It definitely did not go as I had planned. Just as I thought, Evans wanted me dead. (Not literally, because that's just cruel.)

I asked her out, which is what Sirius wanted. Of course I wanted it too, but I also had a bad feeling that Sirius knew it was going to end badly.


James Potter slowly shuffled towards Lily Evans, who was sitting near the Gryffindor Common Room fireplace with several of her friends. Sirius, Remus, and Peter could be seen towards the back of the room, watching anxiously to see what would happen to their friend.

"Evans," James said quietly. "Can I, uh... ask you something?"

Lily turned to one of her friends, who shrugged. Lily stood up, and crossed her arms. "Fine," she said. "What is it, Potter? And make it quick. I've homework to do."

James gulped. He was nervous. He'd never done this before. "So... Evans..." He ran a hand through his messy black hair, trying to think. "Will you go out with me? This weekend, for Hogsmeade?"

She dropped her arms in shock. What? How dare he! "...What?!"

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Oh, please, don't make me say it again...."

Lily's face broke into a smile. She laughed in his face. "Are you kidding me?"

James sighed, shaking his head. "No..."

"No way, of course not! ME, go out with YOU?! You're so stupid...." she said a bit too loudly. A she began to walk away, she continued. "There's NO way that ANYONE could EVER make me go out with you, Potter. Never."

She sat back down with her friends, who were all throwing loud fits of laughter and rolling on the ground, clutching their stomachs. They, and the rest of the Common Room, including the other Marauders, were laughing at James's failure. Only Remus could be seen with a straight face.

James looked around the room in horror. What had he done wrong? And why was it so funny? He just didn't, and couldn't, understand. And, how could Evans say something like that? What did James ever do to hurt the beautiful Lily Evans?

All James could do was stand there while being humiliated by the Gryffindors and Lily Evans. So this is what it feels like to be made fun of, he thought to himself.


So, in the end, I think it's pretty safe to say that she hated me, from that moment on. But, despite what she said, I continued to ask her out from that day on. Of course, for the next few year they all backfired the same way, just less humiliating. But the point is, I never ever ever ever ever EVER gave up.


Hello, again! I've been really busy with Muggle school and some other things, so right now it's really hard to update. And I'm not feeling the energy and inspiration I used to have, because I havn't gotten a review in a month :( Remember, YOU GUYS are the reason I write! So R&R! Read and Review! Please? For me?


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