Okay everyone, this is the last chapter of the story. This is also the last story I am posting for a while, because I am getting surgery. I kept my promise... I finished the whole story before my surgery :). I hope that you enjoy the chapter, and enjoyed the story. Thanks for hanging in there 'till the end.

Hermione's heart stopped. For a moment she was frozen on the spot, with her arms around Draco's waist. She opened her eyes, and slowly unhooked her arms from around Draco, and pulled away. She looked over to where Aly's hospital room was, and felt the air leave her lungs. Standing there, was Alexz, holding her blanket in her right hand, where it laid on the ground from her dragging it out of the room. And in her left arm, she was clutching her pooh-bear. Her long hair was down and wavy, and her skin looked normal and glowing. Honestly, she looked as if she just woke up from sleep.

“Aly?” Hermione whispered out. Aly smiled at her, and Hermione took three quick steps to her, dropped to her knees, and slid the rest of the way to her daughter. “Oh Aly, you're alright!” Hermione said before pulling Aly into a semi tight hug.

“Yes Mommy, I'm fine.” Aly said, snuggling onto Hermione's chest a bit. “I was so scared.” She whispered low, but everyone heard her. Harry stepped over to them, and Aly pulled away from Hermione, and beamed when she saw him. “Uncle Harry!” She said and leaped up, and Harry caught her and lifted her up and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“I missed you Aly.” He said and Aly nodded.

“I missed you too. And Ginny.” She said and then there was a tap on her shoulder. Aly remover her arms from around Harry's neck and turned a bit to see Ginny.

“I missed you too sweetie.” Ginny said, before Aly dived into her arms. Ginny held Aly kind of close before lowering her to the floor. “You alright honey?” Ginny asked.

“A lot better now.” Aly said before looking around at everyone that loved her. Then her eyes met Draco's and she slowly let got of Ginny. Aly straightened up and looked up into Draco's eyes again, and she smiled at him. He smiled at her too, and started kneeling down when she started running to him. When she reached him she threw her arms around him, hard and tightly, and he pulled her to him as much as possible.

“I'm so glad that you are alright.” He whispered to her.

“I knew you would be here. I knew it.” Aly whispered back, but not as low as Draco's whisper. Hermione had heard her.

“Aly, you know who he is?”

“Yes, he is my daddy.” Aly replied, still clinging to Draco, her head buried into his neck. Draco looked at Hermione and studied her face. She looked dumbstruck.

“How did she know?” Hermione asked.

“Maybe like how I did, she just felt it.” Draco offered and Hermione smiled. Aly pulled away, and Draco kept her in his arms.

“Aly, what happened to you?” Hermione said and Aly looked down.

“I remember going to my room to change clothes, then everything got dark, and my body started to hurt. Then all I remember after that was being in a dark room. And every time I tried to get out, and call for help, I got hurt. After a while I stopped trying anything, and just sat there.”

“Oh honey, that must have been awful.” Ginny said. “are you sure your alright?”

“Yes. I also remember hearing a voice. It calmed me down, and made me feel safe.” She said before looking at Draco. “He said that Mommy loved me, but was strong, and said I was strong too.” She said before laying her head on Draco's shoulder. Draco was as solid as a rock. Did she really hear him? Before he could think on it any further, Aly began again. “He also told me a shorter version of my bedtime story, Mommy.” She said and Hermione looked between Aly and Draco.

“What?” Hermione asked. Draco looked at Hermione. Giving her a crooked smile, before turning back to Aly.

“You heard all that?” He said in a regular voice, and everyone watched as Aly beamed. They all knew, it was Draco's voice Aly had heard and took comfort in.

“Yes, I heard all that. I heard you say something else about Mommy, and I heard you call me baby.” She said and Draco smiled at her.

“What did you say about me?” Hermione asked Draco. He turned to her and smiled.

