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AN: This is it, just this chapter and it’s done! This is a fluffy, hopefully humorous little chapter full of warmth, and gooey love!! Clumsy!




Hermione was busy in the flower garden where she was carefully pulling weeds and tending to plants and flowers that grew in her favorite place of Malfoy Manor. She found that she was a very capable gardener now that it wasn’t just for a grade as when she was in Herbology class.

She’d awakened that morning feeling achy and her back was bothering her. She guessed that was just another one of those negative side effects of carrying a baby that was estimated to be around 7lbs around inside your body.

She got lost in her thoughts of Draco as she weeded and she smiled to herself. Draco had been so sweet to her during her entire pregnancy and had become fiercely protective. She would lay in bed at night as he laid next to her with his head right next to her very large bump and read the copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard that Professor Dumbledore had left for her in his will. He also read other Muggle stories like Peter Pan and Your Mama is a Llama but she cracked up one night when he pulled out a copy of Quidditch Through the Ages and started reading claiming that it was never too early to start your child’s Quidditch education and then proceeded to read that to the baby just like he had read the other stories. The funny thing was that the baby responded. She would feel it move towards Draco’s voice and follow if he moved and you could watch her belly move accordingly!

They had however had difficulty over what to name the baby. They just could not agree on names. For a girl she liked Emmalyn and he insisted on Jordanna, and for a boy she wanted Charlie and he liked Orion. She was getting a bit stressed because they had passed her due date five days ago and she knew that they were running out of time to settle on the name.

Sighing as she returned from her rambling thoughts she gathered up her gardening tools and put them in her basket. She began the work of getting to her feet which wasn’t so easy these days. Just as she was on her feet and went to straighten her back and stretch she had one of those back pains but this was a much more intense and focused pain that kind of rolled from her back to her abdomen. Then once that had begun to ease she felt fluid run down her legs to puddle around her feet, and the pain began again.

Thinking very hard on that night by the pond with Draco when they had marked each other she pointed her wand and said, “Expecto Patronum,” then she whispered for help because she couldn’t make it all the way into the Manor alone. She watched as her sweet little otter swam away through the air and walked to the bench she sat at when Draco was hunting for his mate.

There was next a very happy déjà vu moment when Draco burst through the trees in a panic. “What’s wrong honey?” He asked her bending his knees on the ground before her and his hands went to her baby bump.

“Absolutely nothing is wrong love, it’s just time to go to the hospital and greet our little bundle of joy who has decided it is time to make an appearance!” She said as she smiled and the smile he loved most graced her beautiful face, it was that happy joyous smile that reached all the way to her eyes. He got a little lost in her chocolate eyes when they lit up the way they were just then so it took a few seconds for what she said to sink in.

Then all of a sudden he was running in fifteen different directions making Hermione giggle at the show he was putting on.

“Gotta get the bag, have to inform everyone, and have to get ‘Mione and the baby to Mungo’s. Wait, what?” He muttered quietly.

“I said you need to relax and calm down dear. We have plenty of time and first I need you to help me up to our room so I can shower and change clothes. Plus you have to help me shave my legs and paint my toenails because I can’t see or reach my feet and legs.” Hermione directed him. “Then we can get the bag and head to the hospital. While they are getting me settled in you can inform Harry and Blaise and those two will tell everyone else.”

Draco rolled his eyes thinking she was kidding with him about the legs and toenails as he picked her up and apparated directly into their bedroom. So he was a bit surprised when she grabbed his hand and dragged him into the bathroom and found himself shaving her legs. After the shower was over she got dressed and handed him a bottle of nail polish but he just took his wand and tapped her toes. “Can we go now Miss Procrastination please? You’re showered, changed, shaved and polished. Now I am going to take you to the hospital before you find 15 other things to do to delay it!” He grumbled at her, worried they wouldn’t get there in time no matter how many times she told him it would be hours and hours before it was time to deliver. He grabbed her hand and twisted them into space to reappear safely and on time in St. Mungo’s.




Draco Malfoy learned something new about his sweet, tender-hearted wife while she worked to give birth. Inside that special soul was a very scary person who could have even Voldy pee his pants in fear! All he had done was lean over to try to kiss her forehead to show his support as she pushed so hard and what did he get for it you may ask; well his sweet little wife tried to rip his face off! She grabbed on and squeezed his face so hard there were fingernail marks on his face!

After he learned not to get his face in her line of vision she squeezed his hand so hard she broke his pinky finger and he hand to bring out his wand and repair it as the healers were focused on her and the babe. He decided right then that next time he was going to wait out in the waiting room! The next second he smiled to himself knowing he’d be right beside her no matter what and that he’d probably need to learn a few more healing spells before it was time for the next child.

When the baby was out and the healer said “It’s a girl!” he felt tears on his cheeks and bent down to kiss his wife while their tears mixed together because they were so overjoyed. They settled for naming her Emmalyn Jordana Malfoy, and their little Emm was gorgeous. She had no hair to speak of; bald as her butt! With amazing brown eyes and her little nose all scrunched up. She was a real miracle.

Once Hermione and Emma were cleaned up and the bed linens had been changed Draco had invited all their loved ones into the room. Grannies were both in tears and fussing over whom the baby looked the most like while the gramps were rolling their eyes and shaking their heads at their wives all the while trying to sneak glimpses of Emma over their shoulders.

He was getting a little tired of everyone being here; he loved them all of course but he just wanted a little bit of time alone with his wife and daughter. Hermione must have been able to sense this, or maybe she just wanted time alone herself because she started yawning and when nobody was looking she gave him a cute and quick little wink and then had the loudest and longest of the yawns so far. Ginny and Fleur picked up on it and started herding everyone out.

“She’s amazing you guys. Good job.” Ginny said before walking out the door leaving the new parents alone for the first time with their daughter.

Draco climbed up in the bed with Hermione as she held Emmalyn and wrapped an arm around her while giving his finger to his daughter to hold in her tiny, perfect little fist.

“We did it ‘Mione! We have our Veela’s happy and content and we have each other and Emma and it was worth every minute it took to get here. I love you so much.” Draco said and then kissed her lips very gently.




AN: There is the last regular chapter! It’s been such a fun story to tell and I loved the ride of writing it! There is going to be a short epilogue. Thanks for all your reviews that helped this story along and I hope the reviews continue as long as the story is up to read. Just because it is finished shouldn’t stop you reviewing please!!!

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