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    “What do you want?” I said automatically, snapping at him. Potter studied me for a moment, then turned to look at Sirius, who was saying sorry for the sixth time in ten seconds. “You might as well give up mate. Go snog Patricia, that’ll make you feel better.” Gaby shot daggers at Potter, followed by Henn and I. Sirius looked at him murderously. “Potter, go away.” I said dangerously, glaring at him. Potter grinned at me and hopped off, kissing me on the cheek before he left. I scowled at him as he hurried over to bug Remus, before I could do anything about it. At that moment Gaby had decided to gather her things and leave the table, preparing to go up to the common room. Sirius grabbed her arm. “Please Gaby.” he said seriously. “Forgive me?” Gaby sighed, giving in. She kissed him lightly. “Fine.” she said sternly, making Sirius crack a grin. “But no more warnings.” she said sternly, looking like a mother telling her son off for drawing on the wall. Sirius nodded, indulging her in a passionate kiss. “Never again, love.” he said through kisses, pulling her to an armchair and telling her to sit on his lap. Henn sighed in a hopeless romantic way, and I looked at her, raising an eyebrow. She quickly cleared her throat and returned to her homework. “I want a boyfriend.” I said out of the blue, gazing at staircase behind Henn. Henn sighed, putting down her quill. “Me too.” she said, looking around the room wildly as if to pick a sudden victim. “But who?” “I don’t know.” I said thoughtfully. “But I want a boyfriend.” “Well your problems are over Evans.” said Potter, who was behind me now. I rolled my eyes as he sat in my lap. “I’m all yours. Just don’t be too rough. Actually...be as rough as you want.” he added after thinking about it. I pushed him out of my lap disgustedly, and he groaned, rubbing his head that had hit the table. “I thought you said you wanted a boyfriend!” James exclaimed indignantly. “I did.” I said casually, returning to work on the essay again. “And that’s why I’m here.” James said, winking. “Go away Potter.” I said, my temper rising. “No.” James said simply, grinning at me. I raised my eyebrow at him. “Where’s your girlfriend?” I sneered. James shrugged. “Which of the six?” he asked, his lips turning into a grin. “Hey Evans? Want to be my seventh?” “Now there’s an idea.” Henn said humorously. I glared at her. “Sod off Potter.” I said, rolling my eyes. “Ah Evans, you break my heart,” James began, putting his hand to his heart as if he was reciting a poem. “my spirit, my soul -” Henn giggled frantically, and James grinned, glad to know at least someone thought he was funny. “Evans you’re so serious sometimes.” James said, clucking his tongue disapprovingly and shaking his head. “Or maybe I just don’t find you funny Potter.” I said irritably. James stayed silent for a few seconds, just watching me do my homework. I frowned, I didn’t like it when people stared at me. “Stop it.” “Stop what?” James asked, raising an eyebrow. “You’re so immature.” I said, rolling my eyes. James looked at me in an offended way, frowning and looking thoughtful. He was silent for a few minutes, probably not wanting to sound stupid. Henn yawned, stretching her arms. “Be right back.” she said, standing up and looking around. “ I need to find Grace and copy her essay.” She walked off in a zigzag, drowsy. I laughed slightly, shaking my head disbelievingly and writing another sentence. “Hey Evans,” Potter said softly, which made me look at him, raising an eyebrow. “do you remember when we…you know, kissed?” He sounded tentative. Which is very not Potter-like. Of course I remembered. It was four days ago, how could I forget? I don’t think he was really asking a question on memory though. “Yes…” I said slowly, waiting for what he was about to say. “Did you…” James said, ruffling his hair which made me want to roll my eyes at him. I hated it when he did that. “Er, feel something?” “Yes.” I said icily. His eyes brightened for a moment. “But I’d prefer if you didn’t touch me there again.” “That’s not what I meant.” James said irritably. “And besides, you didn’t seem to mind at the moment that my hands were all over you!” I gaped at him, my eyes widening in horror. “You did not just say that.” I said, trying to convince myself. “You’re sick.” James took a deep breath, as if he was trying to be patient with me. This time I didn’t restrain myself from rolling my eyes. “Did you feel something…you know, there?” James said, putting emphasis on ‘there’. “What to do you mean?” I asked, raising my eyebrow and not so sure I wanted to know what part of my body he was referring to. “You know what I’m talking about.” James snapped. I smiled, realizing what he was trying to say. “Wait a minute,” I said, a smirk placing on my lips. “You mean, your heart?” James winced for a moment, as if I said something that emotionally damaged him. I tutted. “You need to grow up.” I said, rolling my eyes again. “And you need to -” James stopped abruptly, as if he said too much. I raised my eyebrow at him. “What?” I said suspiciously. “What to I need to do?” James sighed deeply, looking me in the eyes, something I hate. How could he just look at someone in their eyes, so