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    The next day I woke up early, I knew this because I could hear the Love twins snoring to my right. I snickered and sat up straight, pulling my curtains apart and looking out the window. It was very gloomy outside today, contrasting with all the other days I had been here. It had a light gray sky today, since it was cloudy. I pulled some jeans on and an ugly forest green sweater on, taking my books with me because I was planning to go to the library. As I descended the stairs, I noticed that no one seemed to be up yet. The common room was empty, the butterbeers that everyone had been drinking last night were gone and the common room seemed to be in order again. I remember how many detentions I had to give out last night, even one to the Head Boy. I wasn’t hungry, so I went straight to the library, where Madame Pince muttered something about how kids should be asleep this early. I looked at the clock, it was seven o clock, and I wasn’t even sleepy. I took out my Transfiguration homework that I couldn’t finish yesterday and started to stare at the book I was reading, not taking in a word that it said. I frowned at it and pushed the book away, deciding that I should just look around the library for something interesting. I found it, except it wasn’t a book like I had planned. At that moment as I was behind the bookshelves, I heard the library door open, and a boy greet Madame Pince, who grunted in reply. I craned my neck and noticed that it was Zach who had decided to study this early in the morning too. He dropped his books at a nearby table, giving my books and bag a curious glance before going to the bookshelf behind me. I heard him taking some books out and setting them on the table next to him. I couldn’t help but sigh dreamily and shook my head furiously, wondering what had gotten into me and getting sickened with myself. Zach must have heard me because he paused for a moment, looking around his area to see if anyone else was there. Suddenly, he started to vigorously take books out of his shelf, and I stared at his face in horror, that was now in the gap he had created to see who was in my aisle. At first he had a look of surprise on his face, but his expression softened and he smiled kindly at me, making me blush and wish that I had at least put some makeup on this morning. “Hello.” he said. Henn was right. His voice was dreamy. “H-hi.” I stammered. I wanted to kick myself. He looked curiously at me, raising his eyebrow slightly. “I guess I’m not the only one who likes to study this early in the morning.” he said, chuckling. I laughed uneasily. “Sorry if I’ve never noticed you here before.” “Oh I usually don’t come here this early.” I began, putting my hair behind my ear uncertainly. “I just wanted to see if I can finish my Transfiguration homework.” “Yes, I think I’d notice if a beauty like you were in the same room with me.” he said, smiling at me from under his captivating blue eyes. “Sorry, I didn’t catch your name.” “Lily.” I said a little too quickly. I blushed again. “Pleasure to meet you Lily.” Zach said, giving me a charming grin. “I’m Zach.” I nodded, putting my hair behind my ear again. “So...” he said, and for once looking hesitant. “Er, nice meeting you Lily.” I knew that wasn’t really what he was going to say, but I smiled just the same and turned again, scanning my finger through the books although I had forgotton what I was looking for. I heard him close the gap with the books again and sigh as if he was disappointed in himself. I smiled again at my fingers, returning to my table and looking at my Transfiguration homework. “I’ll never finish.” I grumbled, as Zach came out of his aisle of books and smiled at me. I felt butterflies in my stomach. “Need help?” he asked, shaking his head so his hair would get out of his face. “Well, are you good in Transfiguration?” I asked, as he made his way towards me and sat next to me, pulling his chair closer than I had intended. “Well,” he said. “We learned this spell last year in Beauxbatons.” “Oh?” I said, trying to sound curious although I already knew this piece of information. “You were a Beauxbatons student?” “Yes.” he said, smiling at me. “My family moved though.” I nodded, daring a glance at him. He was truly handsome. Zach helped me with my spell, holding my hand unnecessarily to help me with it. I smiled at him and blushed, and found myself giggle at almost anything he said. For about the sixteenth time, I pointed my wand at the book and tried to concentrate. My wand shot out golden sparks but the book remained the same. “Argh.” I said, rolling my eyes at the book and looking wildly at the page. “I don’t understand, it’s supposed to be turning into a flower...” “Here.” Zach said kindly, taking out his own wand and pointing it at the book. Light green spirals wrapped themselves against the books, twisting and turning and slowly becoming a soft white lily. He grabbed it with his hands and gave me it. I blushed and smelled it. “I made it a lily because of your name.” I blushed furiously, as the second time in an hour I heard the library door open. This time the visitor wasn’t as pleasant. Unfortunately, Potter spotted me and made his way towards me, the librarian glaring at his retrieving back. I scowled as he sat down on my other side. “Hey Evans.” Potter said, grinning at me. I rolled my eyes at him as he noticed that someone was with me. His