In that single moment, it feels like the passage of time was slowly peeled away for Cho Chang and she was once again in the Room of Requirements alone with Harry. They had just finished a DA session and she found herself procrastinating in the doorway, waiting for Harry to be alone.

She knew she should not be here, waiting for him. Already her eyes are watering, the tears threatening to overcome her restraints. She should have joined Marietta in her walk back to their dormitory. She should be mourning for Cedric. Being here waiting for another guy feels like dishonoring her memories especially if that other guy is Harry Potter.

Long before she and Cedric became an item, she had set her eyes on Harry but he never did approach her, never asked her for a date. And when he did finally found the courage to do, she had already said yes to Cedric.

Back then, even when she was on a date with Cedric, thoughts of Harry would creep into her minds and she would ventilate in effort to bury those forbidden thoughts. Even at nights, she would dream of Harry’s arms, not Cedric’s, enveloping her. Each night she would dream of Harry making love to her so strong that she would wake up covered in sweat.

For weeks, she fought against such thoughts. And when Cedric died, she hoped the pain of losing him would finally drown the forbidden fantasies.

She was wrong.

It only intensified into the point that she could barely stop herself from screaming her unfulfilled longing each night she woke up from the dream. Last night was the last straw when she finally lost control and she woke up screaming much to the shock of her roommates. She cried tears of frustration, embarrassment and guilt until finally she reach a decision.

Enough is enough she had said to herself.

It no longer matters whether her attraction to Harry is natural or not. She will no longer resist it. She will no longer let the memory of Cedric hinder her. She will let Harry decide and damn the consequence.

Tonight would decide it all. She murmured to herself, letting go of her restraint and letting the intense feeling for Harry envelop her. Tears of joy not sadness filled her eyes as she was swept by the tide of passion.

Sorry Cedric…She murmured as she took a step closer toward Harry who is seemed fixed at the center of the room. She imagined letting go of Cedric’s hand as she walked closer and closer to Harry, the desire intensifying

“Harry…” She whispered his name.

“Cho, what…?” Harry stammered though Cho could see passion clouds his emerald eyes. She knew then and then that he too was reaching a decision point, that he also feels the same overriding passion that engulfs her now.

She shook her head at him. Words no longer matter. Daintily, she pressed her hands on his chest, feeling the nervous beating of his hearts. She smiled shyly as she stared into his emerald eyes and she swooned with giddy at what she saw.

Harry wants her as much as she wants him tonight.

Hot tears fell from her eyes as she imagined Cedric looking guiltily at her before turning away, finally dissolving into nothing as Harry finally lowered his lips to hers. The kiss started gently, their lips discovering each other but as passion envelops them, she pulled him closer and his kiss became intense. It was the sweetest kiss that also burned her through and through.

“Harry!” She cried out when Harry started trailing kiss on her neck

The trip back to her dorm was a blur. She and Harry barely talked as they got dressed. Harry only kissed her on the forehead before promising to take her on a valentines date the coming Hogsmeade visit.

Both of them had then walked away in different directions.

The influence was gone and she couldn’t even remember why she was so attracted to Harry.

“I have forgotten…” Cho murmured as she stared at Harry. Somehow, she had forgotten that special night. Somehow, the experience was buried deep in her mind. All she remembered was the kiss that ended with them saying clumsy goodnight to each other. She thought and believed that that was all that happened but the memories flooded back into her now. “How could I have forgotten a night like that?”

And with the memories came the same overriding feelings before.

How she could have forgotten such a life-changing experience and the impossibility of his return was pushed back into the far corner of her mind. Only one thing mattered: She wants Harry and she wants her bad.

“Harry, enough.”

The familiar voice broke into Cho’s trance and the world refocused for her. She saw Bellatrix Lestrange has already fallen unconscious. Harry hesitantly hid his wand while a familiar bushy haired lady and a blonde woman was looking at him uneasily.

“Sorry, I let my anger gets the better of me.” Harry sighed as he finally looked in her direction. The moment their eyes met, the mysterious passion flared far stronger than she could imagine. It was only with great effort that she remained where she was, her hands clenched tightly, her lips half open in longing for his kiss.

