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Their Reason To Live chapter 4:

Welcome back to TRTL :) Im so sorry for the late delay but you can read about that in the A/N. Enjoy for now xx


"And suddenly I become a part of your past
I'm becoming the part that don't last
I'm losing you and it's effortless
Without a sound we lose sight of the ground"

-Over My Head, The Fray

27th February, Monday

Hermione put her plate in the sink and turned towards Ron.

"Are you going to floo with me?" She asked him. "Or will you be meeting Pansy first?"

"I think I'll be meeting Pansy first so you go ahead", Ron answered, draining his coffee and putting the glass down.

"I'll see you later then", She smiled at him. She kissed him on top of his head and headed towards the fireplace, grabbing her bag from the coffee table on the way. Hermione did her best to treat Ron best she could, avoiding any awkward moment possible. The best way she knew how to was by pretending he was just her best friend and treating him as that.

She knew she'd never be able to treat him as more. So she didn't even try. Why fool herself when she knew the inevitable truth?

She threw the floo powder into the grate and disappeared, green flames engulfing her. Ron watched her go before standing up and cleaning up the kitchen. With magic, of course.

He brushed some toast crumbs from his black shirt and slung his Ministry robes over his shoulder before stepping into the fireplace and calling out Pansy's residence.

He stepped out and the first thing he saw was Hayley jumping two feet into the air.

"Ron, you scared me! I was just about to floo to St.Mungo's", She said, straightening her hair out.

"Didnt your work start half an hour ago?" Ron asked, checking his watch.

"They've been allowing me later and later mornings ever since the accident and plus Pansy went for a shower late today so I had to wait a little bit extra", She explained.

"Ah, is she alright?"

"She's the same as ever. You can see that she barely sleeps at night. I think she stays up trying to remember how things and people sound." Hayley's voice was filled with sadness. "Anyway, Ive to go. Thanks for waiting till Blaise get's here." She patted Ron on his arm, stepped around him and flooed away.

Just then, Pansy came walking down the stairs and upon seeing Ron, a smile spread across her face. She waved at him and opened her mouth to say something but she choked on her words before realizing she couldn't say it. It had been six months yet she wasn't used to this... This incapability.

Ron flopped down on the sofa and patted the place beside him. She sat down next to him and both leaned their heads back and just sat there. Obviously in silence. His hand found her's and he held on tightly, giving her his silent support. Because words of comfort would be of no use.

* * *

"I don't know whether what you did will have bad results or good", Ginny said, fixing Harry's collar unnecessarily.

"Only time will tell", Harry said, taking her hands in his.

"Time. Harry, it's been six months and there has been no change since the fight. We're exactly where we were. It's like the very time we're waiting for to come into action has stood still." Ginny said, looking into her husband's eyes sadly. "How much more time will it take?"

"I wish I knew, Gin", He said, leaning his head against her's. "I really wish I knew but I don't. We can only wait and see."

"Hopefully there'll be a change because of what you did", Ginny said, extracting herself from Harry. She kissed him quickly and went to the fireplace. "That is if he accepted."

"It would be impossible for him to accept such an offer. Trust me, he accepted", Harry said.

"Then hopefully there'll be a change. See you after work." Ginny said and then called, "St.Mungo's" with which she disappeared in green flames.

* * *

Ron nodded at Blaise before flooing away. Blaise looked over at Pansy and grinned at her, holding up a DVD. She pointed to her ears and shook her head, a little hurt that Blaise would bring something like a movie to watch with her.

His smile grew wider and he came to stand in front of her. He held out the cover and pointed at a line at the bottom of it. She looked up at him and smiled. It had said "With English Subtitles." And she also saw that it was a movie in a language neither of them knew, meaning that he wouldn't be able to understand the speech either- like her, he would have to read the subtitles.

Blaise inserted the CD into the player and sat beside her as it began playing. He would come over whenever he could and do something with her- either play some game or learn how to cook or anything that she would be able to do without needing her listening or speaking abilities.

Just before the credits began, she patted his arm and he turned to her. She smiled and mouthed "Thank you."

* * *

Stacey slid into the seat beside Scorpius.

"Hello there", He smiled at her.

The others at the table stopped whatever they were doing and unconciously held their breathes.

"Hey", She said, returning his smile. They all released their breathes and smiled even if she wasn't looking at them.

"How are you holding up?" Drake asked, taking her hand from across the table and squeezing it.

"I'm... holding up", She answered softly. But at least she had answered. That, for them, right now, was good enough. They had been worried when she hadn't met them the previous day, preferring to stay cooped up in the Library or in her room.

"How did your little heart-to-heart with Lysander go?" Drake asked and his voice had the usual sharp edge to it every time he spoke about the Ravenclaw.

"Drake", Scorpius said in a warning tone.

"I dont see why you have a problem with him", Stacey said, looking at him, her eyebrows furrowed together.

"I dont."

"Yes you bloody well do", Stacey argued. "And it needs to stop. He's my... friend."

"You don't sound so confident about that."

