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Chapter Forty Two - Dinner With The Devil.

Warm tears spilled down her rosy cheeks, she sniffed and wiped her eyes. Her long red hair fell into her beautiful tear filled green eyes, flicking out of her eyes she grabbed a tissue out of her pocket and wiped her tear stained cheeks. She was so embarrassed, she had completely lost it.

Lily had been right though, that night had been a disaster and now she was sat on her own on a park bench weeping to herself. Petunia and Vernon had left and James had stormed off to god knows where and now she was alone in the freezing cold and the light from the sky was fading into a dark blue. Great and now it was raining, the rain started off lightly but after a few minutes it was pouring down and Lily’s clothes were soaked to her skin but she had made no attempts to move.

All she wanted to do was curl up into her bed but that day’s memory was echoing in her mind, repeating itself so she could work out where it really did start to go wrong, but it had been such a perfect day at first.

Six hours before:

Lily pushed open the door to her small home in Surrey, it had been a pleasant day and the sun was out. Of course she hadn’t spent her day in the sun, no her mother thought it would be a good idea that she went food shopping – which she hated. So after three hours of trailing around Tesco on her own she was finally back home. She had been set on going for a walk this morning but her Mother had rang the house phone about an hour after she had left asking Lily to get some shopping.

James had decided not to come and was going to hover the house which she thought was extremely sweet of him, of course it took her an hour to show him how the hover worked but all the same it was sweet of him to offer to do so.

“Hello?” Lily called as she pushed open the door with her back, her hands were full of heavy shopping bags which Lily thought might break her arm any second, “James?” she called as she walked into the kitchen finally flinging down the bags onto the table, she looked around but James was nowhere to be seen.

She sighed as she started emptying the shopping bags, he was probably upstairs having a nap, the boy could sleep anywhere and at any time of the day. It took about twenty minutes to do this and when she was finished she decided it was probably time to find her boyfriend who had made no appearance.

She made her way up the stairs and stood on the landing in front of James’s door, she tapped on the door quietly before pushing it open.

She smacked her hand across her mouth to stop herself from snorting. James looked a sight, he was led sprawled out on the bed, his face squashed against the covers, his mouth wide open and he was frowning, still in his clothes he was curled up and letting out soft snores. She smiled slightly and moved towards the bed, he didn’t even stir when she sat herself down next to his sleeping body.

“James” she whispered, he moved his head slightly and grumbled a little but a second later he was snoring softly again, “James wake up” he refused to move, he still lay there snoring, “James a treacle tart has arrived especially for you” she cooed in his ear.

His eyes flew open and scanned the room, for a second he looked as if he really believed her until he jerked his head up straightaway and stared at her pure anger in his eyes. He ruffled his hair as if the bed had somehow messed it up in a way that wasn’t messy enough for James Potter.

“You tricked me” he pouted.

She grinned, “Sorry”

“You look it” he said sarcastically flopping down on the bed again.

She leant down next to him and turned to face him, eventually he turned to face her too; “I’ll buy you some treacle tart when we go out later” she tried still smiling.

“That’s my girl” he grinned moving his head towards her and kissing her softly on the lips.

She pulled away from him quickly and sat up, “Come on” she grinned, pulling him up, “You can help me clean out my room”

“Then can we kiss?” he said hopefully, she rolled her eyes and he smirked at her before dashing out of the room and running down the landing and into her room.

As she reached her bedroom she kicked open the door and James was already sat on her bed waiting for her, she stood there and stared at him for a minute before bursting into laughter. She didn’t know when she stopped laughing or even, for a matter of fact, why she even started laughing. But the grin on her boyfriend’s face he wore when she opened the door made her realise how truly happy she really was and how this was the happiest she had been in a long time.

James stared at his girlfriend as she tried to stop herself laughing but as her beautiful eyes shone with tears of laughter and her red hair flicked in her face as she laughed he couldn’t help but laugh too. She was so beautiful and right now all that mattered was the pair of them.

James held her hands in his and brought his lips to hers. Lily stopped laughing immediately but simply smiled against his warm touch. She brought her arms around his neck and she felt him slip his arms around her waist and pull her closer towards him. He started to walk backwards and she stumbled forwards slightly, she felt him grin at her clumsiness but she ignored him and resisted the temptation to roll her closed eyes.

