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 Grinning at each other, somewhat shyly, the pair embraced. Harry felt as though a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He finally felt how he should; happy, carefree, and (almost) eighteen.

    Ginny tilted her head up and kissed Harry, who retorted enthusiastically by lifting her into his arms and spinning around. Ginny giggled loudly, her hair flying around her face, and Harry thought that she’d never looked as beautiful before. The pair stopped still as a coyote shaped patronus soared through the ceiling and circled them.

     ‘Ginny, I’m trying to sleep, please shut up’ George’s voice echoed around the room. ‘And I know you’re there, Harry, you can shut up too, or at least use a silencing charm or something.’

     Ginny pressed her lips together, trying not to laugh, whilst Harry scrunched up his nose in embarrassment.

     ‘Ermmm..’ Harry said, watching the coyote fade.

     Ginny was still smiling hugely, which Harry thought kind of curious. ‘Harry!’ She said, grinning ‘he’s still able to produce a patronus! Mum and Dad thought that maybe he couldn’t, after Fred..’ Ginny’s face grew sad, but Harry squeezed her hand and she smiled again. ‘It means he’s getting better!’

     Harry was happy to hear this, but unlike Ginny, the message unnerved him quite a bit. Now two out of the five other people in the house knew that Harry was there. Deep in thought, Harry didn’t realise that Ginny was looking at him, a strange look in her eyes and a small smile on her lips.

    ‘Harry?’ She asked  quietly.

    ‘Yeah?’ He replied, pulled form his thoughts.

    ‘I love you.’

    ‘I- I love you, too.’ Harry smiled as Ginny pulled him into a passionate kiss.

    A minute or two into the kiss, Harry felt himself grow hot and pulled away from Ginny. Ginny’s eyes were bright and wide, and her breathing was shallow.

    ‘Um, maybe I should…go..?’ Harry asked hesitantly. Leaving was the last thing he wanted to do right now.

    Ginny frowned, and planted a kiss on her boyfriend’s neck. ‘I don’t want you to leave, Harry. There’re won’t be distractions here…and I have wanted this since I was fifteen. Please stay, Harry?’

    Harry wasn’t in shock, exactly, but he was quite stunned. He looked at his girlfriend and smiled. She was beautiful; long red hair cascading over her shoulders and reaching her waist, her slim body hidden by a camisole and shorts, the cute freckles on her shoulders and thighs. Her eyes, wide as saucers with excitement, and her pink lips slightly swollen from kissing. He knew, deep down, that he’d never be able to leave her here tonight. This was totally right; he’d loved her for two years, known her for seven, and they could finally be together.

    The thin strap of her vest was slipping down her shoulder, and Harry subconsciously lifted it back, brushing her soft skin.

     ‘Thanks…’ whispered Ginny, barely audibly.

     ‘I’ll stay,’ Harry whispered back. He was bewildered at himself, he’d never been in this situation before now, but it came naturally to him. Inside, he was a nervous wreck, but it didn’t show in the slightest.

     A huge smile broke across Ginny’s face, and she lunged at Harry, who laughed and kissed her.

     ‘Wait, wait..’ Harry said, laughing. He grabbed his wand from Ginny’s cluttered bed-side table, and muttered ‘muffliato,’ pointing at the door, and again, pointing at the ceiling and then at the floor.

     ‘Thanks,’ Ginny swept her hair from her face, and then stopped, as though remembering something. ‘Uhm, I forgot the spell..’

     ‘What spell?’ Harry asked stupidly, and then his own eyes opened with realisation. ‘Oh, that one..’ It was a contraceptive spell. Ron had come across it in the library, during the time they were looking for a cause to save Buckbeak. Ron, being an immature thirteen year old, laughed and showed the book to Harry and then Hermione.

     ‘Um..’ Ginny was blushing, but laughing at the same time. ‘Well I guess we could just talk or something..’

     ‘I have muggle things, I got them just in case.. a while ago..’ Harry said, reaching for his wallet and pulling out a small square foil packet. ‘If you still want to, I mean..’
     Ginny smirked and Harry’s embarrassment, and nodded. ‘Yeah, I do, Harry.’

     ‘Me too,’ Harry smiled and kissed her again. ‘I’m just, well, new at this stuff, y’know?’

