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Blake fumbled though his suitcase, looking for his show. All he needed to do was fund him left shoe. He threw up his sheets and even used him Vampire speed his mother told him not to use. It was infuriating but he did need to find his shoe before he was late for Astronomy. He couldn’t be late, not again in any case.

“Lookup,” said a familiar female voice. Blake did and saw Aidan hovering with his shoe in his mouth.

“Thanks Zilla, Aidan, give me the shoe. I don’t want to be late for Astronomy Class.” Aidan seemed to let out a little growl, letting the show fall from his head where it promptly landed on his head. Blake winced, putting on his show quickly. He smiled over at Zilla.

“Is it true?”

“What, being attacked by Janessa a few days ago? Yeah, that’s true and old news Zil. Glad to see that you’re talking to me again.”

“Not that. You, Zero, Dante and Sirena meeting up with Calpurnia.”

Blake rolled his eyes and headed up the stairs.

“She’s nice and yeah. In fact, Sirena, Calpurnia and I have Astronomy right now. We’re going to meet her again and maybe tonight.”

“Why are you talking to her?!”

“Because she’s nice okay. Besides, she needs friends. Mum doesn’t have a problem with it, why do you?”

“I just do okay. Ultima doesn’t like her much either.”

“Don’t care, Ultima is fickly anyway.” Blake stopped at the dormitory doorway. “Look, I’ve got to go, don’t forget your wristband if you want to join us.” Blake ran off, down the hall of the dungeons.

Up at the first floor of the, he saw Zero and Calpurnia waiting. He waved towards them, making his way.

“So sorry, Aidan had my show.”

“Class was cancelled, so no worries,” said Zero.

“All the classes were,” continued Calpurnia. “Sirena went to go find out what’s going on.”

“Does it really matter?” Blake turned at the sound of the voice similar to Calpurnia’s. Cecila made her way, looking almost like a different person than Calpurnia. Where Calpurnia had a soft sweet voice, Cecilia had a strong voice, slightly deeper than Calpurnia and a hard look in her eyes. Her long blond hair was braided over her shoulder. “Hello Blake, hello…Zero right?”

“You’re not a creep like your brother are you?” asked Zero crossing his arms. Cecilia laughed.

“Thankfully now. I’m just Cecilia, the ignored of the trio.”

“Mum is mum,” said Calpurnia in a low voice, with her head down.

“Geez sis, calm down. I blame mum, not you. Besides, dad makes up for it.”

“But mum—”

“Hush already.” Cecilia looked at Blake, a little smile played on her lips. “She’s too bloody soft. But that’s why I love her.”

“So does anyone no why classes were cancelled,” asked Zero. Everyone looked at him, shaking their heads. “Man, and the one time I wish Zilla was here.”

“She spoke to me,” muttered Blake.

“Really? About time.”

“Don’t speak to soon Zero.” Blake turned and looked at Zilla, alongside Ultima. Both carried scathing looks.

“Do you know why class was cancelled?” asked Blake, glaring at her.

“No,” she began, her face relaxing into a smile, “but I know a way to find out.”

“I know that look!” exclaimed Zero.

“So do I.” Blake met her eyes, smiling back.

“You two know me so well.” Her grin widened and suddenly she looked like the Zilla he grew up alongside.

“Too well.” Blake looked at Zero who looked around at everyone else. “We’ll be right back.”

“You three always have all the fun,” said Ultima.

“Go look for Sirena and Dante,” said Zilla grabbing Zero’s and Blake’s hand. “We’ll be back.” Zilla pulled them along after her as she ran. Blake let himself be dragged along, tightening his hand around hers. This was the Zilla he knew, this was his friend. He hated fighting with her.

Zilla led them to the third floor. An announcement stopped them in their tracks. Headmistress Majika’s voice bounced off the walls.

“Everyone is to return to their dormitory immediately.”

Zilla, Blake and Zero exchanged glances, leaning against the wall, only to fall through. Rubbing his shoulder Blake looked around while.

“That was vague,” muttered Zero, ignoring their current predicament.

“I wonder what’s going on,” said Blake, looking down the dark corridor.

“We should probably head back to the dormitory,” said Zilla examining the false wall they came through.

“No way!” exclaimed Blake and Zero at the same time. Zero grinned.

“We’re already here,” continued Blake, “now I need to know what’s going on.”

“But Blake—” Blake shot her a look, one that everyone has said was akin his mother used to give. Zilla sighed.

