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Hi all! As I promised last week: the next chapter. It is not really stunning, exiting, cool, fluffy, or anything at all but I needed this chapter to… eh… give myself certain possibilities. It does not contain any sex whatsoever, yet. Even though I really wanted to write a smut scene :p A big thanks to all my reviewers, I love you guys! This actually is my longest chapter I have ever written for Fallen Angel, and it actually contains a description of a building. Lol.
Chapter 5 – Visit at the Manor Hermione’s vision was blurry; clearly, the combination of losing a lot of blood, and having a whole bunch of green flames spin around your head, wasn’t very healthy. She closed her eyes, hoping the trip would be over soon. She had never really liked travelling by Floo Powder, but now she downright hated it, and wished it would be over soon. Somehow, maybe because of the fact she shouldn’t have been doing this, or maybe because it was just such a long distance, the journey seemed to last much longer than any other she had ever made before. It looked as though she was finally slowing down now, though. However, her head was swimming, and she therefore fell at the bare cold stone floor of Malfoy Manor at full length. “Damn,” she said, while she tried to get on her feet, all the while beating dust from her cloak and dressing her bushy ponytail. Hermione’s eyes scanned the room she’d just entered, and she gasped. The closest thing to describe the chamber to was some sort of mediaeval dining room. The walls were made out of rough, old, grey stones, just like the floor, and there were innumerable stained-glass windows, which portrayed breath-taking performances of ancient magicians. In broad daylight, they probably would have spread some sapphire or bluish colour around the room, judging by what was visible at the moment. In the middle of the room there stood a huge, oak table that could easily seat about thirty people in claret velvet upholstered chairs. The beautiful crystal chandeliers at the ceiling spread a welcoming white light, and lit up the almost lifelike portraits of various members of the Malfoy family on the wall. Tensely, she stepped further into the room, her footsteps echoing with every movement she made. She looked up rather impressed at the gigantic portrait of no-one less than Lucius Malfoy himself, and nearly shrieked out in pure shock as she came to stand face to face with the living replica of the portrait. She had not heard him coming. “Can I help you, Miss Granger?” he asked coldly, while eying her with a polity-questioning look. On his private property, against these huge stone walls, his voice seemed to sound at least a dozen times as menacing. Hermione gulped. “I would like to see Draco, Mr. Malfoy,” she informed him politely, carefully avoiding eye contact. Lucius raised an eyebrow. “I am afraid Draco is not home at the moment, Miss,” he said. “Is there anything else I can do for you?” Malfoy Senior, on the other hand, tried hard to make eye contact. Hermione considered this for a moment, looking down at her shoes. What if Lucius would open this letter while Draco, maybe, did not want his father to read it? “No, thank you,” she said, as she looked up. But a second later she wished she hadn’t, for she looked right into those ice-cold, cruel eyes of Malfoy. “I-” she began, but she knew it was no good: she tried hard to block all memories but Malfoy was already searching her mind eagerly to find why, for God’s sake, this Mudblood wanted to see his son. All kinds of pictures were flashing into Hermione’s view, and all of them somehow had something to do with Draco. Lucius Malfoy smirked at the sight of Hermione growing fangs, but his sneer disappeared as he found what he had been looking for, and he broke off his spell. Hermione blinked. “Where is the letter?” He demanded. Hermione, who knew there was no point in trying to ignore Malfoy’s order and denying the fact that she had a letter, hesitantly took the letter out of her pocket and handed it over to him. Malfoy grabbed the letter. “Whom is it from?” he asked, while eying the seal with great interest. “I don’t know, sir,” she said truthfully, wishing she had opened the bloody letter herself back at her house. Malfoy grunted, and took out his wand to break the seal. But, before he even had the chance to unfold the letter, it was summoned out of his hand. “What?!” Lucius exclaimed, facing a furious Draco Malfoy who was walking hurriedly towards his father, clutching the envelope tightly. “How can you even consider opening my post without my permission?” Draco bellowed, a coldness in his voice that made a shudder run over Hermione’s spine. He was about two inches taller than his father, and was casting him a look she had only seen him wearing as he faced Potter. Lucius Malfoy’s eyebrows almost vanished in his hair. “Why, I am your father and I can open whatever I please,” he said, his voice dangerously low. “No, you can’t,” Draco said, eying his father in pure loathing. He turned to face Hermione. “Granger, come with me. We need to talk.” This last sentence echoed through the room with the weight of a funeral bell. Hermione didn’t even dare to object.
