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 “Hermione. Hermione you have to get up, or you’re gonna be late for your first class.” Ginny Weasley stood beside Hermione’s bed, shaking her friend until she saw her eyes creep open. Ginny smiled sweetly at her friend and pointed to the magically enhanced alarm clock on Hermione’s bedside table.

“SHIT!” Came the shout from the bed, as the clock showed 8:55 AM. Hermione had five minutes to get completely ready for her first day of classes, no time to eat or shower or even think past the order her clothes went on.

Ginny sat on Hermione’s unmade bed –the only one not neatly made- and smiled at the sight of her best girl friend running around her dormitory like a headless chicken.

“Hermione, your hair brush is on top of your trunk.” Ginny called to her as she brushed her teeth and put books into her bag according to the timetable that had been owled to her. Hermione nodded and smiled once she had finished with her teeth.

“Why are you not ready for lessons, Gin?” Hermione asked, standing just before the door.

“Free period.” Ginny said with a smile, that Hermione returned fleetingly, while sprinting to the other side of the castle to get to Muggle Studies.






“Good morning class. Welcome to your last year of Muggle Studies. This term, we will be studying Muggle art, literature and music. Muggles have always changed and grown. And their accomplishments in these field-“

“I am so sorry that I am late, Professor Lightfoot.” Hermione burst into her classroom and looked around at the small amount of students. She cringed when she saw that most were people that she didn’t know, and the others... well that didn’t bear thinking about.

Professor Lightfoot, the new Muggle Studies professor after Professor Burbage’s murder, nodded at Hermione, a gestured to a seat near the front.

“As I was saying, Muggles accomplishments in the fields of art, literature and music are what make them different to wizards, other than in the most obvious sense. While wizards do make music, we do not make art, and the only literatures we have are either text books, or are books that have a magical purpose. And we don’t produce music at such large scale as muggles, nor do we have as many musical artists. The reason-“Hermione had gotten her equipment out by this point in the Professor’s speech, and had started to doodle on her parchment. She allowed herself to relax in her easiest class, and to think about the night before;


The thought resounded in Hermione’s head. She couldn’t believe it, why were these creatures in her school, why were they in her sanctuary?! She couldn’t wrap her head around it.

After the sorting(s) were finished- with Edward being sorted into Slytherin and Bella into Hufflepuff- Hermione could feel two sets of eyes staring at her from two different sides of the Hall. So Hermione ate very little, and when her friends asked her what was wrong, she pleaded illness, and escaped to the Astronomy Tower.

There Hermione paced for hours, thinking.

And when she was tired, she went back to her dormitory- which was now in an old and once unused tower near the Headmaster’s office- and thought.

And the only helpful thought she could come up with in all those hours of thinking was; Dumbledore.

But surely Dumbledore knew already, since the two vampires had been accepted into the school.  So Hermione was completely stumped.

And that night Hermione dreamed strange dreams.

Of giant wolves, and lines of grey clad figures, and warmth under her small body. She had a distinct feeling of foreboding, and knowing that her life would never be the same again. But at the same time, she felt content.


These strange dreams, each time differing slightly, plagued Hermione all night, and many times she woke up drenched in sweat.  She didn’t understand why these dreams were ruining her sleep patterns again, as they had done when she was small.

Hermione shook herself out of her thoughts when she noticed the rest of her class standing to leave, so she quickly scrawled her homework onto her doodled on piece of parchment, and followed them.

She was halfway to Charms when she noticed footsteps following her. Sighing, she turned around to face her follower, only to have misjudged the distance they were behind her, and they collided with her.

As she fell, Hermione closed her eyes to prepare herself for the impact of the ground, and then the body onto of her. But it never came. In midair, a pair of arms snaked around her waist and tuned the two falling bodies.

This resulted in Hermione Granger being sprawled atop Draco Malfoy. In the middle of a corridor. And he was holding onto her waist.

To say that Hermione blushed would have been a slight understatement. Sarcasm intended.

She looked up into his eyes, and froze.

What happened to Malfoy?

He looked so different. His eyes, which had once been an intriguing shade of platinum, were now darker, almost black, and his hair was now dirty blonde instead of almost white.

The sound of many feet coming towards them jolted Hermione out of her staring, and she struggled to get out of Malfoy’s arms.

But you don’t want to... A little voice in her head piped up, voicing the one thing Hermione didn’t want to admit, even to herself.

Malfoy helped her to her feet, and stood there with a crooked half-smile on his lips. It almost made Hermione do a double take.

“Might want to watch where you randomly stop in the future there, Granger.” He said, brushing the dust off his shoulders.  His tone was neutral, none of the loathing and contempt of the previous years.

She blushed.

His smile widened to a grin.

With a nod, he left to finish his journey to their shared class.

Hermione was still standing there in shock when Harry and Ron came across her, on their way to Charms.

“Hermione?” Harry asked, seeing the looks she was getting from others in the hall and deducing that she had been there for quite a while, standing there staring at the wall, her answering smile frozen on her lips.

He smiled at me... a friendly smile... a happy smile... a NICE smile... wow.

Ron shook his head at his, frankly, weird friend, and grabbed her upper right arm, while Harry grabbed her upper left. Together they dragged her to the rest of their classes for the day, all of which they shared with either Draco Malfoy, or the two new ‘students’.

It was a sufficiently awkward day for Hermione.






Hermione walked around the library, reacquainting herself with the smell of old leather and parchment, the sound of books flitting magically from place to place and listening to the keys on her hip jingle. Hermione had been given special permission to use the library after hours, so she had gone to Madame Pince for the key, and with a stern look, she was allowed free reign in her favourite place in the world.

After walking around the vast library for about ten minutes, Hermione heard a sound from the very back of the restricted section.

What is that?!

“Edward, we have to tell her, show her, something!”

“Bella, we can’t. We can’t risk scaring her off. We will get to know her as she is now. I wish to see who she has grown into, how this world and this war has changed her from our little girl into the woman she is. Renesmee will understand when her memories return, as they are bound to do.”

“I want my Nessie back!”  There was a sound of sobbing, and a hushing sound.

 The vampires!

They were talking about this ‘Renesmee’ person that they mistook her for. Maybe they were talking about her!

“There is someone in the Library.” Edward suddenly stated, and movement could be heard.

They’re heading this way!

Hermione froze, as she had been doing far too often lately.

They were suddenly in front of her, their golden eyes glowing.

“Ness- Hermione!” squeaked Bella.

“What are you two doing at the Library past curfew?” Hermione forced out form between her clenched teeth.

“Couldn’t sleep.” Said Edward with an ironic half- smile.

“Yes, I bet you couldn’t. Back to the common room, with ten points off both of your houses.” Hermione spoke more clearly this time, slowly regaining control of her motor functions.

“Hermione, can I ask you something?” Bella suddenly asked.

“You just did, but you can ask me another one.” Hermione said, with an eyebrow cocked and her curiosity piqued.  

“Is there a way to show someone your memories? Is there a way to restore someone’s memories or discover if their memories have been lost or tampered with?”

“That’s a rather loaded question,” Said Hermione, automatically slipping into what Harry and Ron called her ‘tutor-mode’. “And I would be happy to point you in the right direction of some useful books, when the library is open. Now please return to your common room!” and with that, Hermione turned and stormed off, her mind buzzing with ideas of false memories and massive, russet- coloured wolves.

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