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Simplicity by purplepotter77
Chapter 1 : lavendula et viola tricolor
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lavendula et viola tricolor
(lavender and pansy)


 If there is one thing she can be certain of, it is that the sky will always bleed. Today is no different. She sits on a metal bench overlooking the busy street, knowing that the world is finally at peace, and wishes that for once, the line between sky and horizon would be harsh. Perhaps it was, somewhere else in the world, but never in her world.

Her hand sits on the bench, too, the paper in it on the brink of falling out. ‘SAY HELLO TO THE NEW MRS. WEASLEY,’ screams the headline. It is something she would have obsessed over a little more than a year ago but wouldn’t give a second glance at now.

There are people buzzing about her; talking excitedly, walking briskly, swinging open the door of the cafe behind her, and yet she feels a strange loneliness root itself in her soul. The seed opens, the flower blossoms, and there are no others to grow with it in the garden of her heart.


 They meet in the local garden, among tulips and buttercups. Of course, they had known each other before from school, had worked on Potions projects together, and had passed each other in the hallway, but that was different.

Lavender only remembers three things about Pansy:
1. Pansy had been Draco Malfoy’s girlfriend for some time
2. Pansy was a Slytherin
3. Pansy has a flower name, too

Pansy, Lavender thinks, is different now. Less silly and shallow. Then again, the same could be said of herself.

It is so easy to fall in love. They come everyday to the garden in the afternoon. Pansy always arrives first. A few minutes later, Lavender will turn up. Her life slips into an easy routine, and the days, like the sky, start to bleed, too.


The seed opens, the flower blossoms, and there is another to grow with it in the garden of her heart.

They found little lost bits of themselves floating in each other.

The sky never comforts her when she’s sad. But this time, with Pansy at her side, it does. The sun is just setting, and a thousand colors that writers have always tried to describe and artists have always tried to paint ripple across the sky.

Perhaps, she thinks, it would loose its beauty if the colors became harsh, stopped bleeding.


They faded away as time passed. The pansy wilted, but the lavender never noticed. Not until the pansy disappeared completely.

One day, Pansy doesn’t come to the garden.

Perhaps she’s sick, thinks Lavender, looking at the rows of tulips and buttercups. Lavender gets up, goes home, and makes herself a cup of tea. The next day she returns to their same spot at the same time as always. Pansy isn’t there. Perhaps she’s still sick, thinks Lavender. She comes to the garden every day for the rest of the week. Pansy still doesn’t turn up.

Her life slips into another routine. She gets a job at the Ministry, and it’s a good job far along, though sometimes, it still brings back memories of the war, memories she always tries to keep at bay. Her mind still drifts to Pansy during times she has nothing else to think about. Strangely enough, Lavender doesn’t feel sad. She can’t explain the feeling exactly. It’s almost like the loneliness she had before she met Pansy, but not quite. It’s similar, and yet so, so totally different. And one day, it comes to her while she’s eating lunch in the Ministry cafeteria and staring out of the window.

Satisfaction. Sometimes, people may come and go. Life changes, and it stops for no one. Lavender has always hated this, but now, she’s okay with it. For the first time in her whole existence, Lavender is finally satisfied with life.


If there is one thing she can be certain of, it is that the blood will never clot. Today is no different. And all things considered, really, she doesn’t mind the loneliness.

A/N: This is my first attempt at writing slash. It's also my first attempt at writing something about Lavender. I made the banner first, and then it inspired me to write this. I wanted to write a piece about how Lavender had changed after the war, so it'd be lovely if you tell me what you think of it, because this was a bit different for me. I hope you enjoyed it!

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Simplicity: lavendula et viola tricolor


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