He grabbed her around the waist, lifted her up and placed her on her bed. He sat himself down in front of her, she knelt up and wrapped her arms around his neck again and continued to kiss him. The cliché of kissing somebody whilst sat on a bed always made a kiss seem much hotter and more passionate than it really was. Lily had always been one who had dismissed cliché’s but right now she extremely happy to be involved in one.

She leant down pulling James down with her, she was very aware her hair was probably going to be static from the bed but she really did not want to care about that right now. James’s body crashed down on top of hers and she could feel his heart thumping against her own, she also felt his breath quicken slightly. She pulled out of the kiss and stared into his hazel eyes which shone with warmth. He grinned cheekily at her and kissed her on the forehead before her hands made their way towards his shirt, she lifted it up and over his head as he continued to kiss her continuously on the lips softly.


Lily’s eyes flung open and she widened them in fear at James.


A pure panicked look shot over James’s face.


James rolled off Lily instantly and she jumped up off of the bed.

“Lily, are you home?” came Petunia’s bored sounding voice.

Crap where was James’s t-shirt, she remembered flinging it somewhere; she shot him a panicked look who seemed to be having the same problem.

Too late.

Petunia pushed open the bedroom door to see a very disgruntled looking Lily, who was annoyed at her sisters barging in and an awkward looking James who was stood there, his hands in the pockets of his jeans and shirtless.

Lily noticed her sister’s eyes linger over James’s body; she rolled her eyes, so what if he had a nice body? For all Petunia knew he could be a completely horrible person. Who was she kidding, why would Petunia care what a person’s personality was like, if he had money or good looks it did it for her.

“Did you want something?” Lily said coolly snapping her sister out of her little trance.

Petunia frowned, “Why hasn’t he got a shirt?” she asked her eyes ablaze, she looked as if she had just struck gold. Lily flushed; she knew Petunia would love to be able to hold something like this over her.

“What’s that your business for?” she snapped, Petunia just raised her eyebrows, “If you must know we went swimming” she said in a voice which she thought sounded calm.

“The pool is a twenty minute drive away” Petunia quipped, “didn’t have time to put a shirt on?”

“We apparated” Lily retorted, Petunia still didn’t look convinced.

“Whatever” she snorted, “That’s why you look like your hair has been rubbed with a balloon and why half of your top is un-tucked from your skirt but the other half isn’t” she said a smug look upon her face, “swimming” she smirked.

“Swimming” Lily snapped.

“If that’s what you freaks call it these days” Petunia sneered, Lily rolled her eyes, but out of the corner of her eye she noticed James sink to the bed and pull his white t-shirt over his head.

“What do you want?” Lily sighed.

“I just came to say you need to get your own way there tonight, there’s no way I’m sharing a car with you two. How’s that fair on Vernon?” she scorned.

“Fine” Lily said shortly.

“But get there a normal way. Don’t embarrass me Lily” Petunia said flouncing from the room and slamming the door behind her.

Lily snorted and turned around to face James who grinned at her, “That was close” she sighed.


“You know how to drive this?” James frowned staring at the old ford car in front of them as they stood on the driveway.

The sun was setting and it was a lukewarm night, Lily was comfortable wearing a white skirt and a grey sleeveless top, James was wearing smart jeans with a black v-necked top. Petunia and Vernon had left five minutes ago for the restaurant and Lily and James had agreed to meet them there, apparently Vernon had some good connections there and could get them a great table. Whatever a great table was.

“James, I’m muggleborn. I know how to drive a car” she sighed, opening the door and jumping into the driver’s seat.

James followed suit and sat down next to her in the passenger seat, he still looked confused, “Muggles have cars, but the ministry have cars”

Lily nodded, “James, they’re a muggle invention. Now come on we’re going to be late” she said as he closed his door.

She started up the engine and pulled out of the drive. It wasn’t really a long trip but Lily had felt like it had gone quicker than she had hoped and soon they were pulling up outside the restaurant. She slumped back in her seat miserably and stared at it, James sat there and stared at her, waiting for her to say something or do something. When she did not, he coughed awkwardly – she took no notice.

He put his hand gently on her arm and she turned to look at him, “It’ll be ok, I promise” he said reassuringly.

But he really shouldn’t have.

