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Chapter 28

            “Grandmum, who’s that?” Teddy whispered to Andromeda, tugging on her skirt lightly. His hair was a vibrant turquoise, the same colour it had been the last time Harry had seen him. With the exceptions about how he was quite taller and standing on his own two feet, not to mention that he could form a cohesive sentence.

            “Teddy…?” Harry managed to choke out, glancing at Andromeda, who smiled and gave a slight nod. “I can’t believe it.” He breathed out, still amazed.

            “It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” Andromeda asked with a slight laugh. She patted Teddy’s back lightly and he looked up at her with his wide brown eyes. “Ted, this is your godfather.” Immediately, Teddy’s eyes seemed to light up like the sun.

            “Does that mean he’s my daddy?” Teddy said excitedly, and Harry felt his heart rip into a tiny thousand pieces. Teddy looked at Harry, and then nearly exclaimed. “Is mummy coming too, daddy?” 

            “Teddy…Harry knew your mummy and daddy. They aren’t coming, love.” Andromeda explained, and Harry watched as the small child’s eye lost their spark. Teddy connected his eyes with Harry, and strode up to him.

            “My name is Teddy.” He introduced himself, and then turned to Andromeda. “This is my grandmum.”

            Harry chuckled a bit and nodded before answering.

            “I know who you are, Teddy.” Harry crouched down to meet Teddy’s height, a smile on his face. “I’ve known you for a long, long time.”

            “Really?” Teddy asked, his eyes curious. “Like how long?”

            “Really long. Ever since you were born.” Harry replied enthusiastically, his voice animated.

            “Really?” Teddy perked up, and Harry nodded.

            “Ever since you were ‘this’ big.” Harry held his hands about two feet apart, and Teddy grinned.

            “Whoa! That’s a long time!” Teddy exclaimed, turning back to Andromeda. “Andie, did you know that he’s known me for a long time?” Andromeda laughed before nodding her head, and the boy turned back to Harry excitedly.

            “It’s not that long, Teddy. That’s only a few years old.”

            “I’m two! That’s a looonnnnnggggggg time.” Teddy exclaimed once again.

            “You’re still little, bud.” Harry chuckled, reaching out and ruffling the turquoise hair. “It’s not that long.”

            “It seems really long!” The little boy retorted back, and this caused Harry to give out a small hoot. Harry stood up and then faced Andromeda.

            “When did you get back?” He asked as Teddy began to tug on Harry’s arm and play with his watch.

            “Three days ago.” She replied. “We received a letter from Ron saying that all the death eaters had been imprisoned, and that it was safe to return.” Harry nodded in understanding. 

            “So, I assume that you were the urgent message?” Harry questioned, walking over to his desk and shuffling through a few stacks of paper. Teddy followed him and stood right behind him, but Harry didn’t mind.

            “Yes, we were. However, there was really no need for them to make it an urgent message. I even told them that. They believed something different, apparently.” She laughed softly.

            “No, it’s quite alright.” Harry said with a warming smile. “We made use of what time we had.”

            “I’m quite sure you did.” She hinted with a small chuckle. Harry’s mouth hung wide open, and then he shut it to avoid embarrassment. “And I’m incredibly sorry we couldn’t make it to your wedding, dear. It must have been absolutely beautiful.” Even the memory of that day makes Harry feel like he is on cloud nine. He smiled down at his paper, writing a few notes down before remarking;

            “Best day of my life.”

            There was a small silence before Andromeda made a small addition to Harry’s words.

            “So far.” She smiled softly, and then glanced behind Harry’s head to see Teddy looking at the collection of photos Harry had on his desk.

            “Who’s that?” Teddy questioned, pointing to a picture of Ginny taken on their wedding day. She had been dancing with Ron, and she was laughing uncontrollably and looking absolutely beautiful.

            “That’s my wife, her name is Ginny.” Harry answered. Teddy then turned to a picture of Ron, Hermione, and himself taken at the beginning of second year by Colin Creevey.

            “That’s you!” He giggled, pointing to the picture. Harry laughed along with him and nodded. Before he knew it, Teddy had wrinkled his nose up and his eyes, which were before a mesmerizing brown; were now a flawless emerald green. His hair changed to a shining black colour, messy as it could ever be.

            “His hair is usually the turquoise colour, we lived near the shore when we were in the United States.” She said, lovingly looked at Teddy. “He loved it over there.”

            “Where was this? If you don’t mind me asking, of course.”

            “North Carolina, I believe it’s called. I’m not expecting you to know where that is though.” She said, and noticed the door was beginning to open. Harry stepped out of the way and into the middle of the office, standing nearly in front of Teddy.

            “Harry, what was the—,” Ginny stopped short upon seeing who was in the office. A small smile spread across her face and she began to stutter. “I-um-he-I-uh-hi.” She finished lamely. Andromeda gave a slight chuckle, followed by a warming smile.

            “Hello dear.” Andromeda’s eyes were soft and kind, Ginny relaxing almost instantly.

            “Is that Teddy?” Ginny asked, hinting towards the small boy hiding behind Harry. Harry gave her a nod and stepped out of the way so she could see him. She was shocked at how big he had gotten, even though the last time she had seen him was after the battle. Teddy smiled shyly and looked down, shuffling to find his way behind Harry once more. Harry placed a hand on Teddy’s head and ruffled his hair slightly. A pinkish blush soon spread across Teddy’s cheeks, and Harry gave a small laugh.

