Sirius’ POV:

Not so long after James and Lina got out of the house, Lily strode inside the living room. She looked at me and in instant, her eyes were narrowed into slits. I was used with her looking at me like that for years I didn’t feel weird at all. I dared bet Lina felt really awkward with James glaring at her every now and then. I glance at Remus, who acted so busy while clearing his throat noisily. I was still having a trouble on planning should I say to Lily. What would James say. I didn’t realise that Remus was throwing heated glares and Lily was about to flee the room.


I had my mind back out of the clouds when Remus got up so quickly that he flinched. Probably from the sudden movement he did. He swung his hands around, accidentally hit my 'little friend' down there. I clenched my jaw to prevent myself from screaming. Seriously, after I had my talk with Remus,  I’d give him a little gift from nearly killing my future kids.


“Well, I best be going now,” Remus said.


“Yes, Moony,” I gritted, fighting hard the urge to scream. “You best be going and never come back again.” Remus merely grinned and walked out of the house. 


“See you, Lily!” he called out before he shut the door behind him. I turned my head toward the redhead. Her hands were crossed on her chest, her eyes were narrowed into a really thin line I could barely see her green eyes again.


“Hey, Evans,” I said in the most James-Potter-manner ever. “Can I talk to you?”


As if it was possible, her eyes narrowed even more. “Just talk here.”


“Well, I prefer to talk out of this house. Sirius and Lina might have listened our conversation,” I argued. I knew it would be really funny if James said he was in the park while Lily said she was inside the house.


“Okay,” she said flatly and dashed off outside the house. I jogged after her immediately and found her sitting on a bench. Not far from where we were, the real James was sitting on another chair with Lina, talking animatedly.


“So?” Lily inquired curtly. I could feel my brain spinning, thinking the right words to start.


“Well, so... I uh... I want to apologise, I guess,” I stuttered in a way James would. Lily’s eye brows cocked high on her forehead.




“Yeah, really.”


“Anything else?”


“I want us” I trailed off. To what? I didn’t have the slightest idea what should I say.


“To what, Potter?” the redhead asked impatiently.


“To be friends again,” I finally uttered. She looked at me incredulously before snorting loudly.


“Sirius made you to do this, right? Or maybe Lina or Remus. You’re not the apologising type, Potter. I know you.”


How wrong you could be about James, Lily.


“Lily, please forgive me,” I said softly. “I know I’ve been the biggest arsehole in the world, but I can explain why I did those things. I...I love you, Lily Evans. I always have. You’re the best thing that ever happened in my life, and the best thing that never happened in my life. You can shout, scream, anything, but I’ll stay here all day long, begging for you forgiveness.”


Lily looked like she was in doubt between forgiving me, I mean James, or not. “I don’t believe you. Leave me alone, Potter.”


“What should I do to prove it, Lily?” I called after her when she started to walk away.


“Don’t prove anything,” Lily said. “Stop loving me, stop chasing me. If you trully love me, you’ll do anything I tell you.”


“You didn’t mean that,” I said, walking after her. She had stopped walking, and I was now standing right behind her.


“Who are you to say that, Potter? You don’t know me and frankly, I’ve no intention to know you either.”


A thought came to my mind. I knew Lina would be angry if I did this, but I should do this. Remus told me that I’d to do what I had to convince this stubborn girl. I reached out for her hand, and thanked Godric when she didn’t recoil from my touch. I spun her around to face me, her eyes eyes looking anywhere but mine. I tried my best to pretend that this was Lina. It nearly worked.


“I can give you a prove,” I whispered. I took her chin and lifted her face. She gasped when I took a step closer toward her.


“What are you doing, Potter?” I tucked a stray of hair behind her ear and caressed her lips. She shivered slightly, her green eyes widened.


“I’m going to prove how much I love you,” I said and kissed her instantly before she had the chance to say another word.


Lily seemed hesitant at first, but it didn’t take too long for her to kiss me back. Her lips, I had to admit, was softer than Lina’s. But, even if Lily’s lips were the softest of all lips I ever kissed, it still felt so wrong kissing her. She was James’ intended one and Lina’s best friend. It felt like betraying the both of them.


“Do you believe me now?” I said in the most James-Potter-way. She blushed furiously.


“I uh... I am now,” she said shyly. I grinned and kissed the top of her head, stealing a glance at my watch. Five more minutes.


“I’m glad you believe me, Lily,” I said. “Because, there’s nothing more important to me than you believe in me.”


“I’m that important to you?” she said hesitantly.


“No, you’re more than that. You’re pratically my life.”


Three and a half minutes.


“Meet me back in the house, okay? I’m going to look for Remus first. We’ve so much to talk about,” I said. She nodded.


“Well, okay.” I started to walk away when she called for me.






“Is this means we’” I grinned widely, imagining Lily was Lina.


“If that’s what you want.” Lily smiled coyly.


“See you again five minutes!” Lily shouted when I headed toward the house. Lina was already back in the house when I started changing into my original form. She smiled wickedly.


“How was it?” I shrugged smugly.


“What can I say? I’m a great actor.”


She hugged me tightly it nearly broke my bones. I saw Remus walking toward us and he patted my shoulder. He was grinning really wide I feared his face might split into two. Lina couldn’t help herself and squealed girlishly, her arms drapped over mine and Remus’ shoulder.


“We made a great group, you know,” Remus said. “The three of us together.”


“Yeah, I know,” Lina agreed earnestly.


“We should be called the Golden Trio,” I quipped, grinning. Remus checked his watch.


“James and Lily should be back another seconds now. We have to look normal. You two come out from Sirius’ room, looking like you just had sex. I’m going to wait here, reading a book.”


“Nooo... Why should we do that?” Lina groaned. “That is so embarassing. I hate you Remus.”


Remus shrugged ignorantly. “Whatever. Just do what I say.”


“Bossy dichkead,” I muttered under my breath. I reached out for Lina’s hand. “Come on, Lina. Let’s go to my room. Probably we can have real sex.” I played with my eye brows jokingly. Lina rolled her eyes, slapping my shoulder softly.


“Why is it always sex in you head?” she grumbled, entering my room.


“Because that’s what I am extremely good at. Better than any human being in the whole world.”


“Whatever,” she said. I watched her as she began to unbotton her blouse. My mouth began instantly started to water at the sight of her shirtless torso.


“What are you doing?” I asked.


“Well, I thought you wanted to have sex. If you change your mind, I’ll wear my shirt back.”


I smirked and circled my hand around her waist, my fingers playing with the zipper of her jeans. “About sex, I’ll never change my mind.”

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Here's a little sneak peak of the next chapter!

I heard Lily’s voice was the first one to enter the house. She was calling out for James. She said something to Remus, something I couldn’t hear. Probably she asking for James. I glanced at Sirius, who was playing with my blonde locks. His eyes were closed and he looked a lot peaceful than he’d been for the rest few days. James’ was voice came next, talking with Lily. I was worried whether they’d something bad would ruin our plan. If any of them would find out about this, not only they’d be angry with us, they’d forever lose the chance to be together.




“We probably should get down,” I said. Sirius groaned, his free hand wrapped around my waist firmly, eyes still closed.




“No, I don’t want to,” he mumbled. “Let’s just stay here for awhile.”

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