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love by KatDaniels
Chapter 1 : JAMES SIRIUS
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James Sirius Potter looked over at his alarm clock, which showed 3 in the morning. He groaned, covering the back of his head with his pillow. He was starting to run low on sleep, and it was gnawing at him. His father kept telling him to get a grip, and his mother would give him the worst death glares and yell at him until he would hear nothing but a loud and never-ending BEEPing in his ear.

Lily and Albus weren't making matters better, either. Albus loved getting the upper hand on James whenever he could, so he never let an opportunity get away from him – and Lily was just being her normal, annoying self. And whenever James would do something like take the TV remote from her, she would call for their mother immediately. Lily was such a mummy's-girl.

There was no denying he still loved them, though. He could easily fight with Albus for days, but if someone would mess with Albus at school – or dare bully him – James would gladly punch them in the face. Same went for Lily. She could be annoying as hell, but he was extremely overprotective of her. If he found out she had a crush, he would find out everything he could about the bloke to make sure he was good enough for her. So far no one had measured up.

James was always under a certain amount of pressure, though. People would always ask how it was like being the son of The Boy Who Lived. The Hero. The man who saved the Wizarding World.

Problem was, James didn't see his father like that. Of course he admired what his father had accomplished in his youth, however he didn't understand how people could expect him to be as great? Maybe he would've stood up if there was some extremely evil guy wanting to destroy the Wizarding World and kill innocent people, but that reality ended 19 years ago so really James didn't have much of a chance to be brave and heroic.

And despite his father being a legend and everything, he was a father to James. He'd play with him when he was a boy, he'd teach him Quidditch (James now played the position of Chaser, like his Grandfather), and now he would give James a piece of his mind whenever he felt his son stepped out of line.

You would think James would love being the center of attention, but he was much too similar to his father. He preferred standing in the shadow, just watching and not having to be the one being watched. He preferred to have a private life, and his siblings seemed to agree with them.

Of course James would answer questions of the youngest members of Hogwarts, as to them his father was almost like a fictional super hero – like Superman or Batman or something. However, when it came to his friends he'd clearly let them know he was not, ever, interested in talking about his father's achievements, nor his godmother or godfather's.

James wanted to have his own name, which turned out to be a lot more difficult than he had first planned considering he was a Potter. And he shared his first name with his grandfather and his middle name with a wrongly accused prisoner of Azkaban. All three names had a name of their own.

James' challenge was to make all three into just one name. His name.

A/N: So this is a completely new story, and one I have been thinking about writing for a while. However, I would very much love to have suggestions or anything, so if you got any please feel free to review. Or if you just like it :)

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