“So” Lily said cutting into her pork, it had already been an extremely awkward night, from the minute they had arrived, Vernon and Petunia had barely acknowledged their presence and when they had decided to speak to them Vernon had not stopped talking about his job, “Is your sister coming to the wedding Vernon?” she asked politely, she knew he had a sister from Petunia’s many endless talks about Vernon’s life which Lily cared little for.

“Oh yes” he said in an incredibly dull voice, Lily noticed when he talked he puffed his chest forward to make himself look important but Lily just thought he looked like a pompous idiot, “Marge is actually one of Petunia’s bridesmaids, she’ll be down tomorrow actually”

“Really?” Lily said a mock bewildered look on her face, “One of your bridesmaids Petunia? How many times have you met her?” she said raising her eyebrows daring her sister to retort.

“Not now Lily” Petunia muttered staring at her plate.

“Because you know I could’ve sworn Mum mentioned you only met her two or three times, that’s funny because it seems strange to have a stranger as your bridesmaid but not your own sis-”

“Enough Lily” Petunia snapped, looking up. She looked very hot in the face and she was glaring at her younger sister, and if looks could kill Lily was pretty sure, unless she suddenly became immortal, she was very far from alive, “Marge is going to be my sister in law” she said hotly.

“In law” Lily said in a sing song voice, quite childlike she had to admit but Petunia made her sink to levels that only one person had ever made her sink too before. Obviously not anymore.

He then spoke: “So Vernon, what was the company you worked for, again?” James Potter asked politely obviously trying to secrete the tension between the two sisters.

“It’s called Grunnings, it belongs to my Father” he said in a stuck up tone, James nodded, “What do you plan on doing then, after school?” Vernon asked stiffly as if someone had forced him to ask.

James shrugged, “Auror, probably” Vernon nodded. Lily frowned, they had actually told them all this the other night but she highly doubted they had been listening.

“Oh yeah” Petunia said coolly, “Policeman” she said as if it was no real importance to her or Vernon whatsoever.

“So Jason” Vernon said looking up from his empty plate.

“James” Lily said through gritted teeth but Vernon ignored her.

“I noticed you didn’t drive here, do you have a car?” he asked smugly, his nose already up in the air looking down on James as if he was a piece of dirt, “What type do you drive” he smirked.

Lily looked nervously at James, she knew how much he hated being taunted or looked down on, frankly because he took so much crap from Slytherin’s and handed out so much crap back he knew how it felt and he also knew how satisfying it was for somebody to pick on somebody else. James Potter was not one to let somebody else to feel satisfied by picking on him.

He smirked back slightly, “It’s a great model, sturdy, extremely fast. Everyone wants one; it can probably hold two people. Long and thin, made out of oak wood, extremely well-polished and not a twig out of place” he paused for effect, “they say it’s the fastest broom in the world, my new nimbus 1500” he looked extremely pleased with himself.

Petunia however did not, she shot Lily a death glare whilst Vernon sat there muttering about freaks. Lily sighed and rubbed her forehead, she did not trust herself to look at James in fear that she might actually start to shoot him her worst looks for trying to be smart and witty.

Vernon did not let the conversation lie there though, he was not going to let James Potter – a freak, get away with making him look stupid, no, if possible he would turn the tables and complete his original aim and make himself look much more superior than some silly boy who could perform a few magic tricks.

“So you can’t afford a car” Vernon said loudly, Lily noticed James’s eyes narrow as he debated what to say next, “I suppose I lot of your lot have to live off benefits then” Vernon mused, “I mean who employs people like you” he paused, “employment benefits” he added, “it’s people like you that are ripping our economy apart” he said a nasty grin on his face.

Lily really tried to step in and say something but Petunia shot her a horrible look and dared her too, Lily wouldn’t usually let this stop her but the image of her Mother flashed in the back of her mind: “Please, for me” she had said. Lily took a deep breath and said absolutely nothing. Of course this was not wise and later she would obviously regret it.

James leant back a little in his chair in a relaxed sort of manner before replying, “I think that’s true” he said slowly, “Loads of jobs you’ve never heard of will employ wizards, we have a whole world you know nothing about. Plus a lot of wizards have a lot of money anyway, passed down from wizarding ancestors, we keep it in our wizard bank; Gringotts. I could afford a car if I wanted, I’m actually from one of the most well-known and wealthy wizarding families there is, in my vault at Gringotts is a small fortune my parents have been saving for years, I know my moneys safe as it’s guarded by dragons, goblins and other creatures. I’m pretty much set up for life. I wouldn’t have to work a day of my life, unlike you” he said coolly, sat there still smirking.

