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Ciel, Albus, Sophia, and Danila entered into the atrium of the Ministry Of Magic.

“So Potter, what are some good restaurants to eat at here in London?” Sophia asked him

“Well, there is the Leaky Cauldron that Uncle Neville owns”

“And who in Merlin is Neville?” Ciel sneered

“Oh, Neville is an old family friend that fought with my dad in the war. He is the Herbology professor and Head of Gryffindor House at Hogwarts now.”

“And he lets students call him by his first name. I see professors in England have no respect or authority about themselves. If that were to happen at Beauxbatons, it would have been off with our heads.” Ciel interjected

“Isn’t that the French solution for everything?” Danila whispered. Sophia giggled. Albus rolled his eyes and gritted his teeth.

“He doesn’t let all the students call him Neville. The only reason I call him Neville is because he is my godfather and like an uncle to me. On course, you probably would have found that out when you came to the Burrow instead of opening your mouth and assuming nonsense about one of the most respected professors Hogwarts have ever seen” Albus retorted. Ciel sneered at him

“Whatever Potter. Assumptions are usually the facts that people aren’t willing to speak into existence.”

“And until those so called facts are proven, why don’t you stop being such a prick and shut your fat mouth before I shut it for you. I am starving and we need to help Albus figure out what we are going to eat for Merlin’s sake.” Sophia interjected. Ciel threw her an evil glare but remained silent. Albus flashed Sophia a small grateful smile, which she returned.

“There is also Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor. They serve lunch and have some of the best ice cream in the world.”

“It sounds perfect. Let’s eat there” Sophia said

“That’s fine by me. I just want some food.” Danila responded. Sophia giggled and gave her a high five.

“I guess” Ciel murmured

“Great let’s go.” Albus led his group mates over to the fireplace. Sophia and Danila locked arms and were chatting away as if they were old friends. Ciel dragged behind the rest of the group. When the small queue reached the fireplace, Albus pulled out small drawstring pouch. Inside it contained floo powder. He pasted the pouch to the girls first. Sophia and Danila both grabbed a handful of powder and passed it to Ciel. He grabbed some powder and threw the pouch back to Albus.

“Make sure you pronounce Diagon Alley loudly and clearly.’ Albus instructed them. Danila and Sophia nodded while Ciel just rolled his eyes. Sophia stepped up to the fireplace first.

“Diagon Alley” she shouted as she threw the powder. A second later, she was gone. Danila went next and after her Ciel reluctantly went. Albus was the last to go. After a whirlwind of flames and passing different fireplaces, Albus stepped out of a fireplace at the entrance of Diagon Alley. He saw his group mates gawking at the street in wonder. Even Ciel couldn’t hide the excitement that was displayed across his face.

“This is beautiful.” said Danila. Sophia and Ciel nodded in agreement. Albus just chuckled at them.

“This is Diagon Alley; one of the best places to shop in the magical world. You have every type of shop imaginable here. Come on.” Sophia grabbed Danila and they hurried after Albus. Ciel quickened his pace behind everyone else. The four students began walking down the twisting and winding streets of Diagon Alley. They passed Gringott’s Wizarding Bank, Ollivander’s, Madam Malkin’s Robe Shop, and numerous other shops just to name a few. As the group rounded the corner of Madam Malkin’s, they came into Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor. Albus led the queue inside. The shop was quite roomy and bright. Happy shoppers were enjoying their meals and ice cream. Young children were playing on the inside jungle gym. Albus led the group up to the counter. When he rang the bell, a teenage boy popped out of nowhere. He was tall and muscular. The boy had a head full of golden blonde waves. He had a splash of freckles across his nose.

“Al! How has your summer been?” the boy asked him. He had a perfect white smile.

“It’s been alright so far. I been stuck at the house with James and Lily but they are more bearable this summer. I can’t wait to go to the Burrow at the end of the month.” He turned to his group mates

“This is one of my best friends Holden Fortescue. We are in the same house at Hogwarts.” Albus said

“Which is what?” Ciel asked rudely

“Slytherin! Where you will make real friends. We are cunning folks who use any means to achieve our ends.” Holden pipped in. Holden eyed Ciel before he turned back to his best friend.

“I don’t mean to be rude or anything Potter, but why are two incredibly hot girls and one ugly prat that looks like a troll following you around?” Holden smiled at the girls who began to giggle and whispered amongst themselves. Ciel looked like he wanted to murder Holden for that comment.

“These are my group mates for the new international study program.”

“What program?” Holden asked him suspiciously.

“I will fill in later. May we have a table for four please out on the patio?” Albus asked

“How about a table for five? I am about to go on break and I would love to join you guys and get to know these sexy creatures right here.” Holden winked at the girls who continue to giggle at him.

“Fine. Just hurry up. We been at the Ministry all day and we are starving.” Albus said. Holden ran behind the counter and grabbed five menus.

“Follow me.” He led the queue passed the families and shoppers and out onto the patio. Everyone grabbed a seat. However Holden pulled out Sophia’s chair.

“A gentleman never let’s a lady pull out her own seat Ms…”

“Murphy. Sophia Murphy” she said in her sweet American Southern accent. Danila elbowed Sophia and they both began giggle. Ciel and Albus both snorted.

“Nice Fortescue” Albus called from the head of the table. Everyone took a seat at the table. Holden passed the menus around so that everyone would have one. Once everyone was nice and comfortable at the table, Holden began to speak.

