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How did this happen?!?!? by PrincessGoose
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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 Hermione looked at the ground again, and then turned to look at Harry, tears glistening in her eyes. 

Harry looked at her for a moment, then spontaneously swept her up in a hug. "You'll be fine, 'Mione, you'll see." He leaned back and grinned at her. "Now, come on, we can't be late for Potions, especially since Escherberg doesn't like me." He winked, grabbed her and Ginny's hands, and pulled them down the hallway.

Hermione settled down in the seat behind Harry as everyone trickled into class. She watched as the Patil twins talked, and flirted, with their professor. They made their way back to their seats as the professor started to speak. "All right, class. We'll be brewing Amortentia today. Please work with the person seated next to you."

 Hermione looked at the seat next to her and felt her heart sink. There was nobody there, it was the only seat open, and there was only one person missing from class; Draco Malfoy.

Just then the door opened to reveal the ferret himself. He stepped into the room and looked around. Tiptoeing carefully, he made his way through the classrom and to the seat next to Hermione. "Mr. Malfoy." Professor Eschenberg turned to face the class from where he had been standing in the front. "Are you aware that you are late?" He looked at Draco, waiting for an answer.

"Yes, Professor." Draco didn't seem the least bit apologetic. "I was just meeting with Professor McGonagall to talk about Heads' stuff. I have a note if you'd like to see it." He brandished a small piece of parchment in the air. 

Glaring at him, Eschenberg shook his head. " No, Mr. Malfoy, I'm sure you're telling the truth." Eschenberg looked as if he resented the fact that he couldn't call the Head Boy out on his bluff. Draco smirked at him, and then turned his gaze on Hermione.

"And how are you this fine day, Granger?" She couldn't tell if he was being sarcastic, or if he was cheerful.

"Fantastic." She shot back sarcastically. She was forced to grin as Eschenberg continued glaring at Malfoy, and Malfoy just grinned cheekily back. "What's the matter with you? Do you want a detention?" She asked him, still grinning though she wasn't sure why.

He turned to look at her, and arranged his face into a mask of seriousness. "What? I don't like Eschenberg." His eyes twinkled mischeviously and she knew that wasn't all.

"What did you do?" She demanded, growing serious. "Don't try to lie to me, I know you did something."

He looked at her intently. "If I tell you, will you tell the professor?" He looked deadly serious, "I don't really feel like having a detention tonight, what with the prefects meeting with us and all." She met his eyes, and he shrugged in mock embarassment. "It's not that big a deal, mudblood, I just pulled something over on Eschenberg."

She looked down at her desk and opened her potions textbook; it had been lying next to her hands. "Okay, so let's get working." She muttered this quietly. She studied her textbook intently and waited for Malfoy to get the ingredients they needed.

For the first time in a while she had allowed herself to enjoy what she was doing. And, she had been rudely shut down; as Ginny would put it.

Tears began to fill her eyes, but she fought them back as Malfor appeared with the ingredients. "So first we........" She moved over to where he had set the ingredients down and began to make the potion.

The potion had been done for several minutes when Eschenberg finally walked over. "Well done, Ms. Granger, ten points for Gryffindor; and for Mr. Malfoy, ten points from Slytherin."

Malfoy's mouth gaped open in disbelief. "But, Professor, why?" He sputtered, his mouth still hanging open. 

This was obviously Eschenberg's way of getting back at his least favorite student. "You, Mr. Malfoy, did not help Ms. Granger at all with the potion; but, you were ready to claim it as your own." The professor smirked as Malfoy absorbed his words.

Eschenberg started as the class began packing their bags and getting ready to leave. "Is it really that time all ready?" He looked affronted as he watched everyone rushing to leave his class.

"Good-bye, Professor, see you tomorrow morning." Hermione put her textbook in her bag and walked to the door.

"Hermione!" There was a small blonde, yet bushy-haired, first year girl who tackled Hermione into a hug.

Hermione took a step back and looked down at the first year attached to her middle. "Um, hello, dear. Can i help you with anything?" Despite her confusion, and herself, she could hardly keep her laughter out of her voice.

"Oh, I don't need help, well I do. Actually the reason why I hugged was because i tripped and you were right there to stop my fall, and I thought I'd cover it up by talking to you." This all came out so fast, and so high-pitched that Hermione could hardly keep up with what was being said.

Smiling gently, she released the first year. " Well, what can I help you with, besides cushioning your fall?" The first year shook herself, and grinned at Hermione.

"Two, no wait three, things. One: My name's Anna. Two: Could you tutor me in transfiguration? I need serious help. And Three: I'm your cousin, did you know that?" She maintained her grin as she bounced in place a couple times, before hugging Hermione again, and skipping away down the corridor.

Hermione watched for a couple seconds, as she bothered one of her friends. She would go up to him, tap him on the shoulder, and run away laughing merrily when he looked in the opposite direction from where she had been standing. Hermione shook her head at Anna's antics, and turned to head to the Great Hall. 


Thanks for reading. There will be a confrontation with Ron in the next chapter. Maybe you'll find out what happened. Please Review.



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How did this happen?!?!?: Chapter 3


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