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With a gentle whoosh, Harry and Hermione found themselves standing in a small square room. In front of them was a mirrored door that reflected two people with smiling faces standing arm in arm. After a brief pause, they heard the muffled ding of a bell. The mirrored door before them split in two from top to bottom and then slid open into the walls. Harry and Hermione stepped forward into a vestibule with marble floors, dark wood paneled walls and a small chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Behind them, the doors of a very ordinary looking muggle elevator closed and the magical travel point was hidden from view. A small sign on the wall contained the words "Lobby and Front Desk" and an arrow pointed to the left. They turned, still arm in arm, and began to slowly walk up the hallway.

After a short distance, there was a large window that let in sunlight from the outside. They stepped toward the window and stopped to look out. The view overlooked a very large area containing two enormous swimming pools with palm trees and hedges on the far side. Surrounding the pools were lounge chairs and tables, some containing towels and tote bags. Guests were reclined and reading or napping in the late afternoon sun. One of the pools contained children swimming and splashing in the water. In the other pool, some older adults were swimming leisurely. Another large group congregated at a swim up bar talking and drinking colorful beverages.

Harry and Hermione glanced at each other momentarily and then continued walking. After a short distance, the hallway opened into a large lobby. Crystal chandeliers hung from the high ceiling and cast a warm inviting glow into the room. Green and flowering plants were scattered around the room and large chairs were arranged in small groupings. On the far side of the lobby there were large glass doors. Through the doors, they could see a number of muggle automobiles and luggage carts being loaded by bellhops. Guests entering through the doors moved toward a very large front desk on one side of the lobby.

Hermione nudged Harry and then pointed to a man standing behind a much smaller front desk on the right side of the lobby. The man was looking at them with his hand raised above his head. They moved toward him through a narrow opening in a row of closely spaced potted plants. The commotion of the other people in the lobby faded away as they stepped through a magical barrier and walked up to the front desk.

The concierge said, "Good afternoon sir. Reservation name?"

"James Evans," replied Harry.

The concierge glanced at the records and then lifted a small card. "Ah yes, three days tropical accommodations with private, beachfront cottage." The concierge moved a large book on the desk toward him. "If you would please sign here."

After Harry signed the register the concierge said, "Is this your first stay with us?"

"Yes, it is."

"Welcome sir and madam. These are your room portkeys. As you step through the door, you will step into your requested accommodations. Your particular accommodations are some distance from where we are now. They are enclosed within security wards to ensure beach privacy. Should you wish to avail yourselves of any of our other services or restaurants here, simply exit your room. Room service is also available. Your room is located down the hall on your right. Have a pleasant stay."

As they stepped into the room, the sound of waves rushing onto a beach could be heard in the distance. They passed the bathroom door and stepped into a single spacious room. On one side was a small seating area. On the far wall, below a large open window, a table was set for two. A gentle sea breeze touched their faces bringing with it the scent of the ocean air. A king-size bed was on the other side of the room. They slowly stepped forward between the table and bed that led them out to a porch. One side of the porch held a hot tub with a view of the beach. The waves could be seen about fifty feet in the distance. They walked hand in hand part way out onto the beach among the palm trees that swayed gently in the breeze.

"Harry, this is wonderful and so romantic!"

Harry put his arm around her waist and said, "Yeah. This will be very nice. So what do you fancy, dinner or a walk on the beach?"

"Dinner and then a walk on the beach. We spent most of our time talking with our guests and didn't get much time to eat. I'm hungry."


Harry was now wearing shorts and a loose fitting button down shirt both in tropical colors. Hermione had changed into a two-piece swimsuit under a sarong and loose fitting top; also in tropical colors.

"The card says to sit down, say 'room service', the entrée and then 'place order'," said Hermione.

Harry moved a chair back so she could seat herself. She smiled and sat down. Harry sat down in the other chair next to her and as he did so, the two candles on the table lit themselves. They smiled at each other and then moved their heads close to look at the menu. After deciding, they spoke their orders.

After a moment, their orders appeared in front of them. A bottle of champagne also appeared with two glasses. Harry looked at the card attached to the bottle. Smiling, he read the card aloud, "Congratulations you two! Have a wonderful time. Ron and Ginny."

"Oh, that was so sweet of them," said Hermione.

Taking the bottle into his hand, the cork popped and flew across the room. Looking at her, Harry said, "Some champagne Mrs. Potter?"

Smiling she said, "Why yes please, Mr. Potter."  Harry filled the two glasses.

"Oh, that reminds me," said Hermione. She reached inside her pocket and withdrew two small vials each containing a small amount of colored liquid. She smiled. "This is the contraceptive potion we talked about. It's effective for a month."

She handed the bluish colored vial to Harry and then she drank the pinkish colored one. Her nose crinkled slightly and she took a sip of water. Harry smiled and drank his potion.

Harry took his champagne glass and held it up. Hermione held her glass up also. Harry said, "To our new life together and all the wonderful magic it will bring." They lightly clinked the glasses and a gentle ethereal singing sound rang out. With delighted smiles, they interlinked their arms and took a sip while looking into each other's eyes.

They unlinked their arms, their faces now very close. He leaned forward and kissed her lightly. "I love you."

"I love you," and she kissed him in return. She took another sip of champagne. With a surprised expression she said, "Oh Harry, this champagne is delightful. Each sip has a slightly different flavor."

Harry took another sip of his champagne. He smiled and said, "A hint of apple this time. My first sip had a hint of strawberry."

"Pear and then peach for me." She raised her glass and said, "To our very best magical friends, Ron, Ginny and the whole Weasley family." The glasses clinked and the singing sound rang out.


