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Chapter 1 - Cold Winter


In the mornings, she liked to walk along the seawall. Winter had never been a stopper for her, yet many would agree that this was a particularly cold one, for the bodies weren’t specifically what one looked for when walking along the sea.


Dominique, however, availed himself of that lonely time to walk with the waves. It would be concerning, if not slightly sadistic to say that he was benefiting of the frighten the bodies caused in her sister, but it was all the same true that her presence had made him loose the enjoyment of those refreshing walks with all her talking.


Once they were of age and before Victoire left for Hogwarts, their mother agreed in letting them venture alone along the seawall. Though Fleur was in fact a rather overprotective, the few habitants of the Shell Beach knew well enough that where the ground was at the sea level, the tidal surge was stronger. The permission had first been subject of utter excitement to the young boy, that is until his sister’s ramblings became far too corny and tacky for his liking.


It is nice, at times, to have some romantically in one’s life, but Victoire’s long descriptions of the salty air were starting to crowd Dominique’s own vision of the sea, and he liked having his own perspective on things. Hence his late-night pacing that would’ve easily costed him a month full of punishments if his mother were to know.


It wasn’t nevertheless none of the aforementioned reasons that had now brought him, on the coldest of winters, to walk along the seawall as the sun rose without shining. The bodies had brought an unexpected visit with them, one the Weasleys always rejoiced and embraced.


Kneeled besides the second body that winter, with the sand forming patterns on his dark trousers and changing as it stuck with the water, was Teddy Lupin, consultive detective and his uncle’s godson. Detective was the -supposed- keyword. There was no way Fleur would accept Dominique’s dreams of being a Hit Wizard, not with Bill’s constant wounds of ‘simple curse-breaking’ and the anxiety she tried to live with.


One would think that after almost 20 years of living together, she would have gotten used to his sudden departures and slow owl communication his parents shared while Bill went on intricate missions far away. It was in his blood, he would say, the need of adventure and activity, something to spend his energy on. Having a family is an adventure, would her argument be, and it had become so strong his leavings had diminished.


It is also in my blood then,’ Dominique thought as he watched the Hit Wizards pace here and there, walking in circles like flies around Teddy’s scrutinizing position. ‘Except I probably wouldn’t carry his smirk as well as he does, not with bodies lying around.’


Dominique bitterly laughed, shaking his head and then sighing at his poor amusement. Before he could go on and ponder on his tired thoughts, a tall man approached him without further warning and coughed in what he seemed to think was a gracious and important manner.


Dominique looked up at him, raising an eyebrow at his posture and then hardly retaining himself to bursting into louder laugher as he examined his features. Ginger, it had to be another ginger.


“Excuse me, Hit Wizard McFarland, may I have you name please?”


Dominique crossed his arms as the Hit Wizard brushed back his hair and didn’t bother taking a notepad nor a parchment. Dominique cocked his head and let a smirk slowly curve his lips up. McFarland furrowed his almost invisible eyebrows as he narrowed his deep green eyes. Dominique knew he considered himself attractive, and he was, but arrogance had always made him internally cringe and he enjoyed making people aware of his indifference.


“Good morning, Dominique Weasley,” he extended his hand which the wizard strongly shook.


“Weasley. Well then, dare I guess you know him?” he asked, pointing towards the now standing figure of the troubled detective, shamelessly ignoring Dominique’s greeting.


“Who Ted- Lupin? Quite, yes.”


“I knew it!” the taller ginger exclaimed through gritted teeth, sending his head backwards and looking to the skies. The white sun blinded him slightly, making him blink repeatedly but Dominique was too worried cocking his eyebrows again to laugh at him. “The rumors,” McFarland elaborated, “they’re true aren’t there? He’s the Head Auror’s godson! That explains a lot!”


“Rumors?” the other laughed. “I’m sorry McFarland, but what exactly does this explain?”


“Well,” he started, smoothing the wrinkles of his long and very much unsuited for the cold cape, “he did pass him a case that’d give him quite a reputation I can tell. Little detective didn’t even receive complete education. We could have solved this in a matter of hours with simple fingerprints, the old muggle way.”


To any other Weasley or even Potter, that comment would’ve made their blood burn in anger. But dominique was used to these kind of things, and he knew better than to get upset by them, his sarcasm often upsetting his mood.


“Oh but I thought there weren’t any? Fingerprints, I mean. And personally, I trust Uncle Harry’s judgement. Either Lupin didn’t need that much training, or this is just part of it. But I’ll ask him for you if you want, Hit Wizard McFarland, noted,” he winked.


“No need to, don’t worry, I’m sure you’re right. Good morning,” and with that, the Hit Wizard bowed his head and turned on the spot, disappearing with a loud crack.


Dominique laughed again, then headed back home without glancing at the crime scene anymore, wind freezing his ears as he tucked his hands deep in his cloak pockets.


He wasn’t exactly a spoiled boy. He would have been, slightly perhaps, if he had remained the only boy. But there was also Louis, and it was a birth he really thanked. At first, Fleur had decided her children should have the best and only that, knowing insufficiency too well with the war and its aftermath to want such thing for them. It didn’t, however, take long for the couple to realize that the best didn’t mean avoiding character building, and though they were already strict, they taught their children to work for what they wanted.


And so the Weasley-Delacours never showed off their names, looks, nor fortune. After all, he never mentioned his being part veela to the haughty Hit Wizard, barely letting him know that he had touched a sensible nerve on him, and on what side he remained. A loyal Weasley people would have said.


And he had insulted Teddy, which wasn’t acceptable either, considering what he had gone through, and currently was, carrying not only the Lupin but also the Tonks over his shoulders wherever he went, and the case he currently was on.


Bodies on a beach was after all, a very colder Christmas than one would wish to spend.



A/N: both the story title and first sentence ("In the mornings, she liked to walk along the seawall.") belong to Anna Godbersen, which I borrowed for starryskies55's challenge.


I'm taking Dominique as a male, which was never specified by JK and whose French spelling can be used for both sexes. As always, reviews are immensly appreciated and I hope you like!


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