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Rebuilding Life by Jinx Labelle
Chapter 11 : Recovery
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Draco apparated to the hospital and rushed to the desk.A mediwitch was working busily on the pile of paperwork on the main desk.Draco rushed over panicking.

"Narcissa Malfoy,she came here ,is she okay?"He spluttered out .

"One second sir"She replied politely as she pulled out a sleek white scroll.Taking out her wand she tapped it and uttered a spell causing nest scripture to appear on the paper.She scanned over its contense carefully.Draco meanwhile was running his hand impatiently through his blonde locks.

"Trauma unit,3rd floor"She informed him after what seemed a long time.

"Thanks"He called back whilst running for the stairs as apparition was not allowed once inside the hospital.

Floor one,floor two ,floor 3.He burst through the double doors panting and look wildly around for a sign.Intensive care ,magical wounds ,poison recovery ,trauma unit he saw as he scanned down the sign.He then began to run off at full speed down the polished white corridor.

Eventually he saw the familiar bushy curls of his wife's hair .She was sitting on a green chair and looked as though she was praying.She herd footsteps and looked up with glassy eyes which were red with sorrow.

"Hermione,how is she?"Draco asked praying the news wouldn't be bad.

"I don't know.They took her for surgery as soon as she arrived....she was in a bad way."Hermione managed to choke through the tears that now formed in her eyes."Im so sorry"

Draco stood motionless and silent for a while before sitting down next to his wife."It's okay ,it's not your fault darling .Theres nothing we could have done"He soothed even though he was on the verge of tears.

Hermione began to wail ,her swollen stomach heaving as she fought to breathe through the tears.She buried her head in Draco's chest and stayed there until she tired herself out and went to sleep 20 minutes later.

"Mr Malfoy?"A young red headed mediwitch asked snapping Draco from his thoughts.


"I'm Dr Feeney,your mothers doctor as of today"

"How..how is she"Draco asked fearing the worst.

"Stable ,Mr Malfoy ,but nowhere near out of the woods.Shes going to need round the clock care for some time.The wounds left from the crucial curse are difficult to heal "She replied in a matter of fact but cheery manner.

"Oh ..okay,can I see her?"

"Yes this way"Dr Feeney said as she gestured to her left.

"Hermione ,wake up ,come on"Draco whispered shanking her shoulder softly.

"Mmmm"She hummed as she stirred from his sleep.

"Mums out of surgery ,we can see her now"

"Oh okay ,sorry,let's go"She said loudly as she struggled to her feet because of her swollen stomach.

"This way"Called the Dr as she walked off round the corner.
Draco but his hand around his wife's waist and helped her to walk down the corridor.

"She's in here but be quiet she's still sleeping"

Draco and Hermione crept into the room and gazed over to the bed.Narcissa lay there with a whole number of magical instruments fastened to her.Hollow tubes covered her body and bloody bruises covered her face making her unrecognisable.The only thing left that was Narcissa was her platinum blonde hair.

"Oh mum"Draco sighed with pain.

Tears formed in Hermiones eyes again.

"How could he do this to you ,your own husband,my dad"He whispered.

Hermione placed a hand on his back and stroked him gentely.

"She will be okay you know"She said reassuringly as she gazed into his eyes.

He noticed she looked extremely tired.Who could blame her she was carrying his baby.There baby.His watch told him it was 4 in the morning.

"You should go home sweetie ,it's 4 in the morning,you need rest"He muttered to her.

"You sure"

"Yeh I'll be back before you wake up,I promise"

"Okay"She half yawned."I guess I do need rest ,it's so tiring carrying this baby"

Draco placed a hand on her stomach and gentely caressed it.

"Our baby"

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Rebuilding Life: Recovery


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