“Can you hold it off for a little while, Harry?” The lady Cho recognized as Hermione Granger asked. “We first need to make sure everybody is all right here before we could do something about…”

“Our room is still available.” The woman who Cho finally placed as Susan Bones of Hufflepuff House spoke up. “He could bring Chang there while we make sure all friendlies are evacuated before the death eaters swooped in.”

“What the hell is going on?” Cho finally managed to say, not bothering to stand up.

“Hello, Chang.” Hermione gave her a quick salute. “The gist of the story: Harry’s back. He survived the killing curse again. Don’t ask me how but he did but not without a cost. He needs our help. He is missing some memories to do what he must to defeat the Dark Lord.” Hermione knelt beside Padma who had already lost consciousness. “We already have done our part. Now it is your turn.”

“My turn…” Cho glanced at Harry who shyly offered his hand to her. She noticed the glint of the oh-so familiar passion in his eyes before he took a deep breath and it was gone.

“I’ll explain everything.” Harry said.

The voice was so familiar that it brought tears into her eyes again. She never thought she’d hear it again. And it was that voice and the overriding passion that clouds everything that made her reach out and grab his offered hand. Her eyes grew wide when she felt the familiar tugging at her navel.


She stumbled away from him as soon as she felt her feet land on even grounds. The disorientation cause by the travel through a portkey managed to weaken the desire suffusing her. The impossibility of Harry’s coming back to life slammed into her and her instinct kicked it.

Riding her stumble forward, she whirled around firing an impedimenta curse at her kidnapper.

“Cho…” Harry hastily erected a shield to deflect the curse.

“How dare you use his image like this?” Cho shouted, using her anger to override the intense desire that was slowly creeping back into her system. Absentmindedly, she noted that they were a comfy one bed room with a small window. With a flick of her wand, she sent the foam on the double-size bed flying toward what she believed was an impostor. She rushed to the window, glimpsing the shamble that was Diagon Alley before she was magically pulled back.

“Cho if you would…” Harry raised his wand in surrender as soon as he deposited Cho on the other side of the room.

“Who are you?” Cho shouted, nose flaring as she sent a disarming spell at Harry. She smirked with satisfaction when Harry’s wand flew to the far corner of the room. “Who the hell are you?”

“Cho, it’s me, Harry.” Harry kept his hands up. He intentionally did not deflect the disarming spell, knowing that he won’t be able to convince her through fighting. He needs to make her listen. Most of all, he needs to make her trust the Hallow’s influence.

“What did you do? Violate the Weasley’s house to get a sample of Harry’s hair? Took it from his old dormitory in Hogwarts? Dug up his grave?” Cho’s punctuated every question with a stinging curse. Harry took it all in stride, unconsciously deflecting the curse with his hands as he slowly step back from the advancing China doll. Cho’s eyes grew wide when she noticed no sting marks appearing on his hands. “Who are you?”

“How can I explain if you keep trying to hex me?” Harry finally said exasperatedly. With such close proximity, the Hallow’s influence swirls all around him life a tidal wave, threatening to swept him in its tide. It is taking all his concentration not to jump Cho, knowing especially that as soon as they touch Cho will lose herself in the influence as well.

“You have thirty seconds to explain before I blast you dead.” Cho almost whispered. She had made the mistake of looking into Harry’s desire-filled eyes. In an instant, her anger was drained away replaced by a strong desire. It is taking all her powers to stay rooted where she was and keep pointing her wand at him.

“I don’t need to explain it all.” Harry took a step forward. “All I need is for you to acknowledge what you are feeling right now.” He took another step forward. Unbidden, Cho mimicked him, taking a tentative step, her wand hand wavering. “I know you are feeling it…this intense desire, pulling us together…the same feeling we felt before in the Room of Requirement…” Another step took him closer to her. “…the same feeling that we somehow forgot but are now all coming back…and it will stay until we let it reign free. Feel it, listen to it, ride it…”

As Harry get closer, the pull intensified, causing Cho to ventilate, her passion soaring. This was the same overriding desire she felt before during their Hogwart’s days. Back then it was mingled with guilt over the death of Cedric. Now guilt was lost, replaced by wonder of the impossibility.

