I do not own Harry Potter. I only own Rina, Her Gandparents, Chris, and Alaya Please Review Chapter 6: A Disgrace "Well come on let's get a carriage." Harry said and led the way to the carriages. When they got to the carriages Rina almost fell to the floor at what she saw. It was a reptilian looking horse with glowing white eyes. As if reading her mind Harry put a hand on her shoulder. "There called Threstles. Not everybody can see them." he said. She looked over to him. "Then why the hell can I see it?" She asked. He hesitated before he said tonelessly "You can only see a Threstle if you have seen someone die." She opened her mouth to speak but didn't get a chance because a heavy hand was put on her shoulder. She looked up to a very large man with a big brown beard and hair to match. "Hiya Hagrid!" Harry said cheerfully. Hagrid smiled. "'Ello, "Arry. You must be Rina, from 'Merica." He said Rina nodded. "Then come with me." She waved bye to Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione and followed Hagrid to a bunch of boats filled with kids only about eleven years old. "Hagrid are these the first years?" She asked. "Yes, they 're." He said and led her into the boat he was riding in. The floated accross the lake, she could hear the astonished whispers of the first years behind her. Finally, they reached the castle and they got out of the boats. A stern looking lady with green robes greeted them. "Welcome to Hogwarts! I am Proffessor McGonagall. In a few moments you will go through these doors and take a seat, but before you can be seated you must be sorted into your houses. They are Gryffindor, Huffelpuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Now follow me." She said and led them into the great hall. The hall was already filled with student from second years and up. She spotted Harry and Ron and they waved to her both mouthing the words "Good Luck". McGonagall led them up to the front of the room where the teachers table was located. On a stool there was an old ratty hat. "This is the sorting hat. when I call your name you will come up here, I will place the hat on your head, and you will be sorted into your houses. This year we have two new students from America. A seventh and a sixth year they will be sorted first. Would you two please come up here?" McGonagall said. Rina felt her stomach drop to her knees, she knew the other student would be her brother. She slowly walked up and saw her brother walk up beside her. He smiled evily at her. "Christopher Wilhoit, your first." McGonagall said puling him toward the stool. she picked up the hat and began to put it on his head, Before she even let go of the hat is shouted it's decision "SLYTHERIN!!!" A cheer arose from the Slytherin table. Chris smiled proudly to himself and went to join the Slytherins at their table. "Rina Wilhoit, your next." McGonagall told her. Rina slowly walked up to the stool and sat down. McGonagall put the hat on her head. She suddenly herd a voice inside her head. "Ah, yes, I was wondering when I would finally get to meet you Miss Wilhoit. I see here you are resourcefull, smart, loyal, and very brave. A fine canidate for any house, but I can only choose one. Where to put you, where to put you. How About Slytherin?" The hat said in her mind "NOO!" She screamed in her mind. "PLease NO! Don't put me there!" She begged. "You don't want Slytherin eh, well I guess the only choice shall be...." suddenly the voice was gone from her head, instead the voice rung out over the entire room. "GRYFFINDOR!" A cheer broke out fron the Gryffindor table. McGonagall took the hat off her head. She felt relife sweep through her and she smiled. She got off the stool and started to walk towards the table. When she herd a cold, agry voice yell. "YOU'RE NOTHING BUT A DISGARCE RINA!" The room completly fell silent. Rina spun around to see who had yelled. She saw Chris standing up at the Slytherin table glaring at her. She returned the glare. "Mr. Wilhoit! That will be enough!" came a voice from the teachers table. Rina looked over to see a angry looking man, with greasy black hair, and black robes. A man from the middle of the table stood up. He had a long silver beard, with long silver hair to match. he had blue robes, and half moon spectacles. "Proffessor Snape is right, Ms. Wilhoit, take your seat, and Mr.Wilhoit, kindly keep your voice and comments to yourself." Rina did as she was told and took a seat next to Harry. The rest of the sorting ceremony went along smoothly. When it was over the Silver Bearded man stood up and smiled. The room fell silent once again. "Welcome Hogwarts students, to another year. I am Proffessor Dumbeldore, Headmaster of this school. I must remind you all that the Forbidden Forest is still Forbidden, and all school rules still apply. You are all aware of Voldermort's return." Many people flinched at the metion of this name. "Let me assure you that many security precautions have been taken to ensure your safety, so have no fear. Now, let me introduce to you your