breath taking CI  by Rica 

 5th January
 “So remember what you’ve got to do, on the tenth of this month you need to clear the entrance from honeydukes for the night. Neville and Luna will help make a distraction from the transfiguration courtyard so you can clear it. Me and Fred will be at the ready coming through and we’ll get you into Snapes office from there. Understand?” Fred explained in a low whisper so that mum wouldn’t hear as she was sorting out my trunk on the station.

We’d gotten here pretty early (for once) and not many people were around, the train had only just arrived and the steam from it was blowing over at us to hide us from view.

“Ok… but what do I use to clear the entrance?” My mind is racing, in five days I might find out where Harry is and as soon as I do I’m dropping out of school to find him I don’t care what my mum says this time, this is my decision.

“We were thinking about that and we thought the thing that would make the less noise would be to use a silent firework that me and Fred just created about a week ago. Were thinking of selling them actually” George said handing me a small package of something very heavy “There’s only on in there so use it wisely if you have a problem just use this piece of parchment, we also have one you can write anything on it and it’ll be sent to us”

More and more people started to pile onto the platform, I saw Seamus and his mum but none of my other friends were in site.
I looked back up and my brothers, only then I realised I was shaking of worry. Even though the plan sounded great and all I panicked there are so many things that could go wrong.

“I don’t know, this plan just sounds so risky” I said speaking my thoughts allowed.

Kids rushed past us and we had to speak in lower voice incase the word got spread out and that might actually be the end of the world if that happened.

“Ginny we’d never let anything happen to you, you know that right?” Both of them announced at once looking at me doubtfully as though they also were having second thoughts

“Anyway were doing this for you, so you can be with the love of your life” Fred smirks dramatically waving a hand in his face to lighten my mood.

“Ok then… I guess I’ll see you at five O’clock on the tenth then” I smiled taking my trunk from my mum and kissing her on the cheek before boarding the train so I can get a good seat. From out of the window I waved to the three of them. Dad was at work at the minute (as usual) so he couldn’t make it to say goodbye.

Luckily as I got on the train quite early there was a spare compartment near the middle of the train that I took quickly before a first year starts barging their way through and stealing it.

I felt like I’d been sitting there for ages. I saw out of the window that mum and the twins had gone- they didn’t want to stay for long anyway incase they attracted attention (I think mum thinks she’s famous and in many ways she’s probably right). I’d put my trunk on the rack at the top as I always did and my feet were up on the chair opposite me and I felt comftable… all I have to do is wait for my such slow friends to find me.

From out of the window I saw Neville and his grandmother (at least I know he’s safe and here) she was once again having a go at him for something or another, If I could I would listen in but I’ve stopped medalling in business that doesn’t involve me from now on.

I could hear loud chattering from the corridors, actually more like barking. I could tell straight away that it was Goyle, I really do hate him… he’s such a fat lump of a mess and not to mention stupid. I’m surprised even you-know-who wants him.

“Look what we have here… its weasel” Zabini strutted in from of Goyle and took a seat opposite me and kicked my feet off.

“What do you want?” I remarked, I really don’t need this right now.

“You’re sitting in our compartment” Goyle croaked sitting down next to me and taking up the large portion of the seat and squishing me in the corner of the compartment. I know what they’re trying to do- they are trying to make me feel threatened by them… well it’s not working boys.

“No… your sitting in my compartment and I think its best if you move your scrawny asses before I remove them for you” My temper rising fast, they better move quick.

The train started to move and a lump in my throat formed. I have to admit I was scared, but I kept a straight face. I’m not going to let these basterds get the better of me.

Zabini smirked and Goyle started howling a laugh only to start choking on himself.

“How’s your dad Weaslette… lost his job yet?”

“Lost anymore Daddies lately?” I reply to Zabini, it was widely known that his mum had lost about ten husbands mysteriously and ended up with a pot of gold at the end of it. Blaise was a mistake that wasn’t meant to happen to his mother.

“SHUT YOUR BIG MOUTH WEASLEY OR YOU’LL END UP THE SAME WAY AS YOUR BOYFRIEND POTTER IS GOING; DEAD!” He screamed sending shivers like an electric shock down my back and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up fully.

Then with a smirk on his face he stood up…. But didn’t leave

Instead he grabbed me by the hair and threw me out of the compartment and kicked me for in the stomach as soon as I was on the floor “Go run back to Longbottom Weasley!”

My head hurt from where he hit my head when he threw me. My vision was blurred and my headache was getting worse by the second. I’d hit my head on the glass compartment door when he threw me and I know that its bleeding a little bit as I have blood on my hands from where I’ve been touching it.

