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Knocking sounded on the kitchen door of the borrow, Arthur stood up and answered it before him stood Lavender Brown and Luna Lovegood. “Hello girls, come in and then explain why your hear so late" he stepped aside to let them in when both had walked in and taken seats, he shut the door and sat back down.

“Lavender wrote to me, saying she needed to go some place safe. I also need a safe place" Luna said her dreamy voice tinged with sadness,“ We decided to come here hoping you'd know of a place"

Arthur looked to Molly who nodded,“We do just why do you both need a safe place, aren't you safe with your father Luna and your parents Lavender?"

Luna shook her head,“Marius Lovegood is a drunk, he locks me away in my room has since I was seven I'm only aloud out for the school year, if I'm with him or if I sneak out when he's passed out" Molly gasped.“He also said that I want his daughter" Luna had tears falling from her eyes.

“My parents who it turns out aren't really my parents at all, beat me" Lavender said and to everyone's shock,she stood up and lifted her shirt above her belly where a fading bruise was.

Everyone but Luna gasped in shock, Ginny pulled her friend into a sideways hug. Banging sounded on the door, Arthur stood and answered it standing their was Marius Lovegood and he rank of alcohol. Arthur closed the door just enough that Marius couldn't see in to the house.

“Marius, what brings you here so late?"Arthur ask with a polite facade.

“Wh.where ththat li li little wh.whore?" Marius asked drunkenly.

“Marius go home, your drunk"

Marius pulled out his wand and pointed at Arthur, who took out his own and pointed it,“ Whheere iiiisss thhaat biittch" Marius said angrily, trying to get pass Arthur and into the house.

Arthur Marius from entering the house and pushed him back, Marius stumbled backward and glared,“You tell that slut if I find her, she's dead" with that said Marius stormed off.

Closing the door Arthur turned around to find his wife by the counter, her face set with anger, Ginny and Lavender held on to Luna who had tears falling down her face while the twins stood in front of all three girls protectively.

“We're leaving, get your stuff then we'll leave" Arthur sat down.

All five teens looked at each other,nodded and ran out of the room and up the stairs, the twins going to their room and the three girls to Ginny's. Moments later five pairs of footsteps and three trunks came down the stairs, Luna, Lavender and Ginny entered the kitchen first followed by Fred and George.

Arthur nodded and motioned for everyone to follow him, Molly and the five teens followed him out the door and to his Ford Angela, Arthur and Molly got in the front and all five teens got in the back. Starring the car, Arthur drove off into the night.

hope you enjoyed sorry it's so short.

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