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AN: Dear lovely readers of mine I have gotten a few messages that suggest that some of you think chapter 13 was the last chapter and the story ended there. Oh No, this one still has a bit of a way to go because since Hermione is Draco’s Veela mate he didn’t technically save her life so we have the life debt back in play; also we will get through the pregnancy. This is a long chapter fic that isn’t necessarily based on one problem it’s more of a realistic (well as realistic as you can get with fiction and magical creatures!) drama/romance where they face multiple issues and we see their relationship grow. It’s not a major adventure story it’s a drama and we are due for some fun now aren’t we lol. Hope this  clears up the question of is the story over, and I promise if you read my author notes you will know when it’s winding down because I will announce it. Clumsy!



Hermione was nervous and uptight as she sat on the sofa facing her parents. Her mother was pouring tea for them and the atmosphere was a bit tense as the three of them were together for the first time since her father told her about her true birth mother and her legacy. Today it was Hermione’s turn to drop a few bombshells on her parents and she was afraid of her dad’s reaction especially. She knew that Jean would support her as she always had because after all is said and done whether or not she gave birth to Hermione she would always see her as her mom.

“Dear why don’t you tell us how things have been in your life since that last meeting we all had.” Jean decided to break the silence first.

“Well….that is kind of why I’m here. As you can imagine it’s been a very, very eventful few months. My life has completely turned on its axis and there is more than one thing I need to tell you both.” Hermione started. “Mom, I understand how difficult the position you were placed in must have been and I want to thank you for being the best mom I could have asked for, I love you.”

Jean launched herself at her daughter and wrapped her in her arms tightly.

“I love you too baby girl. You know, it never made any difference that I didn’t give birth to you. I was already your mother’s best friend and you’re Godmother and I adored you before you were even born and that only got stronger. You are my daughter in my heart which is all that ever counted.” The two women wiped their tears and then Hermione cleared her throat to continue.

“Dad, it took a long time to get here but I think I finally understand how you could keep that secret and I forgive you and apologize for my behavior when you told me.” This apology made her nervous because she loved her dad no matter what had happened and relaxed when he looked at her and smiled. Just like that her relationship with her parents was mended because they had always loved her no matter what happened.

“I love you baby girl never forget that!” Her dad winked at her.

“So..hmmm….uhm…I have some other things to tell you and the first one is the easiest and the second one will probably make you mad, especially dad.”

Her parents reached out to hold each other’s hands and waited for her to continue.

“Alright first you need to know I am 8 weeks pregnant.” She told them.

“What??? Pregnant? How did this happen?” Her dad blustered!

“Really dad?” She asked with a laugh and her mom giggled. She normally wouldn’t make a joke like that with her parents but she needed to break the tension and humor always does that.

“You know what I meant; don’t get sassy with me young lady!” Her dad said but there was no heat behind the sentence and you could see him fighting a smile.

“Well honestly that isn’t even the one that will make you maddest. Anyway you understand I’m sure about Veela mates?” She queried hopefully and they nodded.

“Alright well after I went through my change last fall I had a meeting set up with a former classmate and his parents, he had wanted to apologize to me for his past behavior. Once I got close enough to catch his scent however all our past history was gone because he’s my mate.” She paused to clear her throat and take a big breath. “My Veela mate also inherited the gene and is a part Veela as well and I’m his mate luckily. The name of my mate and father to my baby is Draco Malfoy.”

Crickets…….Awkward…Hermione started counting waiting for the explosion, it only took ten seconds.

“Bloody Hell! That is the boy that bullied you through your schooling and his family tortured you in the war, correct?” Her dad was getting louder and louder as that sentence progressed and he flew up from his chair to pace by the mantle. She looked pleadingly to her mom.

“Honey, sit down and let us talk this out rationally. If I remember correctly there isn’t a choice in the matter the Veela chooses the mate, correct?” She spoke helpfully.

Hermione smiled gratefully. “Yes, I wouldn’t have chosen him at first, but I am so glad that he turned out to be my mate. He isn’t the same person he used to be! I just need for you to understand and accept this because he wanted to come meet his child’s grandparents and his mate’s mom and dad. I’m just glad I convinced him to give me an hour alone with you to break the news.”

“He is coming here?” Hermione was a bit uneasy by the fervent gleam that suddenly lit her father’s eyes.

“Yes he is and I hope you will remember that he’s very important to me and that I can’t and won’t live without him. Please be nice daddy!” Hermione beseeched.

All of a sudden there was a knock at the door. Jean told Hermione to answer it and give her 3 minutes alone with her dad. When Hermione opened the door it was Draco standing there and just as he moved to enter she pushed him back out and closed the door behind her. At his raised eyebrow she sighed.

“He’s not too upset about the baby I don’t think, but mom is working on him right now because unfortunately I have always told my parents everything, so he knows all about our history and he’s very upset.”

“It’s okay love, I earned it. Now I have to work to earn his respect and it’ll just take time.” He leaned over and kissed her lips sweetly and rubbed circles on her lower back in a show of support and tenderness.

“Let’s get this over with. I apologize ahead of time for anything he may say that’s hurtful Draco.” She gave him one last squeeze then took his hand and led him into the firing squad.



Draco sat with Hermione and her parents for a good hour answering their questions honestly and straight forward, he held nothing back. After that hour Jean felt it was safe enough to have Hermione help her make an early dinner and left Draco and Richard alone in the room.

“Sir, I understand that you are worried and I promise that I won’t ever knowingly hurt her again. Furthermore I won’t allow anyone else to do so either.” Draco broke the silence.

“You listen to me now-Mr. Malfoy! That’s my only child in there, my baby girl and now my grandchild along with her. I promised her I would give you a chance to redeem yourself and I will but between you and me I won’t forget what you’ve done to her. She would cry during the breaks even though I doubt she ever let you know how much it hurt and you have no idea young man how your heart can break when you watch your child hurt and bullied and you have no power to stop it!” Richard said quite unfriendly.

“If you ever hurt her again I will hunt you down and your magic won’t hide you from me. I may not have magic but I do know people from when her mother and I were part of that world. Also, I don’t think Mr. Potter or Mr. Weasley would hesitate at all to help me find you, and they are powerfully magical. Are we clear? Don’t misunderstand me, this is your ONLY warning, don’t hurt my girl again!”

“Mr. Granger although I know it may not mean much right now, you have my word. In my society a man’s honor is an important thing and I won’t break my promise to you that I will take care of them. I understand your position and I expected nothing less but I had to start somewhere. I love her and she loves you so it’s important to her we get along. I am only asking for a chance to prove myself to you.” Draco never wavered from looking him directly in the eye.

Richard only had time to nod and give Draco a quick handshake before the women were back and setting dinner on the table. Hermione thought the fact that Draco was in one piece was a good sign. He smiled at her and grabbed her hand under the table while they ate all the while rubbing the top of her hand supportively with his thumb.



After another hour Hermione was worn out and ready to head home and rest for a while. When they apparated to her flat Draco laid in the bed with her and pulled her into his chest and they talked about the day at her parents as she fell asleep. He vowed to himself as he watched her that he would keep the promise he made man to man and earn her father’s respect.


AN2: This is a bit of a filler chapter but it will be important later so it had to happen! I hope you enjoy and I just want to thank all of you for your support and encouragement, I honestly feel that I am lucky to have such wonderful readers when so many others have mean ones! Thanks so much!

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