The rest of the week flew by for Harry in a blur of class revision and homework, he awoke early on Friday morning feeling a lot better at being back, it was tough as usual having to face the stares and comments but even that had died down as the hard work set in.

Neville was getting his fair share as well, which made Harry and Ron laugh, especially on Wednesday when they were surprised to find him hiding out in the second floor boys bathroom. Apparently finding refuge from a group of girls that had been stalking him, poor Neville didn't live that one down.

Now that he had pushed most of his demons to the back of his mind, he found it quite refreshing being back at school and not at the Ministry. He was able to relax a little, even in training the work load was horrendous for the newly sorted Auror office. Although it was hard work being back in school it still felt like some kind of weird holiday.

He had his first double lesson of DADA today and had been looking forward to it all week. He had seen the new Defense teacher around but hadn't had time to chat to him yet. Leaping out of bed and hurriedly getting dressed he headed down to the great hall for some early breakfast. There was already a few students in there.

Helping himself to bacon and eggs he mused on the only blurs on his otherwise happy day, Ginny and Adelaide. Apart from seeing Ginny down at the lake he hadn’t seen a lot of her at all, she sat well away from him in lessons, and managed to snub him whenever they were with their friends. All he needed to do was to corner her on her own and have it out with her once and for all.

And then there was Adelaide. After the brief conversation they had on Tuesday morning she had been reluctant to talk to him, In fact every time he had tried to talk to her on her own she had scuttled away. "It's probably because you tried to kiss her!" his subconscious taunted him, making his stomach squirm with embarrassment again and his face flood with heat.

He had brooded on what she had told him though, and deciding on something he should of done days ago, he grabbed some more toast and made his way down to the Owlery.

As he walked to the top of the huge stone tower his stomach lurched, not seeing the usual white feathers amidst all the brown made his heart feel like it was breaking all over again. Perching on a step he pulled out a scrap of parchment from his bag and scribbled a note and addressed it: Minister of Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Choosing a wide eyed tawny owl, he tied the letter to its out stretched leg and watched it sore out of the window, over the tree tops, until it was just a speck of brown in the bright morning sky.

Making his way down to DADA he ran into Adelaide herself, waiting outside the door.

“Oh hay Harry” she greeted, perfect opportunity he thought. He smiled at her wide eyed look, she couldn’t escape him now.

“Hi Adelaide how's it going?”

“Oh, I'm good thanks," she smiled.

"How's all the Prefect stuff going?

"Yea it's been ok, Hermione’s being amazing she’s really helped me out a lot with the whole Prefect thing.”

“Yea Hermione’s good like that. Hay I was thinking about what you said down at the lake,” he could see her squirm as she shuffled her books around in her bag.

“Listen Harry, just forget about that ok I was upset, I didn’t know what I was saying.” she said, looking uncomfortable.

“You must know I'd never believe that Adelaide,” he said, after a pause she looked up into his green eyes.

“But you must believe me Harry, I was lying.” He was confused, he knew she wasn't lying she may have been holding things back from him, but he had seen truth in her eyes when she been had sat by the lake crying and upset.

“lying?” he questioned wondering just where this was going.

“Yes I made it all up, it was my first day back I was confused, upset…”

“Hi you two.” Harry spun around Hermione was there tucking away more books into an already crowded bag.

"Hermione, its first lesson why do you need that many books?" she glared at him but ignored his question.

“I wondered where you where Harry, we were looking for you at breakfast, you had a message to see McGonagall today before lunch.”

“Cheers Hermione,” he turned suspicious eyes back on Adelaide who was innocently playing with a tendril of her hair looking at the ceiling, Hermione was looking between them with interest.

“What did I miss?”

“What? Oh nothing,” Harry said to a now suspicious looking Hermione.

Ron came puffing up the hallway.“Harry, McGonagall was..”

“It's ok mate, Hermione told me.”

“Oh ok, cool,” he paused staring at him. “So what in Merlin's pants are we all doing standing around here then, we should go.”

“What?” now he was confused.

“McGonagall's called a meeting of all the Prefects, Head girl, Head boy and Quidditch Captains' right now!” He looked round for Hermione but she was already racing down the corridor.

“Any idea what it's about Ron?”

“No clue, must be important though, to make us miss our first lesson." Disappointment sat in his belly he was going to miss DADA.

