"Granger, Hermione" Professor McGonagall shouted. Hermione froze, unable to move a muscle. "Granger, Hermione" Professor McGonagall shouted a little bit louder, obviously getting frustrated.

"Ok, you can do this" Hermione muttered under her breath, silently shaking as she made her way up to the stool.

The hat was placed on her head and almost immediately it started talking to her. It kept raving on about how brainy she is and how she would do in Ravenclaw, but to her surprise and relief the hat shouted out Gryffindor.

Hermione strutted over to the Gryffindor table immediately being greeted and congratulated. She sat down and someone caught her eye.
She glanced over to him, yes it was a him which was surprising considering that Hermione was very much focused on her studies, not boys, and immediately looked away blushing. "OMG that guy’s Hot!" she whispered to herself, immediately mentally slapping herself. She glanced up at the sorting stool, recognising Neville Longbottom.

She decided to pass the time by giving herself a lecture about how much trouble boys are and why she should stay away from them. This made her feel no better. Hermione decided to risk one more glance at him before shed try to strike a conversation up with someone else. Hermione glanced at him, finding he was staring at her. She quickly looked away striking up a conversation up with the boy sitting next to her, Harry Potter. She had met Harry on the train and decided to ask if he knew this boy. "Hermione, why do you ask?" Harry quizzed, "oh, um, just wanted to get to know everyone in Gryffindor" Hermione answered quickly. “Ok, what about we wait for Ron, he'll know" Harry said. We waited for Ron to come and awkwardly asked him.
"That's my brother, um, fre no Geor no, um, George, yes George Weasley." Ron exclaimed proudly, obviously happy he could tell the difference between them. "So there is a twin to him hey?" asked Hermione, obviously interested. "Yeah, his name's Fredrick Weasley, or just Fred for short. None of us can always tell the difference so it is an achievement to guess correctly." Ron stated. "So, um, how can YOU tell that's George?" asked Hermione. "Because I know, you’re going to ask me how do I know, well, he, um, he likes you."

"But that's outrageous, how could HE like ME?" Hermione questioned, turning a very dark shade of red. "I don't know, how could he?" Ron wondered, "Hey, that’s offensive, wait, how do you know?" Hermione questioned.
"He turned red once you were placed in Gryffindor, I saw him" Ron said. Hermione turned red almost at once and left the great hall, mainly to think about things. She thought that the best place to think was the girls bathrooms, so she didn't get distracted from her crucial thinking, mainly about how a boy like him could possibly like her, Hermione Jean Granger, Muggle-born.

Once she saw that the sun had set she decided to head back to the common room, but there was a slight problem, she for one didn't know where the common room was and two didn't know the password.

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