Lily could’ve shouted out in annoyance but she bit her lip, avoiding saying anything still hoping somebody would change the subject, hoping that this wouldn’t turn into anything at all.

She was wrong: “What girl would want to marry a man who sat at home all day and did nothing?” Petunia snapped coldly, Merlin Lily hated to admit it but she was right, “I’m glad Vernon has a nice secure job, and doesn’t have to rely on his parents. It makes you appreciate life more” she retorted.

James shrugged, “I was pointing out that I am not infact broke or living off benefits, most pureblood wizards are extremely wealthy” he said arrogantly.

“James shut up” Lily said through gritted teeth looking down at her plate, though she knew both her sisters and James’s eyes were on her.

“What is Gringotts? What are you talking about goblins and dragons? They don’t exist” Vernon snapped he was red in the face, he looked extremely angry.

“Of course they do” James said loftily, he had finally gained back his superiority, and Lily really wished he hadn’t, “Muggles just don’t ever see them”

“What on earth is a muggle?” Vernon roared, he was obviously starting to get extremely sick of James’s arrogant attitude, to be honest so was Lily.

“Somebody who isn’t a-”

“Freak” Petunia spat.

“Witch or Wizard” James continued.

“Why on earth would anybody want to be somebody like you” Vernon sneered, “Pair of freaks, waving around sticks all day, talking rubbish about things that don’t exist. You’re the reason they invented crazy houses” he said angrily, he stood up quickly almost knocking the table over. Lily grabbed it to make sure no food went anywhere, “Come on Petunia, we’ll pay at the door”.

Petunia stood up straightened her skirt and made her way after her fiancée, “Petunia” Lily said quietly.

“Don’t talk to me” she spat, following Vernon out of the door and into the night.

The next few minutes were a bit of blur for Lily, the next thing she knew she was in tears and out of the door, leaving James at the table by himself. She leant against the wall of the restaurant and ignored the people walking past giving her strange or concerned looks; they probably assumed she had been stood up. She really wished that was the case.

The door to the restaurant flung open and out walked a red faced James Potter, she looked away from him. She was still angry, hurt and upset by the way he acted. Wasn’t he the one who promised her everything would be ok? But wasn’t he the one who had made everything go wrong.

“Lily” he said awkwardly.

“Don’t” she said bitterly, “just don’t James”

He sighed, “I didn’t mean for it to happen like that, he provoked me. I didn’t want that to happen”

Lily snorted, “Then why did it James, why did it?” she said angrily, “Why couldn’t you just ignore it?”

“Like you did?” he said coldly, they regarded each other for a minute, because they both knew he was right. She had made no attempt to stick up for him, “Whatever Lily. You can stand there and give me all the shit you like but in the end you hurt me just as much as I hurt you”

He didn’t say anything else he just left, just like that; he left her standing there on her own. The sky was fading into a-forget-me-not blue and Lily felt extremely lost. After a while she found herself making her way to the park she used to go to as a child, a park she went so many times with Petunia, with Severus and with many friends she had made at Muggle School.

Warm tears spilled down her rosy cheeks, she sniffed and wiped her eyes. Her long red hair fell into her beautiful tear filled green eyes, flicking out of her eyes she grabbed a tissue out of her pocket and wiped her tear stained cheeks. She was so embarrassed, she had completely lost it.

Lily had been right though, that night had been a disaster and now she was sat on her own on a park bench weeping to herself. Petunia and Vernon had and James had stormed off to god knows where and now she was alone in the freezing cold and the light from the sky was fading into a dark blue. Great and now it was raining, the rain started off lightly but after a few minutes it was pouring down and Lily’s clothes were soaked to her skin but she had made no attempts to move.

All she wanted to do was curl up into her bed but that day’s memory was echoing in her mind, repeating itself so she could work out where it really did start to go wrong, but it had been such a perfect day at first.

It had started to go wrong the minute Petunia had walked in on her James; her sister was put in a bad mood. Lily doubted her and Vernon were ever truly like that, sure they probably you know, but not spur of the moment; it wasn’t organised or normal enough for them.