Every time I move my stomach hurt and no one even bothered to come help me. I was aware they’d all made a circle around me but not one came and helped me the gits.

“Ginny!” Someone from the crowed yelled pushing their way through “You alright?”

I nodded my head slowly because if I moved to fast it hurt “I’m fine”

I looked up and Neville was standing above me with concern crossed across his face, when I replied to him he seemed to relax and bit but I could tell he was still worried. Neville held out a hand for me and I took it grateful.

Another girl came rushing beside me… I thought it was Luna, I really did and I really wished it was.

Instead Hannah bloody abbot grabbed hold of my arm and helped get through the massive crowds of people that had showed up just to watch me get injured. Lovely people sometimes are aren’t they?

“You need to go tell a teacher Ginny. Blaise shouldn’t get away with this” Abbot rushed pushing me into the their compartment and almost forcing me to sit.

“I can’t… the only people that can do something about it is the Carrows and I ain’t going to them because they’ll end up torturing me for just asking to give them a punishment!”

“But you need justice Ginny. It’s the only way to win a war” Hannah replied to me a look of determination in her eyes. She was kneeling down in from of me my hand in hers giving me puppy dog eyes.

She’s so weird.

I raised a eyebrow at her almost as though I was telling her she was crazy without saying it and pulled my hand away from her. Really women? She’s so abnormal.

“Where’s Luna?”

Neville looks down and starts scratching the back of his head madly refusing to look up at me.

“Um… well… its just… uh… well… Luna she’s… Oh read this” He past me and article of the quibbler and I could just see from the front cover that her dad had changed sides.

Harry’s face was printed over the top saying undesirable number one with a gigantic photo covering the page.

“Oh my word”

I flicked open to the first page in a hurry. This just cannot be true, Xenophilius was a good person a good man he wouldn’t just betray the wizarding world and turn his back on this. But this doesn’t explain why Luna’s gone!

None of this makes bloody sense anymore. Maybe I should start reading the daily prophet it might help give me some answers or something (I’d stopped getting it about a month ago because all it printed was crap)


Christmas death explained


On the evening on Christmas Eve most people would know that Bathilda Bagshot was murdered in Grodric hollow. Except no one knows the truth until now. Aurors have been studying the area and have come to the conclusion that the fault is to blame Harry Potter. He was spotted outside the local church in Grodric Hollow alongside a companion believed to me a mud-blood Hermione Granger.

Later that night Bathilda bagshot house had been blasted to pieces. Muggles witnessed the attack and called the muggle police immediately (for definition on police please read down at the bottom of the page). Potter then apperated from the area as soon as soon as the damage had been done. We believe he had gone to Bagshot house for information on Dumbledore because it is widely known that Bathilda knew the Dumbledore’s very well as they grew up in the same area.

Bathilda’s body was no where to be found.


“COWARD!” I screamed at the top of my voice tossing the paper out of the compartment and onto the floor. I crossed my arms and let out a sigh of frustration. Hannah cringed at me because I’d just technically screamed in her face

It still didn’t tell me where Luna was!

“But where’s Luna!” My frustration is getting to much. I want to be able to get out of this prison and run away, the war was too much for me. I need to be able to breath again and think again.

“They were ambushed… Luna and her dad because of the stuff he had been writing and supporting harry and things. They got angry and they took Luna away. No one knows where” Neville answered.

My eyes watered immediately. I can’t believe this, Luna was one of my best friends she will always will be. What if they kill her? Poor Xenophilius… no wonder he’s been writing all this stuff. So would anyone if it got their child back. Damn it now I feel guilty for calling him a coward. I should keep my mouth shut sometimes.

There was silence for a few minutes and then it dawned on me. My freaking trunk is still with the Zabini and Goyle.

Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap and more crap!

Why does Merlin hate me. My whole brain is thinking too hard I’m sure its going to explode in a minute so don’t get too freaked out if a million pieces of brain is splattered everywhere and I’m dead.

“bugger… guys I’ve got to go” I panic jumping up and running out of the compartment.

Perhaps I should have told them even if that person was also Hannah bloody abbot at least that way if I get into trouble they’ll know where I am and save me.

Damn it I sound so childish, grow up Ginny!

The rest of the way I went a little slower, I took time to look out of the window just so my time getting there was a little slower.

Mountains wisped past us telling me we’d just entered Scotland. When you’ve been going on this journey for almost six and a half years you start to learn where you are and how long it should take before you get their.

