A/N- I got the idea whilst watching ‘Meet the Robinsons’ which I completely love. Some bits may be the same, some may differ. I own nothing. I understand that to interact with future people is ‘dangerous’ as stated in the description but let’s have fun with this! The timeturner quote was found on the Harry Potter Wiki page, more specifically taken from the official Harry Potter wiki page, written on replicas of the time turners.

It was a cool night. The Dursley’s were out with Aunt Marge, Vernon’s despicably cruel sister. As always, Harry was in his cupboard reading. Not for the first time in his life, Harry felt completely alone. He had no friends, no future and he had no family. The only people who cared for him were his parents, and they had died in a car crash when he was a baby.

Harry stuck his head out of the cupboard. Not a peep. He glanced at the clock. The Dursley’s wouldn’t be back for ages.

When the Dursley’s were out, Harry enjoyed exploring the house. Dudley had a number of toys that he never used, such as his Super Nintendo entertainment system that Harry loved. It was new out too, Dudley had begged his father for it, played it twice and then left it in the corner of the room, forgotten. Harry had gotten quite good at the games he had played them so often. The Dursley's left him alone a lot. Harry closed the cupboard door and went upstairs.

Dudley’s room was a pigsty. He was messy and didn’t care about personal hygiene. His bed was unmade and had a gigantic butt print on the mattress. The bed frame dipped in the middle.

Harry sat on the edge of Dudley’s bed and started to play. He loved it when he was left alone.



Harry looked up and ran to the window. No car.


The sound was coming from the attic.

Harry grabbed Dursley’s rounder’s bat and left the room. The ladder to the attic pulled down with ease and Harry’s 11 year old body scampered up the stairs quickly. He unbolted the attic door and slid inside, hoisting himself up with his scrawny elbows.

The attic was empty and slightly lit by the windows on the roof. The attic was filled with boxes, stacked up two or three against the walls of the roof. He leant the bat by the attic entrance and straightened up.

Harry looked at the boxes. Some were labelled, some were not.

‘Dudley’s baby clothes’ one said.

‘Wedding’ another said. Harry thought they would have needed another two boxes just for Uncle Vernon’s suit.

There were so many boxes. Aunt Petunia must have saved everything from Dudley’s childhood. Not one box was labelled ‘Harry’ 

There was a stack of mouldy boxes in the corner, abandoned and not part of the Dursley’s family of boxes. Harry approached the boxes, ducking his head because the low ceiling.

The top box was labelled with one word.


Harry’s mother.


Harry’s shaking hand lifted the box flap and stared at the contents. Looking up at him was his mother, five years old and hugging a beagle. Harry had never seen his mother’s baby photos, and here they were, perfectly preserved and living above his head for 11 years. There were a number of items, his mother’s birth certificate, along with her death certificate, lipstick he guessed she wore often as the pictures he had seen showed her with a pretty shade of pink on her lips, a poem she wrote about her parents and Harry’s birth certificate.

Harry looked at these precious documents, proving that once his mother was alive. A tear rolled slowly down Harry’s cheek as he looked at his beloved mother, taken away cruelly from the world by a steel monster.

Harry lifted the box to the floor and took a peek in the second one.

A stack of photos crowded in the corner, half covered with some sort of robe and a necklace. The robe was emerald green, like Harry’s eyes. The photos were brown and half chewed by what Harry suspected were rats.

The photos showed Harry as a child, smiling as his mother held him, laughing at the camera, looking at his father and another guy with a beard laughing. There were some of his parents as children too. Harry’s favourite was a photo of him and his parents. He placed it in his back pocket. These boxes hadn’t been touched in years, no one would notice. He picked up the gold necklace. It had a tiny hourglass in the middle and around the necklace were circles that had inscribed ‘I mark the hours every one nor have I yet outrun the sun. My use and value unto you are gauged by what you have to do.’ 

Harry noticed that the middle part spun. Harry spun it clockwise many times with his finger, making a game out of it.

He didn’t notice that his surroundings were quickly changing.

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