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Hermione was in a deep sleep beside her daughter on the large airplane chair when someone began shaking her shoulder to wake her.



“Hermione,” The voice whispered. “We’ve landed. We’re in London. Time to get up babe”



“Noo go away, let me sleep.” She mumbled. Odd that voice sounds just like Draco, I can’t believe I dreamt that I met him and Blaise on the plane. Normally I’m so careful at keeping him out of my thoughts...



“Mione wake up.” This voice was different, louder with a slight Italian accent to it.






“We are in London. Time to get off the plane.” The voice said again.



“Oh shit!” She sat up; throwing the blanket that was placed over her, on the floor.



“Blaise? Draco? I wasn’t dreaming?” She questioned.



“Nope.” Blaise told her, with a smirk upon his face. Draco just laughed.



Checking to see if Isabella was asleep, she was, Hermione quickly ran to the bathroom to freshen up. Pulling out her wand she muttered a hygiene spell, ensuring that she smelled and felt like she had come out of a two hour shower, next she straightened her hair, before changing into skinny jeans, black high heeled boots and a tank top showing off her tanned flat stomach. For being 23 and having a four (nearly five) year old child, Hermione was hot.



Isabella was awake when she came out the bathroom;



“Mummy I thought you had left me!” Her daughter said running towards her.



“Oh princess I wouldn’t do that, now Draco and Blaise will go and get our bags whilst we freshen you up okay.” She looked at the two boys who nodded. Getting off the plane was easy after all they were in first class, so they were rushed through to collect their bags. Slyly, making sure nobody was watching Hermione changed her daughter’s clothes and hair with a flick of her wand.



“Hermione come on, our ride is here.” Draco put away his mobile and began walking to the exit.



“Draco Malfoy has a mobile?! The mighty Pureblood wizard who if I remember correctly told me and I quote, ‘Why do you need a phone when you have owls?’ has an actual mobile phone!” She teased.



“Oh shut up. People change, you know that.”



“Yeah I do.” She smiled at him, following him into the limo.  






Malfoy manor hadn’t changed one bit since that last time Hermione had seen it. After the war, Draco’s parents had gifted the manor to him, before moving to another larger manor nearby. The last time Hermione had been here was the Christmas before they broke up, she remembered. She winced. After the manor legally became his, Draco had completly refurbished it. Stripping away the all the dark/dangerous artefacts and decorative that Hermione remembered from her time there as a prisoner. It was homely now.



Stepping into main foyer, Hermione felt a sense of relief overwhelm her, being back here made her feel younger, it brought back memories of her Hogwarts days, days that were filled with Draco and laughter with her friends.



“Miss? Excuse me miss?” Hermione was startled out of her thoughts by a house elf tugging at her hand.



“Oh yes? Sorry?” She said.



“Berry was just saying how Miss and young misses things have been taken to their rooms miss. If you need anything during your stay miss, just ask for Berry!” The elf squeaked.



“Thank you.” Hermione smiled, the elf curtseyed then was cone with a loud crack.



“Come on Mione, I want to show you something. I added a cinema room to the games room one year.” Yes, once a child always a child, that was Draco. He grabbed her hand and dragged her towards the stairs.



“Okay okay.” She laughed. “Isabella, come with mummy.” She called to her daughter who was busy playing with Blaise. Isabella sighed but they both began to follow her mummy and Draco.



They walked into the room, which was pitch black, Hermione picked Isabella up so she wouldn’t lose her.



“Hang on I’ll just turn on the light.” Draco waved his wand.



The lights came on.






Blinking in the bright light, Hermione’s eyes focused to find several people looking dumfounded back and forth between her and Draco, whose hand was still holding onto Hermione’s.



“Mum? Dad?”Draco gasped. “What are you doing here?”



“We decided to throw a party and celebrate you and Blaise coming home, I’ve missed you son.” Narcissa Malfoy said, her soft voice choked with unshed tears. Behind her, Hermione could see two tall olive skinned adults, obviously Blaise’s parents and beside them, a young woman who Hermione did not know.



