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Fantastic chapter image by &thereshegoes @TDA 


“Oh Chase! Yoohoo!” I hear a high-pitched voice calling me as I sit in the common room, turning over Danny’s note in my hand trying to figure it out.


I turn to see a girl with perfectly tanned skin, jet black hair that you wouldn’t know was dyed if you hadn’t seen her a year ago but was perfectly styled, amazing light blue eyes, and a cute little stud nose ring. Macey Ackerly.


“Can I help you?” I ask her.


“Well,” She begins, and I can see the minty blue gum in her mouth as she talks to me, Louis hates that, “I heard that you’re like a super skilled D.A.D.A student, and have been wanting to be a teacher’s assistant for the professor, but couldn’t because you’re not a seventh year.”




“As you most likely know, my dad has an important position on the school board. Anyways, Louis was telling me how much you really deserve this so I recommended to my dad that he allow Hogwarts to make an exception for you, and after looking at your record he agreed! But only because we have some new professor this year and Father thought some guidance from a student might be useful to a new teacher.”


For a second, I just sit there in shock. This was why he took up a sudden interest in Macey Ackerly, I of all people know that he absolutely can’t stand girls who let their gum show when they chew it. He was trying to make up for what happened the other day; some kind of bizarre yet sweet apology.


“Wow, Macey, thank you!”


“Don’t thank me, thank Louis! It was all my idea, of course, but Louis really encouraged me to go for it!”


That boy really does belong in politics, he not only convinced Macey Ackerly to do such an amazing thing for me, but he made her think it was her own idea.


“Just, um, thanks!”


“Don’t mention it! I have to go now; Nicole is going to give me a manicure!”


Either Macey had about ten different friends named Nicole, or there was one Nicole that somehow looked completely different every time she flanked Macey as they walked down the hall.


Anyways, Macey walks away, and suddenly there’s a red-head on my lap giggling.


“Someone’s in a good mood,” I can’t help joining in on her laughing, though I’m not sure what we’re laughing for.


“Just had an amazing snogging session in the closet. Of course I’m in a good mood. So,” she pokes my nose, “What’s up?”


“I discovered that Louis became a hooker for me.”


“What?” Rose hops off my lap and on to the seat next to me, a smile on her face encouraging me to continue.


I explain to her what happened with Macey.


“That is SO cute!”


“In a way I guess… But I’m still mad at him. He could have at least given me a heads up that he was going to use his tongue to get me ahead in life.”


She rolls her eyes, “Oh, come on! Cut him some slack! That boy dated a girl who lets her gum show when she talks for you; you know how much he is positively disgusted by that.”


“True. Plus he’s afraid of girls who dye their hair because he thinks it’s going to rub off all over him. What a noob.”


“A noob who went through that for you!”


Our conversation is quieted as Louis walks into the common room, and as he walks past us says, “Can’t talk now guys, I was just hanging out with Macey and need to go take a shower before her hair dye starts showing on my skin.”


“It doesn’t work that way!” we both shout after him, but he disregards us and continues up the stairs.


“Are you going to tell him you know?” She asks me once he’s gone.


“I guess I probably should thank him. I’ll tell him tomorrow at breakfast, we always eat breakfast together on weekdays during the school year.”


“Alright! So are we breaking into the seventh year boys’ dorm tonight at 11:30?”




“Yay! I love feeling like a secret agent!”


I laugh and poke her tummy, “Good luck doing that when your belly is the size of a basketball.”


“I know,” her smile turns soft as she puts her hand on her stomach, “I hope I don’t knock over a bunch of stuff every time I turn around.”


“It will be interesting for once to see you not be as graceful as a ballerina.”


“Pregnancy is going to make me moody, clumsy, awkward… I’m turning into you!” She laughs ecstatically at her own joke.


“Yes, yes, laugh it up. I’m not the one that’s going to be faced with uncontrollable gas in a few months.”


That shuts her up.


Aw, Louis is so cute when he sleeps. Wow, that sounds really creepy.


“Tell me again, why aren’t you the one picking the lock?” Rose asks me, sitting on her knees breaking through James’s padlock with a bobby pin. He may have made it immune to magic, but he had no protection against simple muggle tricks Aunt Hermione and Uncle Harry taught us.


“Because I’m the lookout.”


“Stop staring at my cousin while he sleeps, it’s just creepy.”


“I’m not staring at James.”


“I’m talking about my other cousin.”


“Oh. Okay.”


