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Lily Evans; 1st Year Prodigy by LyricalDancer
Chapter 2 : An Invetation
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The next morning there was many girls running about the room like chickens with their head cut off, and I laughed as Dixon just sat there and stared at them as though they were all insane. Of course, the way they were talking a person would think they were. Muttering about make-up for gosh sakes! There was no way that we should be wearing that crap on our faces at a mere age of eleven.


Though of course, I was particularly glad when Dixon and I managed to escape without being asked where our make-up and fancy hairstyles were. As we descended the steps into the common room, we ran into the four boys from yesterday’s train ride. The thing that struck me as odd was Dixon.


She immediately started stuttering when Sirius asked her what her name was. I was sure she had been hexed or something. Dixon seemed very different from those girls upstairs, so when she acted as though she had a brain the size of a pea I introduced her and tugged her along, quickly behind me.


As soon as we had cleared the common room, and been walking for long enough the boys weren’t very close I hissed into her ear, “What was that? I thought you were different than those girls in our dorm. Clearly, I was wrong.” I started to walk away.


“Wait, Lily. I’m sorry okay, I just wasn’t expecting to see him, or for him to talk to me. I just remember seeing him on the train, and being shocked. I didn’t think a boy our age could even be cute, but he kinda was?” Dixon said the last part in hesitation with a question mark at the end. I was about to cave, and I think she knew it too because she looked hopeful.


“Well, alright. Though you can bet your bottom dollar that eventually he will become even more aware of the fact that girls think he is good looking, and he will become even more arrogant. Just you watch.” On that note, Dixon was forgiven. I am such a push-over. We looped our arms together and continued on to breakfast. The food in the great hall was magnificent, well until the boys had to sit down next to us. Apparently, James had something to ask me. Ugh, well he better make it quick, and it better not be stupid. I thought to myself as I turned to him so he could get in his question.


“Lily, will you go out with me?” James asked me. My eyes widened in shock. I think James Potter is the only one in my life to have ever rendered me totally speechless. I already knew what my answer was though, NO.


“I am sorry James, but I am eleven. I will not be dating until I am old enough to actually like someone. You would do well to get to know someone first before you ask them something like that.” I responded, but for some reason I had the inexplicable urge to just yell at him for being so pig headed that he could not see that I did not even vaguely like him.


On that note I excited the Great Hall and headed to my classes. Over the next few weeks James pestered and tortured me about going on a date with him that I finally snapped. “No, Potter. I told you no. You would do well to remember that, because guess what? Where would we even go on a date to anyways? We can’t go to Hogsmead, we have no free hours, and those that we have after classes are meant for studying. I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but when will you learn that enough is enough?” I all but shouted at him.


He looked like I had just slugged him in the face. I ran away from the scene as quickly as my short legs could carry me. I felt really bad, so bad that I cried. I cried and I cried, and eventually when Dixon came to find me, I allowed her to take me back to the dorm so I could feel bad some more. It would take courage to keep asking someone out on a date after they had rejected you so many times.


That small fact made me feel even worse. I had crushed his spirits, I had yelled at him, and told him just what I thought about him always asking me to date him, and it had hurt him. I sat at my desk, and grabbed a piece of parchment and a fresh quill.


Dear Crissy,

I’m sorry but I seem to have hurt James’s feelings. I said some rather rude things to him, but he had not actually done anything wrong. I just got upset at his consistently asking me to date him that I blew up at him. I hope you can forgive me, and that maybe one day I can make it up to you. I don’t like hurting people. I am doing okay I guess. How are you and Jake doing? I did this needlework for you. It’s of the platform area when you first met me. I got a picture and converted it so I could stitch it. It moves just like wizard pictures do. I hope you like it.




Lily Evans


I signed the letter with a sigh. I felt really bad, and according to Dixon, more bad than I should have been feeling. She believed he had it coming to him, but I thought differently, as he was just a person. He was not invincible, and I bet I hurt him. I attached my needle-point to the letter. It was rather large and had taken up any time that I hadn’t been studying, in classes, or sleeping. Perhaps I was being melodramatic, and should not be worrying over this issue any more than I already have.


I had just received a letter back from Crissy the very next day. It read.


Dearest Lily,


 I hate to say it, but I believe he had it coming to him. Though the action shouldn’t have gathered crowds, as he wrote to me it had. I told him of your feeling bad about it, and how you felt so ashamed of how you had responded to his umm, well for lack of better word, feelings. I have also informed him that as you had already told him, he should wait until he is older before asking a girl out, and should know if he truly cares for her. Though I have no doubt in my mind he will ignore my advice, and date anyways. You mustn’t let a little dispute get your spirits down.


On a brighter note, I love your needlework! It is very exquisite, and you have this art practiced most excellently. I do hope that I can convince you to come and visit us over the Christmas holiday next week. Though I assume you must ask your parents if you wish to come. I have an idea for a needlework project we can do together if you are up for it. Ask your mum and dad?






I beamed when I read how she had loved my needlework, and smiled even larger when I had been invited to spend some of Christmas holiday at the Potter residence. I quickly owled my parents.


Dear Mum and Dad,


School has been lovely, and there is much time for me to work on my needlework. I have also found many excellent tomes in the library here. I have a new best friend, her name is Dixon Sweet, and she truly is a sweetheart. On a different note, I have received an Owl from Crissy Potter, the kind lady who helped me find the platform and was very kind to me, has asked me to go visit her over the Christmas holiday. She asked me to get permission, and said that if I am allowed to come, she had a special needlework project for us to do. Please let me go; only for one day?


 Love your daughter,



 As I signed off that letter and sent it, I awaited my parent’s approval to spend some of Christmas holiday with Crissy.




A.N. So the review box has been left hungry for two months now, and I believe that is partially my fault, thanks to the three of you who reviewed the first chapter, and as promised here is my attempt at a second chapter. I hope you like it and it is just as good as the first.

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Lily Evans; 1st Year Prodigy: An Invetation


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