"Horrid thing, isn't it.... The moon."

" What?"

"It controls the tides therefore controlling life as we know it. Yet it still drives men insane from lack of what they comprehend."

"What are you on about?" 

"I think it needs to explode."

Maggie has always been one odd bird. Sirius still didn't understand what Remus saw in her. But her sudden interest in the moon had gotten Remus all doe-eyed. Sirius almost gagged. 

"Calm down Remus. Focus on the task at hand." Sirius growled. 

"Oh shut it. Once my part is done, I can do whatever I want." 

Sirius rolled his eyes. Of course, he was hoping to get Maylea alone tonight, but Remus and Maggie? He didn't want to think of that.

"So tell me. Why did Maggie chicken out?" Sirius asked. 

"I DID NOT!" Maggie protested, almost falling backwards off the table she was sitting on, "Lily
 is cross with me and I didn't want to talk to her." 

"Moony, you got Prongs though, right?" Sirius asked Remus warily.

"Pardon? Oh, Prongs, yeah, I did." Remus replied in a tone all too unusual.

“You're acting strange tonight. What've you been drinking?” the black-haired boy asked.

"It's official." came a voice behind him. "Lily Evans is a thick-headed twit." 

"Lovely observation." Remus declared sarcastically. 

Sirius threw his head backwards and looked back at the source of the voice. It was none other than his lovely girlfriend Maylea, "Hello, poppet" he smiled sweetly. 

"Not now, git." she snapped. 

"Alright," Maggie said swinging her legs across the table, "What happened?" 

 She's locked herself in her bloody room!" Maylea let out a groan as she flopped onto the couch, "Your turn, Sirius."

"Did you try Alohomora?" Sirius asked.

Maylea scowled. "Obviously. Go on, you try something. Anything."

"Where's Peter? He needs to help as well." Sirius whined.

"He fell asleep doing divination again. Go on!”

Sirius toppled off the couch and walked to the girl's stairwell, casting a simple freezing charm on the staircase to avoid it turning into a chute and strolled up to sixth year dormitories.


He heard Lily hush someone then she yelled out the door, "Tell her I have some emergency homework! Nasty stuff! I'll talk to her after transfiguration tomorrow!"

She resumed whispering and Sirius rolled his eyes, "Don't make me come in there and drag you out, Evans!"

"I'd like to see you try!" she retorted. 

He took out the pocket knife that he had to open any lock and shoved it in the keyhole roughly, planning to yank the stubborn girl by the hair and drag her out, but what he saw made him stop dead in his tracks. Sitting on one side of Lily's bed was a bloke Sirius was sure he'd never seen in his life. His brown hair was swept to one side and his eyes sparkled mischievously.
“Who's the bum?” he asked bluntly.

“What are you talking about?” she sighed impatiently.

"Who the hell is that?" Sirius said pointing to the stranger, who had instantly become offended.

"Lordy, Sirius." Lily sighed. "You're in the same year as a bloke for six years and you don't even know his name?”
Sirius noted the yellow and black tie. “I don't particularly make it a habit to invite random Hufflepuffs to my dorm.”

"Adam Smith, nice to meet you.”

“Sirius Black... not likewise.”

Lily shut her eyes for a moment, opening them a second later to glare at Sirius. “Must you be so rude?”

"Very well," Adam turned to Lily, "Listen, Flower. Everything will turn out fine. I promise." he stood up and walked past Sirius, "Remember what I said. Bye!!"

The door shut with a snap. And Sirius turned to Lily. 

"Let's go. I'll walk you there." he said. 

Lily lifted an eyebrow but followed Sirius out the door nonetheless. They walked past an extremely annoyed Maylea. Sirius winked at her and made a discreet gesture. She rolled her eyes and started packing up her books. The pair of Gryffindors walked out of the portrait hole and as soon as Sirius knew they were out of earshot, he turned to Lily.

"So who's Adam? Are you two... a thing? An item? Were you even planning on telling me that you're eloping?" Sirius questioned.

"First of all, very subtle, but no, Adam and I aren't dating. He's my best friend." the red-haired girl insisted.

"I thought Maylea was."

"I can have more than one friend, you know. Just look at you and the Marauders. I mean, even Potter has more friends than just you."



"His name is James."

Lily looked shocked that someone was actually correcting her on that. But she quickly shook it off, "Congratulations, Sirius!!" You remembered someone's name!!" she said sarcastically. 

"Hey! I know your name, and Remus and Maylea, and James-"

"Oh yeah? What's James' full name?" Lily interrupted. 

"James Sirius Potter!!" Sirius replied smartly. 

"His middle name is not Sirius."

"Is too!! Third year. I bet him that if he could fondle you successfully I'd change my middle name to James. But if you jinxed him he'd change his middle name to Sirius! So there."

"You two are such idiots." 

"We're here." Sirius laughed. 

"I-I don't think she's in there." Lily said looking at the door. 


In a blink Sirius pushed Lily though the door and took her wand in the process. He quickly locked the door and sat down. 

