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Before Romeo and Juliet, there was Tristan and Isolde… But even before them, there was Salazar and Ebba. This is the story of a love that destroyed, of a love that created, of a love that was incompatible with the world.



Behind every cruel man is a story; behind every vicious deed is a tragedy; behind every betrayal, there is a broken heart. For Salazar Slytherin, one of the greatest wizards of his time, there was only one thing he could not overcome and that was his love for the young and beautiful and unattainable witch, Ebba Elwyn. She was his light in the darkness, she was his star in the sky, she was wind in his hair and the very breath he breathed. She was his everything.



But before that, she was his nothing. She was just a girl who he passed on the streets. She was just a girl with hair the colour of sunlight and eyes like sapphires that never caught his own. However, she was always the girl whose image lingered just a little longer in his mind than those of the other girls who swooned after him as he passed by. She was just a girl. And he…? He was just a boy. The boy from the fen.



Like all lovers, they faced their trials side by side. They faced their fears and their hopes together. However, like Romeo and Juliet and Tristan and Isolde, they never got to see their happy ending. All they got to see was the bitter collapse of their world. The bitter collapse of themselves. The bitter collapse of their hearts. Of their love.



They lived their lives in search of a peace they would never find and they loved like they had all the time in the world. But time is something that cannot be controlled and before they knew it, their time had run out and young Salazar was left to pick up the pieces alone.



Salazar was the boy from the fen: Ebba was the girl from the foreign land. The lilt to her voice melted her words, the fire in her belly evident even to the untrained eye. She was like an exotic fruit, never seen before. She was the reason a friendship crumbled to dust, a chamber was built and a life was taken. She was the one who made the stone hearted boy from the fen fall in love and she was the one who loved him back with more passion than many feel in a lifetime.



Ebba Elwyn was her name. Ebba. For the ebbing tides upon which she was born. For the ebbing of the life blood that from her drained. For the ebbing tides of time that would take both her and her love and leave a path of immeasurable destruction in its wake.



This is the story of a boy who loved a girl who loved him back. This is the story of a world that rejected the love of a young wizard and his witch. This is the story of a love that made and a love that destroyed. This is the story of the boy from the fen and the girl from the sea. This is a story of love.



Love. It was their destiny… but it was not to be.





Hello, this is my first story and I'm quite excited about it. If you haven't figured yet, it is about Salazar Slytherin and the girl he falls in love with, Ebba Elwyn and how he turned out the way he did. The first line is from the cover of Tristan and Isolde (2006 film). Anyway, thank you for reading, IrishMyth.

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