            “I’m sorry hon, he’s usually much more outgoing than this.” Andromeda apologized.

            “I think I know what’s going on.” Harry laughed with amusement. He turned and crouched down to meet Teddy’s eyes. “Hey bud, do you want to tell me why you’re so shy?”

            He shook his head.

            “Well…do you want to whisper it to me?” Harry said hopefully, looking into his eyes to see that they no longer resembled Harry’s but were now a beautiful shade of brown. Teddy then nodded his head slowly. Harry leaned forward as Teddy whispered into his ear, a smile growing on his face with every word.

            “I’m not mad.” Harry whispered after he had told him, the grin still present on his face. Teddy’s anxiety faded quickly and a small smile even formed on his face.  “Just don’t steal her from me, yeah?”

            “I won’t…” Teddy blushed, slowly inching back. Harry stood up, and then Teddy soon found his way back behind Harry’s legs.

            “Oh…” Andromeda muttered in realization, and then she gave a hearty laugh. Ginny glanced around the room, utterly confused on what was going on. Andromeda noticed this and leaned closely to whisper to Ginny;

            “I believe Teddy has his first crush.”

            “Who—oh…” Ginny soon came to the thought and smiled. Teddy hadn’t noticed her yet, because he was still hiding from her behind Harry (who wore a large smirk).

            “I’ve got competition.” Harry remarked, ruffling Teddy’s hair, which was now a lively red colour.

            “His hair…is he like her?” Ginny asked Andromeda.

            “He doesn’t quite have total control of it yet. Though, he loves to play around with it.” She smiled. “Anytime he’s overcome with a strong emotion, it just automatically happens.”

            “How long did it take Tonks to get used to it…control it?” Ginny questioned cautiously, watching for Andromeda’s reaction to her question. She hadn’t known if the death of her daughter still had a great affect on her, or she was comfortable to have conversation about it.

            “Ahh…” She responded, pondering the question. “Five years or so. Including the whole nose bit she loved to do so much.”

            “I remember that.” Ginny said softly with a smile. She glanced over at the older woman, who was looking at Teddy with a loving glint in her eye.  “How are you? I mean, since you left.”

            Andromeda nodded her head slowly, and took a deep breath. “It’s been hard, obviously. Just as hard as anyone else who lost a loved one. There will always be a hole in my heart that can never be filled.” She said, a hint of sadness in her tone. “But certain thing can help patch it up and make is less painful.”

            “Teddy…” Ginny whispered, and Andromeda nodded.

            “He keeps me going. He’s the sunlight of my life, and reminds me that things will always turn out alright, no matter how hard it is.” She whispered, and then laughed slightly. “He even brings me my slippers in the morning. I know it seems like nothing, but I found that it’s the little actions that show someone’s true personality.”

            “He’ll be a great kid.” Ginny added, and Andromeda smiled in response, watching Harry with Teddy. The now Turquoise haired child was being whooshed though the room like an airplane, complete with Harry making the accompanied noises.

            “And he’ll make a great father.” She remarked, pointing to the two boys across the room.

            “I know…absolutely perfect.” Ginny muttered as she watched Harry’s eyes light up as Teddy laughed loudly. Suddenly, she felt a stab on the back of her head, similar to the corner of a piece of paper. She turned around to find Ron holding a paper airplane, a lopsided grin on his face. Nobody had even heard the door open, let alone remember this was also Ron’s office. She flung herself into his arms and Ron laughed.

            “You know, Mione’s been a nutcase since you two left.” Ron remarked, and Ginny rolled her eyes.

            “It was only a week, Ron.”

            “Hey, you don’t know the ability Mum has to send letters and annoy the bleeding hell out of you.” He muttered into Ginny’s ear, careful not to have Teddy overhear him.

            “Believe me, I know…”

            “You’d be surprised.” Ron said. “Mum can—,”

            “Ron!” Harry said, walking over and giving Ron a hug (Ron claimed it was a ‘manly’ hug after Ginny had kindly teased them).

            “Mate, how was your trip?” Ron asked after giving Ginny a glare for her ‘non-manly hug’ comment.

            “It was great.” Harry glanced over at his wife, who gave him a seductive wink and a sweet smile. “Lots of memories.”

            “Yeah… sounds like fun.” Ron finished awkwardly.

            “He’s really trying to ask how many times you shagged, Harry. I know my husband too well.”

            “OI! Mione! There are innocent ears in here!”

            “I hope you don’t mean yourself, because I surely know—,”

            “I MEAN TEDDY.” Ron cut her off and pointed to the child sitting in Harry’s desk chair. Hermione’s mouth hung open as she glanced to the child who was throwing crumpled up pieces of paper into the rubbish bin. Hermione shied away, clearly embarrassed.

            “Grandmum! I’ve made it every time!” Teddy said excitedly, bouncing up and down in the chair pointing to the rubbish bin. Ron gave Harry a skeptical look and Harry suddenly had a sudden interest in the blank white wall. Teddy threw another piece of paper, which was headed nowhere near the bin, and it veered of its path straight into the bucket.

            “Charmed it again, mate?” Ron said smugly.

            Ginny had never seen Harry’s face turn that shade of red before.

A/N: I know it wasn’t that big of a surprise…but I mean, it’s Teddy and Andromeda! :) I’ve wanted to write the adorable-ness of a child for the longest time, but Harry and Ginny are quite a few years away from having their own children… So here comes little Teddy ;P


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