After dinner, while the last glow of twilight was fading, they leisurely walked on their beach that seemed to stretch for miles. The waves rolled onto the beach with a blue bioluminescent glow and the sand sparkled beneath their feet with each step. Moonlight shimmered on the water. They stopped every so often to pick up and examine a shell or embrace and kiss. Their dress slowly became just swimsuits as they splashed in the ankle deep warm water that washed up over their feet with each wave. The moon and stars cast a magic spell over them and the rest of the world faded from their thoughts. The world had only two people in it now along with the gentle roar of the waves. The warm tropical breezes heighten their senses and desire for each other.

Later, with her comfortably sitting in his lap, they gazed out across the sand watching the waves and sipping champagne. The palm trees swayed in the evening breeze. They breathed in the subtle aroma of the pineapple and coconut scented water that foamed and rippled in shades of red and gold. She set down her champagne glass and leaned back against him lettings out a deep breath in a relaxed sigh. He held her as the warm bubbling water swirled around them and lightly tickled their skin. 

Harry said, "I just had a very happy realization. Now I can say, 'This is my wife Hermione' when I introduce you to people. I really like the sound of that."

"Calling you my husband makes me feel warm and contented inside."

After a moment, he smiled and said, "We don't have to be chaperoned by my Mum and Dad anymore."

She pursed her lips and then said, "I'm very happy about that. I still don't think we were excessively hot and steamy that night. And we were wearing our underwear. He just wanted to pour that water on us. You saw the smirk he had on his face afterward. Both of them could hardly keep from laughing. And the water was cold too!"

He laughed. "Yeah, really spoiled the mood didn't it."

She got up, turned around to face him and reseated herself in his lap wrapping her legs around him. "Well," she said with a grin, "you were thoroughly enjoying yourself watching me use that drying charm on the bed."

With a faraway expression on his face he said, "Oh yes. You looked very nice like that, beautiful eye candy." Then, he looked at her with an expression of knowing and said, "You enjoyed teasing me."

She smiled and with a mischievous expression said, "Yes ... I did." They both laughed.

He began to gently massage her shoulders and neck. As his fingers massaged her temples and head, she cooed softly. Her eyes closed and there was a blissful expression on her face. They wrapped each other in a loving embrace and kissed passionately. Soon, swimsuits lie on the floor as they explored each other with a delicate touch. A while later, she wrapped her arms around his neck and they looked deeply into each other's eyes. Their gaze for each other was tender, desirous and submissive.

With her arms still around his neck, he gently picked her up and carried her inside. Somewhere music seemed to be playing as they danced very slowly and rhythmically. As he watched, a delighted smile appeared on her face. Their eyes looked deeply into each other and they danced ever closer. She wrapped herself tightly around him and pulled him into a loving kiss. They were sweeping each other away from their surroundings. Reassuring words and feelings flowed silently between their connected minds and bodies as their breathing quickened. Gazing at each other, their eyebrows narrowed. Then, as if an immense cathedral bell had been forcefully struck, their heads tilted back and their eyes squeezed shut.

A disconnected image formed; dim fog like surroundings. Here at its center, many pure white ghost-like beings were present. In what seemed like an open area within the spherical midst, two of the beings approached each other. There was a glorious happiness and each radiated in a bright glow. They stretched out toward each other and wrapped their vaporous forms as they met and touched. Turning into each other in a whirlpool of delight, they merged into a single being that pulsated and reverberated in a joyous song. Waves of light emanated in all directions like ripples on a pond. The surrounding beings flared, and in a cascade of warmth and light, imploded. The incandescent light expanded rapidly and drove the joyous song outward in all directions. After a moment, and an eternity, the merged being dissolved into the surroundings with random scintillating sparkles.

The image morphed to an infinite blackness sprinkled with an uncountable number of stars. A prominent dark cloud split open and rays of light burst forth from its center. The cloud was pushed away and the new naked star burned brightly, its wavering intensity becoming smooth and steady. The image dissolved and the reverberations subsided into the sound of the wind rushing through the palm trees and waves crashing onto a beach in the distance.

Eyes slowly opened and beheld a beloved in dreamlike euphoria. Breathing slowed and a feeling of warmth and well being infused their senses. For a peaceful time, only wind and wave filled the silence between them as they lay snuggly collapsed in each other's arms.

She took a very deep breath and sighed. "Wow!" she thought to him. "Are you sure you've never done this before?"

He felt a warm tingle. Smiling he thought, "Must be beginners luck."

She smiled mischievously, "Skillful I'd say. You're very good with a wand you know." She squeezed him tightly. "It was all so very wonderful."

He chuckled and lightly stroked the silky soft skin of her back for a moment. Then, he thought, "I felt feedback from you, like that day at the family tree, but much more intense."

"Yes. It was almost overwhelming, passing back and forth between us all those times."

After a quiet moment, he thought, "Did you see a vision?"

"Yes, but my brain's a bit boggled right now and I'm not sure what it means."

He thought, "Just a moment ago, when you took that deep breath, I felt a tingling in my chest."

"You did?" she thought. "Do the same for me."

Looking at her intently, he took a very deep breath and exhaled slowly.

She smiled at him and thought, "That's so incredible. Oh Harry, I feel like your wrapped up inside me. I've just felt your breath of life."

He thought, "I feel so deeply a part of you too. Doing the bonding ritual was your most brilliant idea ever."

"Thank you Harry. You've made me the happiest girl in the world. I so dearly love you." She squeezed him tightly and then contentedly closed her eyes.

He thought, "Sweet dreams my love."

A moment later, they were both asleep.

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