“BLAISE!” Shrieked the girl as she ran towards him.



“Astoria! My love, I have missed you.” He caught her in his arms and twirled her around.



“Draco? Is that who I think it is?” His mother asked, walking slowly forwards.



“Yes. Mum this is Hermione and...and” He looked at Hermione, hesitating. She nodded at him and began to speak,



“This is our daughter, Isabella Charlotte Granger-Malfoy.” She stated.



“Oh!” Narcissa gasped and clasped her hands together. Abandoning her tough exterior she ran forward and flung herself on Hermione and her granddaughter holding them in a tight embrace.



Lucius came forward and hugged his son, before shaking his hand in a manly fashion, although Lucius had changed considerably since the war, he was still not great at showing his emotions, unlike his wife.



“Draco, how can this be?!” His mother asked. “You went away for a break and you find her?”



Draco, struggling to breathe from his mothers hug didn’t answer so Hermione did.



“Actually Narcissa it was a coincidence that we were in the same place at the same time.” Hermione began.



“I can sense a long story coming. Come everyone, lets go upstairs and sit in the lounge.” Narcissa led them from the room...






“Hermione. Tell me everything. What have you been doing for the past five years?” Narcissa asked.



They were sitting in the Malfoy’s lounge, Blaise, his parents and Astoria had left, leaving the family some private time together. Hermione had introduced Bella to Narcissa and Narcissa had not let go of her since.



Lucius sat... smiling, watching his wife and granddaughter together. He was very proud.



Yes, at first he was not thrilled when Draco had told him that he was in love with the “Granger girl” a “Mudblood no less” but now, he could see how happy his son was, and looking at the girl and her daughter, he could see them as part of his future family. His Death Eater days were behind him.  He sat back and listened to Hermione talk.






“Well, after I left Hogwarts... did Draco ever tell you why I left?” At Narcissa nod she continued, “yes, so I fled to New York. I wanted a fresh start, so I got a job at the local wizarding newspaper and worked my way up. I took some time off after having Bella and when I came back I was offered the job of Editor, which I took.” She paused. “And have just been living there ever since. Then, a few weeks ago, I got a letter in the mail, about the five year reunion since Voldemort was defeated. I knew it was time to go back, I hadn’t spoken to anyone from home in years, my parents don’t even know about Bella.” At this, Hermione held back a sob.



“Oh honey, do not worry, as soon as you have rested I insist on taking you to see you parents.” Narcissa, unable to move from holding onto Bella squeezed Hermione’s arm in sympathy.



“Thanks.” Hermione smiled. “So, anyway, I decided it was time to go home. I booked two first class tickets for myself and Bella and off we went. I just remember getting into the first class area and settling Bella into a seat when I heard a voice. It was Blaise. I spoke to him for a while, he told me how it had been after I left, how Draco had suffered.” Hermione turned to Draco, who was beside her, “I’m sorry, I am so sorry I never believed you.”



He squeezed her and smiled at her.



“And so I came out and saw Blaise talking to this pretty girl, and it took me a moment to realise who it was: Hermione. And now here we are. She’s going to be staying with us while she’s here.” Draco finished.



“Oh, son I am so sorry that it has taken you this long to find her. Wait, while she’s here? Are you not staying?” Narcissa questioned.



“I need to get back to America, its my home right now. I have a job, an apartment, Bella just started pre-school. This is just a holiday.”



“But what about Draco? How will we see Isabella?” Narcissa questioned.



“Mother leave it. We are all tired, Mione needs sleep.” Draco interrupted.



“Yes, that is a good idea son, let’s all get some rest.” Lucius stood and offered his arm to Narcissa and together they exited the room.



As Draco walked Hermione too her and Isabella’s rooms, he was silent, at some point he would have to confront Hermione about her going back to America, but for now he was just happy to have her back with him again.



Hermione climbed into bed, with Isabella beside her, she was breathing easier now, Narcissa and Lucius had welcomed her back with open arms and tomorrow she would go see her parents and maybe even do some shopping. She was hopeful, perhaps there was some way that she and Draco could be together again?



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