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Blake groaned as he sat on his bed in the Slimythings dormitory. Zero sat alongside him, eating some chocolate frogs while Zilla already had her head in a book. Looking back at Zero, what he was doing couldn’t really be called eating, all he was doing was stuffing chocolate frog after chocolate frog in his mouth, seemingly swallowing them whole.

“Stop whining,” began Zilla pausing to take her head out of the book, “you’re mother isn’t the only one teaching.” This time Zero groaned, chocolate frog legs sticking out of his mouth.

“Don’t remind me,” he said with his mouth full, slowly chewing up the frog legs.

“Why do you always have to sulk,” began Ultima ignoring Zero’s glare,” besides those classes are for upper classmen, only Mrs. Malfoy’s is a required course.” Ultima pat Blake’s shoulder consolingly. Zero continued to glare at him. Arvad chucked from across the room. Blake resisted the urge not to throw something at him. Particularly Excalibur.

“Get over it already,” he laughed. “Having Tempy here won’t be that bad. She’s a great witch, just think about all the magic we’re going to learn with her as a professor. It’ll be bloody brilliant.”

“It also means we have less of a chance of getting into trouble,” commented Zilla giving Blake a stern look. Blake tipped his head, smiling at her charmingly.

“When have I ever been in trouble?” Everyone groaned Arvad fell off his bed laughing. Blake joined his cousin in the laughter. He saw Zilla roll her eyes and slam her book.

“Why can’t you take anything seriously?”

“Why can’t you be a little less serious?”

“Because we’re at school you idiot. This isn’t the place to joke and kis around.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, this the perfect place because it’s school.”

“Blake things are more complicated. Grow up!” She stormed off and Blake looked at Zero for help. Zero shrugged just as confused with how his sister was acting. Zilla was beginning to be one of his least favorite people.


How the bloody hell could he have misplaced his sword. He barely had it out and about. He knew he lost things but really, this was just ridiculous, even more him.

“We’re missing breakfast,” muttered Zero. He wasn’t complaining, simply stating a fact. Blake looked at him as his stomach grumbled.

“You could help instead of just standing there like a useless bloat.”

“Eh, I’ve no need to hurry. I would much rather like to distance myself from the Ice Princess.”

“She’s only half Drowmaid, which makes her a water princess.”

“I prefer ice.”

“You would.” Blake rifled under his bed and caught the hilt of his little blade. It was stuck in a whole in the floor boards. Blake wiggled it out and his head on his bed frame getting up. Zero stifled a laugh.

“Ah finally. Come on, let’s get up to the fourth floor.”

“Yeah,” he said getting up. “I wouldn’t wasn’t to be late. I heard that Mr. Ted-ie is a bit mental.”

“That’s probably an understatement.”

Blake shrugged as he walked out of the dormitory archway, the dragons hiss echoed in the dungeons.

As they past the great hall, Zero sniffed the air.

“Oh how that smells delicious.”

“Are you hungry,” came a soft voice. Blake turned around to see Calpurnia holding a little tray of food. She smiled at him warmly.

“Bloody hell yes!” exclaimed Zero running to her. Blake let out a slight laugh, grabbing a simple biscuit with butter off her tray.

“Have you been waiting for us?” he asked curiously, taking a bite out of the warm biscuit.

“Not really, I wanted to get away from my brother so I gathered a bunch of food and ate out here.

“You’re brothers obnoxious,” said Zero with his mouth full. He looked at her I and down. “Are you sure you’re related?”

Calpurnia laughed. “Regrettably yes.” Once Zero finished off the rest of the food on the plate, the plate vanished.

“We have class together, come walk with us,” said Blake.

Calpurnia bit her lip and looked at the ground, nervous and conflicted. Zero put his arm around her shoulder.

“Hey now, if your brother does or says anything Blake and I will beat him to a pulp.”

Calpurnia smiled again. “Very well.”

“Wicked! Ah, you’re one cool girl,” he said leading her along.

“Zero may be in love with you, you gave him food.” Blake made his way onto the stairs as they walked along. Calpurnia continued to smile. As he approached the fourth floor Zilla was standing there, her arms crossed, her foot tapping impatiently and her face scrunched up into an approaching scowl.

“You’re an imbecile,” she stalked off, down the hall and Blake stared after her, looking at Zero, searching for an answer. Zero shrugged =, just as concerned and confused.

“Is something wrong?” asked Calpurnia.

Blake and Zero both shrugged. “Zilla is just being mental.” Blake walked on ahead, with Zero and Calpurnia on either side of him. Walking with the pair of them somehow felt right, as though Calpurnia were Zilla, only she was the clear opposite of Zilla, which mesmerized him.

Blake entered the classroom first, upon which everyone stared at him. Ultima had her eyebrows arched and a sly smile on her pale petite face. Sirena ran to them, a bright smile on her face.

“About time you got here?” Sirena looked at Calpurnia, as though realizing she was there. “Hi!” she exclaimed enthusiastically, her smile beaming. Sirena liked everyone, unless given a reason otherwise.


“I’m Sirena. Siren for short. Are you Cecilia or Calpurnia?”


“Wicked! Would you like to sit with us?”

“Oh, um, I, okay I guess—” Calpurnia was jerked away, her eyes wide in pain. Cade was yanking her away and Calpurnia seemed to have little luck prying his fingers off her. Zero got in his face and Sirena rushed to Calpurnia’s aid. Together they were able to get his iron grip off her. Blake took the opportunity to shove Cade into a table. What, the hell, was his problem?

“What the bloody hell is your problem!” exclaimed Blake.