temporary Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher. He will be filling in untill your permanent teacher arrives in two weeks. Please stand up, Proffessor." Professor Dumbeldore explained. A young looking man with light brown hair, chocolate eyes, and blue robes stood up, he gave a slight smile. "This is Proffessor Chihuly." Dumbledore said with a smile. Everyone clapped and cheered for the new teacher. Dumbledore quieted the room down after a minute or two and continued his speech. "Last year Ravenclaw's and Gryffindor's Quidditch captians graduated. So there will be a need for new ones. Your head of house will inform you of your new captian within the next week. Now, I'm sure you all are hungry. I know I am. Let's eat." He said and with a wave of his hand food filled the tables and everyone began to eat. "Hey Rina, What was up with that guy that called you a disgrace?" Ron asked through bites of food. Rina dropped her fork at the question. "You okay?" Harry asked. "Yeah, Rina, what's the deal with that guy." Hermione said mockingly. Rina looked down at her plate. "He's my brother." She said. The trio looked at her surprised. "Then why did he call you a disgarce?" Harry asked confused. "I guess because I left this summer, anyway, enought about me, Who are the good and bad teachers here?" She asked trying desprately to change the subject. Ginny, Ron, and Harry quickly launched into telling her how horrible Proffessor Snape was, and how he had something against Gryffindors. All the time they were talking Rina could feel Hermione's suspicous glare staring at her from accross the table. Eventually some more Gryffindors herd the conversation and joined in. With in a matter of minutes Rina had made friends with Semus Finnigan, Dean Thomas, Neveil Longbottom, and Lavender Brown. When dinner was over Ron and Hermione, being prefects, had to lead the new Gryffindors to the commone room. Ginny went off with some friends, so just Rina and Harry were left. "Well come on Rina, I'll take you to the commone room." Harry said. Rina smiled but she suddenly remembered her metting with Dumbledore. "Actually Harry, could you take me to Proffessor Dumbledore's office, he told me in my letter to go to his office after dinner." She said. He smiled and agreed. They waited untill the great hall cleared a little bit and went down a deserted hall. "I didn't know you had a brother." Harry said suddenly and they walked down the hall. "I don't like my famliy very much, hence the reason why I ended up at Ron's." She said. Harry opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by a voice calling Rina's name. "Miss Wilhoit! There you are! You were supposed to be be in Proffessor Dumbledore's office ten minutes ago!" Harry and Rina both turned their heads to see McGonagall quickly walking up to them. "I was just taking her there proffessor." Harry said defensivly. "Thank you Mr. Potter, but I'll take her from here, when you get to the common room have Mr. Weasley come down to show Miss Wlihoit where the common room is, and also I want to see you in my office tomorrow after dinner." She said. Harry nodded, waved at Rina and walked to the common room. "Come on, Miss Wilhoit, you are late." McGonagall said and led Rina thorugh the corridor to Dumbeldore's office. They walked up to a staue of a gargoyle. McGonagall walked up to the satue and said "Sherbert Lemon." The Gargoyle statue moved out of the way to reveal a spiral staircase. "Wait here, Proffessor Dumbledore, is with another student at this moment. I will see if he is ready for you." She said and walked up the staircase out of sight. Rina leaned against the wall and closed her eyes. The day had been so hectic she was glad it was finally about to come to an end. She suddenly felt someone pushing on her shoulders making pain shoot up and down her back. She opened her eyes immeadiately to see Chris, staring back at her. "So, did you actually think you could get away that easily Rina?" He asked mockingly. She tried to wiggle out of his grasp but couldn't manage it. "Well I hexed you didn't I?" She said with a laugh, but a sharp pain accross her face stopped her from laughing, after the pain subsided a little she realized she had just been hit. "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR YOU BASTARD!" She yelled. His expression turned angry. "If I were you Rina, I would keep quiet about what you found out the night you ran away." His voice was full of venom. "Why the hell should I?" She asked angrily. An evil smile slipped accross his face. "Because if u don't I'm afraid something might happen to one of your new little friends, HA! If they only knew what u really were, they would run you out of Gryffindor before you could say Quidditch." He said shoving her to the ground. He started to walk away, but before he did he said, "Oh, before I forget, Dumbledore will see you now." and he dissapeared down the dark corridor. She pushed her self off the floor and walked up the stairs. She knocked on the door. "Come in." came a voice from inside. She opened the door