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“What are you on about, Scorp?” Al looked at me cautiously, as if he were scared I was about to flip and kill someone. In truth, I was just tired. I wanted to sleep just to forget everything – kind of like death without the commitment. I knew that was where I’d end up if Rose didn’t return soon. Sounds silly doesn’t it? To say that I’d die without her. But I wouldn’t know what to do…Rose was my everything. My father barely gave me the time of day, my mother…well I was pretty sure she was on the road to insanity. They’d flipped out when I told them I was dating Rose after third year. I barely spent any time at the Manor anymore, in the Christmas holidays I usually went to Al’s and tried to avoid Rose’s dad when he inevitably made an appearance. In the summer I tried to get out of the house as much as possible. I didn’t really have the best relationship with my parents, and Rose was the only thing I’d ever been certain about in my life. I was positive I wanted to be with her forever.



Al was quite a sight, pinned to the floor of the Slytherin common room by two sixth year girls. I wasn’t sure how he’d gotten there, nor did I want to know. Daisy and Sophie were surprisingly strong considering their dainty frames, but Al should’ve been able to fend them off. He either didn’t want to, or they’d taken him by surprised. I hoped it was the latter.



“SHE’S GONE, AL!” He took a moment to think. It seemed like years, I just stared at him with panic-stricken eyes praying to Merlin he wouldn’t kill me for losing his cousin.



“Gone where?”



“I don’t fucking know!” I yelled, taking out my anger and fright on him, I knew it wasn’t fair but I couldn’t help it. I just wanted to curl up in a corner somewhere and look like the pathetic idiot I was until Rose came back. She’d sit down next to me and stroke my hair, playfully hitting me because I was being so daft. I had a thing for getting worked up about things where it wasn’t needed, but I could tell something was really wrong here. I didn’t like it at all.



Daisy altered her grip on Al’s shoulders, sitting up on her knees and covering her face with her hands. Sophie looked frozen, she’d already rolled off of Al and was now stood behind the arm chair they’d likely thrown him out of – it was his favourite. Al jumped to his feet, looking me straight in the eye, placing a firm hand on both of my shoulders. I prepared myself for the onslaught of harsh words and most likely several punches to the jaw.



“We’ll find her.”



No injuries as yet, we were off to a good start. Everything else was a blur, he tugged my elbow as if coaxing me to follow as he asked Daisy and Sophie to join, telling them to round up Lucy and Louis from wherever the hell they were, while the two of us headed to Gryffindor tower. We would re-congregate at Flitwick’s office, alerting as many Professors as we could along the way. I wasn’t sure how I made my feet move in front of each other, but before I knew it we were sprinting down moving staircases, portraits yelling profanities at us for being out past curfew. Merlin knows how we weren’t spotted by a teacher or even Peeves or that intolerable cat Mrs Norris. Al muttered the password, it sounded like a distant mumble to my ears, and the Fat Lady made some sort of disapproving comment as we pushed past her. I guessed she still disliked us for being Slytherins. Stuck in the past or what?



I’d spent a lot of time in the Gryffindor common room, but it looked so innocent now. They didn’t know a thing. Hugo was sat on the window seat with an oriental girl called Amica Chandy in his year, she’d transferred here from a school in Japan last year. His best friend Conan Wood, Sophie’s little brother, was nowhere to be seen. Lily was talking to Molly and Dominique – who I was a little shocked to see since she didn’t usually stay in the Gryffindor common room past curfew – apparently indulging in some deep gossip, on the floor by the fireplace as the roasted a few marshmallows in unconventional flavours -  a recent Bertie Bott’s invention. James was sat on the stairs obviously flirting with Emer Kent – a pretty Irish girl with auburn hair and catlike green eyes. Everyone sent us a surprised glance for a second, before visibly coming to their own assumptions regarding our presence. They apparently took my disgruntled appearance as some sort of tipsy stupor. Not that that would be past me. Al whispered to me to get Molly, Dom and Lily while he went for Hugo, and would afterwards tackle James and see if he would budge from his lady friend.






