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Yup, it's been about a year and I apologize! Life, ya know? Well i'm completely chuffed because i'm going to University in a couple weeks and my schedule is pretty open so I might actually have time to write! But thanks to all who have decided they like this storry enough to remember to check it (mostly in vain)!

Well enjoy, read, rate, and comment!

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Draco paced in the Gryffindor common room. His back was all better and he was now debating whether or not he should have left Hermione in the chair she had fallen asleep in. It was stupid, one of his greatest enemy’s best friends, who also was on his ‘people I despise’ list had been asleep in a chair and he had actually worried over it.

Why was that descision so difficult?! It should have been obvious: leave her there to suffer the pain of a aching back! But then again she had helped him…

He reflected on the few minutes that it took him to decide. Her tiny frame almost fit entirely into the chair, only her legs had hung off one of the arms while her head had propped against the cushioned back of the chair. Draco had stopped pacing and went, with a defeated sigh, over to her chair.

“You’re far much too much trouble for someone your size” he had muttered under his breath. Draco carefully slid an arm beneath her legs and one behind her back under her arms and lifted her with ease. Hermione stirred in his arms which made him he freeze. But all she did was settle against his chest and smile. That weird warm feeling had then whooshed into his stomach (and made him smile too). He grimaced as he remembered trying to get her to her own bed. He had set off to the girls dormitory with a slow pace so as not to jostle the sleeping girl in his arms too much. But once his foot was on the first stair a loud noise emitted from them, like stone grating against each other, and it turned into an enormous chute.

“I wonder why that doesn’t happen in the dungeons?” he mused aloud. He was fidgeting wondering if this moment in time, choosing to be… nice… to Granger had made him, momentarily, a kind person.

Hermione had scrunched up her face against the noise and curled into Draco‘s chest as if that would block out the noise that had already ended. Draco smiled slightly at this thought, it made his mouth hurt a bit so he stopped immediately.

For being a know-it-all Gryffindor Braveheart Hermione was the picture of innocence while she slept and he found it remarkable that with everything she had to deal with she could still be vulnerable in some way. That this girl could still sleep with all of those things weighing on her mind.

Draco, having figured out where to put her, made his way to the boy’s dorms. Soon after he had started climbing his back began to ache again and he settled for the third year room and gently set Hermione in one of the clean beds carefully pulling a blanket over her. Without thinking he bent his head and kissed Hermione’s forehead. She smiled a whisper of a smile in her sleep, it made Draco’s heart speed as if he had just finished running a race.

“Goodnight, Granger” he mumbled quietly and brushed a strand of hair from her face.

He left the room as silently as he could in the pursuit of his own dormitory where he could sleep in his own bed. But he never made it that far. Thoughts of Hermione plagued his mind. What if something happened while he was away? What if she woke up and found him gone and was kept up by the thought of his absence? What if she found out he kissed her forehead, tenderly, in the dark? Curling his lip in distaste about fantasizing about Hermione Granger’s thoughts and needs he convinced himself it was unnecessary to worry . He got up from the floor and made his way to the portrait hole. He climbed through and set aside his idiotic worry for the time being. But instead of making his way to his dormitory he found himself restless. He kept wandering the corridors as quiet and thoughtlessly as a ghost. His feet carried him on.

Why had I kissed her?

There was no reason for it, at the time it was like an impulse, something he had to do. Compulsory, involuntary, automatic. He had never been that way before, with anyone. Never. It had to have been some sort of primal instinct. The innocent draws his affections because there simply is no way something like that could survive without his attention and care.

Yeah… Instincts…

He continued through the castle seemingly aimlessly. The sound of his footsteps drowned out his thoughts of Granger.

Draco soon found himself at the library’s doors. He took out his wand and lit it. The sudden light blinded him for a moment before his eyes adjusted.

Without uttering one word he unlocked the doors and proceeded into the empty library. Now that he thought about it, the library was quiet eerie at night. No one was there studying, the librarian was gone, and the snow covered windows diminished the amount of light that could have possibly been cast in by the moon. Instead, the glass around him reflected his wand light. He looked like a ghost traveling amongst the stacks; moving silently and swiftly. His pale skin and hair only added to the affect.  If there were to be a passerby they might wonder if Draco were an apparition or just a hallucination from their tired mind.

He moved through the seemingly endless shelves of books with his wand held aloft. Being among the things the girl loved most, Draco Malfoy idly wondered, out of pure curiosity, what time Hermione Granger woke up in the morning. She might be surprised to find him gone, plus he might have to explain why she was in a boy’s dormitory.  If she wakes up early and find him missing she’ll probably be relieved. But what if she isn’t? what if she worried? He might have to go back to the Gryffindor dormitories just to put her mind at ease, not because he wanted to, of course.

But for now he moved to the secret library in hopes to better his understanding of magic as well as the world and ultimately, himself.

Maybe they’d have a user friendly guidebook to women.

Draco lit his wand and entered the room, the dull ache in his back was a contrast to a light feeling that had settled over him in the past hour or so. Among the old books and scrolls with beautiful depictions of wand motions one would have to be blind not to appreciate, he found a calm. It continually rolled over him akin to a cool refreshing breeze taking all harsh feelings with it and only leaving contentment and pleasure.

Meticulously picking through the shelves of dusky tomes looking for what he needed but unhurriedly as if he had all the time in the world. This seemingly endless amount of time made his suffering bearable. The pain reduced.  Though it had come to question whether ir was the books and new bits of information that were making him feel this way or the slumbering girl in the tower.

Draco glanced at his watch. He had spent nearly the entire night in the depths of this place and reasoned that it was about time to get some sleep himself. Closing the last and most promising of the books and folding it under his arm he climbed from the chair and left the room. Draco smiled. The couch in Gryffindor Tower wasn’t such a bad place to sleep and this way he’d be able to see Granger in the morning in order to ease her panic. And maybe he would bring her some food, just as a thank you, he wouldn’t owe her anything.

He mounted the stairs and silently planned out the breakfast he would deliver to her.

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