and walked in. McGonagall walked out the door as she walked in, the door closed behind her. She looked to Dumbledore sitting at his desk. "Please have a seat." He said smiling and gesturing to a chair in front of his desk. She smiled back and sat down. "Why did you need to see me Proffessor?" She asked. "I've herd many good things about you from your previous school, always in the top three of all your classes, captian of your school's Quidditch team, maybe a certain disregard for the rules here and there, but all in all a wonderfull student. You brother on the other hand, well, he is a diffrent story. It's hard to belive you two are even related." He said still smiling. She stayed quiet, not sure of what to say, all she could manage to do was smile. Seeing she wasn't going to comment, he continued."I sense there is much tension between the two of you. I'm guessing it has something to do with the night that you left your grandparent's house and ended up with Arthur and Molly. Am I correct Rina?" He says his expression now turning serious. She stayed silent thinking about what Chris had said to her moments before, she finally came up with an ansewer. "I got in a fight with my grandparents, and my temper got the better of me, so I left. Chris is probably just mad because I took off like that. He's big on family honor and stuff like that." She looked down at his desk avoiding his eyes. "You are sure that is it Rina? There is nothing else that happened that you would like to tell me, like how you got that red mark on the side of your face that will probably be a dreadful bruise tomorrow." He asked. She put her hand up to her cheek where Chris had hit her. She could tell that he knew something, but for the safety of her friends she lied again. "No proffessor there is nothing else, and the mark, well I just ran into something, I'm so clumsy." He smiled weakly at her. "Very well Rina, but if there is ever anything you need, anything at all, just come to me. You may leave now. One of the prefects from your house is waiting outside to take you back to the Gryffindor common room. Good night." He said. She got out of the chair and walked quickly accross the room to the door and walked out closing the door behind her. Dumbledore took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes with one hand. "I hope you understand exactly what you are hiding Rina, before it's too late, because I can't help you unless you tell me the truth." He said and turned his head to look out the window. ********************************************************************** Ron walked into his room twenty minutes later, he had went to get Rina and take her back to the common room, they talked for a few minutes before they went up to their dormitories. Ron looked around the room and saw that only Harry was still in there unpacking. He walked over at sat on Harry's bed. "Hey Harry." He said. Harry looked up from his trunk quickly and smiled at his friend. "Oh. hi Ron, didn't hear you come in. What's wrong?" His look turned serious. "I was just thinking about earlier tonight, about Rina's brother. You don't think he would do anything to hurt her do you?" He asked. Harry looked at him surprised for a minute. "I don't see how he could, thery are in two diffrent houses, and McGonagall said he was a seventh year. What brought that up anyway?" Harry ansewered. "Well when we got back to the common room I noticed she had a place on her cheek that looked like it was going to turn into a bruise." Ron said. Harry sat silent for a moment in thought. "I guess we could talk to her tomorrow and find out what happened." He said. "No good, I asked her down in the common room what happened, and she came up with the lame story that she ran into something." Ron said sounding defeated. "Then I'll talk to her." Harry said. ******************************************************************* Chris walked into the Slytherin common room and sat down on the couch in front of the fire, anger was still etched in his face from his encounter with his sister. Draco Malfoy on the other side of the room saw this and walked over and sat down beside him. "A meeting with Dumbledore always pisses me off too." Draco said. Chris looked over and smiled. "Yeah, he is rather medeling, but that's not what I'm mad at." He said. Draco looked surprised. "Then what are you made at?" He asked. "My good for nothing sister, she a fucking disgrace, she's hanging with half-bloods and mud-bloods, and she was put in Gryffindor. My grandfather would have a heart attack if her knew about that. Oh, but judgement day will come, maybe then she'll see where the winning side is." Chris said and evil smile curling his lips. ***************************************** I know the story is kind of moving slow, but right now I'm just trying to set out the plot and introduce some important characters. More action and romance will happen soon. Please Review, so I can here your feedback and comments. Love Always, ShadowStarlight

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