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On Friday morning Hermione walked into Draco’s office. He looked up at her and smiled. Hermione smiled back and locked the door and went to sit on his lap. Draco took his reading glasses off and put his arms around her and gave her a kiss on the lips.

“Hello Angel, to what do I owe this surprise?” Hermione nuzzled his neck.

“I want to take you some where during lunch break today. But I have a problem.”

Draco traced his fingers down the nape of her neck. “And what kind of problem do you have.”

“Well my plans I have for us are going to last a couple of hours, and we only have an hour lunch. I’m not sure my boss would like that.” Draco smirked at her.

“Well what exactly will we be doing.”

“Oh I can’t tell it’s a surprise. But you are going to need a lot of stamina.” She winked at him and then licked her lips.
Desire built inside of him.

“Oh I think your boss will be definitely ok with it. In fact, he thinks we should take the rest of the day off.”



Draco couldn’t believe he let her talk him into this. But when that damned woman was rubbing her body all over him he had no choice but to obey.

They were standing on a cliff.



In Barbados.




Hermione had apparated them there and then proceeded to tell him that they would be bungee jumping off the cliff. He had only ever seen it in movies, he’d never done it. But she said that it was easy, and that she does it once a month. She said it’s calming.

Yeah, right Granger. Calming my ass.

Hermione was standing next to him in a very sexy bright yellow bikini. She was getting hooked up to the bungee cord. She looked over to him and grabbed his hand.

“Don’t worry, its fun!”

“Yeah…fun isn’t really the word running through my head.”

“You don’t have to do it if you don’t want. I just wanted to share a part of myself with you.”

“I’d rather you share a different part of you with me.” He smirked at her and pulled her close for an intimate kiss.

“Oh don’t worry Mr. Malfoy, you will get that part of me. But you have to be patient, we have a deal, remember?”

Grudgingly he nodded.

“Alright Granger, let’s do this. Any tips?”

“Just act like you are diving. Keep your arms above your head, and just let go. It’s a wonderful feeling free-falling.” The smile she gave him made his heart hurt. He loved that she was letting him in on her world. After all the disaster and devastation they experienced in the magical world, they both found solace and comfort in the muggle world.

“Alright you go first, and I will watch to see how you do this.” As she passed him to walk to the edge he grabbed her and pulled her into his arms and gave a loud smack on the lips.

“Just in case you die Angel, at least I got a kiss.” He winked at her and watched her walk to the edge that over looked the clear blue water.

Hermione stood there and closed her eyes. She took a deep breath, and then she let herself fall.

When she jumped Draco went to the edge and peered over to watch her. Her arms were perfectly positioned above her head and she looked exquisitely graceful. Her head hit the water and then she was snapped right back up out of it. As she bounced up and down in the air he could hear her laughter and he saw the giant smile on her face.

After she was done bouncing around she reached up and released her feet and fell the two feet to the water. A small boat was waiting and she climbed in and looked up at him.

He was amazed by her, she had no fear.

He took a deep breath and walked to the edge. They situated the bungee cord on his ankles and told him to take his time, and that the first jump is always the hardest.

As he looked out over the water he started feeling a little uneasy. His adrenaline was pumping, but all of a sudden he felt empowered, and free. He dove off the cliff in one fluid motion and reveled in the feel. He felt unhinged from the world, like he was in his own little place, free from fear and disaster.

All too soon he felt himself hit the water and then bounce back out. He did the same as Hermione and released his ankles from the bungee cord and swam to the boat that was also carrying Hermione. He climbed in the boat and sat next to her.

“Well?” She said.

He grinned at her. “Can we do that again?”

Hermione laughed and threw her arms around his neck.


They walked into her apartment a few hours later laughing and ready for a shower. But what met them in her living room had them both gasping. Ginny was sitting on the couch talking to none other than Blaise Zabini.

“B-Blaise? Mate, what are you doing here?” Draco walked around the couch with his hand in Hermione’s to stare at him.

Blaise’s eyes were warm when they met Draco’s.

“I came to see you. I wanted to stay with you for a little while. I need to get away from….things.”

“Of course you can stay with me.”

Ginny looked at Hermione.

“Hermione, can I talk to you for a minute.” Hermione nodded and followed Ginny into her bedroom.

Ginny turned and started to laugh.

“I had NO idea you were dating Malfoy! Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“I’m sorry Gin, I just wanted to see how things went for a little while before I started telling people. Are you mad?”

“Of course not, I understand. I’m so excited for you! He’s sooooo gorgeous!”

“Gin, I’m having the BEST time with him!”

“That’s wonderful!”

Their conversation was interrupted by Draco entering the room. Hermione smirked.