“I'll tell you later.” He said to her. After that, Ginny and Harry gave Hermione and Aly hugs and kisses, before apparating to The Burrow to tell Molly what happened, and to get the kids. Hermione had a few words with the doctor, and Josh before Josh left. Then, Hermione and Draco, who was holding Aly, apparated back to Hermione's apartment. Draco set Aly down and she ran to her room to get the rest that the doctor told her she needed. Hermione walked to the kitchen, and Draco followed her. He saw her cleaning up and just watched her. She was tense, and there was something wrong. After a moment of studying her, he walked to her, and wrapped his arms around her waist making her stop. “What?” He asked her, before leaning into her neck.

“What, what?” She asked as shivers shot down her spine.

“Mi, I know you. Something is wrong... tell me.” He said in a low voice into her neck and she sighed.

“You do know me so well.”


“I am so... off. I mean, Aly is all better, perfect. But I am still feeling so lost.” She said before he turned her around to face him. The look in his eyes made her knees feel weak. “You.. and her, and us.. it's just to confusing.”

“Stop.” He said and she hut her mouth. “Just stop.” He said and she nodded. “Things are perfect. Aly is perfect, I am never going to leave her, or you.” He said and she smiled.

“Really?” She asked him and he moved closer to her, even though there wasn't much room between them before.

“Yes, really.” He said before leaning and kissing her. Hermione's knees actually went weak, and she was lucky that he had an arm still around her, or she would fell to the floor. She felt fire overtake her body, and chills run up and down her spine. Draco was in the same boat. His heart was pounding so hard, he could swear that it was smacking on her chest. To put into simple terms, Draco was in heaven. He was so wrapped up in the kiss, his brain stopped, and his body took over. He ran his hands down her hips, and around, before lifting her up, and placing her on the counter, and she wrapped her legs around his waist for better balance. “I missed you.” Draco said between passionate kisses.

“I missed you.”

“I never stopped caring about you.”

“Me too.” Hermione replied before placing her hand on his chest, silently telling him to stop. He pulled back a bit, and rested his head against hers. He forgot that they needed to breathe.

“You okay?” He asked, still catching his breath.

“Yes, I just needed some air.” She said, smiling at him. He gave her a small kiss again before pulling away.

“I have something to say to you, that I have wanted to say for a long time, but more so since I laid my eyes on you.” He said and she nodded for him to go on. “I love you.” Her breath was caught in her throat. “I love you, and I have wanted to tell you that for years. When you left I was so mad, and then I was mad at myself because I couldn't talk to you, see you, touch you... it drove me nuts.”

“I am here now. And I am not going anywhere.”

“Neither am I.” He said before pulling her into another passionate kiss. After a few minutes, he lifted her up and carried her down the hall, heading to her room.

“Check Aly.” Hermione whispered. He nodded while capturing her lips again. He then steered them into the direction of Aly's room. They stopped kissing long enough to check and see that Aly was asleep. Draco shut her door while Hermione waved her wand and locked up the apartment before Draco caught her lips again. As they continued kissing Draco got them into Hermione's room, and kicked the door shut, then turned them around and lightly slammed her against the door, making her gasp into his mouth. Her hands went into his hair, making him moan. They continued this for a few minutes, before Hermione put her hand onto the door above her had, and pushed, making Draco walk them over to the bed where they were somehow able to lay down on, side by side, without even breaking the kiss. Hermione pulled away and looked at Draco, and smiled. “Draco.”

“Yeah?” He asked, looking up at Hermione's eyes.

“I love you.” She said, and smiled at him, before pulling him into another kiss. And soon, there was a pile of clothes on the floor.


