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Kristina, my beta & friend is the most amazing person on the planet for she is my better half and the only reason I am writing on this story regularly! <3

Disclaimer: I solemnly swear I am not J.K. Rowling and I do not own the Harry Potter series.

Freddy and I walked silently next to each other until we reached the giant tree from earlier today. I instantly sat down, pulling Freddy beside me. 

He shifted uncomfortably and was clearly nervous. Breathing in the October air, I stayed silent, letting Freddy find the first words to say.

“If I tell you what’s up with me.” He broke through the silence. “You have to promise me, you won’t tell anybody. Not even James.”

“Sure, Freddy.” I turned to him and smiled reassuringly. “Your secret’s safe with me.”

A hint of a smile spread on his face, while his eyes still floated over the Black Lake; watching it as if it was the most fascinating place in the world.

“I-” He began. “I fancy someone, Autumn.”

My eyes lit up. “But that’s awesome, Freddy!”

His face grew stony again. “It’s serious this time. I-” He broke, his usually confident shell at his feet on the gound. “I tried stopping it, Autumn, I really tried.”

“But why would you want to stop-” I tried cutting across but he wouldn’t have it.

“It’s not right Autumn, I can’t fancy… that person.” He brought his hands to his forehead and hid behind them.

“But, I don’t understand.” Why couldn’t he fancy her?

“It’s just not right, Autumn. Gosh-” He said, burying his face in his hands again.

“What’s her name then?” I grinned and gently nudged his shoulder.

“That’s exactly the point, Autumn.” Freddy exclaimed. I just stared at him waiting for further explanation, as my brain apparently didn’t want to put the pieces together. “You don’t have to ask what her name is. The right question would be: what’s his name?”

His name? Did that mean that- “You’re gay?” I asked dumbfounded.

“Yes, Autumn.” Freddy mumbled and fiddled with my fingers - I didn’t even notice that he had taken my hand in his.

“But what’s wrong with that?” I asked, once I collected my thoughts.

“What’s wrong?” He snorted. “Everything is wrong, Autumn. I’m not supposed to feel that way! I’m supposed to have a girlfriend and-”

“Hang on there, Fredster.” I interrupted him, placing my free hand on his shoulder. “You’re not supposed to be anything but you! Being gay isn’t a crime. And doesn’t make you a bad person or any different!”

“But that’s exactly what it does!” He mumbled. “It makes me different. If it comes out, people won’t look at me the same. They will treat me different, hell Autumn, some will even be disgusted.” He threw me a look to say “don’t even think about interrupting” and went on. “And that’s exactly why no one can find out. Do you get that?”

I nodded silently and enveloped him in a bear hug. “I won’t tell anyone, Freddy.”

He threw his arms around my tiny waist and buried his face in the crook of my neck. “Thank you, A. You have no idea how much this means to me.”

I smiled at the fact that Freddy trusted me so much that he would tell me his deepest secret and hugged him tighter. “I’ve got one question, though.” I pulled back to look at him. “And you have to answer it, mister.” I grinned cheekily.

Freddy raised an eyebrow and motioned me to go on.

“Who is it you fancy?”


“I can’t believe I agreed to this.” I grumbled as I hit my head on the stony arm of the statue of Salazar, as we hid behind it.

“Shush, Autumn, or they’re going to hear us.” Freddy growled to my left.

So you probably are asking yourself: why am I currently crouching on the cold floor of the Slytherin dungeons behind an ancient statue?

Well, that’s a rather easy question to answer: Freddy dragged me across the whole castle to the entrance of the Slytherin common room to spy on McLaggen and Parkinson.

Jealous bugger.

I frowned and shuffled a bit closer to Freddy – this statue was way too small to cover two people.

“There he is!” Freddy hissed and motioned to the left where McLaggen skipped along the corridor. Yes. He skipped. With the top two buttons of his shirt undone and sleeves of his robe rolled up to the elbows, he actually looked kind of fit. I shuddered at my thoughts. I did not just think that. Gross, Autumn. “But I can’t see pug face anywhere.”

“She’s probably off in the bathrooms stuffing her bra or something.” I stated, rolling my eyes and Freddy only shrugged his shoulders.

The minutes passed by slowly and nothing happened. A dead silence hung over the hallways in this part of the castle and I had to stifle a yawn until we heard someone coming down the stairway to the dungeons.

I closed my eyes and prayed not to burst out laughing as I heard McLaggen was talking – no, singing – to himself. “I’m too sexy for my robe, too sexy for my robe, soooo sexayyyyyy yeah-”

“Freddy.” I pointed my thumb at McLaggen. “Seriously? YOU FANCY THAT DOLT?!”

“Hey! I take offence in that!” He whisper yelled, for McLaggen still hadn’t made it into the common room.

“You should.” I told him.

“Look, I know you don’t think highly of him, Autumn, but-” Freddy started.

“He might be nice yadda yadda, I get it, Fredster.” I threw him a look. “But before you get your hopes up, kiddo, we best find out, if he’s even into guys. For all we know – and seeing at the moment-“ I said referring to his flirtiness towards Parkinson. “he appears to be straight, I’m afraid.”

Freddy nodded reluctantly and let out a sigh, when suddenly a familiar voice interrupted our conversation.

“What in Merlin’s dirty socks are you two doing here?!”



James was staring at Freddy and me awaiting our answer, while tapping his right foot impatiently.

“Ummm…” Fred started, looking at me with wide eyes. He obviously needed some help there.

“You see-” I whirled around to look for McLaggen, but he seemed to be gone already. “Fredster and I overheard a conversation during History of Magic between Flint and McZane talking about smuggling dung bombs out of the Slytherin common room to prank some of the first years, and you know, we couldn’t just let that happen.”

Call me master of excuses, please.

James eyed us suspiciously but let it go. “So you’re cowering behind a statue.” He trailed.

“Exactly.” Freddy and I chorused and promptly burst out laughing, relieved to let go some of the built up tension.

“I have such weird friends.” He mumbled and rubbed his forehead, making us laugh only harder.

“So what brings you down here, mister?” I reversed the situation and Freddy raised an eyebrow.

“Uhh. Actually I heard the same rumor.” He said scratching his neck. “Just wanted to check out if it’s really true.”

My head spinned to Freddy and I shot him a disbelieving look. James couldn’t have heard of that rumor. I only made it up a mere thirty seconds ago!

“Oh, sure.” Freddy said grinning, before raising his eyebrows suggestively at me, mouthing “we’re so going to talk about that later” when James wasn’t looking.

“Well, welcome to our hiding place then!” I chirped and we all crouched down behind the statue again.

And that’s when all the thoughts in my head started going wild: Why did James lie to me?


Lesson 8:

When life hands you lemons, you lie life away.

Any reviews / opinions would make me the happiest person ever (:

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