     Ginny rolled her eyes, ‘As am I, Potter.’

     ‘Okay,’ he laughed. ‘We’ll take it slow, then.’

     They kissed again and didn’t break apart once. Neither of them had ever felt anything like it before. There was only once that came close; that lovely afternoon they shared the year previously. Of course, being at Hogwarts, nothing more couldn’t have happened. But now, in the privacy of Ginny’s bedroom, the inevitable could finally happen.

    Within a couple of minutes, Ginny’s hands pushed off Harry’s jacket, whilst Harry’s hands moved from the warmth of her hair to the small of her back.

    ‘Harry?’ Ginny mumbled against his lips.

    ‘Mhmm?’ Harry was in a daze and didn’t ever want this to end.

    ‘I’m going to take your shirt off, now.’ Harry smiled against her lips before pulling his head away to let his shirt be pulled off.

    Harry shuddered as her delicate hands traced his chest, and he knew from that moment that she was all he’d ever want in life. She was amazing.

     ‘Ginny?’ He asked, and Ginny laughed in return, knowing what was coming next.

      ‘Mhmm?’ She mumbled, smiling.

      ‘I’m going to take your shirt off now.’ Harry said, dangerously quiet. He could hardly believe he had uttered those words.

      Ginny flushed red, even though she knew what was coming. Harry took a deep breath and reached for the hem of her shirt, and lifted it over Ginny’s head. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He was in Ginny Weasley’s bedroom, kissing the girl herself, who was in her underwear.

      Instead of making the pair nervous, the new adjustment gave them confidence. Neither could stop what was happening, and ‘taking it slow’ went out the window.


Twenty minutes later, the couple lay in each others arms, their breathing finally back to normal, but neither could find words to say. Within a few moments, the pair fell asleep, and both had dreamless, blissful sleep.



   Harry awoke with a start; somebody was knocking on Ginny’s bedroom door, and he was lying there, without a stitch of clothing.

    ‘Ginny?!’ It was Molly. ‘Why on earth is this door charmed shut?’

    Ginny sprung up, cartoon-like, and pulled on a long shirt over her bare body. Harry watched in a daze, still half asleep, as his girlfriend kicked his clothes under her bed.

    ‘Harry!’ She hissed, ‘Hide, please?!’
     Harry didn’t even think to pull on clothes before rolling under the bed, where he lay dust covered and blushing as he listened to Ginny opening the door.

    ‘Oh, morning, Mum,’ Ginny said, no hint of guilt or anything in her voice.

    ‘Ginny, darling, it’s eleven o’clock! I was worried why you weren’t up!’ Mrs. Weasley sounded cheerful, but slightly concerned. Harry hoped she wasn’t feeling intuitive this morning.

     ‘Sorry, Mum, I was up late last night, reading..’ Ginny lied flawlessly, and Harry could imagine Mrs.Weasley smiling fondly at her daughter.

     ‘Alright, sweetheart. Well get dressed, and you can help Hermione and I with lunch.’

     ‘Okay, mum,’ Ginny said, and Harry heard Molly padding off, probably to wake George, or do some housework. The door closed softly and Harry peered out of the bed, to see Ginny laughing silently, her hand over her mouth.

     Still wedged under the bed, Harry pulled on his boxer shorts, and then went and wrapped his arms around Ginny. Harry found he had a totally new confidence around her. They’d bared their souls to each other and he knew she was the one for him. They were in love.

     ‘Well, that was a bloody close one, Potter,’ said Ginny, grinning up at her man. Harry just laughed, and shook his head. ‘It’s lucky I love you, you know..’

     ‘Is it?’ Harry smirked.

     ‘Yupp,’ said Ginny simply. ‘If I didn’t, you’d have been silencio’d, and I’d have used petrificus totalus on you…’

      Harry looked alarmed, and Ginny laughed.

      ‘I meant just now. Not last night..’ She rolled her eyes and kissed Harry’s nose. ‘Now go and get dressed, and be back at about one for lunch.’

      ‘Yes, sir!’ Harry joked, lifting a hand to his head.

      ‘Love you, Harry,’ Ginny said.

      ‘I love you, too..’ Harry smiled, kissing Ginny’s forehead before collecting his clothes and apparating back to Grimmauld place. 

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