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Disclaimer: I'm not J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter series is not mine.

Here's to Kristina, my lovely friend and beta, because she's so awesome!

“I’m never going to sit next to you again, Freddy.” I threw a fairly disgusted look in his direction, but he barely acknowledged me. He only stuffed his face further with the piles of food, that were aligned on the tables in the Great Hall.

A happy noise of hundreds of students reporting to their friends of their respective holidays; newbies swapping the first sentences with their future house mates and friends and sounds of people muncing on food and slurping drinks. The overly good mood infected even the Bloody Baron and Peeves and they decided to stage a performance of tap dancing, while singing a song of “how the Nearly headless Nick locked himself in the bathroom with Moaning Myrtle”. Needless to say the whole student population of Hoggy Hogwarts cheered them on.

“I don’t think he heard you.” James, who sat on my other side, chuckled lightly at the behavior of his best friend. I frowned. 

“He’s never going to get a girl, I swear.” I said pointedly to James. “He seriously needs to attend some classes for improving his manners.”

Ronda snorted into her pumpkin juice and mumbled something incoherent, before turning to Chase Thomas, who was still chatting happily mostly to himself. Weird kid.

“Getting a girl isn’t the problem here, I’m afraid.” James pointed out. “Keeping the girl is.” Referring to Freddy’s love life that basically consisted of numerous one night stands in dusty broom cupboards rather than relationships.

“True dat.” I agreed and munched on my mashed potatoes, when suddenly James reached over me to look at my watch.

“Look at the time!” He cried out. “We have to get to the prefects classroom for the start of term meeting!”

I threw a look at it and drowned a last sip of my juice. “Shit, you’re right! We still have to prepare the meeting. Oh god, James, it’s the first meeting and we’re already late! Some role models are we!” I exclaimed and pulled James up with me.

“Later guys!” James called to Fred and Ronda before rushing along the Great Hall.

“Chill, Autumn.” James said, once we reached the classroom on the fifth floor. “Remember, the prefects still have to get the first years into their respective dorms.” He squeezed my hand, he was still holding

“I guess you’re right.” I mumbled and bit on my lip. “Still, everything has to be perfect!”

“Relax, love.” He pulled me into a hug. “You’re going to make a great Head Girl and you know that. This year is ours.”

He winked cheesily and I rolled my eyes.


You know how they say that time travels fast, when you're having fun? Well, imagine how fast the first few weeks of our seventh year at Hogwarts flew by with the teachers giving us hell because apparently our NEWTS {that are - just to remind you - taking place at the end of our school year} are "just around the corner". 


“I can’t believe that we have to write a 4 foot long essay about the “Medieval Assembly of Wizards”, we already had to do that in second year!” Fred exclaimed, while propping his feet up on our table in History of Magic. “Binn’s clearly should have retired ages ago.”

“You wouldn’t have to whine about that essay if you hadn’t burned all your stuff from our previous school years.” I smirked. Oh how I was enjoying his pain. “Personally, I thought this assignment was fairly easy.”

Freddy’s face went through a phase of confusion until he reached the point when his brain made sense of what I was trying to tell him. “W-w-what??” He spluttered. “B-b-but HOW??” He frantically waved his hands through the air. “Oh you sneaky little thing.” His eyes narrowed. “You’ve kept your old essa-”

“AND TODAY WE’LL BE WORKING ON THE UPRISE OF ELFRIC THE EAGER.” Professor Binn’s voice squeaked through the classroom and my hands instantly flew up to my ears. Great, how am I supposed to survive this class again?

“’Tis pretty easy my fair lady.” A slimy voice drawled from my right. Whoops, I think I may have said that last part aloud… “There’s you, hot stuff, and me…” He wiggled his eyebrows and I pulled a face.

“Gross, Holden, no wonder you haven’t had a girlfriend for more than a day.” Let me explain to you. The guy in question: Holden Flint, 7th year, Slytherin and son of ugly face Marcus Flint.

Freddy let out a snicker behind me, as did Orion McZane, who somehow was following Flint around like a lost puppy – some gnome must’ve killed his last braincells when he was a kid. There is no other explanation.

Holden let out a grunt and turned back to face Professor Binns and the history lesson that bored us all to near death.

With a satisfied grin on my face, I leaned back into my chair and let my eyes wander across the room. Nobody really listened to Binn’s and he apparently was way too dedicated to teaching his wonderful – his words not mine – subject that notice that he was the only one fascinated by Elfric the Eager or really anything ancient.

Most of the time I asked myself why I chose to study History of Magic NEWT level. James seemed to be the only Gryffindor smart enough to not take it. But then, it’s pretty easy to get fairly good marks with Binn’s as a teacher, so it could be worse.

Then my eyes fell on the figure of Freddy, sitting on my left. Something was off. Definitely, off. He drew circles on his blank paper in front of him matching the dark ones under his eyes and was dead quiet for the whole lesson. I frowned.

“Hey Fredster.” I nudged him with my shoulder. “What’s gotten your knickers into a bunch this early into the year?”

“Nothing.” He mumbled, still not looking at me.

“You can’t fool me, Freddiboy.” I smirked and snatched the pen out of his hands.

Fred’s head rose and he stared across the classroom, a look of disgust crept onto his face. He turned to me, his eyes black. “THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH ME, SO LEAVE ME ALONE, AUTUMN. YOU’RE NOT MY MOM!”

He snatched his bag from the floor and his parchment on our desk, before storming out of the classroom. I stared after him with my mouth agape, as did the majority of our class including Binns. Excluding Alex Mc Laggen and that pug-nosed Eunice Parkinson across the room who were making kissy faces at each other, not noticing anything besides themselves.



Lesson 6:

Don’t burn old school stuff, for it can be really useful.

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