“Even in my own house you don’t knock. That’s a bad habit Malfoy.”

“Don’t worry Angel I wasn’t coming in here to ravage you, I just wanted to ask you ladies if you’d like to go to dinner with Blaise and I. We are thinking of going to the club for drinks and dancing afterwards.”

Hermione raised her eyebrow.

“Club? What club?”

Draco smirked at her.

“Mine of course.”


Of course he owns his own club. Why wouldn’t he?

A couple hours later Hermione found herself standing outside of a night club. She could hear the music pumping from outside and the people in line were anxious to get in.

Hermione read the big neon blue sign that read, The Desert.
When they stepped inside Hermione gasped. The room was full of lights and music and people dancing, and other people sitting at tables. Everything had beautiful jewels and bright colors. There were belly-dancing girls standing on platforms dancing all around the room. Hermione liked the Arabian type of theme going on.

As she continued to stare, Hermione felt Draco’s hand on the small of her back. He led the three of them up the stairs where a V.I.P room was at. It was a huge room with a big glass window that overlooked the entire club. The moment they stepped into the room they couldn’t hear the music anymore.

There was a bar and there were people sitting on couches, and at tables talking. Hermione saw they were all smoking out of something but she couldn’t tell what it was. It looked almost like a bong to her but it obviously wasn’t that because it’s illegal. At least she hoped it wasn’t that.

Draco led them to his private table. He put his hand on Hermione’s bare thigh and looked her up and down. She was wearing a very short black dress that had her entire back exposed. She was mouth-watering.

“Shall I order some champagne for the table?” They all nodded, but Hermione still found herself staring at the smoking device. She felt Draco’s lips graze her ear.

“It’s a Hookah.” Hermione frowned.


A what?

As if reading her thoughts he answered.

“It’s Hookah. It’s tobacco in molasses that you smoke out of that device. The smoke is mostly water vapor and there’s lest than 1% nicotine. It comes in a lot of flavors. It’s very popular in the middle east and it’s popularity has been growing here in the United States. Would you like to try it?”

Hermione was relieved. Ok, not drugs.
“Definitely, I would love to try it.” Draco ordered one and a few minutes later they brought it out.

Hermione took the hose from Draco and inhaled. It tasted….fruity. She blew the smoke out and was amazed at how thick it was. She smiled and handed Draco the hose.

“You look very sexy doing that Angel.” He smiled and inhaled the smoke, and then blew out smoke rings.

“Hey I think I’m going to go and dance.” Ginny said to them. She stood from the table and they watched her climb the stairs and head down to the dance floor. Blaise followed her with his gaze the entire time. Without taking his eyes off her he stood.

“Yeah, me too. Be right back.”

Hermione and Draco laughed.

Draco nuzzled her neck. “Would you like to come see my office Angel?”

Hermione knew he had other things in mind and she couldn’t resist. He was tempting her. She bit her lip and nodded.

He took her by the hand and led her to another room that was off to the side. It too had a giant window that overlooked the dance floor. It had a few book shelves, a large marble desk, and a black sofa sitting against the wall.

Draco grabbed her and pulled her to him. He covered her mouth with his and she lost herself. His hands were all over her, molding her hips, and her waist. She dragged her hands through his silky blonde hair. He led her over to the couch and laid her down, then pressed himself on top of her.

He trailed his fingers along her collar bone and left small nipping kisses on her skin.

He was teasing her.

“You’re skin is so soft Angel, I could spend all day tasting it.” He kissed the tender skin of her temple.

He looked up at her and she could see the lust in his eyes. His lips were at her neck.

“I've been wanting to do this for awhile. I’ve been wanting to since I saw you in the conference room. Let me show you. Let me.”

His lips found hers and she kissed him feverently. She couldn't believe the way he was making her feel. She tore her mouth away from his and caught his earlobe in her teeth.

 He growled in her ear.

“Hermione, if you keep doing that I'm going to take you right here on this couch.”

She looked deeply into his eyes. Almost...daring him to do his worst.

He quirked his eyebrow, "Miss Granger-" The knock on the door halted his words.



“Mr. Malfoy, there’s a problem downstairs, we need you to come down.”

Draco cursed under his breath and lifted himself off of Hermione.

As they headed to the door, Draco grabbed her and pulled her to him for a kiss.

“This isn’t over. I’m going to call a cab for you and Ginny and Blaise to take you back to your condo. I’d like to come back, and spend the night with you. Tell me that’s ok.”

Hermione nodded. “ Of course it’s ok. I’ll be waiting.”

He pressed a hard kiss against her lips and a few minutes later had her in a cab.

As the taxi headed toward her home she couldn’t help but think about the night that awaited her. It made her ache with want.



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