The light started shinning into the bedroom through the window, making the room brighter with the sun rise. The light hit Hermione's eyelids, and she started to wake. She rolled over and opened her eyes to wake up. She blinked a few times before everything that she had gone through popped in her head. A lot of emotions went through her, until she remembered her and Draco last night. She smiled before sitting up, and turning to see that Draco was not there. At first she was confused, then she was hurt. He wasn't here. Sighing, she got out of bed and headed to the shower to get ready for the day. After her shower, she got dressed in a semi short black skirt, a white tank top with a bra shelf built into it, and a thin black tee, that was a little see through. She put on some socks and slippers, and walked out of her room to go and see Aly. When she got to Aly's room, Aly wasn't there. Hermione then checked the living room, expecting to see Aly there dancing. Aly wasn't there either. Then, she heard Aly laughing. Hermione turned to go to the kitchen, where she knew Aly was, and saw something that stopped her heart. There Aly was, sitting at the table, eating breakfast, and at the stove was Draco, cooking the breakfast. Aly looked up and saw her mom, and smiled.

“Good morning mommy.”

“Good morning sweetie.” Hermione said, and she looked back over at Draco, who turned around to look at her. She watched his eyes as he looked her over, and she saw the lust flash in his eyes. She smiled knowingly. “Good morning, Draco.” She said, walking into the kitchen.

“Good morning love.” He said in a husky voice, pulling her to him, and giving her a sweet morning kiss. Hermione was in bliss for a moment, before pulling away. Draco gave her a look that said 'what, why stop?' and Hermione smiled.

“Not in front of Alexz.”

“Oh please in front of me.” Aly said and they turned to her. “I think its so cute. Plus, I have wanted this for my whole life, so please, don't stop on my being here.” Aly said before picking up her plate, and going to the living room. Hermione looked at Draco and they both heard 'carry on' from Aly. Hermione laughed and Draco kissed her on the neck.

“Breakfast baby?” Draco asked and Hermione nodded. Draco made her a plate, and she sat down and began eating, and then Draco joined her. After a few minutes, Hermione couldn't stand the silence, but she did understand, they haven't had any actual food in almost two days.

“I woke up and you weren't there. I thought that you were gone.” Hermione said and Draco looked at her.

“Sorry, I am an early riser. But, this morning, I was really tired, but I heard something in the living room and got up to go see, and Aly was up, watching TV. So, I decided that I would make her breakfast and talk to her a little, try and get to know her a bit.” He explained.

“Draco, it's okay. I get it. It's fine. I was just saying that I thought that you were gone. Either way, I was gonna call you and make sure that you are alright.”

“I am perfect. I wanted to know how you are.”

“I am perfect.” Hermione said before drinking some juice.

“Good, because I want to talk to you about some things.” Draco began, but was interrupted by Aly walking into the kitchen with her now empty plate. She put her dish in the sink, and turned to her parents.

“So, is daddy gonna live with us now?” Aly asked and Hermione and Draco looked at each other with a smile in their faces.

<3 Three Months Later <3

Hermione was sitting at her desk, where she was still working as Draco's secretary. She had a new picture adorned on her desk; Aly, Draco and herself on the couch, taken the morning after Aly came home from the hospital. She smiled at the picture, before finishing her work on the computer. A few minutes later, Draco walked into her office, and kissed her on the cheek.

“Hello there sexy.” He said, and Hermione smiled up at him.


“You almost done?” He asked her and she nodded, right before finishing her work. She looked at the time, and shut down her computer with a tap of her wand. “Why?” She asked standing up and putting some files away, and some books on her shelf.

“Well, because it is the end of the work day, and I have a surprise for you.” He said and she smiled. She loved his surprises.


“Yes, but you need to go home and change, and I have some things to take car of. Oh, and pack some sleep clothes, and a nice dress.” He said, before giving her a kiss, and apparating away. Hermione smiled and finished up getting everything done, before walking to the elevator to leave. She would just pop home, but she was craving a peppermint mocha coffee and a doughnut. After she got all that, she then apparated home, where she ate her doughnut, and drank her coffee and she packed the things Draco told her too, plus some extra things like her hair brush and such. After she finished her small coffee, she took a quick shower and got ready. She put on a semi short black cocktail dress with an emerald ribbon wrapped around and tied, under her bust, into a simple bow. She then dried her hair, used a spell to straighten it to perfection, and then another spell to put loose beach curls. She grew her hair out a bit, so it was now just an inch or so longer, and it was great for curling. She then applied a little make up and lip gloss. She grabbed her purse, put some make up for touch ups in it, and grabbed the thing that she was waiting for the perfect time to show Draco. She got all ready and packed, just as there was a knock on her bedroom door. She smiled before opening her door.