eyes flickered to Zach, to the flower, then to me. I looked at Zach, who looked rather alarmed. “Listen, I’m sure you heard of my little party that I’m having.” he said, his voice deeper now and his glares turning to Zach every few seconds. Zach glared back. “Yes I have Potter.” I said dully. “Here’s an invitation.” Potter said, handing me a piece of parchment with where it was going to be and when it would start. “Hope that I’ll see you there.” “I’ll see if I can go.” I said unimportantly. “Now, is that all?” There was an awkward silence, and I looked at Potter, who seemed to be having a staring contest with Zach. My eyes shifted from one to the other, feeling uneasy. “James, you can go now.” I said, staring at him meaningfully to show him that I was busy. “Who are you?” James asked in a would-be-casual voice to Zach. Zach raised his eyebrows. “Zach Levin.” Zach said indifferently. “And why are you here with Lily?” James demanded. Zach furrowed his eyebrows. “I don’t see that it’s any of your business.” he said coolly. “Well it is.” James said coldly. “Why, are you her boyfriend?” Zach asked incredulously, although he had some doubt in his voice. “Practically.” James said, puffing out his chest. I gaped at him. “Potter, go away.” I said in a threatening voice. James was breathing quickly, as if he was ready to pounce on Zach. He frowned at him and gave me one last look, before storming out of the library. “Sorry about that.” I said, shaking my head. “Just ignore him.” Zach nodded, looking at the table. It took him a while to talk. “Look,” he said finally. “That Potter character...he’s not your boyfriend is he?” It took me a moment for that to sink in. I laughed, grinning at him. “Potter? My boyfriend?” I said disbelievingly. Zach laughed in relief. “Good.” he said, his cheeks flushing slightly. “You deserve better.” I blushed too, grinning at the floor. “Thanks.” I talked with Zach for an hour, he was a great person to talk to. He was funny, handsome, and seemed to always want me to laugh. I was having such a good time with him I could’ve killed Henn when she came running in the library looking for me. “Hey.” Henn said breathlessly. “I’ve been looking all over for -” She stopped, looking at Zach curiously, then grinning at me. “Hey.” Zach said, giving her a charming grin. “Oh.” I said suddenly, understanding Henn’s meaningful looks. “This is Zach, Henn. And Zach, this is Henn.” “Pleased to meet you.” Zach said kindly. Henn seemed to be restraining herself from jumping up and down. “Same here.” she said, making the librarian scowl at her for being so loud. “Well, I’ll see you later.” I said, grinning at Zach. He smiled back, and seemed disappointed that we couldn’t talk anymore. I left the library, Henn grinning widely at me. “Ooh.” she said, nudging me with her elbow and wiggling her eyebrows. “Oh shut up.” I said, although I grinned too. “So what did you guys talk about?” Henn asked excitedly. “Dunno.” I said, shrugging. “We just...yeah.” “Right.” Henn said, chuckling. “Oh, did Potter give you one of these yet?” I glanced at the parchment she was holding, which I had received from Potter this morning. “Yeah.” I grunted. “Can you believe that git was threatening Zach in the library?” “No way, he found out about him?” Henn asked exasperatedly. “They didn’t kill each other, did they?” “Thankfully no.” I said in relief. Henn nodded. “So, are you going?” Henn asked, waving the invitation around. “I don’t really want to.” I said. “Not if Potter’s hosting it.” “It’s not just Potter,” Henn said reasonably. “It’s a Marauder’s party.” I shrugged. “Dunno. Maybe.” I sat down next to Gaby, who was reading the Daily Prophet, muttering something. Henn sat across from me with Grace. “Someone was murdered yesterday.” Gaby told us, frowning. “What?” I asked abruptly, snatching the paper from her. At the top it read : Felicia Bones Found Dead. I scanned it with my eyes; apparently the woman was found dead in her apartment by her husband that was coming back from work that day. That day she had went and visited her muggle parents in London and was found laying on the floor with her grocery bags sprawled next to her. “They think someone used the Killing Curse on her.” Gaby said as I stared at the grinning woman with freckles being hugged by a man who must have been her husband. “It has to be, I mean she wasn’t scarred or anything, no diseases either...” “That’s so sad.” Henn said, blinking her eyes several times. Grace nodded, putting a comforting arm around her. I turned the page, showing yet another bold headline article talking about another speech a guy named Voldemort had. I frowned. “Muggles are filthy creatures...Should be eliminated...” I read, furrowing my eyebrows. “That man is crazy.” Gaby said, shaking her head sadly. “What does he have against muggles anyway?” Grace shrugged. “All he does is trash talks about them...he never really does anything except talk, probably another insane coward...” I nodded, giving one last glance at the man’s photo. He had dark hair, and looked to be in his forties. He would have been rather good looking for his age, if it weren’t for his eyes. I shuddered, his eyes were narrowed and had an evil look to them. I closed the newspaper, giving it back to Gaby. I turned in my seat, looking for Zach to see if he had heard about them yet, but my lands fell upon the Marauders, who were entering the Great Hall now, giving out invitations to everyone