The lock finally breaks; Rose snatches the cloak, grabs my wrist, and books it out of there.


“So,” She says smugly as she walks me to the door, “How long do you think this make out session—I mean, secret meeting, is going to last?”


“Not long at all, since it isn’t a make out session,” I scoff at her, “He probably just wants to talk about some stuff that he doesn’t feel comfortable going to Scorpius about.”


“I’m pretty sure he doesn’t feel comfortable kissing Scorpius in the way of the French, either, so I guess you’re right.”


“Okay, you only get one more.”


“You’re gonna get the Wonder-tongue!”


“That’s enough,” I sigh at Rose’s giggling.


I swoop James’s cloak over me, and am on my way.


As I walk, I start thinking about the possibility of Danny wanting to be more than friends. I’m not really sure how I feel about that, I’ve never really thought of anyone that way except for Louis. Even when we were little I somehow had feelings for him, though I don’t think at the time I understood why I used to get upset every time he chose to play wizard’s chess with James and Freddie instead of dolls with Rose and me. Maybe, if Danny even did feel that way about me, it’d be a good idea to try something new… to get away from the Chase who’s always running after Louis Weasley, and just be Chase.


I reach the astronomy tower, and expect to see Danny standing there dramatically staring off into the distance, but instead he’s doing tricks on his broomstick. He’s one of those kids who put footholds on his broom for maximum stunting.


“Ahem,” I alert him that I’m here as I take the cloak off.


“Whah-“ he makes a sharp turn at the noise, falling off his broomstick.


“Sweet Merlin!” I shout, and run over to make sure he’s okay.


I bend down and put his head on my lap; he stirs back into reality, “Well that hurt.”


“Fuckin’ Wonderboy! Don’t scare me like that!”


I scared you?” he chuckles at me, “I didn’t see you falling off any broomsticks out of fright!”


“That’s because I don’t ride any punk broomsticks,” I’m suddenly very aware of the fact that that his head is still on my lap, and by the look on his face he’s just noticed the same thing.


I cough awkwardly and stand up, almost making him hit his head on the floor. But he catches himself in time, and also stands up.


“So,” I start, still awkward, “What’d you want to talk about?”


He’s starts to slowly move towards me until his face is just inches from mine, “Actually, I was kind of hoping there wouldn’t be much talking.”


Wonderboy goes in for the kiss—


“Chase! What the hell are you doing?” I hear a boy’s voice, and knowing my luck, it’s pretty obvious who it is.


Danny curses under his breath as I turn around to see just the person I expected, “Louis! What are you doing here?”


“James saw that his cloak was gone and suspected you, so we borrowed Albus’s map and tracked you here—wait, why am I the one doing the explaining? What are YOU doing here?”


I stumble for words, but before I can answer Louis realizes that Danny is still right next to me, one of his hands still on my hip from when he was about to kiss me.


“You, you’re Danny Boot, right?” Louis is obviously struggling to stay calm, “James told me about you. Get out of here, now, or I’ll tell Chase why you’re really here.”


Danny gives me a guilty look before hopping on his broomstick and jumping off the side of the building.


I stand there silently, not sure what to do now. On one hand, Louis just completely cut off my make out session with Wonderboy when he was just kissing Macey Ackerly yesterday. On the other hand, the Macey Ackerly thing turned out to be weirdly sweet, and apparently James knows some bad secret about Danny that made him feel guilty enough to leave. I’m not really sure whether I should hug Louis or punch him in the stomach.


And now he’s standing there, staring at me with an unreadable expression.


“What?” I ask him, confused.


“Are you wearing… Perfume?”


I realize that I’m blushing again, “Rose put it on me…”


“Oh,” He still has that look I can’t figure out, “It’s, um, nice.”




He just furrows his eyebrows, nods, and starts to walk away.


“Louis, wait!” I start walking beside him, “What just happened?”


“I asked if you had perfume on, and you said that Rose put it on-“


“Louis,” I look at him straight on, “You know what I mean. What just happened with Wonderboy?”


“Wonderboy?” once again he has on that face that I just cannot see through, “I wasn’t aware you guys were on, um, nicknaming terms.”


“There’s a lot of things you aren’t aware of,” I say quietly, but he doesn’t respond, just keeps walking.


I grab him by the shoulder and turn him around; he’s a lot stronger than I am and probably wouldn’t have turned around if he really didn’t want to, but he did.


“Talk to me! Why did you make Danny leave?”


“You guys were about to kiss.”


“So? You’re allowed to snog other people and I’m not?”