"BLACK!! WHY IN BLEEDING HELL DID YOU THAT?" Lily called, trying desperately to rattle the doorknob open.

"Turn around..." Sirius said in a sing-song voice.

"Alright, Evans?" He heard James' deep voice ring out.


"Lovely." Sirius smiled to himself, he quickly put a silencing charm on the door. Sirius sighed when he could no longer hear Lily yelling.

"Sirius?" came a voice around the corner, "You over here?"

Sirius looked up to see Maylea's head peeking around the corner. He smiled and motioned for her to come over. 

She smiled back and sat down next to him. Cuddling into his arms. 

"I should be studying." Maylea sighed. 

"God, you are such a Ravenclaw." 

"But I almost bombed my OWLs. I have to do better on my N.E.W.T.S!"

Sirius looked at her disbelievingly, "You. Almost failed your OWLs."

"Oh shut it. Being as perfect as me is hard work." Maylea teased. 

"So what do you want to do once you graduate?"

"Ministries. Seems easy enough."

"Really. Easy is what you want..."

"Well, I know you have to work to get to the top, but power can have it's advantages, you know?"

"Oh please don't tell me you're really a Slytherin."

Maylea smiled and rolled her eyes, "I wouldn't be here if I was." 

"Touché." Sirius smiled kissing her forehead. 

They sat in comfortable silence for a while. Sirius' thoughts racing a billion miles per hour. He suddenly remembered that day with Lea in the library. What did Lily do to her? Sirius took a long deep breath, and pulled her hair behind her ear. She looked up and smiled sweetly.  

  "So, can I ask you something?" Sirius sighed. 

"Go right ahead. " she smiled. 

"What did Lily tell you?"

Maylea's face blanched and she shifted uncomfortably in Sirius' arms. Her mind racing to come up with a solution. 

"It's nothing." she finally said. 


"I'm serious! What she said shouldn't have bothered me."

"But it did, so I want to know."

"Pickles." she stammered nervously. 


"She said pickles. I was emotionally attached to a pickle once. So she said the word pickles and I broke down crying. There! Now you know!"

"Maylea, you aren't being funny." 

"I think I'm being particularly hilarious. And any good boyfriend would just absolutely die laughing."

"And any good boyfriend cares about their girlfriend. Tell me."

"How about you believe me when I say it was nothing and we snog, yes?"


But Sirius didn't get the chance to finish his sentence. Maylea'a lips were suddenly warm up against his. But just as quick as her lips met his, she pulled away. 

"Believe me yet?" she teased. 

Sirius groaned, "You've got to be joking."

"Well, I still have some more studying to do." she taunted. 

Sirius sighed, "Please...?"

"Why don't you believe me?! It doesn't matter!" she sat and thought for a moment, "It's over now. Sound familiar?"

"This is a completely different situation-"

"Let it go, Sirius. Please... For me."

Sirius silently nodded, promising himself this was, in fact, not over. 

But Maylea smiled, believing him. She pressed her lips back up against Sirius' and he slowly cooperated. His hand slowly drifted up to her face, holding her there steadily. Maylea's hands abruptly drifted under Sirius' shirt skimming over his hot skin, sending a shiver down his spine. He deepened the kiss in retaliation, slipping his tongue into her mouth with a quiet groan. This kiss went on longer, a bit more frantic than the first. But neither seemed to mind. Every thought from Sirius' mind  had melted. Nothing seemed to matter. 

"Miss Lavone."

All reality seemed to snap back in a flash and they pulled apart as quickly as this kiss started. Sirius looked up at the source of the voice and immediately his heart dropped.

"Professor! I'm so sorry! I-" Maylea pleaded jumping up. 

"Miss Lavone, I need to to come with me." McGonnagal's voice was soft and sympathetic. Definitely not the usual tone of anger and disappointment. 

"Professor," Sirius started standing up, "It wasn't her it was me. Please-"

"This has nothing to do with you Mr. Black," McGonnagal stated, "Miss Lavone, if you would follow me."

"Professor," Sirius pleaded.

"It's fine Sirius." Maylea reassured, "My mum won't care about another detention. What's one more?"

 "Mr. Black I need you to head back Gryffindor please."

Sirius saw the pleading in Maylea's eyes. It pained him, so he nodded, 

"Yes Ma'am." Sirius reluctantly agreed and started walking towards the stairs. 

As soon as he could no longer see the pair, Sirius mentally punched himself. He never gets caught. How could he be so How could he be so careless?

How could he let her take the blame?

***                         ***                           ***

"You've got to be kidding." Remus laughed, "All night?"

"I'm not kidding. I swear on Mum's life." James articulated through a mouth full of peanut butter. 

"Look, Prongs, I said I was sorry, okay?" Sirius apologized again. 

"I got frostbite, Padfoot," James pointed to his foot, "You're gonna need a little more than an apology."

"Well, if you hadn't insisted I use your pants as a blanket..." Lily said taking a sip of her hot chocolate.

Remus snorted again, almost falling off the chair, "What?!"