“So what have you lot been up to today?” he asked Sophia as she scanned over the menu. She ignored his question. Holden cleared his throat. When she still did not respond to him, Holden cleared his throat once again but this time it was slightly louder. Sophia still not responded. Danila then nudged her in the arm.

“Ouch! What was that for?”she asked angrily.

“Holden asked you a question and you were ignoring him” she said in a slightly strained voice

Sophia then turned to Holden. She looked at him

“I’m sorry about that. I was just figuring out what I want to eat. I am starving. I haven’t eaten since we left DC this morning.”

“It’s alright love.” Holden picked up her hand and plant a light kiss on it. Both Danila and Sophia giggled. Albus stared at his friend in wonder. Ciel wasn’t paying attention at all.

“Ummm… what was the question again?” Sophia asked

“I was just asking what has everyone been up to today?” Holden smirked.

“Oh well we been at the Ministry getting info on the international affairs program.”

“And what is this program about?” Holden curiously asked

“It is something that you will find out more about when we return to Hogwarts in September.” Albus yelled from the head of the table. “Now will you take our orders before I hex you” Holden rolled his eyes at his best friend. He hopped to his feet and took out his pad.

“I suppose so. So what would everyone like to eat?” Everyone gave Holden their order.

“Alright, well I am off to work once again. But don’t miss me too much. I will be back sooner than you think.” Holden smiled and then walk off.

“Potter, is your friend always that obnoxious?” Ciel asked. Albus gritted his teeth but did not reply.

“So Sophia, tell us a little about yourself” he asked

“Well I am fifteen years old. I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. I live with both my parents?”

“Are they both witch and wizard?” he asked

“Oh no. I am a half-blood.” Sophia heard Ciel sniffed but she ignored it “My ma is a witch. She is a ministry official in the Department of Magical Education. Meanwhile my pa is a muggle. He is a heart surgeon. They both are well respected members in both the muggle world and magical world. Papa is the head surgeon at the best hospital in Alabama. Meanwhile, ma rewrote the entire magical education curriculum for magical schools in America and everyone is following now.”

“Cool. How about siblings?” Albus asked her

“I have five siblings. Jackson Jr. is my older brother. He works at the Ministry with ma. Then there is Elise. She is a grade 12 student, 7th year as you English would say, at Salem this year. Then me. Last are the triplets; Karen, Joseph, and Mark. They will be grade 6, 1st years, students this year. Enough about me. What about you? Tell us something about the life of Albus Potter, the son of the world renowned Harry Potter.” Sophia said jokingly. Albus blushed and opened his mouth to speak; however Ciel spoke first.

“I believe Potter would find it rather rude if he didn’t let his guest introduce himself. After all if we want to read about his life, all we have to do is read Witch Weekly.” Ciel sneered. Albus was about to retort but he decided against it.

“I will go last. Ciel, Why don’t you tell everyone something about yourself.” Albus said through gritted teeth. He could care less about Ciel and his life in reality.

“Well, if you insist.” Ciel brushed his baby blonde hair out of his face. “I am sixteen. My family resides in Marseille. It’s a beautiful seaside town where most of the influential magical and muggle families reside. My maman is a housewife and Papa works in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. He is the Head of the Department you know” he said puffing his chest out.

“So is my father but you don’t see me strutting around like Merlin.” Albus mumbled. Sophia and Danila giggled. Ciel however didn’t hear him.

“I am the oldest child. But I have two sisters. There is Josette, who is my twin and my love Dominique best friend, And little Marcelle, who is three.” He said

Albus honestly could not understand what Dom seen in a jerk like Ciel. Maybe it was his looks because it certainly wasn’t his charming personality.

“Excuse me but how are you the oldest and yet have a twin?” Danila asked. Sophia and Albus exchanged looks and stifled a laugh. Ciel glared at her before he answered

“I was born five minutes before my sister therefore I am the oldest” he said quite defensively.

“Someone sure has a stick stuck up their arse” she replied. Albus and Sophia were in a fit of giggle for about five minutes. After calming down just enough to catch his breath, Albus turned to Danila and asked:

“So what about yourself, Danila. Clearly you are a fun person to be around.” Danila smiled at Albus

“Life is wonderful ven you are the spawn of Viktor Krum and Petrova Porskoff. You guys try living vith these two Quidditch crazed nut chases as parents.” Danila shook her head at the thought.

“You family sounds pretty interesting though. Everyone loves your dad. He was one fo the best Quidditch players that Bulgaria ever seen. And your mum is awesome. My mum played her in a very intensive match when she was captain of the Holyhead Harpies.” Albus said.

“Cool. I wished I grew up in a house with Quidditch stars as parents. Quidditch is so much better than Quodpot.” Sophia huffed

“What’s that?” Ciel asked. Albus and Danila seemed interested also

“It’s sort of like the American version of Quidditch. It is very big back in the States. We have House teams and school teams. We compete with the other four magical schools in the US. We have a Quidditch course though for our foreign exchange students and for those interested in Quidditch in general though.”

“Cool” just then Holden came with their meals. After giving everybody their food he took a seat himself.

“Now that formalities are out of the way. I have this awesome story about Albus and I.” Holden began to tell the group the story. They spent the rest of the afternoon laughing at Holden’s ridiculous stories.

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