I nervously approached the girls, unaware of what I was doing – I felt my limbs moving and my mind reeling but all I could think was Rose. Find Rose.



“Hey Scorp, not gonna lie to you. You’re a mess.” Dominique joked, nudging my leg from the position she sat in on the floor. “Marshmallow? It’s dragon flavoured.” She sent me a wink.



“You need to come with me.” I croaked, fully aware my voice was cracking and sounding grossly hoarse. “Rose is gone.” I continued, barely able to hear my own voice as it rang in the tender silence – even though it was only the three girls who were shocked into stillness. I glanced behind me at Al and Hugo. Hugo was clearly freaking as he stood up, nearly meeting Al’s height, with a worried look playing around his eyes. He looked back at Amica and touched her shoulder, making some excuse for why he had to leave. Hugo looked shockingly similar to Rose, all of their features were exactly the same but they could not be more different in personality. While Rose was rather loud and fiery, Hugo was the exact opposite – very quiet from what I’d known of him, he often kept to himself. I supposed living in a house with Rose had made him that way.



“We have to go.” I finished, nervously glancing all around the room. The girls exchanged a look before leaping immediately to their feet, leaving all the marshmallows where they fell on the red fluffy carpet.



Albus had somehow managed to drag James away from the Kent girl, and so we ran through the corridors, heading straight for Flitwick’s office. He was stood outside not looking exactly impressed with Sophie and Daisy where they stood with an uneasy looking Lucy and Louis.



“What the devil is going on here!?” he yelled as we all rounded a corner into sight.









Distant mumbles filled my ears, panicked and high pitched. I heard none of it. I’d fallen into a comfy arm chair in the corner of Flitwick’s office, Flitwick himself appeared to have given up as he sat behind his desk with his head in his hands – poor bloke was getting incredibly old, the stress could easily kill him, I thought. Everyone was talking over each other, and more people kept coming in through the fireplace. Al was trying to get everyone to shut up, possibly sensing that I was at the end of my tether with anxiety. He was surprisingly calm, even when I’d told him he’d known exactly what to do. I knew I could always trust Al not to freak, he had the heart of a true leader, but he hardly ever acted on it.



Flitwick was angry at me initially, disappointed with how I’d broken curfew and chosen to go so close to the Forbidden Forest with Rose. He didn’t waste much time being mad at me before people started appearing. First it was Fred and Roxanne partnered with George and Angelina who looked terrified that their niece would be lost forever. Since then, the Delacour-Wealsey’s along with Ted and an out of place looking Andromedra, Harry and Ginny, Audrey (obviously feigning utter horror) and a tense and twitching Percy had all arrived. Hagrid and Professor Appleby – Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher – were also here.



Al’s attempts at getting everyone to shut up were obviously futile, in the end it was Flitwick who silenced everyone, with his booming voice. It seemed so out of place coming from such a short person, he clearly put it on a bit.



“WHERE ARE THE GIRLS PARENTS?” He roared, just as Ron and Hermione stepped through the fireplace. Ron narrowed his eyes in my direction and clenched his fist. I instantly knew that this wouldn’t play out in my favour. He charged towards me with his fists, making some sort of animalistic sound, grabbing me by the scruff of my shirt and throwing me up against a wall, sending audible vibrations through the structure and causing several books to fall off of their shelves. “What the hell is wrong with you, Malfoy!?” he bellowed, just as his wife’s small arms wrapped around him, along with the arms of several other people present, and they began pulling him off of me. I was more than a little thankful. If I was being honest, Ron Weasley scared me a bit.



“Now, now,” Flitwick mumbled, rubbing his temples, “fighting isn’t going to get us anywhere here. Mr Malfoy, if you could.”