“D, you said that already.”

“Wow.” Draco said again and Hermione smiled while rolling her eyes. “You look so amazing, I could just - -”

“Oh I know you could 'just' but don't you have a surprise for me?” She asked and he smiled.

“Yes, Alexz is at Harry and Ginny's house for the weekend, and they said that they can get her to school on Monday as well. Are you packed?” He asked and she nodded. “Don't worry, you are going to talk to Aly later. She wants you to do this.” He said and she nodded. Aly was very strict, just like her.

“Okay, well I am ready whenever you are.” She said and he smiled at her. He then shrunk her bag and put it in his pocket. He then grabbed her and held her tight.

“Close your eyes.” He said and she did. He then put a charm on her so that she couldn't hear, and of course she knew, she was Hermione. He grabbed her, rubbed his hand on her cheek, before apparating them away. Hermione stood still while Draco did whatever he was doing, and then they apparated again, the entire time her eyes were shut. A moment later, the charm on her ears was lifted. “Okay, walk slowly but keep your eyes closed.” She nodded and let him lead her to wherever she was going. She felt a cool breeze, making her shiver, but she didn't mind. It was November after all. “Okay, open your eyes.” She did as she was told, and the site before her was so beautiful.

“Oh my god.” She said and Draco chuckled beside her.

“So you like it?” He asked and she nodded.

“I love it!” She said as she stared at the Eiffel Tower. She was finally in Paris! She looked over at him and kissed him. “Thank you for this. This is so... amazing, and special.”

“Just like you.” He said and she smiled. “There is something that I wanna say.”

“Me too, but you first.” She said and he nodded.

“Okay, well... we have been together for a few months, and it feels like longer. I am so glad that I have you in my life, and I never want you out of it. Mione, I love you so much, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” He said, before going on one knee.

“Oh my god.” She whispered as he pulled out a box and opened it to show a very beautiful princess 14k diamond with two small square emeralds on the side. She smiled at it, it was a taste of beauty and class, with a touch of Slytherin.

“Mione, will you marry me?” He asked and a tear fell down her cheek.

“Yes.” She whispered and he placed the ring on her left hand ring finger, and stood up and kissed her. A moment later, Hermione pulled away, and Draco pulled her into a hug.

“I love you.” He said and she pulled away from him and smiled.

“I love you.” She said before giving him a short kiss. “Okay, it's my turn.” She said before opening her purse and pulling out a camera. “But first, I want a picture of us in front of the Eiffel Tower.” She said and he smiled. Hermione loved taking pictures, it shows in the office and at the her home, and his. He got close to her and she got the camera ready. “Ready?” She asked and he nodded. As she went to click the button, he turned her to him and the camera flashed just as they kissed. Hermione pulled away and smiled.

“Now, what did you want to tell me?” Draco asked as Hermione put the camera into her purse, and pulled out a small picture. She took a deep breath and handed it to him. Draco looked at her, before looking down at the picture. He studied it for a minute and looked at her.

“I have only known for about a month, and I waited for the perfect time to tell you, and I had a feeling it would be tonight, so I bought it with me.”


“D, this is a picture of an ultrasound that I got done at a muggle Dr. office.” She said, not sure of Draco would know what it was. He looked up at her, and she smiled. “This time, I wasn't afraid to tell you, in fact, I couldn't wait. It actually hurt my heart to wait for the perfect time to tell you. And even though it killed me, I am glad that I waited.” She said and he looked between her and the picture. He had a feeling he knew what it was, but he couldn't figure the picture out. Hermione leaned over and pointed at something that was on the picture, and then he looked up at her.

“I don't understand.” He said and she smiled at him.

“I'm pregnant.” She said and after it sunk in, Draco smiled.


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