easily? He ran his hands through his jet black hair again. “You need to loosen up.” he said finally. “I’m not always taunting you, you know. Sometimes I just want to have a normal conversation with you, figure out more about your personality, but you just shove me away. You do it to almost everyone. All the boys, it even took some time for you to loosen up to your friends. And I simply don’t get it Evans, because even though you’re so harsh on me, and even though you reject me, and try to humiliate me, ignore me, and play hard to get, I still find you captivating and I can’t stop looking at you.” I felt a blush creep on my cheeks, and I quickly looked at my parchment. “Er -” I said, not knowing what else to say. “That’s what I thought.” James said, grinning in satisfaction. I glared at him as he walked off, glancing at me once or twice before seating himself next to Cecilia. From the corner of my eye, I spotted Henn, who was coming back but now carrying a piece of parchment with neat handwriting. Henn sat on her chair, her tired eyes traveling from Grace’s paper, to hers. “He’ll probably find out.” I noted dully, Henn shrugged. “Oh well.” she said, laughing slightly. I dropped my head on the cold table, my head pounding with questions. Before I knew it, I burst out. "I swear that I'm going insane!" I hissed, tugging on my hair. "Uh Lils? Insane as in 'this is too much homework', or insane as in 'I'm too tired I want to go to sleep'?" Henn asked thoughtfully. "Insane as in Potter is driving me insane." I said exasperatedly. “Oh?” Henn asked, raising an eyebrow. “What did he do this time?” “He didn’t do anything.” I said, frowning. “Right, I get it.” Henn said, nodding her head as if understanding. “Actually, no I don’t.” “He made me think…about something…” I said absentmindedly, furrowing my eyebrows. Henn raised an eyebrow at me, and I sighed, stuffing my things in my bag. “I’ll see you later.” I muttered, climbing up the stairs. I entered our empty dorm room and threw my bag into my trunk, falling onto my bed and staring at the canvas. Suddenly, loneliness overcame me. Why couldn’t I have someone to be sitting with in the common room late at night, like Grace and Gaby did? Why did every boy in the school except for that arrogant Potter pass me by and not even look at me? It was all because of Potter. I decided stubbornly. He was always scaring boys away from me, just because he was the most popular guy of Hogwarts. What was his problem? Why did I have to be the victim that he had to choose from first year? “Well he’s wasting his time.” I muttered, turning in my bed and closing my eyes. “Cause I’m never falling for him.” “Lily. Hey Lily.” said a distant voice, snapping me to reality. I opened my eyes and immediately closed them because of the bright sunlight. I heard Grace speak again. “Lily, wake up you’re going to be late.” This made me sit up straight abruptly, making Grace jump in surprise. I tugged on my hair, glaring at Grace. “Why did no one wake me up before?” I asked, staring widely across the room at Henn and Gaby. “We tried.” Grace said, shrugging. “Gaby even suggested in throwing water at you but Henn said that was too mean.” “Well you should’ve.” I snapped, jumping out of my bed and rushing to the bathroom. “I’ve never been late in my life I can’t believe that you three -” “Ah shut it.” Gaby said irritably, throwing my school bag at me, which I barely caught. I tied my hair up in a bun, not bothering to brush it; I didn’t have time anyway. “But I’m Head Girl,” I began worriedly. “I’m supposed to be giving people an example -” “Most of the school don’t even know that you’re Head Girl.” Gaby said, rolling her eyes. “And even if they did, they wouldn’t follow your example, especially with the kind of Head Boy we have.” I gave her a hurtful look, marching indignantly out of the room. Henn, Gaby, and Grace followed me. “Tomorrow’s finally the weekend.” Henn said happily. “Only a few more hours Henn…” Gaby laughed. “I heard there’s a party this weekend.” Grace widened her eyes, and Henn grinned. “Really?” they said in unison. I rolled my eyes. “Honestly, it’s the first week of school and there’s already a party?” I said disbelievingly. “Who are the blokes behind this?” “The Marauders.” Gaby said incredulously, Grace frowned at how I called them blokes. Henn chuckled. “Figures.” I said, starting to jog my way to the Great Hall. I stopped as someone ahead of me slid down the marble staircase’s rail, landing on his two feet and brushing his hair out of his eyes. Henn bumped into me, because she was trying to keep up by jogging too, and couldn’t stop herself from bumping into me. Gaby and Grace were walking at normal pace, obviously offended at what I said about their boyfriends. Henn craned her neck over my shoulder, looking at where I was. I heard her take a sharp intake of breath. “Who is he?” Henn breathed excitedly. “Never saw him before.” “Dunno.” I said as the boy turned around, noticing that two girls had stopped at the staircase and staring wildly at him. He had light golden blonde hair, with clear blue eyes and fair skin. His hair was shooting in different directions, but elegantly, not like Potter’s hair. He looked rather tall and wasn’t built, but wasn’t scrawny