Along my way of getting their people were staring. Everyone obviously already knew about the incident with Zabini and all. Gossip travels fast at with Hogwarts students. It amazes me how fast it actually travels. You’d have thought people would shut their mouth about something’s but oh no bloody gossipers just have to stick their big nose into people’s businesses.

I arrived at the compartment but before I entered I took a deep breath and knocked. I don’t know why I knocked I just did because I thought it might surprise them if a Weasley just popped their head through the door.

Because they had their blinds down they couldn’t see me and they most probably thought I was another creepy slytherine. Bloody gits.

“Just come in!” the voice of malfoy announced. Crap… Malfoys here. Bugger, that guy really does freak me out.

I stayed put my face turning into a massive cringe.

“Just bloody come in!” a massive stomp erupted in their and the door was seized open to reveal the compartment.

Oh holey freaking dragon crap.

Zabini had my case down and was flicking through all my clothes and especially my underwear. My lacy underwear. My face must have turned read as Zabini started smirking.

“Wow Weasley if I’d known what was under the clothes I might have considered you”
EUGH! I hate him so much with every bloody fibre in my bloody body. I’m going to get him back I don’t fricken care what it takes. My hands curled into a fist and my nails dug painfully into my hands.

“GIVE THOSE BACK!” I screamed grabbing everything from him.

He closed the compartment door and locked the door shutting me in their with them. I have had enough of this dragon shit and I’ve had enough of them bloody controlling me.

“LET ME OUT!” I yelled again running at the compartment door only for Zabini to grab me by the waist and throw me onto the chair. It was only then that I realised Goyle had left the room, huh that must be why there is space to move around! Sorry that was a joke couldn’t help myself.

While I was away from the door Malfoy leaves leaving me with just Zabini.

He cast a silence spell on the door so no one could hear me and he pulled me up, softly he stroked my face. My heart was hammering, I couldn’t breath because he had pushed me up against the wall.

“Let me go!” I repeated through gritted teeth.

“You know those bras are really sexy… I wonder what one you’ve got onto today” He ignored me and stared into my eyes and smirking at me. He had his hands on my waist so I couldn’t even wiggle about and I felt completely trapped but I wouldn’t let him know, I couldn’t let him know it would ruin me.

Every couple of seconds he would look down at me and I was thinking how I was suppose to get out of this, with my trunk as well that’s spilled out on the floor.

“Why would you want to touch me after all I’m a dirty blood traitor right?” I grimaced at him moving about as much as I could manage.

“Yeah I know, that’s why Draco would never touch you but you’re a sexy one at that”

That was it… I’ve had enough. I kick him as hard as I could manage being squished against the wall in the crotch and he kneels over in pain. I grabbed my wand and put everything in my trunk with on quick flick (untidily at that) and unlocked the door and hurried out not looking back to see if he’s ok because I really don’t care about him… I wasn’t about to let them treat me like that, it was sick to even think about treating anyone like that. I wonder how many other girls have had to face that and I want to vomit just thinking about it. Eugh! Bloody slytherine’s.

 My eyes water, not because of what just happened that was nothing compared to what has happened this year but because I’m imagining what Harry would do once I told him. Would he run in there and defend me like my hero would? It seems selfish of me but I want to be selfish, I want to be selfish with him. I suppose that’s why I want to find out where he is.

I don’t go back to the compartment, they’re probably worried about me but I need some time alone, I need to think straight my head is killing me and I feel so trapped so bloody well trapped and I need to escape and fast… I need to find Harry.

Where are you Harry?



10th January


Have they even blocked this tunnel because I can’t seem to see any blockage what so ever and I’ve been walking for at least half an hour and my legs hurt… very much. Stupid tunnel and stupid Fred and George I blame them for this.

My legs hurt… have I said that before?

Eventually I get to a dead end where a blockage of rocks is covering the way. I don’t know why the Carrows bothered to block it students could just use their wand to blast it out of the way.

I’m not going to use my wand though because firstly Fred and George are the other side of the rocks and I’d probably end up killing them in the process and the fact that I’m not really in Hogwarts grounds anymore and I’m underage so I could be traced.

I set the firework in place and count to ten I then let go of it and it goes flying at the rocks.

Hang on won’t the firework hit the rock and then they’ll go tumbling onto Fred and George? Oh bother this plan sucks.

I close my eyes expecting to hear my brothers girlish screams yell, instead someone wraps their arms around my shoulders and shakes me.
“Don’t fall asleep now Gin, we need you awake” I couldn’t tell you which one of them said it, it was too dark to tell the difference.

