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 Blake lay on his bed thinking. He knew that he should be doing his homework, but he wasn’t in the mood. Hopefully he’s get Zilla to do his homework, provided that she was in a good mood. All he did was worry lately. It was a new year and he began it worrying. More for his mother than for himself. He always remembered how every year she would leave, she would visit the grave of Maddox Perth. Once, he had asked to bring him. Reluctantly, she had. She had held his hand and left him through the gates. It had been a clear sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. The wind had blown, making it a very breezy day. They had walked together, hand in hand, up the hill. He remembered what she had been wearing. A long black skirt, cut up along the aides with shorts underneath, and a black corset top, that hung of her shoulders and with long billowy sleeves. The edges of the corset had glittered like silver in the sunlight. He remembered thinking how Victorian it looked on her, especially holding a black rose in her other hand. She stopped at the grave and had knelt down, letting go of her sons’ hand.

“Hey Maddox. It’s been another year, I hope you don’t mind. Tell my parents that I say hello. I brought Blake along today. You remember that name don’t you? He wanted to come today, he wanted to say hi, didn’t you Blake.”

Blake had nodded and stepped up. “Uh, hi. Mum says I remind her of you. I hope that’s a good thing.” His mother had laughed and had kissed him on the cheek before opening the box. A single black rose lay on it. The moment she placed it on the grave, it blood with black roses.

“Come on sweetie, let’s go home and start dinner.” From that moment on, Blake would often visit, just to talk. The reason he remembered that was because he knew. Him mum had killed him, had stabbed him with Excalibur and geld him while he died. That moment had forever destroyed her, a part of her. At the same time, it had returned her mortality. She had killed her cousin because Merwick had possessed him. That was what bothered him the most, more so than death. He didn’t want history to repeat, he didn’t want to be his mothers undoing.

“Blake!” The sound of his name brought him back to reality. He sat up, watching Zilla and Zero enter. Zero was, as usual, stuffing his face.


“Come on! Get up, you need fresh air.”

“I need to do my homework.”

“Oh I’ll do that for you,” said Zilla tugging on his arm. “Just come on.”

“Zilla I’m not in the mood okay.”

“Why not?”

“Because, my mum, if they succeed, she’ll be forced to kill me. She already had to kill her cousin. My dad said she’s never gotten over it. I can’t destroy her like that you guys.”

“So…what do you want to do?” asked Zero, popping the last of his sandwich into his mouth.

“I want to find that jewel before they do.”

“Very well,” said Zilla sitting on his bed next to him, “but we;; need to get into the Restricted Section. Preferably at night, our parents have been watching us like hawks.”

“Yeah, kinda wish they weren’t here.”

“Well don’t worry, we’ll sneak in then out and they won’t even know about it.”

“I hope so,” said Blake, laying back down again.


Blake tossed and tuned. In his dreams, he hears a voice. It was a soft and gentle voice, luring him on, urging him to get up. He opened his eyes and found that he was lying in a meadow. It was night and he recognized his surroundings. He was outside Camelot. It was the spring.


“Oh Blake,” called the sweet and gentle voice. He looked down, trying to find the source of the voice. Blake wasn’t sure he was dreaming, but he knew that he must be. He was at school, and it was still winter.

“Don’t doubt too much Mr. Malfoy,” came the voice. It was closer, so close. Blake spun around. Sitting on a boulder, near the forest was none other than Janessa, her short blond curly hair bounced in the wind. She gave him the sweetest smile, that coupled with her big blue eyes, gave her the look of innocence.

“What do you want?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“What did my mother do to you?”

“She killed my father Blake, you know that. She who lost a father took another’s. She killed him, on the orders of Voldemort. Your mother took away my father. So I’m going to take her son.”

“Why are you here? How are you even here?”

Janessa ignored the question as she fiddled with her sword. “Did you know that Merwick made himself the Ice King? I went there once, can’t live there now though, not a Vampire anymore, I can’t withstand that cold anymore. It’s a bit sad really, I did love that place. It’s so vast there and the sun, so bright, everything looks like a jewel.” She looked at him, her blue eyes cold and piercing like the ice she was speaking of. Her smile turned malevolent. Blake took a step away from her as the sky darkened.

“You want Merwick back.”

“Indeed I do. We all tried to kill your mother, but damn her, she is truly a skilled fighter. Only Merwick was best her. I will bring his spirit back while Entia kills you and keeps your spirit at bay.” Blake took another step back.

“I won’t let you.”

“How amusing. You sound just like her, but do you really think that you are as great as your dear mother?”

“I know I am.”

“Hmm, we’ll see.” She stood up and looked behind him. “I wouldn’t take another step darling. You’ve been sleep walking.” She laughed and the ground trembled as the air began to fill with the voices of his friends. Janessa continued to laugh as she walked towards him.

“Don’t worry Blake, for the son of Tempest, this is no way to die.” She snapped her fingers and Blake jolted away, falling backwards. The dormitory window was open, blowing in cold air. Zero and his two cousins, Harkin and Luther, alongside Dante were hovering over him.

“Dude, what just happened?” examined Zero helping him stand.

“I-I was sleep walking,” he stammered.

“We know that you idiot,’ said Luther, his fuchsia eyes glowing in the dark. “You practically launched yourself out the window. You only land on your feet if you’re awake.”

“Shut up Luther,” said Harkin as she shut the window, bolting it back up. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I think. I don’t know what happened.”

“Can we go back to sleep or do you plan on trying to kill yourself again,” complained Luther, making no attempt to hide his attitude.

“You can go back to sleep Luther, I don’t think I’ll be sleep walking again.” Harkin and Zero questioned him more but he pushed back them, assuring them that he was okay while following Luther’s example, making his way back to bed. Pulling the covers up to his chin, he prayed that she would leave him alone.

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