Then when she hadn’t let them drive to the restaurant together, when James made a promise he didn’t keep, when Vernon talked endlessly about himself, when Lily started to irritate her sister, when James had to step in and stop a confrontation but caused one instead, when Vernon had asked James about his car, when Vernon had made an ignorant comment and James had fired up.

When Lily had blamed James for everything.

She finally left the park and made her way back to the restaurant and back to her car. James was nowhere to be seen, she didn’t worry too much he probably apparated back to the house and right now was probably in bed fast asleep. Petunia was staying with Vernon’s family tonight anyway, the last day she saw him before they went down to the Devon so Lily had no problems in bumping into her back home.

As Lily reached her house all signs of the sun had disappeared and the sky was definitely reflecting a night sky now. She parked the car up on the drive and made her way towards the house, for some reason the door was locked, she opened it up and made her way inside, she called out but nobody answered. Making her way into the kitchen the first thing that caught her eye was a note pinned on the fridge.

Hope you had a lovely night, your father and I have gone out tonight, we will be back by about midnight, meeting some friends in town.
See you in the morning.
Love you
Mum xx

Lily sighed, so she was completely only. She looked at the clock on the kitchen wall, 10:00pm. Fantastic.

She flopped down on the sofa in the lounge and flicked on the telly, she didn’t have a clue what she was watching, but then again she wasn’t really watching it anyway. About half an hour later the door went again, she didn’t even bother to move, she wasn’t going to let herself run to him. He obviously heard the TV as he pushed open the sitting room door. She didn’t look up but she did stand up.

“I’m going to bed night” she muttered, pushing past him, he grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

“Don’t walk away” James said quietly, “Are we not going to talk?”

“Do you want to talk to someone whose obviously to cowardly to stand up for you” she retorted coldly.

James sighed impatiently, “I didn’t say that”

“You implied it” she quipped.

"I didn't mean too" he tried, "Look, Lily. I swear the last thing i ever aimed too do was to hurt you, i don't ever, ever want to do that. I'm not the person whose meant to, i'm the person who stops you from getting hurt. I got angry ok, he provoked me and maybe i shouldn't have acted like that but you know what you didn't try to stop it either"

She said nothing, so he continued:

“You know you hate being picked on by Slytherin’s for who you are, something you have no control over and what do I always do, whether you appreciate it or not, I always stand up for you, without fail. Then tonight when the same happens to me, for something I have no control over you sit there and say nothing at all” he fumed, he looked extremely bothered by this and then the guilt finally hit her.

“But, you-” she tried to put in but:

“I know I provoked him, but that doesn’t change the fact that you did nothing Lily, nothing at all” he snapped.

She stood there for a moment and regarded him, he was right of course. Merlin he was right, she was a terrible person she should've stuck up for him, he was her boyfriend, Petunia hadn't acted like much of a sister for years and there Lily was trying to defend her instead of James who honestly cared about her.

"I'm sorry" she whispered, sinking down on to the sofa, "I should have said something, it wasn't fair on you. Even though I don't agree with what happened, the way you arrogantly showed your superiority, I understand how it must have felt and because I did I should have said something. I'm really sorry" she said softly, she didn't expect him to forgive her then and there, she really expected him to get up and leave at that very minute, her eyes letting the tears spill down her cheeks at the very thought, she sunk to the sofa and buried her head in her hands waiting for the door to slam, waiting to hear the patter of his footsteps walking away from her. But instead she felt him drape his arm around her shoulders and rest his head on the top of hers.

He kissed the top of her head, "I'm sorry too, I shouldn’t have said all that, I shouldn’t have and if you want I’ll make it up to Vernon" he told her, "I'm sorry I promised everything would be fine when it wasn't and i'm sorry that was my fault. But Lily, sometimes I really don’t think I, or you, know what you want, you need figure out what’s going on with your sister, and I’ll be here waiting when you do. We just need to think" he told her.

She nodded, "Thank you" she whispered.

"Hey, when you got into this relationship you didn't think there was ever going to be an easy way out right" he grinned, "you're stuck with me for life, no matter what happens" he said kissing her temple again, she laughed slightly and wiped the tears away from her eyes, "We'll talk when we talk Lily, don't worry about it. I'll be here, forever" he smiled.

And even when he said that even Lily couldn't imagine that he was really going to stick to his word, because he really was going to be there forever, until the very end. She just needed time.

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