“Macey wasn’t just using me to—“


“No, Louis, you were using her. Thanks for that, by the way,” now it’s my turn to start walking away, but I think that my face is pretty easy to read at the moment.


However, I have almost no willpower, and so just before I round the corner I turn to take a peek at Louis. He’s just standing there watching me walk away, that absolutely unreadable expression still on his face.


“I have to pee! NOW!” Rose practically shouts at me before classes the next morning.


“You went to the bathroom an hour ago!” I groan. My first class was D.A.D.A and I didn’t want to be late to my first day as a Teacher’s Assistant.


“Well I have to go again,” she gives me a glare that would intimidate Moldyshorts himself.


“Why do you have to be so… Pregnant?”


“I’m only 6 weeks along!”


“But the symptoms are obviously showing,” she’s giving me that scary glare again, so I walk with her to the bathroom.


On the way, I see Scorpius and grab him by the collar, “You! You’re the one who impregnated her, and so YOU’RE the one who should be escorting her to the bathroom fifty times a day since YOUR child is the one messing with her bladder!”


He nods; his eyes are huge in fear at my hostility. I turn back around to go to my class while he takes his baby mama to the john.


I walk into the Defense Against the Dark Arts class, and the first thing I see is Louis and James sitting in the front row, watching me. Of course. I should have known Louis would arrange it so that I would T.A. for the class he was in.


The Weasley boy gives me an unsure smile, obviously trying to figure out if I’m still mad at him. I bite my lip, not really sure myself.


            That’s when the new professor walks in, and I realize that I am still mad at Louis.


            Why? Because the professor is Teddy Lupin, the extreme hottie that every girl in the Potter-Weasley family has had a crush on at one point or another. And I’m very much enjoying the incredulous look that appears on Louis’s face when he realizes that I’m going to be Teddy’s T.A.


“Hello, class,” the blue-haired hunk begins, “As you know, Professor Waters had to leave in the middle of the year for her brain surgery. And so, I’m your new teacher, Professor Lupin.”


He hands out a questionnaire for the class to fill out. As they do so, he walks over to me.


“Hey Chase,” he smiles, but then his voice becomes more quiet and serious, “How’s Scott holding up?”


“Scott?” At first I’m confused, but then I realize who he’s talking about, “Oh! You mean Young Scotty.”


He winces at his best friend’s moniker, “Yes. Young Scotty.”


“Oh, sorry. Yeah, he’s fine. PTC—err, I mean Pete the cobbler—just made him some nice new shoes. And Big Carter convinced him to buy a cat. And my dad said that a few weeks ago, Young Scotty got One-a-Day-Susan to say something besides ‘Wine, please’—“


I stop myself short when I see the pained expression on Teddy’s face.


“But, um, I’m sure he’ll come to his senses soon,” I cough awkwardly, like I do.


“It’s okay, Chase, you don’t have to say that for my sake,” it’s then that I see Louis over Teddy’s shoulder, watching us from his desk as if curious about what we’re talking about. I, very maturely, stick my tongue out at him. That makes him look back down at his parchment, caught in the act.


And then I realize that Teddy is looking at me like I’m crazy. I start to explain, but I decide to just skip it. He knows as well as anyone that I’m a psycho.


“So, Teddy—I mean, Professor Lupin, what should I do first?”


“Umm,” He shuffles through his desk for something that I can do, “Here. I want you to write the answer key for this test.”


I look at it and nod. The material on it was a piece of cake.


I take a seat at my desk and begin. My desk was really just a table in the corner of the room, but I was pleased at how it was bigger than the regular students’ desks.


I finish writing in all the answers quickly, and sit back a second to look around. James, who was as skilled in this department as I was, was already finished with all his work before everybody else. I could tell he was anxious for the first class with the new professor to be over so that they could start actually doing stuff instead of using a quill and parchment.


He catches my gaze and then uses his eyes to signal to look at Louis, who is so focused on his work it’s almost funny. I stifle a laugh, and mouth to James, “I.L.”


He nods, and takes out a piece of parchment for us to Instant Letter on. I take out my own parchment, and we tap our wands on it twice in unison.


Within seconds, we begin writing our conversation; whatever he writes appears on my paper, and vice versa.


J.S.P- What happened last night?


C.A.L- Like Louis didn’t already tell you.


J.S.P- Well, yes, but I want to hear your side of the story.