"Shut up, Moony." James' face turned the same color as Lily's hair. 

Sirius took another look around, almost everyone was here for lunch, but he still didn't see Maylea. She wasn't at her morning classes. Sirius didn't want to think if she go expelled. She wouldn't have... Right?

"Has anyone seen Maylea at all today?" Sirius asked. 

"No, sorry."


"In case you hadn't noticed, Black, I was stuck in a freezing Transfiguration classroom till 10 o'clock this morning."
Sirius let his head fall onto the table with a groan. He never wanted her to get in trouble. 

"Sirius, why don't you ask Flora?" Maggie suggested. 

"No, don't!" Peter squeaked next to Sirius.

Sirius slapped him on the back, "Man up, Wormtail! OI! MAYBERRY!"

At the Ravenclaw table, Sirius saw her curly dark red hair bounce up and look around.


Her eyes finally met Sirius and she flashed him a big toothy smile. 

"Have you seen Maylea?!" Sirius asked. 

"No sorry..." she smiled sympathetically then noticed Peter staring at her, "Hi Peter!"

His eyes widened in surprise and he tried to stuff his sandwich in his mouth, but he completely missed and ended up smashing peanut butter all over his face. He quickly turned around an let his head hit the table.

Everyone sat and watched Peter in silence for a moment, trying to think of something sympathetic to say. 

"Erm... At least she knows who you are..." Maggie finally piped up.

"You mean, you of all people don't know what happened to Maylea?" came a high-pitched voice behind Sirius.

Lily set her hot chocolate down with a huff, "Rita, what did I tell you about keeping out of other people's business."

"Oh, go shag Potter. This does involve me." Rita hissed to Lily. 

Sirius sighed, Rita Skeeter, third year gossip girl. She somehow knew everything about everyone. That bratty Ravenclaw was the cause of most of his relationships ending before he got the chance to end them. 

"What do you mean, Rita, no one knows what happened." James piped up, ignoring the shagging comment.

"I do!!" she sang. 

"Oh really," Remus questioned, "And if you feed us false information, can I take away 50 points from your house?"

"Don't get your knickers in a twist, scar face, She left this letter from her sister on her bed last night." She held out a piece of paper to Remus, who yanked it out of her hand. 

Remus read it silently, Maggie reading over his shoulder. After a couple agonizing moments, Maggie gasped and her hands flew over her mouth. 

"Remus!! Read it aloud!!" Sirius shouted desperately.

 "Uhm... Okay." Remus sighed and started reading. 

"Dearest Sister, Hello, this is your sister Poppy. You already knew that right? I just didn't want to get your hopes up thinking it was mum and then suddenly look at the signature to see. It was really me. I am so considerate, yeah? Well I'm just writing to see how things are going at that warty school of yours. Why in Merlin's beard wasn't I born magical? Oh goodie. You have me using your language now. Well I hope everything is well. Do you have yourself that bloke Sirius yet? I hope so. He's probably is a whole lot better looking than John. You send me one of those awesome moving pictures of you two, okay?"

"Oh yeah!" Sirius smiled big  and Lily shushed him. 

"Well, here's the real reason I wrote this letter for you. Not that I don't like beating around the bush or anything. It's just... Mum passed away earlier this week. It was pretty peculiar too. It wasn't from that ruddy sickness she's been battling. The stupid coroner doesn't know what she died of! And he says he's a bloody professional.  All I know is that I came home, the door was unlocked and she was dead. On the ground. Eyes open and everything. No wounds. Nothing. Tía thinks she was murdered... Mad she is. The school is now offering me therapy. Their reasoning is that a fourteen-year old shouldn't have to see that. But whatever. I've walked in seeing you do a lot scarier."

"Oh my god." Lily gasped. 

"It gets worse." Remus said softly, "They haven't stuck me in an orphanage yet because they're waiting to hear back from you. The funeral is next week. You need to be there, Lea. I cannot stand to hear another person say, ' I'm so sorry Poppy!' or 'Everything Is okay. I'm sorry for your loss.' Funny though. Everyone cares about my mental health but no one about my actual health. I'm bloody starving here, Maylea! I've had to sell a bunch of my paintings for food!  And our stupid bloody relatives in Spain don't give a crap that mum died. They cared when dad died! They won't even come to London for the funeral. Please come home. 
Hoping all is better for you. 
Your Pequeña
P.S. She really didn't have a death bed but I'm sure she's proud of you, Lea."

Everyone sat in silence. Waiting for what happened to sink in. Remus silently folded up the letter again. Maggie was the first to break the silence, 

"Does that mean... Death Eaters?"

James nodded, "They were looking for Maylea. Someone must've told them she was at home when she was still here. 

"She canceled going home for the holidays so she could go to your guys'  party." Lily added. 

"Sirius?" Remus asked, "Are you okay?" 

Sirius shook his head, 

"It was Regulus." 

Hey all, so sorry about not updating. My birthday was on the 16th so I forgot to finish writing. Anyway. Hope you hate the cliff hanger!! Don't forget to read and review!!

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