“You’re my problem! You and your freak group of friends! Stay the hell away from my family. I won’t disobey my mother, she’s a true dark with, unlike you’re treacherous witch—”

Blake didn’t let him finish. He tapped into his strength and landed his fist against his jaw, knocking him back. A girl and two guys came to his aid at lightning speed. Zilla rushed to his side, pulling on his hand.

“Blake, they’re as fast as you,” she whispered.

“Yeah, I noticed.” He was going to need to talk to his mother.

“Oh, my, my, my,” came a tiny chilling and creepy little voice. Everyone looked down at the sinister looking teddy bear, with shaggy brown fur and sharp looking teeth that had appeared out of nowhere. “It would seem I missed all the fun, ten points from all four houses! Next time I better be around.” He looked up at Blake, his sharp teeth glistening ferociously. “Oh my, my, my, Mr. Malfoy in a fight with Mr. Morte.” He laughed. “It feels like just yesterday both your mothers were fighting it out, both vampires at the time, they literally tore up the place, destroying parts of the school. That was a brilliant day.” Mister Ted-ie headed to his dark. Blake looked over at Cade. That explained it. Each of them had a cured Vampire for a parent.

“Bloody hell,” he muttered.


Blake poured over the school yearbooks. His mother had been bitten in her fourth yeah, but all the other vampires from that year were still vampires, still in their covens. Calpurnia said both her mother and father had been vampires at one time. That was all that she would divulge, before her sister hurried her along.

“Don Winick’s father isn’t here,” said Zero as he skimmed through another yearbook. “It has to be his mother and she must have come here. The twins too.”

“The school is full of Vampires, we’ll never be able to figure it out.”

“Why don’t we just ask your mum?”

“I doubt she’ll say anything…but your mum might.” Blake slammed the book shut and looked at his watch. He hoped he would make it in time for his mother’s class.

As he ran outdoors, he headed to the site of the newest Care of Magical Creatures class, he saw Zoltron and Hydra perched on separate towers, stationed there as two of the schools guardians. He wanted to wave but knew he didn’t have the time for it.

Blake caught sight of his Aunt Nila with her giant Sevratis circling her. She looked calm as usual, perched on her snake. Catching sight of them she smiled.

“Hello kids. Oh no, you have that same look your mother had on her fact whenever she was up to something. What do you want?” she groaned, all the whie smiling.

“Cade Morte. His parents used to be Vampires, I know. Now who are the parents of Don Winich and the Adamson twins? How is it possible they’re as fast and strong as me?”

Nila’s face took on a strange expression that seemed foreign on her face. It was a look of worry. “Blake…their mothers were turned against their will by a supposed friend…and Janessa and Entia. Oh my, um Blake, I can’t tell you anymore. Bloody hell, the water was from the Pool of Twilight, you mother gave it to them. Blake be wary of them and Cade, Lestat has been watching. Cade has a very dangerous mother. As for the others, well, just be careful. Your mother might have more answers. Or time will. Now run off you three. Now.”

Blake was confused. Merwick’s highest had turned their parents. But why? For what purpose? He ran at full speed, with Zilla and Zero far behind. As he approached the school, he found Cecilia waiting for him.

“Uh, hi.”

“I would like to thank you for sticking up for my sister. Our mother raised her like she was fragile, she would break, so that’s she’s become. Cade resents her.”

“Oh well——”

“But stay away from her. But you may be able to protect her out here but not in the Dufflebaggies common room. Sorry, I don’t mean to sound ungracious, but this is for her own good.” Cecilia bowed her head, turning without another word, her platinum blond hair short and bouncy.

“Hey, what did she want?” asked Zilla finally catching up to him, slightly out of breath.

“Nothing.” Blake continued onto class, taking a seat near the right, feeling a bit defeated. Looking over at Calpurnia, she looked how he felt, sitting next to her sister. She looked up at him from across the room, unsmiling. The sound of a door opening and slamming shot distracted them both. Blake watched his mother enter, making her way to the front of the room. With some flair she spun around facing the class, a bright smile on her face.

“Welcome first years. I bet many of you are wondering what I am doing here?” A few people nodded, Blake just stared at his mother. “I thought so. You all know about Merwick correct, and his crusaders I hope.” This time everyone nodded. “Good. Now what I’m about to tell you has never been revealed in the daily prophet, but I am going to tell you because it means your safety.

“Some years ago, his highest ranking hunters, three women I arrested, escaped from Azkaban. I never sought them out again, they remained hidden with powerful magic to aid them. This past summer they revealed themselves and they will come here, that I have foreseen. These three girls will kill you, they will make sure you die. These girls, at least two, will kill you if you get in their way.”

“So?” Everyone looked at the voice. It belonged to Cade. “You’re a traitor to your own kind, like them, so why should we trust you.”

“I have never betrayed my kind…Mr. Morte. I hunt killers. They are not my kind. I have no tolerance for people who take innocent lives, and if you were in my place, you would feel the same. Janessa turned Muggle’s into Vampires. They hunted us, made no distinction between those that were innocent and I. She is quick and dangerous. Entia, is perhaps, the most dangerous and will kill you without regard. Be thankful that, in the mean time, she is mortal, were is otherwise, she would tear you apart. Considering her state of mind that is still very possible. The third…she has yet to reveal herself, but I do hope she’s living happily and has turned her back on this madness.” Blake watched his mother look over the Morte triplets, studying them, a sad look in her eyes.

“In any case, I feel I'm obligated to warn you that the Merlin Crusaders are regrouping and they will kill you the first chance they get. Do you all understand the gravity of what I have just told you?” Again everyone nodded, even Cade, with fear in their eyes. “Good, let us begin then.” 

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