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Bella Cullen had been waiting long enough to see her daughter.  16 years, in fact. the grief she felt when Renesmee was taken from her far outweighed that of any mother to ever come before her, because not only was the pain she felt amplified by the venom cursing through her veins, but her one track mind had only concentrated on Renesmee’s disappearance for too long a time.

But to see those eyes again after 16 years, Bella’s heart would have stopped if it had a beat.

But her daughter didn’t know her, or Edward. Her silent heart broke into a million diamond pieces, after it had just begun to heal.

Edward had confirmed that fact that the girl was Renesmee, but didn’t know it. The many years of searching for a daughter who had vanished off the face of the earth had taught both of them many ways to use the gifts that came with Vampirism. One of Edward’s being that he could now search the deep recesses of a person’s mind, without said person feeling it, like they would if a wizard’s spell had been used.

So, with the information that Edward had taken form Renesmee’s mind, Bella and Edward followed her.

On foot.

To Hogwarts.

They arrived at the great castle just half an hour before the Hogwarts Express. They used this time to talk to one of Carlisle’s old acquaintances.

Albus Dumbledore.


“Edward, we are doing the right thing, aren’t we?” Bella asked as they walked through the castle at a human pace, fearful of her only child’s reaction to seeing her parents in her sanctuary. Bella wasn’t as delicate as her husband wanted her to be, and she had seen the fear Renesmee had show upon seeing Vampires. So how would she react to find out that she was a Half- Vampire? Bella shivered at the thought.

“Darling, we must do this.” Edward’s voice took on a hard quality. “I will NOT lose her again.” Edward’s face took on a quality that had only been seen once since the confrontation between the Cullens and Co. and the Volturi. It was a look that promised immense and immediate pain to anyone who did not do EXACTLY as Edward said, and anyone who didn’t do it quickly. It was a look that said someone in his family could be, would be or had been in danger. And that Edward was going to sort it out.

Bella shuddered at the thought of what her husband saw in her daughter’s mind.

She then nodded at Edward’s statement, and carried on in silence, her mind, like her daughter’s had countless times while walking these very halls, was going through every possible outcome of this decision her and her husband had made. Coming to Britain to escape the pitiful looks of her family had never seemed like such an amazing decision than it did at that moment, but it also felt like the stupidest Bella had ever let her husband talk her into. She couldn’t handle any more pain.

When the Vampires reached the gargoyle that guarded the Headmaster’s office, it jumped aside straight away, showing that they were expected. Only when she saw this little bit of magic did Bella take full stock of her surroundings. While the back of her mind had been noticing everything and filing it away during her walk to Dumbledore’s office, it was only when she saw the magic of the gargoyle that she truly felt the castle around her, almost breathing. She felt the Death and Dark magic that it had been subjected to for the last few years, along with the healing magic the new magic and the ancient, raw magic that would always be underlining it.

Bella loved it. And she understood why her daughter loved it as well.

“Ah, Edward. How are you my boy?” Came a deep, old voice for the top of the moving staircase.

“Albus. You look well.” Dumbledore laughed at Edward’s words.       

“Not nearly as well as you, not nearly as well as you.” He said, and turned to Bella. “And who is this lovely creature standing next to you my boy?” asked the wizened wizard. 

“Pleasure to meet you Albus. I am Bella Cullen. Edward’s wife.” Came Bella’s reply before Edward could open his mouth.

“Of course,” said Dumbledore, inclining his head, “pleasure is all mine, my dear. Shall we go into my office to talk? I assume the pleasure of my company is not the reason for your visit, especially so close to the start of the school year.” Dumbledore’s blue eyes twinkled out at them from behind his spectacles.

As Bella walked in, she marvelled at the strange contraptions sitting on spindle-legged stools, knowing that she wasn’t likely to ever see anything like it ever again.

“So to what do I owe the pleasure of your company?” Dumbledore asked as he sat behind his desk and steepled his fingers, looking at his friend’s children over the top of them.

“Well, I’m sure Carlisle told you about Renesmee?”

“Yes, I am dreadfully sorry.” The twinkle almost left Dumbledore’s eyes... Almost.

“We found her!” The statement burst out of Bella’s mouth before she had a chance to stop it. If she could have blushed, she would have.

“Well, that is the most amazing news! But may I ask. Why are you here talking to me, if your daughter has been found alive and well?”

“Well, because our daughter doesn’t know who we are. She is a student at your school! She thinks she is a WITCH! She thinks she is HERMIONE GRANGER!” After the first outburst, Edward had sat back and let his wife handle the talking. Now, however, she was getting rather worked up, and was panting- an unnatural and unneeded gesture, but habit (from being human) after such an outburst.

“Miss. Granger? Well this is strange.” Dumbledore got up and started pacing in front of Fawkes’s perch. “I have taught Miss. Granger- excuse me, Miss. Cullen- for seven, going on eight years. She was in my office very often with her friends, and I never suspected a thing! Very unusual indeed...” Dumbledore had now resorted to stroking his beard while the two vampires- one bemused and one embarrassed- looked on from the chairs in front of the Headmaster’s desk.  

“Well. What must we do about this?” asked Dumbledore suddenly, whizzing round to look at Bella and Edward with a speed that surprised them because of his age.

“We would like your permission to attend Hogwarts, to try and convince her of her lineage. If we fail in that endeaver, than we may have to take more drastic action, in the form of the full Cullen family.” Edward explained, desperately praying to whatever God that was listening that Dumbledore would agree.

“Well, that can be arranged. You would have to be sorted, and you have no wands, as you couldn’t use them anyway... I will put you in the classes that don’t need a wand, Potions, Arithmacy, astrology, divination, ancient runes. You will be presented and sorted before the new 1st years. You will be seventh year, and will share the common room of the returning seventh years, of which your daughter is one.  Do you think you could run down to Hogsmeade and purchase these items?” Dumbledore walked over to his desk and picked up a piece of parchment, and handed it to Edward. He showed it to his wife, and they both nodded at Dumbledore.

Getting up with unnatural grace from their seats, the left, leaving nothing but a slight wind and a slowly closing door in their wake.


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