“It can’t be.” Her lips uttered the denial yet her body responded differently, moving on its own volition, taking a step to close the gap between them, the wand falling as her arms reach out to encircle Harry’s neck. “This is insane…”

“I’ll explain later…” Harry whispered before he claimed her lips and let passion soared around them.


Cho screamed in happiness as Harry claimed her, she hugging him tight. Harry buried his face at the nape of her neck, panting as he released all that he has.

“Harry…” Cho whispered as he slumped on top of her. Harry only responded with a soft kiss on her neck as he closed his eyes, letting the memories flow into him.

Watching Ginny soar through the sky riding a broom…

Watching from afar as she grows into a beautiful woman and his feelings for her change into something more…

Looking jealously as he caught her snogging with Dean…

Swallowing his disappointment as she walk away to join her friends in their train compartment…

Inhaling a dose of Amortencia, realizing it was she that he thinks of…

Hiding under the cloak as she and Dean passes by…

Kissing her finally in the common room…

Their magical walk in the castle grounds…

Joking with her at the common room about a tattoo…

The hard goodbye during Dumbledore’s funeral…

The harder farewell as he was about to look for the Horcrux…

Ginny Weasley…

Just like that everything slammed into him: all the love he feels for her, all the dreams he has of her. Guilt enveloped him as felt Cho hugged him closer. He had just slept with this amazing woman and all he could think of was Ginny. Gently, he rolled off her and lay by her side, looking at the ceiling.

Cho sighed as the passion ebbed. She now knew in her heart that this is really Harry that was lying beside her. She also knew that without that passion Harry wouldn’t have slept with her. She knew enough of his heart to know who truly resides in it. Burying the pain, she focused on the promised explanation. “Can you explain everything now?”

Surprisingly, they had landed and made love on top of the overturned mattress from the bed and Harry pulled the blanket over them. He took a deep breath before turning on his side to face her.

“Do you know the story of ‘The Three Brothers’?” He asked.

“The one written by Beadle the Bard?” Cho asked, staying flat on her back, the blanket held closely to her chest. “All magical beings know it. How does the story relates to how you are alive when I was there when you got killed.”

“The three gifts received by the brothers from Death are called the Deathly Hallow and they exist.” Harry placed a finger on his lips. “Believe me it is true. My invisibility cloak is one of the Hallow. Somehow, through my constant usage of the cloak, I was chosen by the Hallow to become its master. And through my myriad adventures, I managed to find in one point in time all the Hallows.”

“Was the strong passion that compelled us into this situation is from these Hallows?”

“Yes.” Harry smiled wryly. “To be truly a master of death, I needed to experience death but surviving death does not come without a price. Death would have taken my memories and I would have been reborn as someone new without connection to my past life but through the machination of the third brother’s son, the memories of any potential master of the Hallow are safe kept into chosen people.”

“And I was your memory-keeper?” Cho asked.

“My memories were divided into four ladies.” Harry winced.

“Lucky you.” Cho punched him lightly on the chest. “So who was the other three, my sisters in passion?”

“Luna Lovegood was the first keeper though I believe you were my first experience.” Harry surmised.

“As you were mine.” Cho looked away. “Cedric and I never…Anyway, let me guess. Bones and Granger are the other two? I would have thought that Ginny…”

“We never…” It was Harry’s turn to look away. “Though I believe she still holds a memory or two. I know the Hallow. I know what they can do yet I don’t feel any connection to them. I keep going through all I know about the Hallows and I can’t shake the feeling that I still don’t have all my memories. I need to find her.”

“Then your work is cut out for you.” Cho sat up and looked her nickers. “The death eaters carted her off during your funeral and nobody had seen her since. She might even be d…”

“I won’t believe that. The Hallow has guided me to you all one by one. Now that I found you, I can feel it again directing me forward…directing me to her.” Harry said vehemently.

“Or the Hallow might be directing you toward a different woman.” Cho pointed out. Harry was about to retort when the door to the room opened to reveal Susan Bones and Hermione Granger, both with their eyebrows up.

“What have you two been doing?” Susan asked slyly. She noticed how disarrayed the room was with the bed overturned, the mattress at the center of the room, the curtains in tatters and the wall pockmarked with spell damage.

“It must have been pretty wild.” Hermione smirked as Cho and Harry blushed.


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