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A/N: Okay, so I know it has been a while, okay a long while; over a year in fact. I’ve recently struggled with a few spouts of poor health and because of that this fic hasn’t been my priority. Now that I seem to be getting better, I’ve moved, I’m back to my full time job in Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy I would love to pick this up again, especially if some are still interested in it! So leave me a review please and let me know.

Rosevine stared across the small void between her and Draco impatiently. She stayed quiet, trying not to ruin the moment or cause him to change his mind.

“How much do you know about last year?” he finally asked softly.

“Just the basics,” Rosevine stated with a small shrug. “You were supposed to kill Dumbledore and you couldn’t do it. So Snape did.”

“The Dark Lord wasn’t pleased with me for that. I was sure he would kill me for being a coward, but he didn’t. He said I was the only death eater at Hogwarts with half a brain,” Draco said with a small chuckle. “Crabbe and Goyle don’t exactly have the intelligence to gather much information, and none of the other Slytherins have been marked yet. And after all, even if I didn’t manage to kill Dumbledore, I did still get the death eaters into the school. He decided to let me live because of that one success and how useful it could be again this year if the opportunity presents itself.” Rosevine gulped despite her attempts to stay quiet. Another attack on Hogwarts?

“I’m supposed to keep an eye on Potter while I’m here. See what he is up to, who his weaknesses are….” Malfoy stopped.

“Are you reporting to him about me?” Rose asked with a distraught look on her face.

“No love. I did in the beginning, but he knows that you and Potter aren’t on speaking terms anymore. He actually might hate you more than he hates me,” Draco said softly. Rose nodded with relief. “Now I’ve been reporting to him that he’s back with the Weasley girl. He’s very happy about that. Kill two birds I suppose.”

“Is that all you’re doing now?” Rose asked.

“It was until a few days ago. Blaise asked me to help him out with his task.”

“Which is?” Rose asked after a moment of silence.

“I don’t know Rose,” Draco sighed.

“He asked you to help him, but didn’t tell you with what?”

“He did. I just don’t know if I should tell you this.”

“Please?” Rose pleaded.

“He was actually hoping you’d be able to help. But I told him it was a hopeless cause.”

“Me?” Rose asked in shock.

“He’s supposed to get close to Granger,” Draco said softly.

“Hermione? Why?!”

“So he can get her alone and kill her. She’s too smart. Too useful to Potter.”

“She’ll never fall for any of his tricks,” Rose sighed.

“I know that, but it’s a task from the Dark Lord. He has to try.”

“Is that everything?” Rose asked, placing her hand over his.

“It is for now,” Draco sighed.

“Will you tell me as soon as anything changes?” I asked.

“Yes. I will. I promise I will,” Draco said, seemingly more cheerful than when the conversation began. Rose couldn’t help but think that he had wanted to be able to talk to someone about his Death Eater business all along. She mentally kicked herself for not pushing the issue sooner.

“I should get going. I have to get to Runes,” Rosevine said slowly. “Can we talk more tonight?” she asked softly.

“We can talk whenever you want love. I promise there isn’t anything else for me to tell you, but we can always talk.”

“Okay. See you at dinner,” she said placing a quick kiss on his lips.

A/N: I know it was a rather short, uneventful chapter. But this is really just a filler to help guide me into the next chapter, which will be longer and more exciting! Please leave me a review and let me know what you think.

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