but the Slytherins. My eyes flickered to Remus, who was talking to Zach and gave him an invitation, smiling. I smiled too, if Zach went to the party, I’d definitely go... “Evans.” said Potter behind me sternly as if I was in a lot of trouble. “I need to talk to you.” “What is it Potter?” I asked warily, turning in my seat to look up at his tall figure. “Why were you talking to that guy over there at the Ravenclaw table?” he demanded, crossing his muscular arms and tapping his foot irritably. He reminded me of a five year old who was very irritated. “Why is it any of your business?” I asked coolly. “Because I have the right to know who you’re speaking with.” he said defiantly. “What?” I spat. “Who are you, my father?” “No, but I’m your future boyfriend so -” “What are you talking about? You’re never going to be -” “Evans, don’t talk to me like that -” “No, you don’t talk to me like that!” “Listen, do you want to go outside and talk for a minute?” Zach asked softly. I groaned inwardly. Was he going to say that he didn’t want anything to do with me? Ack, James ruined everything. “Okay.” I said timidly, walking out of the Hall, our arms brushing against each other. I blushed, not sure if he knew or not. He lead me out onto the grounds, sitting on the grass near the lake, propping himself on one elbow elegantly. I felt myself blush, and go totally silent. “Well, sit down.” Zach said, chuckling. I gave a nervous laugh and sat next to him, although keeping a distance. “So.” Zach said, looking at me, I focused my sight on the grass. “Has Potter been bugging you for a while?” “My entire life.” I grunted. Zach laughed. “See, he’s my neighbor.” “That sucks.” he said. “You know, I really don’t like him.” My eyes flickered to his, which were narrowed in annoyance. “What? Why?” I asked curiously. “Well, he bugs you so much...acts as if you were an object that he keeps.” Zach said disgustedly. “How can you stand it?” “Oh, he’s not really that bad, Zach.” I said, smiling. “Sure, he can be annoying...but he can also be very nice.” I don’t know why I was defending him, but I felt bad that Zach was saying something like that about Potter, and he wasn’t even here to defend himself. Zach smiled. “Let’s not talk about him.” he said, waving his hand as if dismissing the subject. “So, are you going to the party?” “Oh.” I said, grinning in an embarrassed way. “I don’t know. Are you?” “Yeah, I think so.” Zach said, smiling slightly. “That Remus character invited me. Seems real nice.” “Yeah he is.” I said, grinning at the thought of my friend. “But...if you’re not going -” Zach began, grinning mischievously. “I really don’t see a point in going either.” I blushed, and smiled. “You can go to meet new people, have fun...” Suddenly, Zach moved a foot or so and clasped his lips on mine, bringing me closer with his arms. I didn’t like the fact that he interrupted me while I was talking, but that didn’t make the kiss lose its effect. I kissed him back, uncertain if I was good at it or not. It was odd, seventh year was definitely the turning point. I was here, kissing Zach as if it was completely normal, although I had never been kissed until Potter had practically pounced on me that one night. Not counting that one time I was playing with the older neighborhood kids and Potter on our street...I remember that this one girl named Gina dared Potter to kiss me. I don’t know why that memory that had been in the back of my brain suddenly came back to me. My stomach was fluttering with butterflies, as he turned me around, so that I was under him. I smiled between his kisses and flew my hands through his hair, savoring the moment. He deepened the kiss, making it more passionate. He started to rub my waist with his soft hands, his light hair falling into my face. After what seemed hours but rather only minutes, he pulled away, although my eyes were still closed, wanting to remember the effect. “Sorry.” he murmured. “I’ve been wanting to do that all day.” I finally opened my eyes, smiling at him and blushing. “I’ll go to the party.” I said clearly. He grinned at me, kissing me again. This time he slid his tongue inside, making my insides shiver. I pressed myself against him, by pulling him down closer to me. I pulled away, as he started to kiss my neck. I giggled, as he made soft sucking noises, making my skin tingle. He stopped and looked me in the eyes, smiling. “You’re beautiful.” he said softly. Now that just made my heart jump out of my chest. He said I was beautiful. Ah, I could’ve died. Then I thought of Potter, and annoyance poured inside of me. He had called me ‘hot’ when he kissed me. That git. Why was I even thinking about that? I liked Zach anyway. Zach kissed me lightly, before looking at his watch and chuckling. “I should get you back to the castle.” he said humourously. I smiled at him. “Okay.” I said, taking the hand he had extended to help me up. I grinned at him and interlocked my arm with his. He walked me up to the steps until he reached the seventh floor. “I’ll see you tonight Lily.” he said, grinning charmingly at me. I smiled and blushed, kissing him softly. I was still getting used to it. “Bye.” I said quietly, turning the corner and making my way to the Fat Lady. I sighed dreamily and touched my lips, not believing what had just happened. I stopped in my tracks as I noticed who was ahead of me, telling the Fat Lady the password.

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