Here goes, I thought. I cast my mind back to not two hours ago…






The food at the Gryffindor table tasted so much sweeter than it did at the Slytherin one, but maybe that was because the essence of Rose’s raspberry lipgloss was still fresh on my tongue. There was hardly anyone left here anymore, they’d all gone back to their dormitories. Just me and Rose sat at the Gryffindor table along with some first years savouring every bite of their pumpkin pie. I was fully prepared to do the same, had Rose not dragged me by my hand outside into the crisp cold air of September.




She was pissed off again. She was always pissed off. I liked to think I was especially good at helping calm her down in most situations, but heck it got tiring. Usually Rose just wanted someone there to tell her how her life was so unfair and it wasn’t her fault. She knew it herself, but she liked the support nonetheless. We assumed our regular position by the beech tree, it was just outside of the Forbidden Forest, and a nice place to look over the Black Lake. Tonight the skies were clear and the moon was a beautiful silver crescent shape, its reflection made the lake look like solid glass. Not even a slight zephyr shook the night. It would have been very peaceful was Rose not pacing back and forth in circles around the beech tree, venting about her Dad. Quite loudly I might add.



“He can just never keep his bloody nose out of my fucking business, can he?”



I didn’t think it needed an answer, but because I was a little reckless I responded anyway. “Rose I don’t think your dad will ever like me.”



“He doesn’t fucking have to! He just has to accept the fact that I bloody do! I love you, Scorpius fucking Malfoy and there’s nothing he can do to change that!” Rose and her obscene language, true love if it ever existed. I stared out over the lake and slid down the side of the tree’s trunk into a sitting position.



“I don’t want to cause any problems, Rosie.”



“He’s the one causing problems, Malfoy!” Rose was such a sweet girl, really. “Argh! And Laurel too, how dare she! She’s been fucking up James’ relationship for years now. She’s just so bloody pathetic! She needs to wake up out of her daydream, James will never love her!” Rose continued to circle the tree, pacing and yelling. I’d given up trying to console her when she was on a tirade like this many years ago. She was insufferable, but I managed because after all I loved her to pieces. Even if she was insane. Sometimes I’d be on the wrong side of her assault, but nowadays I tried my best not to piss her off, really. It was best for everyone if we all just let her be.



Her words became a muffled sound in the back of my brain. I agreed and consoled when needed, but I hardly heard her words at all. I think she probably knew I did this; usually it didn’t bother her that much. When it did she’d ignore me for a few moments and not speak until she was sure I paid full attention. Hopefully today wasn’t one of those days, because listening to her ramble got a bit repetitive after a while.



I’d spent a few minutes staring at the lake, watching the Giant Squid’s tentacles slither in and out of the water. Doing this relaxed me, so much so that I wondered what it was like to be some sort of sea creature living in that lake. Everything would be calm and quiet, when the merpeople weren’t going crazy that was. But if you’re the biggest kid in the playground nobody would bother you, right? Then again life must be pretty dull for that squid, just swimming around eating kelp or whatever. Okay, Scorp, you’re going crazy. Here I was just thinking about life as a giant squid, that’s probably an early sign of insanity or something. I reluctantly dragged myself out of my reverie just in time to hear Rose’s angry words suddenly cut off. She was mad at me.



I turned, preparing myself for the look that could easily kill me and maybe some sort of violent attack. Not that Rose was especially violent but still. However, when I turned to face her, she wasn’t there. She’d been pacing around the other side of the beech tree so she was out of my sight. She was just…gone.






“I looked for her for a bit, but went straight to find Al.”



The room was quiet, I didn’t like it. I felt like everyone was judging me, blaming me for losing her. Dominique was the first to move. She made some sort of unattractive snort.



“I bet it was that skank, Jordan.”



“No,” Diasy shook her head.



“Laurel was in our dorm all evening giving herself a facial.” Sophie finished. “She went straight there after dinner.”



“Who could have taken her? Rosie wouldn’t just go off in the forest on her own! Especially with Scorpius right there.” Hermione said softly with a tone of worry in her voice. I hoped she’d be enough to stop her husband from brutally murdering me.



“Anything could have taken her.”

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