She huffed in frustration and stood up, grabbing an apple. "Let me know when you decide to be a little mature and act your age. You need to accept that Lysander is my friend and nothing will change that." She smiled at Scorpius and Albus, who were watching their exchange. They smiled back at her, albeit a little weakly, and she left the hall, oblivious to the pair of brown eyes watching her from the end of the Ravenclaw table.

* * * *

"Good morning", Hermione's friend at work, Irene, greeted her, smiling softly. She had black short hair with the front section of it dyed dark blue and a slim figure, only about a few centimeters taller than Hermione. She had bright midnight blue eyes that beautifully matched her streaked hair and she was dressed in a semi-formal white button up shirt with black jeans.

" 'Morning, Irene", Hermione smiled at her. "How's Jack doing?" The fact that Irene hadn't slept properly in a month due to her two month old son was evident in her eyes.

"Being a single mother is far from easy", Irene said, her smile dropping for a few seconds. "It's so difficult. And if it wasn't for mum, I don't know how I'd be able to work enough to earn for the two of us. I hate leaving him every morning but I have to. I still don't know how to thank you enough, Hermione. I know if I was in any other department, I would've been kicked off for the late mornings and early leaving."

"Don't be silly, Irene. You're a phenomenal addition to my team and I wouldn't let you go for anything. You work so hard and I admire you for being so strong right now", Hermione said, being completely honest. Irene was one of the best she had in her team.

"Thank you", The younger lady said, blushing a bit. "I need to get back to my work. Oh, Crane needs you in his office by the way. He told me to tell you ASAP."

Hermione nodded and after a quick goodbye and guarantee that they'd meet for lunch, she headed for the Auror Department Head's office. There were four levels in the Auror Department. She was the head of her level and Harry was the head of his- the Fourth level, the one that dealt with the most extreme and dangerous cases. The danger level and amount of field work decreased as the levels got lower. Sylvester Crane was the head of the entire Auror Department, the man who always had the final say.

She knocked on the office door and a "Come in" sounded from the other side. Hermione pushed open the door and the man at the oak desk in front of her looked up. He had greying hair and and sharp features. His eyes were forever observing and he was sometimes called "Stoneface" because of the lack of emotions he displayed. He was firm and got things done as soon as he asked for it but despite his hard front, Hermione quite liked the man. He had developed a soft spot for her over the years that she worked with him and she knew she could always pull favors from him.

"You asked for me, Sir?" She asked, coming to stand in front of the desk. The sixty-five year old man stood up, nodding.

"I did, Ms. Granger", He said, his voice strong and confident as always. She kept silent, waiting for him to elaborate as to why.

"I hear there is a free position in your department now that Mr. Jescher has left?" Hermione nodded, still amazed at how well Crane could keep track of all the people working under his department. And that was a huge number. Thirty in each department, give or take a few. That made about a hundred and twenty people and he knew all their names.

"That is correct", She confirmed.

"We received several applications for the empty post and I have selected somebody," Crane said, coming around the desk to stand in front of her. "I fear though, it might take a little while for you to get used to him." Hermione's eyebrows came together in confusion.

"I assure you, Sir, whoever it is- I should be alright with it", Hermione said confidently. Crane looked at her through his ever-calculating look.

"You do know that I consider you my daughter, do you not?" He asked and she was a little taken aback at his words. He was barely one to speak of his emotions at all. She was possible one of the only few to have experienced his soft side.

"I do, Sir", She nodded.

"Then you must know that whatever decisions I make, I make them for your department's good. For your good, am I right?" He asked, half-sitting on the edge of the desk.

"Of course but will all due respect, is there a reason for these questions? Are you- " She faltered for a second as a thought crossed her mind, before recovering, "-Sir, are you firing me?"

His eyebrows shot up for the fraction of a second before resuming it's normal place. "I am not daft."

"I- I didn't imply that, Sir!" She quickly said.

"I know you didn't. Ms.Granger, I have discussed this with other departments' heads and they find the candidate I selected quite worthy of the post."

"I'm sure he is if you selected him", Hermione said. "If you dont mind me asking, who is he?"

"I think it would be best if you saw for yourself", Crane turned around and pressed a button at the opposite end of this desk and said, "Send him in please." They waited, staring at the door for a few seconds.

And then it opened.

And then Hermione's eyes widened.

And then she could feel her breathe hitch in her throat.

And then she could feel her heart tighten painfully.

And then Draco Malfoy walked into the office.

* * * *


Whoopssss. So that's what Harry meant when he thought he would be changing the course of the past six months. DNFIUNFIUEWNVWEIUN Draco's in Hermione's department. This cannot be good. Or can it? -.^ You'll just have to wait and see. So this chapter had relatively light content that was much less depressing and the story is only going to build up from now onwards (:

Id like to apologize for the bloody late chapter. I only just finished typing it out (25th August) and Im uploading it today. Hopefully it'll reach you all soon. Thank you all so so much for your reviews and they really encouraged me so much. I've been going through a hard time, like I said in The Other Reality and it's been taking me time to catch up with my writing again- I had a bad writer's block for a solid one or two weeks so forgive me.

Thank you all again and see you in the next chapter :)
Much Love,
FeltonLewis xx

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