“Oh very well.” Zilla looked past him down the corridor. “We might as well explore the passageway, since we’re here. I read about them, they can take us to the seventh floor.” Zilla led the way down the passageway before turning left. They found themselves face to face with a very narrow spiral staircase. They went up the stairs, one by one, but then stopped, at the height of the level. There were two hallways, one turning left while another one led right. Blake was about to suggest the left one, when a sick scent hit his heightened nostrils and the sound of slithering struck his ears. A bad feeling grew in the pit of his stomach.

“Right, we need to go right.”

“Why?” asked Zilla.

“Because there is something coming and I don’t think it’s friendly.” Zilla opened her mouth when they heard a loud hiss vibrate down the hall. Her eyes widened, as did Zero’s.

“Oh yeah, running now—” He stopped, his eyes widened. Blake looked at his newly formed jade wristband, as it glowed in the dark.

“What’s Cecile saying?”

“We need to run.”


“It’s a Basilisk.”


“How the heck did a basilisk get into the bloody school,” hissed Zero running down the empty call. Blake swore when they hit another dead end. He doubled back catching the shadow of the Basilisk. He ran down the opposite hallway.

“I told—”

“Really Zilla, now is not the time to say I told you so!” exclaimed Blake.

“Go left!” called out Zero. “Cecile says go left then own the staircase.” Blake nodded and ran, following Cecile’s directions perfectly. He arrived at a wall.

“It’s false.”

“Not what I’m looking at.”

“It’s our parents,” groaned Zilla, promptly punching him in the arm. “I hate you Blake. I’m going to get in trouble.”

“Lives in jeopardy, who cares about trouble!” Blake ran through the false wall and watched his mothers eyes widen.


“Like mother like son,” muttered Mistress Starlet.

“Zilla! Zero!” exclaimed Nila. Blake heard Uncle Void groan. “Why aren’t you in your dormitory?”

“They’re our children,” said Uncle Void. “Enough said.”


“Mum, the Basilisk is in the passageway!” She looked over his shoulder and swore.

“Nila where is he?”

“It’s not my familiar, I don’t know!”

“Then back up! Protego!” cast his mother just as the glass shattered and Aidan burst thought them, a powerful roar coming from his throat.

“Cecile says that the Sevratis is almost here mum,” said Zero, covering his ears. Relief covered her face.

“Thank heavens.”

“Everyone shut your eyes,” commanded Tempest. Blake did as he was told, feeling Zilla cling to him tightly. He heard a loud hiss, and a shriek coming from the throat of the snake. He knew his mum and the others had a protection charm over them, and he dared himself to open an eye. The Basilisk stared straight at him, and Blake felt cords of magic unravel, as though it were pulling him, flowing over him. His heart was racing, feeling the magic was overpowering. Blake watched it lunge at him, wand when he cause sight of a silver snake, he shut his eyes. Blake could still feel the magic though; he still felt it wash over him, wrapping itself over him. He knew that he should be dead.

“Cecile says it’s safe,” said Zero. Blake opened his eyes again, and pulled away from Zilla. He took a few steps forward, towards the dead Basilisk before his mother snatched him, turning him to face her.

“Blake Phoebus Malfoy, what have I told you?!”

“Do as I say not as I do.”

“And yet, you—oh how I wish I could be furious with you!”

“I’m sorry mum.” His mother sighed, looking away.

“Just head back Blake. Go straight to the dormitory, no detours. I mean it.”

“Okay mum.” She hugged him again, more tightly this time, making it hard for him to breath. She pulled away, smiling slightly as she fixed his hair. Blake walked towards his friends, silently, letting them lead the way.

Blake was silent as he made his way down the stairs. That is, until Zilla slapped his shoulder.

“Blake, are you okay?”

Blake shrugged her off. “I don’t know.”
“Blake what’s wrong?” asked Zero.

Blake looked at his two friends conflicted. “You need to promise you won’t freak.”

“We promise,” said the twins in unison.

Blake stuffed his hands into his pocket, staring down at his feet. “I looked the Basilisk in the eye.”

“What?!” exclaimed Zilla, her fuchsia eyes widening.

“You said you wouldn’t freak!”

“Sorry but—”

“Blake, you should be dead,” said Zero in an unnatural serious tone. If he was taking this seriously, then this was serious.

“I know. It was strange, I felt the magic. What I mean is, when I looked at it, I felt it unravel. It was weird.”

Zilla stared at him worried. She took a deep breath, grabbing his hand and dragging him down the stairs. “Come on, I’ll do some research later. I think you need some sleep, you look tired.” Blake allowed himself to be dragged along. Why was he alive? 

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