I burst out laughing and we start to walk back down the tunnel. Both had their wands lighted and had them pointing in front of us. I don’t know how I made it through the tunnel it looks so dark and creepy.

“Neville and Hannah should have completed the distraction” My mind was once again racing and I could feel adrenaline pumping through me, I felt scared but once again the thirst for adventure found its way into my veins and I was smiling at it. Which can’t be healthy can it.

“ok… wait Hannah? Who’s Hannah I thought Luna was meant to be helping” I think it was Fred who said that.

My eyes started to water and I’m glad its dark so they don’t notice. I’m just hoping my voice will sound normal when I speak.

“Luna was ambushed by death eaters because of what her dad was writing in the quibbler” I whispered making sure my voice sounded normal.


Silence, I bloody hate silence it gives me the creeps. Its my worst fear silence all you have is your thoughts with you as company and the atmosphere turns cold when silence appears and you feel all alone and empty… well that’s what happens to me I don’t know if its like that for anyone else.

It takes about half an hour to get to the end of the tunnel and that as you can tell is a whole lot of silence. It gives me the creeps damn it!

The castle was so quite you could hear a pin drop or if you listened carefully you might be able to hear the tapestry talking in low whispers. It was the most unusual site in Hogwarts for it to be so silent; I guess Neville and Hannah did a good job.

“Come on lets hurry up” I motioned for them to follow me down the stairs onto the first floor where the office was located.

Eventually we arrived the castle still quite as anything and I remembered that there was a password I just only hoped it hadn’t changed at all because our plan would be pointless.

“emerald eyes” I barley whispered closing my eyes hoping it was right. I only opened them when I heard the creaking of the gargoyle moving aside.

“Emerald eyes? Has snape gone in the loony, it sounds like he’s in love with Harry’s eyes” Fred laughed going in first. I sniffled a laughter and followed him.

“Perhaps I should stay here look out and all” George said not following up “I’ll use the paper to communicate with you”

I nodded at him as we walked up the twisting stairs. I only hope that the commotion Neville and Hannah caused was enough to get Snape out of his office for awhile.

The office was as grand as ever and the room looked so full of joy it was a waste to give it to Snape a man who did not deserve it. Up at the top was professor Dumbledore who was awake smiling down at me. Fred came in behind me writing to Fred probably a joke or something because he laughed two seconds later.

“Miss Weasley don’t you think it’s a bit rude to enter a office when the teacher is out of it?” He asked me with a small smile played onto his face.

“I know I just…” What do I say?

I turn to Fred expecting him to help he just shrugs and walks out the room thinking that I need my space, what I needed was his help! Damn him… oh well looks like I’m doing it alone.

“I need help” I whisper but knowing he heard it.

A understanding smile appeared on his face as he peered at me through his glasses that was perched on his nose. He looked the same as ever, the painting seemed to real and I almost wanted to take my hand and touch it to see if it was real or it was my imagination.

“I want Harry… no wait that’s not right I need Harry” I stared at the floor forgetting who I was talking too and i just let it all out, right then “I can’t breath at the moment and I’ve been trying for the last couple of months to find something that can help me but I haven’t found it, its like a part of me is lost and I need to find it and I know he’s that piece of me that’s missing that part that I’ve so desperately been trying to find. I feel… I feel like I’m not worthy enough for him, like the reason he didn’t tell me what he’s doing was because he didn’t trust me and the truth is I probably can’t but I just want to set my mind at peace and be able to breath again. This might sound so cheesy and twisted but it’s the truth. I love him and I hate him for making me feel this way” I finally looked up and the old wizards face. My eyes watered and my vision became foggy “Help me” I begged almost collapsing to the floor and having to hold the desk to stay steady.

As soon as I could see again and all my tears had escaped Dumbledore looked at me with understanding written over his face.

“Miss Weasley do not think for a second that Harry did not trust you because he did. You made him Happy even when things were dark and you helped him through things that not even your brother and Miss Granger could. I cannot tell you what they are up too because the truth would be too painful miss Weasley considering your history in your first year” My face screwed up in confusion when he said that and I looked up at him, he looked at me with a little smile on his face as though he thought I could figure it out on my own “Help will always be given at Hogwarts Guinevere for those who have earned it

“As for the breathing part, you will be able to soon. I promise and it’ll get easier. You’ll find some peace someday Miss Weasley and I have a feeling it will be soon” He bowed his head to me indicating he had finished and I was left speechless and without saying a word I walked over to the door.

It was only when my hand was on the door knob did I look back over at him a smile, a true honest smile one I haven’t given in months “Thank-you”

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