who said she would sit with us during the game.


“Why are you so out of breath?” Rose asks.


“I ran all the way here.” I answer in between pants.


Merlin, I need to get in shape.


Rose just stare are me bewildered.


Suddenly I hear laughing behind me and I know Astrid has made it to the game.


“I can’t believe you ran. It was hilarious,” Astrid says while still laughing.


I glare at her.


Rose just looks more confused.


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