C.A.L- The jist of it is, Danny found out that Scorpius and Rose rode the hobby horse together, he got mad. Then I got this note from him saying to meet him on the astronomy tower, I went and he was about to kiss me, and then Louis showed up and made him leave, which made me mad. Did I leave anything out?


J.S.P- Please don’t ever say “hobby horse” while talking about my little cousin. Also, you forgot the part when Louis noticed your perfume.


C.A.L- If you look up right now, you’ll notice that I’m glaring at you.


J.S.P- Yikes, you look like Rose did the other day when I commented on her over-active bladder.


C.A.L- That’s a sensitive subject for her.


J.S.P- I can tell.


“Alright, class,” I look up from the parchment as Teddy begins talking, “Class is going to end in about five minutes, since you’re all done with your work I’m going to dismiss you a little bit early. Have a nice day everybody!”


I see Louis get up and give me a look like he wants to talk to me, so I grab my stuff and book it out of there. Both of us had free period right now, so I decide to go to the bathroom. He can’t follow me in there.


I walk into the lavatory, and wonder if Rose is there. It’s a pretty frequent location for her at the moment. However, I quickly realize it’s empty, and go into a stall.


Just then I hear someone come in, by the sound of it two girls.


“I know, I absolutely hate her!” I know that voice… it belongs to Posey Parkinson-Johnson, the Macey Ackerly of the Slytherin world, except that she’s mean and even worse of a gossip.


 I stand up on the toilet and try to make my breathing as quiet as possible; the last time I had a run-in with Posey I ended up having to be held back by Louis AND James just to not punch her in the throat. Neither of them is here at the moment, so the last thing I want is for her to know I that I am.


“Ugh, I know! Who does she think she is, taking the most dateable sixth year in Slytherin and keeping him all to herself when there are so many hunks in Gryffindor?”


“Um, Nicole, get a brain! All of the Gryffindor hunks are related to her!”


Holy shit! I was over-hearing Posey Parkinson-Johnson and her faceless Nicole crone talking crap about Rose!


“That’s true… But not all the Slytherin boys are bad! Danny Boot is cute and mysterious, and you said he was a great snog before he dumped you—“


“Nicole! Shut up! You don’t need to remind me of a relationship that lasted like two days!”


Note to self: If Wonderboy tries to kiss me again, I’m making sure he scrubs his lips first. I probably should have thought of that anyways; Danny’s dated most of the girls in Slytherin, and at least a quarter of the girls in each of every other house. Strange how it’s Louis I called the man-slut. But, like Louis, Danny’s still got his morals; from what I hear he’s always super respectful, even to the girls who didn’t want him to be.


“But, yeah, I totally gave him a chance to feel me up, but like, all he wanted to do was hold my hand or cuddle or something,” Posey’s nasally voice echoes throughout the restroom.


Case in point.


“We totally got off topic!” The Nicole cackles in a way that sounds like she’s trying to be cute, “What were you saying about the Weasel girl?”


“Oh, right! As I was saying, I think that Rose and Scorpius may have hit a rough spot over winter break, ‘cause like I noticed that she’s been super moody lately. And, don’t tell anyone, but I overheard Justin Arthur saying that Scorpius gave him a box of condoms with only one missing, because apparently he didn’t need the rest. My guess is that he put his spoon in Rose’s pudding, she didn’t like it, and now there’s more trouble in paradise than they can put up with.”


“Ooh, juicy! But how do you know that she’s not, like, preggers or something?”


“Don’t be silly, Nicole. Anyways, I decided that I’m going to be the straw that breaks the thestral’s back. It’s pretty much clear to me that they’re going to break up, so I might as well just push things along, for their sake. That way, Rose is free to be with her freaky family and the weird brunette that hangs around them, and I get Scorpius to myself.”


“What are you saying?”


“What I’m saying is that I’m going to steal him from her.”


“Ohhh! Okay! I get it now! But how are you going to do that? He likes goody-two-shoes girls, like Rose, and you’re like—“


“Like what, Nicole?” I can almost hear the glare on Posey’s face.


“Well… You’re kind of a sluhhh—good person. Heh… heh… ahem.”


Hah! One of the many Nicoles almost called Posey a slut to her face! Serves her right, wanting to steal my best friend’s boyfriend! It’s things like this that make me want to punch her in the throat so bad.


Posey scoffs and I hear her stomp out of the restroom (as good as anyone can stomp in hooker heels) and the Nicole scuffles after her.


Well fuck. I can’t tell Rose about this; I need to go find Scorpius. 


And I need to figure what the hell is up with all these Nicoles!

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