“Come on Adelaide," he called behind him as he jogged to keep up with Ron. The questioning would have to wait. He wanted to know what was going on, when he looked into her face he saw no lie she had told him the truth, but why was she lying about it now?

Reaching the stone gargoyles they stopped, looking at each other. “Password” Harry muttered to Ron.

“Urm” he scratched his chin.

Luckily, Ernie Macmillan came around the corner at that moment, grabbing Harry’s hand he wrung it.

“Good to see you Harry, you too Ron.”

“Err yea hi,” Ron said. “Do you know the password?”

“Smoking salamanders." The stone stairwell opened up giving them access, not stopping to chat Harry was up the steps in a flash and banging on the Headmistresses door.

“Ahh Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, come on in.” McGonagall let them enter, there was a crowd of students already gathered, Hermione was blushing and muttering apologies for not waiting for them. Ernie and Adelaide where the last to enter.

“Well everyone thank you for coming," she smiled around at them all. "I won't keep you long, I just thought I'd let you all know about something that’s coming up in this school year, that hopefully you will all be a part of." they all looked at each other mystified.

“Unfortunately due to matters out of my hands plans have had to be stepped up a little, so I've gathered you all here as I will need each and every one of you to help the best you can.

As you all know this year is going to be especially hard on the students readjusting to school life. After everything that’s happened, the school governors have come up with a plan to help keep every ones minds from lingering in the past. This year we will be hosting an interschool Quidditch championship.”

There was a collective gasp from around the room, "Brilliant” Ron and Harry cried, grinning widely at each other.

“Now for obvious reasons this will be a lot of hard work on your behalf's. Not only because most of you will be taking your exams as well this year, but because this was thrown at us at the last minute. Of course not all of the plans have been made yet, as this was originally planned for next year, but hopefully we make this a Quidditch championship to be remembered.

“Why was it brought forward then Headmistress,” Pansy Parkinson asked from where she was standing next to a somber looking Malfoy.

“Well that’s a matter between the Ministry and myself,” McGonagall answered shrewdly, her eyes lingering on Harry for a second.

“Anyway, down to business.” She handed out pieces of rolled parchment to them all. "We will be holding tryouts for the team over the next few weeks and to make it fair we will have some independent judges come in to help pick the players, then after Christmas the real training begins." she smiled around the room again, everyone was excited.

"The actual tournament will begin just as the regular Quidditch season would be, the three other school teams that are competing will be staying with us, as and when they are playing, as we are hosting this year. Hopefully if all goes well this could be a regular occurrence."

“A bit like the triwizerd tournament then," Ernie broke in, she gave him a stern look.

“Yes Mr. Macmillan, I suppose your right. On those pieces of parchments are the dates and times of your house tryouts everything else will be arranged by the Quidditch captain's"

Harry looked up from the parchment that he was reading, his hart sank. Even though excitement cursed through his veins at the thought of a Quidditch championship, he was already stretched to keep up with his study's and it was only the first week, how could he help organize the tryouts as well. A little of this must of shown on his face because McGonagall sharp eyes focused on him.

“Yes Mr. Potter!”

“Urm nothing Headmistress.” she looked unconvinced.

The Minister of Magic will be coming to announce this news at dinner tonight and you will all get a chance to ask questions then, so anything you really don’t understand from those parchments make a mental note to ask later, ok?” there was a collective murmur of agreement.

“Right well, you may go and resume your lessons now, and Mr. Potter may I have a word?” there was a general out cry of chatter as everyone made their way to the door.

“Oh, and everyone, please try and keep this as quiet as you can.” Harry caught Ron's eye as he made his way out the door, they were both thinking the same thing, “not likely!”

As the door closed on the last person, Draco Malfoy. Harry turned to McGonagall only to see Shacklebolt himself climbing out of the green flames in the fireplace.

Harry moved forward to shake his hand a welcoming smile on his face. Over the past year he had worked quite closely with Kingsley, keeping him updated on the actions of the Death Eaters and the results of trials that he missed and such. It was strange to see him instead of a friend and work college but as the Minister of Magic.

“Minister,” Harry said grinning. McGonagall motioned for them all to sit as she pulled her wand and conjured a few overstuffed armchairs and a pot of tea and biscuits

“I've told you before Harry, It's just plain Kingsley to you," Harry nodded laughing as Kingsley slapped him on the back, thinking how glad he was just to see him.



Hopefully things are still going ok, my plot is pretty slow to start with so I hope you are all enjoying so far. Let me know what you think! xx


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