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A/N: OH MY GOD! It's over. I can't believe it's actually over.It's been nearly a year and I have finally done the final chapter. I cried so much while writing this it's not even funny. I can't believe that I won't be updating anymore. this is it. This is the end. I just want to say that I love you guys so much and your support means so much to me.
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Fifteen Years Later.


Luna’s P.O.V


The wind whistled around my head as I made my way down the winding path to the Burrow. Fifteen years had passed since I had given birth to Hallie and Fred. The whole family was meeting at the Burrow to celebrate their birthday.  (A new holiday had been put in place for the three days after the war.)

In the fifteen years that had passed, George had started working at the joke shop again, which had branched out to Hogsmeade and America! I had gotten a job at the ministry in the Animal Rights Department.

       “Mummy!” A voice yelled as I looked to see my nine year old daughter, Analine, running towards me, her long brown hair blowing out behind her. I pulled her into a hug when she reached me. I was still confused to where Analine had gotten her brown hair from. It had gone from white to fiery red to dark brown in five years and stayed that way ever since.

       “Me and Grandmamma made cupcakes for Hallie and Fred!” She said, taking my hand and leading me towards the Burrow jabbering away.  I smiled absent-mindedly as we walked through the door Molly was standing, waiting for our arrival. I looked around the Burrow and smiled to myself. It just had this quality to it that made you smile.

        “Ah, Luna dear, everyone else is waiting in the sitting room to start the presents.” Molly said as she kissed my cheek and led me into the sitting room. “And frankly, I think Lincoln is the most excited out of everyone.” She chuckled silently, patting her now grey hair as we arrived to find the whole family sitting in the sitting room making quite a racket.

       “Luna.” I heard George breathe from his place by the fire, his face lit up with joy. After all these years he still greeted me as if I had been gone for months instead of a few hours. I smiled and kissed him softly as I sat next to him.

       “Eww Mummy and Daddy!” Lincoln squealed from where he sat on George’s lap. I giggled softly as I laid my head against George’s shoulder and closed my eyes.

       “Now time for presents!” Lincoln laughed clapping his hand as he approached Hallie and Fred. Hallie sighed and jumped up from her spot on the ground, dragging her boyfriend, Nathan, with her. At fifteen years old, Hallie was more like George than I would have expected. Her long white hair was dyed purple at the ends and she spent more time in detention than out. Of course her father was proud of the pranks that she had managed to pull and didn’t discourage her in the slightest. She was a Gryffindor through and through, just like her father. Fred, on the other hand, was a different story. He was a Ravenclaw, like me and was the top of his class. Although he wouldn’t admit it, I think George was a little bit disappointed that Fred didn’t turn into a prankster as well.

       “Yay! Presents!” Analine yelled launching herself at Fred. He caught her laughing as the rest of our massive family joined in the presents.


George’s P.O.V


       “So Hallie, is Nathan treating you the way he should?” I smiled down at my daughter as she rolled her sparkling blue eyes at me.

       “Of course Dad, please don’t be too hard on him.” She laughed, glancing to where Nathan was standing talking to Fred.

       “Well if he ever hurts you, you know where to come to get the best pranks in the world.” I winked and laughed as Hallie walked over to Nathan shaking her head. I knew what she was thinking; she was nearly as good as me when it came to pranking people. I smiled after as a pair of arms wrapped around my waist.

       “I think we have a little Slytherin on our hands.” Luna whispered in my ear as I turned to face her.  She gestured to where Analine was talking rapidly to Draco with a sly grin on her face.

       “I guess you’re right.” I chuckled softly. “That means that we will have our four kids in all different houses.” Luna looked confused as I turned to face her to where Lincoln was helping my dad to cross the room.

       “Even though he is only three, he is surely going to be a Hufflepuff.” I said. “Look at the way he is always helping everyone out.” Luna looked after him thoughtfully.

       “I guess you’re right.” She whispered leaning in to kiss me.

        “GEORGE!” Mum yelled from the kitchen. “Percy is here!” I grabbed Luna’s hand and dragged her into the kitchen after me. Percy had been managing the American Joke Shop for me.

       “George, wait.” Luna suddenly said, pulling me back to where my mum’s clock lay. “Look at Fred’s hand.” I hadn’t looked at the clock in fifteen years, so why was Luna pulling me away to look at the clock. I glanced up at it, expecting to see Fred’s hand swinging, but there was no movement to be seen.

       “Luna…” I stuttered staring at the clock. “Where is Fred’s hand?” Luna placed her hand on mine and pointed to where Fred’s hand now lay.




A/N: And it's me again! For the final time.If anyone was wondering what happened to anyone else, this is how it turned out.

Luna and George: Hallie Erin (Fifteen years old, Gryffindor)
Fred Remus (Fifteen years old, Ravenclaw)
Adeline Bree (Nine years old, Slytherin)
Lincoln Arthur (Three years old, Hufflepuff)
Luna works at the Department of Animal Rights and George runs the jokeshop in Diagon Ally.

Draco and Hermione: Lynna Narcissa (Twelve years old, Slytherin)
Daniel Thomas (Seven years old, Ravenclaw)
Both Draco and Hermione work as Healers at St Mungo's

Lavender and Seamus: Isobelle Luna (Fifteen years old, Gryffindor, Ron's daughter)
Declan George (Twelve years old, Gryffindor)
Lavender works at the Joke shop with George and Seamus plays guitar and sings professionally.

Harry and Bree: James Sirius (Thirteen years old, Gryffindor)
Rhys Ronald (Eleven years old, Ravenclaw)
Karma-Lace (Sixteen years old, Slytherin)
Harry works as an Auror and Bree teaches Charms at Hogwarts.

Mrs Weasley recieved a letter from Ginny five years after Harry found her with Krum. She wanted to let them know that she was happy and married ro Krum with twins on the way, however she didn't want any of the family to contact again.

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