Hermione followed Malfoy through a great oak door leading them into a gigantic hall, which remarkably resembled the one at Hogwarts, except for the sapphire windows that shone brightly on the walls of this one. They passed some more corridors, lit with torches, and decorated with even more portraits of ancient relatives. “Here,” Draco said, gesturing for her to go in through a large door. The door looked threatening in a way. Obviously, this should be Draco’s room. She covered her mouth in amazement when she entered. “White?” she asked, half laughing. Draco mumbled something she could not understand, and pushed her onto the sofa quite roughly. “Did you read it?” he asked aggressively, towering in front of her. Hermione’s smile vanished abruptly. His pupils were narrowed in suppressed anger. “No, of course not,” she answered. “Did you read the letter?” he emphasized. “No, I did not,” she said, her temper rising. “Did. You. Read. The. Letter?” he repeated, stressing every word. The room seemed to grow darker. Hermione looked right into Draco’s stormy grey eyes; they looked extremely much like his father’s at the moment. “I did NOT read that fucking letter of yours, Malfoy!” she screamed, getting up. She took a quivering breath and added, “I came her to bring it, but now I bloody hell wish I had opened it!” Draco grasped both of her arms painfully hard to keep her from running away, and looked into her hazel eyes. “You fucking bastard,” she hissed hatefully as he started searching her mind. She could tell by the force he used to search her thoughts that he was much better at Leglimency than his father. Draco released his grip, and blinked. “Sorry,” he sighed truthfully. “I should have believed you.” He flung himself down in the sofa, burying his face in his hands, and looking exhausted. “Lucius shouldn’t have forced you to give him the letter,” he said, taking her hand and trying to pull her back on the sofa. “Leave me alone!” she whispered poisonously, as she tore loose her hand. She stared at him, and said, “I only wanted to bloody bring it to you, and no-one seems to even bother to give me a ‘thanks’. No, the only thing I get is having my mind searched twice!” Malfoy frowned. “Twice?” he asked, somewhat confused. “Yes, mister,” she sneered, her lips as thin as McGonagall’s when she got angry. “Your oh-so-nice father had already searched it before you did.” To Hermione’s surprise, Malfoy started laughing hysterically. “What the fuck is so funny, Malfoy?” she spat. It took a while before Draco was finally able to answer due to the laughing. “He…” Draco snorted. “He…” Malfoy tried again. “What, Malfoy?” she demanded, getting really irritated. “He must have thought you would have some-” he tried, but started laughing again. Breathing hard, Draco swallowed, trying to get his face even. “He must have thought you would have some memories of the two of us snogging, or something.” He was howling with laughter again. “Just imagine what a shame that would be for him…” he said, between two fits. “His only son, shagging a Mudblood!” Somehow Hermione didn’t seem to find this at all funny. Her hair was shimmering in electricity. She crossed her arms. “Sorry…” Malfoy said, wiping tears out of his eyes after a few more minutes. “I just though-” “The idea of the two of us fucking, extremely funny. Yeah… I noticed,” she said, rolling her eyes. “Just imagine how Lucius would react,” Draco said with a dreamy look in his eyes, staring at the ceiling. “His face; oh, I would give anything to see his face…” Hermione frowned. “You’re fucking odd, you know?” she questioned, somewhat admiring nevertheless. “Am I?” he asked rhetorically, folding his hands under his head and eying her questioningly. “Yes, you are,” she said, placing both of her arms on either side of Malfoy. Her head was barely five inches from his. Malfoy’s eyes were gleaming in a mischievous way Hermione had never witnessed before.
So, this was it. I hope you enjoyed it, and please give me a review if you have any remarks. Just a quick question: should I give them a quick-one already? Lol. Not that it would change anything about the next chapter cause I already know what is going to happen, but I just want to know neither anyone is interested in smut. I’ve already written the beginning of the next chapter. And it is… eh… quite surprising, I suppose. *grins innocently* Anyway, I’m being vague so I’ll just leave it like this. Next chapter will be posted soon if I get enough reviews :p Love, Silmarwen PS: I know it is stupid to use this little *-thingies but if I wouldn’t there would stand “censored” instead, and that is even more irritating. PPS: I’ve spellchecked this chapter one time more than my other ones, as I finished it a day too early. So I hope there were less mistakes in it :) PPS: Lol. I still haven't found a beta, so if anyone is intrested... I guess no :( Well, it was worth the try. My emailaddress: Thank you, my beloved beta Sailor C!

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