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Aresto Momentum by Elenia
Chapter 1 : Time is my enemy
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or anything else that you might recognize.


I wish I could hold onto this moment. Have the power to slow everything down like Aresto Momentum does. I wish I could see the sparkle of life in your dark eyes again, to marvel at your creativity like so many times before. I miss all that, I miss you and your laughter, your vitality and hunger for knowledge. I want nothing more than to have you back again.

But life is cruel.

You’re slipping away with every blink of an eye. I cannot feel your grasp on my hand anymore. Your chest is barely moving, but I can still hear the small, hoarse breaths you take. You’re here, but not for long – you’ve lost your will to fight.

It pains me to watch you give up like this; to sit next to you helplessly, only holding your hand. Your beautiful features twisted into something so unbearable makes my heart ache every time I look at you, but there’s no place in the world I would rather be now than by your side.

Oh, the irony of it, can you see it? How can it be that you, in all your brilliance and ingenuity, would suffer the one thing that no man could ever explain?

Godric doesn’t understand it. He’s in the library of all places, trying to find the solution from your personal sanctuary as he searches through every scroll of parchment he can get his hands on. But I know he can’t discover the answer amongst the old and dusty tomes, and I’m sure you do too. I asked him to join us today, knowing that the time is running short, but there’s no cure for his stubbornness.

Or maybe it’s because it tears him apart to see you like this. He loves you so much, as do I – I hope you have not forgotten that.

The movement of your pale lips is barely noticeable, but I can feel your weak fingers tense slightly around my palm. The grip around my heart tightens too as I know the last moment is here, but I lean closer nevertheless, to hear the silent murmur that leaves your mouth.

A name.

At first I think you’re talking to me, calling me in your disoriented state just to make sure I’m still here. But when the words of forgiveness leave your mouth, I know it’s not me who you are seeking behind those closed eye lids. It’s her.

She’s not here though, nor will she come back. I know that, but I do not have the heart to tell it to you. I cannot even begin to spell out the words from the letter I received yesterday, describing the tragedy that occurred in Albania. I hope you can forgive me once we meet again and will not condemn me for my actions for they were only done to protect you, to savour your final moments before Death takes you away from us.

The ragged sob escapes your lips as you once more call for your daughter, this time begging for her pardon instead of granting yours. I wish I knew the reason for it, the explanation for your broken heart. I wish there was a way to help you.

I clench my eyes shut to prevent the tears from falling when I hear you draw that one final breath. The silence falls. It’s like an overpowering force, filling every corner of your tower. Only the soft hum of the winds around the windows echoes in my ears, and the stabbing in my heart grows stronger as I know what will wait me when I finally open my eyes.

I cannot do it. I lean my forehead against your cool fingers and listen to the soft thuds of my teardrops as they collide against my robes. Time passes – hours, days, maybe decades – as I try to escape the inevitable. It all loses its meaning as my sorrow takes control over me.

Amongst my tears, I can only pray you have now found your peace.

Goodbye Rowena, my dear beloved friend. You will not be forgotten.

A/N: Just something that slipped into my mind. I hope you liked it.

Reviews are always appreciated (:


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Aresto Momentum: Time is my enemy


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