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    Hello citizens :D I hope you guys have not forgotten me yet. Sorry for the really late update but I have been busy. Here you go, Chapter 2. I just edited it a bit and added the Chapter Image this time!



    The excitement died out as the joyous event was transformed into a terrifying nightmare by the bloodcurdling scream that rippled the stillness of the night. The surroundings were dangerously silent; and everybody stood, horror written on their faces. The Hogwarts main gate had been shut down by the headmistress to ensure safety of her fellow ex-students and everybody was working hard to identify where the shriek had come from.

    Harry, Ron and Hermione were way ahead of everybody, as usual and even though Harry was very upset that this yell had ruined his marriage proposal, he was determined to find out where it had come from. It would have taken ages for them to figure out where exactly the noise came from but, luckily for them, Harry never forgets his map, The Marauder’s map. Ginny wanted to help, of course but, Harry wouldn’t let her. Then, she said something about Harry being unfair and stormed off.

    Harry, Ron and Hermione were never the stars of Hogwarts but they had come a long way from where they had begun. It seemed like it was only a few days ago that Hagrid stormed into the rickety hut on an island and told Harry that he is a wizard. All of the three had leaded a fairly normal life after the Second Wizarding War. They had gotten fairly good jobs, Harry and Ron became Aurors while Hermione became a nurse at St.Mungo’s. Everything was normal, until now that is.

    “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,” Harry whispered to the map and immediately the blank piece of paper revealed text. The map was in extremely good condition, had been kept safely and even after 8 years, Harry was amazed by the way that particular map worked. He looked at the beautiful details on it and appreciated the creativity of the map. The map reminded Harry a lot about Sirius, his godfather; Remus, his friend and teacher and his Father, a man who sacrificed his life to save his family. Harry always blamed himself for Sirius’s death but, in reality it was not his fault. Harry also regretted the loss of Remus Lupin, father of Teddy Lupin because he never got a chance to spend time with his son and Harry would occasionally sob for the loss of his parents.








     Noticing that Harry was lost in his dream world, Hermione snatched the map from his hands without ripping it and started skimming through it.






    “Hey! What did you do that for?” Harry protested. He didn’t like it when people mal-handled his map mostly because it belonged to his father, godfather and friend.




    Ignoring Harry’s irrelevant argument, Hermione began to speak, “Seems like Zabini was right!” she exclaimed, “It was Astoria who yelled and it’s her that’s in the astronomy tower right now! Come on let’s go.” She flung the map at Harry and made a run for it.  

    “Mischief managed,” Harry said before storming out after her and Ron.




    The news about Astoria being in the astronomy tower had spread like wild fire and every student in the Great Hall had started making their way there, following the footsteps of Harry, Ron and Hermione. Every single face in Hogwarts had frustration embedded upon them; every single tear shed had curiosity oozing out; every single student had regretted their decision of coming to Hogwarts but the one student who regretted it most was Draco Malfoy.

    He couldn’t stop moving towards the Astronomy Tower because his feet would not stop and he didn’t want to see what was waiting for them him at the tower. He had made up his mind; he would leave as soon as he saw what had happened. He wanted to run, he wanted to run out of Hogwarts and feel safe but it was already too late for that. He was a meter away from the astronomy tower when there was another yell. This time it was not for help, this time it had horror written all over it. He watched as terrified faces emerged from the astronomy tower and started making their way to the great hall.

    One step, he saw more faces emerging from the tower, horror written on their faces. Another step, he saw Hermione wrapped in Ron’s arms crying. Another step, People started clearing away so that he could see what he came here for but one more step and he knew that his prediction was right. Draco stopped right in front of a puddle of blood. A girl was lying in the middle of it. From far away, she looked as if she was sleeping, but upon closer inspection, Draco saw something which made his blood run cold, her hands. While the rest of her body had been untouched, her hands were coated with blood; glistening scarlet blood which oozed from open wounds on her palms, wounds that formed the letter 'D'. Draco fell to his knees. A shaky hand rose to cover his mouth. She was dead. Astoria Greengrass was dead. She lay on the stone floor, with her eyes open, unseeing and her face glistening with tears that she had shed in the final moments of her life. His friend, Astoria Greengrass lay dead in the middle of the room and there was a killer on the loose. What worse could happen?

    He hated Blaise for making him come to this pointless event. In fact, Draco had to leave this place. He was going to leave right now. He didn’t care about the fact that he would be leave Blaise behind. He was leaving. He couldn’t handle the despair and the commotion. He had already suffered enough in these grounds; he did not need any more agony.

     He turned around and started walking fast. He was determined to get out of Hogwarts as fast as possible but that was before a voice interrupted his escape plan.








    “Malfoy! Wait! Could I have a word?”






    Draco halted and heard footsteps echoing in the silence and they were making their way towards him. His back was still facing the other way so he didn’t know who it was.




    “Malfoy? Could I have a word with you?”




    Draco turned around to see Hermione Granger out of all people standing only inches away from him. She looked tensed and he could still spot the tear stains from earlier on her face.




    “What do you want now, Granger?” The smirk Draco always had had re-appeared on his face. He couldn’t show her any sign of weakness or fear.








    Hermione shifted her gaze from the stoned tiles to Draco Malfoy’s face.










    “You,” she stammered, “You knew her right? Astoria, she was your friend right?” Hermione managed to produce.






    “Yes, I did. Now may I go?” Draco arrogantly said.




    “No! I mean, I need to ask you a few things.” Hermione proposed.




    “I have no time. Ask Blaise.” Draco retorted.




    “Look Malfoy! I’m trying to be nice so just answer the things I ask you alright?” Hermione stated as she was starting to get frustrated. The truth was that she needed to know a few things and she would have sent Harry or Ron to talk to Draco but either one would have created a commotion.




    “Now, that I mention it. Where is Blaise?” Draco stated not giving Hermione even a little bit of importance.




    Hermione clutched her hands into fists and she tried to control the anger bubbling within her.






    “You arrogant sod!” she began but she was cut off by Seamus who walked in and started making an announcement.

    “Listen up everybody! Professor McGonagall wants us all to gather in the great hall immediately.”





    Everybody gathered in the great hall as instructed by the headmistress. There was chatter all around as everybody was curious about why they had been called. Everybody was terrified and they all just wanted to flee from Hogwarts and go to the safety of their own homes.








    Harry was in an intense conversation with the headmistress while the others were hoping to stay alive. Hermione was trying to look for Blaise and Ron was trying to calm everybody down.


    “But Professor how can it just stop working?”






    “Honestly Potter, I don’t know and I don’t care. I have things to take care of.”




    “This map is not like any normal map! It just doesn’t ‘stop’ working!”




    “Potter, please go and sit down. I don’t have time for this.”


    Harry looked at the headmistress in disbelief and went to take his place next to Ron. Something must be bothering her.




     "Students, may I have your attention please?" McGonagall called, “There seems to be a murderer on the loose. He or she has blocked all of the exits and entrances with a charm that is nothing like we have seen before. The professors and I are trying to figure out a way to reverse the spell, but for now we have to stay calm. Leaving the Great Hall will be at your own risk. Thank you.”


    And with that, the headmistress walked away.



     Let me know how it was? Thanks! 



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