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Flash: Albus Edition by Invisible_Prongs
Chapter 1 : Zoom!
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 A/N: I don't own Harry Potter or The Flash comic books, but JK Rowling and Gardner Fox do.

 I sit up and look around. I run my hand through my black hair.  There are trees, ferns, and sticks around me and there is the creepy fog that sometimes appears near the pond at burrow. I look down and I am wearing my red costume.

  “You will never find them, Albus. I have them where you will never find them,” says a cold high pitched voice.

 I look around but can't figure out where it's coming from. The fog is too thick to see through. The snake face guy comes out of the fog. 


“Show your self you fiend,”  I yell.


The snake face guy comes out of the fog into my view.  His skin looks smooth and as white as snow with blue veins spider webbing his head.  His dark black cloak billows in the wind and reveals his hand with the grungy yellow finger nails.  I look into his menacing red eyes with confidence.


“You are very brave, young potter. Most don’t have the luck to look me in the eyes before they die,” says Voldemort.


 “You would have to catch me first,” I laugh.


I sprint full boar out of there and the trees make a sound like a chainsaw as I zoom pass them. 


“Albus! Help!” yells Lily from my left. 


I spot Lily dangling above a pool full of  Piranha.  I untie her at hyper speed and pull her away from the pool. I then sprint her to  the safest place in the world, the Burrow.


“Albus, you go super fast. Jamie needs you,” says Lily.


I zoom off again and a spell zooms over my head but misses me.

 “You may have saved your sister but there is no way you can save your brother. Muhahahahaha!!!” Voldemort laughs.

I continue to run and I hear James screaming with laughter. I  go that direction. I think that is odd that he was laughing. I get closer and there was a beast. I am not sure what to call it. The look like the giant squid that my dad said was at Hogwarts except it is all fuzzy. It is pink with purple spots on them. James is getting tickled and getting pulled closer and closer to the beast’s mouth.


“Save him from the dreaded tickle monster,” Voldemort voice sounded in my head.


“Al…..save…me,” he says.




I sprint forward and punch it. One of the tentacles  starts tickling me and I start laughing.  I know I have to move and I do keep moving.  I  make sure it is still tickling me and I sprint around a tree. I grab the tentacle and tie it around the tree.  I move in snatch  another tentacle and tie it around another tree. 

 “ALBUS!” James Yells

I look and he is really close to the mouth. I  sprint in and grab James’s hand. I pull and with a Little help from James. I manage to get him free and  he sprints for the safety of the burrow. A tentacle locks around my waist. I sprint towards it  and run pass the mouth and pull until the beast is torn in two. It is oozing black sticky blood.


 “MOM ,WHERE ARE YOU?”  I call.








I sprint in the direction of her voice and I pull out my nargle seeing goggles. I put them on and they are swarming her.  I pull a dung bomb from my utility belt and throw it.  Dungbombs are known to expels Nargles. I grab my moms hand and sprint her to safety.






“Oh Albie, you saved us. Where is your father?” she asks.




“Don’t worry. I will save him,” I say, turning and sprinting away.




“Al. don’t. save yourself,” says dad.




“I have the boy who lived I near his death. you will be useless against all these traps,” Voldemort sneers.


“ I laugh in the face of danger, ha ha ha,” I say.




I  looks a head of him and there are the things that aunt Hermione calls bear traps. I sprint through all of the traps, triggering them to snap closed behind me. There is  a long pit with ropes dangling over it.  I swing across it quickly, nearly falling in the middle, but managing to hold on. I manage to grab the edge of the pit at the end. I pull myself up and continue forwards. I see dad tied to a table and a huge blade is swinging back and forth over him. It is getting lower and closer to cutting him in half. I sprint forwards and knock the blade clean off the  swinging mechanism.


“Albus, look out,” yells Dad.




 I manage to get out of the way of the green spell.  I sprint quickly and untie dad. Dad pulls out his wand and a red spell flies at Voldemort. He falls over dead.  Dad and I walk back to the burrow and Dad lifts me to his shoulder. 




“To the most amazingest son in the world. Hip hip-”




“Hooray,” cheers the family.




“Hip hip,” says Dad.


“Hooray,” cheers The Family together. 


“Hip hip,” says Dad.


 I sit up and look around . I feel something  slide down my chest and I look to see my Flash comic book.   It sparks an idea and I get up out of bed. I  grab my red sweatpants and  pull off my pj bottoms. I put on the sweat pants.  I pull out a red jumper with a hood on it and pull it on. I take a sticker from my comic book and put it on the front of my jumper.

“What else? The yellow zigzag,” I say out loud.




I see yellow spello tape and make the zigzags on my  sleeves. I also make a yellow lighting strikes on the hood and pull the hood up. I also do a band around my waist. 


“Yellow boots, yellow boots, what could I use?” I say again out loud.




I look out in the hall and a pair of my Dad’s yellow socks are sticking out  of the dirty hamper. I pull them out and  pull them on. I grin and I sprint as fast as my legs can go. I pretend that I am going the same speed  I did in my dream. I push my Mom and Dad’s bedroom door open and sprint to the bed. I pull myself on to the bed . I jump up and down. 


“Albus, what in the world  are you doing?” asks Mom.




“Saving you from the dreaded  bed monster of course,” I say.




“What are you wearing?”  asks Dad with a silly little grin on his face.






“It is my super suit like The Flash,”  I say.


“The who?” says Mom.

“ The Flash is a muggle superhero. He has super speed,”   Harry explains.

“ well, The Flash is up too early, it is only five. He is no longer allowed to go with Hermione and Hugo to the comic book store,” Mom says pulling her pillow over her head.

“Hey Flash, race you down stairs for breakfast,” says Dad.




“ But you can’t win,” I say.




“Who says,” Dad says.



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