either. He grinned at us, and Henn and I sighed dreamily at the same time. That had to be the most charming grin I had ever seen. He stood awkwardly, but still grinning and he caught my eye, making my stomach jolt. I smiled back and his grin became wider. He turned around, taking one last glance back at us, and entering the Great Hall. “Ohmygosh.” Henn said in one breath. “Did you see that?” Of course I saw that. I had just spent a matter of minutes staring at that. Which was very odd, because I normally didn’t check out boys. Well before, I did, I’ll admit. But then I lost hope once Potter started to bug and threaten any boy that I found some interest in or vice versa. “Wonder who he is?” I muttered, turning to look at Henn. She grinned at me. “You know, he was looking at you.” Henn said slyly. I rolled my eyes. “No, he was looking at us.” I said, starting my way towards breakfast again. “Actually he was probably grinning at some girls that were behind us.” “There was no girls behind us. Nope, he was looking at you Lils, I noticed.” Henn said, raising her eyebrows. “I wonder what house he’s in? Can’t be in Gryffindor, I’d notice if a hunk like that came inside our common room...” “Hufflepuff maybe.” I suggested. “Or Ravenclaw. I hope he’s not in Slytherin...” “No he seemed too nice to be in Slytherin.” “How could he seem nice? He didn’t even talk to us...” Henn shrugged, sitting down and looking around. “Aha.” she said softly. “Look over there.” I turned to where she was jerking her head, and saw him sitting and eating breakfast at an end of the table, alone. I narrowed my eyes as I saw a few giggling girls throwing meaningful glances at him. “Hm. Ravenclaw.” I said. I was about to turn around to eat some breakfast and try to push him out of my mind, but at that moment he turned around, looking wildy around the Hall, then spotted me. He grinned and I blushed furiously, turning in my seat so I wouldn’t have to look at him. “I saw that.” Henn said slyly. “See? He’s so into you!” “No he’s not.” I said stubbornly. “He was probably just looking around for his girlfriend and spotted me...” “Stop being so stubborn.” Henn said irritably, as Grace and Gaby sat across from us, not looking so irritated as before. “Hey, maybe he’s going to the party!” “Who’s going to the party?” Gaby asked immediately, her eyes shining with curiosity. “Lily’s admirer.” Henn said automatically, putting some sugary sweetness into her voice, mimicking a five year old. “Oh.” Gaby said, less enthusiastic. “Well of course Potter will be there Henn, he’s the one who organized it.” “Not Potter.” Henn said, making Grace look abruptly from her plate. “What?” Grace asked, turning to look at me. “Who is he?” “I don’t know.” I said, shaking my head. “Besides, even if he did like me I guarantee you that Potter will scare him away.” “Then don’t make it obvious.” Henn said intelligently. “Discreetly go and talk to him when Potter’s not around. Before it hits him, you two will already be going out!” I snorted. “Yeah right.” “Lily, you are so pretty.” Gaby said irritably. “It’s stupid that you haven’t had a boyfriend yet -” I opened my mouth in protest. “- Remus in second year does not count.” “Fine.” I said defeated. “I guess I could try talking to him, but I’m telling you, Potter will try to jeopardize things.” I looked at my plate and couldn’t help but grin. Maybe I did have a chance... “His name is Zach.” Henn said later that day in the common room, laying her bag on the table I was sitting at with a crash. “Zach Levin.” “Who’s Zach?” I asked, although I probably knew who she was talking about. “That kid that was staring at you today. Do you know why we never saw him? He’s new. Fresh from Beauxbatons.” Henn said with a sly grin. My spirits dropped. Guys from Beauxbatons usually had heavy French accents that I couldn’t understand. Henn seemed to know what I was thinking. “I heard him talk, it’s weird he doesn’t even sound French. He’s got a dreamy voice too...” Henn said, winking and nudging me in the arm. She sat down across from me, crossing her arms across her chest and thinking. “Hey! Why don’t you ask him to go to Hogsmeade with you?” “No way.” I said automatically, shaking my head. “He’d say no.” “How do you know that?” Henn asked incredulously. “By the way he was looking at you at dinner today, I’d say that he’s most likely going to accept.” As she said this, I felt another unpleasant jolt in my stomach. “Really?” “Yes.” Henn said impatiently. “You have such a good chance with him, and since he probably doesn’t even know who Potter is yet...” I grinned. She was right. Potter couldn’t get in the way if he was a new kid... “Henn, this is great.” I said finally. “All I have to do is think of some kind of strategy or something...” There was only one problem though. I thought to myself later that night as I laid in my bed. I was the shyest girl I had ever met. I’d never have the courage to ask a boy out, especially this breathtaking guy who I couldn’t get out of my mind. If only he’d ask me out...That would be so much easier. But that wasn’t going to happen. He didn’t even know me. “Argh.” I said, digging my face into my pillow. I had to think of something.

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